Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 5 REVIEW Episode 6 “Smoke ’em If You Got ’em” SPOILERS

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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 5 REVIEW Episode 6 "Smoke 'em If You Got 'em" SPOILERS

Here is your Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 5 review for your enjoyment.  Don’t forget to check out the sneak peek video and synopsis of next week’s episode below the review.  Enjoy!

Jax is doing what Jax does well and is smoking a cigarette while in the middle of a blood soaked Diosa. The girls are still lying everywhere. Happy gets on his cell. Bobby lets Jax know everyone who is still alive is going to Red Woody and staying there. Bobby says they also need to get West’s body.

Nero is in the kitchen trying his best to pull it together. Nero wants Jax to tell him why this happened. Jax suggest he ask the Chinese. Nero now angry tells Jax to cut the bull shit and tell him what he did to cause this. Jax tells him nothing he would have done could justify what the Chinese did. Bobby comes in and tells Jax it needs to be called in. Jax tells him he will do it but they all need to leave first. Bobby wants Jax to give him a heads up when he is headed there way so someone can ride with him. Nero tells them he will tell Barosky and his girls in Stockton.

Happy’s call was to Gemma who is busy with Juice. Gemma is about to take Juice to her fathers place. Gemma lets Happy know she is on her way and then hands Juice some pills and cigarettes. After Gemma leaves Juice downs a pill.

Chibs is called next. Chibs says a choice word or two. Then he ask if they are all dead. Althea comes out of the shower and takes a hit. Chibs tells her he needs to go. While Chibs is putting his clothes on he tells her it might be wise if she did the same. Althea looks worried.

Althea comes striding in to Diosa. She finds Unser and ask if the Chinese are responsible. Althea makes it clear to Unser he has a decision to make as to who’s side he is on. Althea heads over to Jax and tells him she knows he isn’t going to talk. She also tells him the room is full of slaughterd girls who did nothing wrong. Jax is all to aware. Althea lets Jax know she has been dealing with stuff like this a long time and knows her way around the code. She brings up her boss and the Feds and says they are going to be way up her ass. She doesn’t care how she gets answers as long as she has them. Althea leaves. Jax is playing with his lighter no doubt thinking about having another cigarette.

Nero is at Barosky’s, all the while being watched by the Chinese. Barosky already knows what went down. Ner tells him the Chinese did it. Barosky tells him speaking of the Chinese they have been watching his place all day. Tom comes in and lets Nero know Lin wants to speak with him. Barosky takes off. Nero gets shoved into a chair.

Over at Red Woody Productions some are drinking, some are in tears. Gemma arrives and heads straight to Wendy. She takes Thomas. Wendy informs her Able is asking why he can’t go to school. Gemma tells her she has to leave later and take care of Juice.

Jax shows up next and heads straight to Chibs and Bobby. They do a quick update. Montez and Quinn aren’t around and all the guns have been taken.

Wendy heads over to Jax and tells him he needs to talk to his son. That Able is scared. Chucky is playing with him. Jax thanks him. Jax ask Able if he is alright. Able just wants to know when he can go back home. Jax tells him in a little bit. Able ask if someone died and Jax tells him that some of his friends were hurt. Able then ask if his dad is in charge if all the people there. Jax says yes and that it’s his job to keep every one safe. Jax kisses his son on the head and leaves.

Nero is with Lin now who tells him this all is getting rather tedious. Lin can’t understand why Nero thinks he should trust Jax seeing as how he is the one who took all of his drugs and guns and destroyed his places of business. Nero tells Lin if all that is true Jax has been lying to the both of them. Lin tells Nero he wants him to give him Jax in a silver platter by the end if the day or both Nero and his son will die. Nero tries to get to Lin but Tom grabs him. Lin suggest Nero save his anger for Jax,

Group meeting. Happy lets Jax know that they will be paying for the funerals for the girls. Jax tells everyone that even though Althea has no proof she is sure it was the Chinese who hit Diosa, Jax is convinced someone blabbed to Lin. That someone being Barosky. Tig wants to know how they are going to get Lin back. Jax says that first they will need to smoke him out. They all agree to head over to see Barosky. Jax has Bobby be in charge of getting Nero there.

Gemma grabs Jax before he heads out and lies that she needs to go see her dad at the nursing home. Jax thinks it’s dangerous, Gemma tells him she will be careful and take Unser with her. Wendy says she will stay with the boys. Jax agrees to the plan and tells Gemma to check in from time to time.

