Beyonce And Jay-Z Recording Secret Album Together – Battling Divorce Rumors?

Beyonce And Jay-Z Recording Secret Album Together - Battling Divorce Rumors?

Beyonce and Jay-Z have tried everything in their arsenal to make the public forget about the cheating rumors, the divorce rumors, and the elevator scandal between Jay-Z and Solange. However, new reports suggest that Beyonce and Jay-Z are now working on a top secret album together.

Basically, they capitalized on all their personal drama to sell their ‘On The Run’ tour, and now they’ve realized that they can continue doing that with all their future business ventures. Their perfect couple image may have come crashing down around their ears, but that doesn’t mean that the public doesn’t still find them fascinating. In fact, their tabloid cache has only increased since the divorce rumors, which Beyonce and Jay-Z may very well have planned in order to boost their PR presence.

Don’t put anything past these celebrities – they always plan everything out, and they’re not above using their marriage troubles to get ahead in their careers. Beyonce and Jay-Z have proven that they can’t be trusted when it comes to telling the truth about their marriage, since they went from getting divorced, having affairs on each other, and living apart to having another kid together and doing another album together in no time.

This album will no doubt serve to bring them ‘closer together’, or at least, that’s the party line that they’ll stick to. And when the album does come out, it will make a bajillion dollars, Beyonce and Jay-Z will go on yet another tour, and the rumors will start up all over again. Like a cycle that keeps coming around and around and around.

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