Blake Lively Pregnant – Shows Off Baby Bump (PHOTO)

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Blake Lively Pregnant - Shows Off Baby Bump On Preserve Website

Blake Lively is pregnant, and Blake Lively wants the whole world to know that she’s pregnant. As such, she decided to announce her pregnancy this morning on her website, Preserve. This will be Blake’s first child with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, but sources state that Blake is already in her second trimester.

If that’s the case, why wait so long to announce the pregnancy? Well, duh – it’s because of Preserve. Blake, perhaps realizing that her acting career was more or less dead, decided to launch Preserve as a lifestyle website/company a few months ago. But how does she help her brand stick out from the countless others coming from failed actors and actresses? Why, by announcing her pregnancy and showcasing her baby bump on the website, of course!

See, there were probably more clicks to Preserve this morning than the past few weeks combined. It wasn’t just a matter of convenience that Blake decided to announce the news on the website, nor that she uploaded a picture of her cupping her baby bump alongside the announcement. She knows that Hollywood and the public is obsessed with pregnancies and motherhood, and that allows her to boost her brand image and that of Preserve’s without doing any extra work.

Either way, congratulations to the happy couple, and I guess, congratulations on a media strategy well played. No doubt, we’ll continue getting updates on Blake’s pregnancy on her website over the next few months, and probably a birth announcement as well.

What do you guys think of Blake’s announcement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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