Althea shows up to talk to Chibs. Jax tells Chibs to meet them at Barosky’s. Althea cuts to the chase and tells him she knows the call he got earlier when they were together was about Diosa. Chibs lets her know they had nothing to do with it. Althea wants to know who just randomly wanders in and kills 16 people. Chibs tells her to lay low. Althea tells him the Feds are on top of it. Chibs tells her he can’t give her anything. Althea knows that. Chibs tells her he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He promises there will be no more dead bodies, she gives him a kiss and tells him to be safe.

Juice heads down to the vending machine disguised in a hoodie to get a candy bar. Juice gets a paper that has the headline about what happened at Diosa. He gets the paper and then notices a Asian guy watching him. The Asian guys calls out to him Juice hauls ass back to his room. The Asian guy stands outside his room banging on the door. He finally stops. Juice sits down on the bed and reads the newspaper.

When Jax arrives at Barosky’s Nero runs up to him and knocks the shit out of him. Nero tells Jax he knows he has been lying to his face this whole time. Nero tells him he has nothing to do with Jax’s vendetta against Lin and yet it’s his girls that paid the price. Nero tells him Lin wants to kill him and his son because he has always taken Jax’s side. Jax tells Nero that the Chinese are they reason Tara is dead. Nero calls bull shit and tells Jax he has no way of knowing that. Jax tells him Gemma saw them at the house that night and then ID’d the one who did it at the party. Jax tells Nero he is sorry but he is still going to take down Lin and nothing will stop him. Jax tells Nero to pick his side. Bobby walks over and lets them know someone gave Lin the location of the guns.

Jax is with Barosky. He essentially accuses him of telling the Chinese. Barosky tells him it wasn’t him but there is a guy named Desmond they might want to have a little talk with. Jax tells Nero he would appreciate Nero letting him know what he decides.

Gemma tells Unser about the lie she had to feed Jax in order to leave to take Juice. Gemma ask Unser to come with her.

Brooke finds her and tells her she needs to come and see about Able. This scene is quite the eye opener and not in a good way. Able is standing guard over Thomas with a hammer. Able tells them he is protecting him and the proceeds to put a hole in the wall with the hammer. Able demands to go home. Thomas starts crying and Able apologizes to him. Wendy grabs Thomas and Gemma retrieves the hammer from Able and picks him up. It’s sad all this little one knows is violence.

Jax, Barosky, and the rest of the sons pay Desmond a visit. Jax tells him about his warehouse getting broken into and one of his guys getting killed. Barosky ask when was the last time Desmond checked the warehouse. Desmond tells him 5:30. Jax knocks the crap out of him and explains he is just trying to help him jog his memory. Tig meanwhile has a much better plan. He wants them to pull the guys pants down so he can shove a flute up his ass. They hold Desmond down. Barosky suggest Tig grease it. Tig says thanks but no thanks he wants it to hurt. One of the guys points out how gay Tig is. I’m guessing after his lip lock with Venus last week his point is mute. Before we can hear the guy play us a tune with his ass Barosky pulls out a gun and shoots him. Is is just my imagination or did Tig look disappointed. Jax who loves to state the obvious says they are done talking. I wonder why Barosky was so quick to kill him. Is it because he did him dirty or is Barosky trying to cover his own ass for some reason. Barosky laments to Jax how hard it is to find people you can trust these days.

Weasel gets caught kissing Brooke by Unser. Unser ask Weasel what happened. He tells Unser about Diosa. Unser ask if they have any idea who night have done it. Weasel says no. Unser tells him he needs to see Jax before he takes off with Gemma.

Wendy ask Unser who he thinks might have done it. Unser ask her his much tunes she’s hit because it’s one hell of a long list. Wendy tells him about the Chinese guy that fit up in Nero’s face the other day when she was with him. Unser thanks her for sharing.

Nero comes by to see Gemma. Nero tells her he knows all about Tara the Chinese and what she saw. Gemma tries to explain it away by saying Jax didn’t want anyone to know. Nero tells her he is out there playing NATO while Jax is playing solider and starting wars. They apologize to one another.

Jax comes in and Gemma tells him she is leaving with Unser. You would think she might have told him about Able’s breakdown but nope.

Nero tells Jax they need to talk.

Juice is in bed. Someone starts banging in the door. He gets off the bed and hides just as the Asian guy lets himself in. He starts looking around and when he gets to Juice hiding in the bathroom Juice knocks him out. The guy wakes up and tries to run. He may be quick but Juice is quicker and shoots just as he gets to the door. Juice tells him not to look at him so of course the guy does. Juice having clearly lost it by this point blows the guys face off. One word…..ewwwwwwwww. Even after all the shit I’ve seen on this show it still finds away to make me cringe

Bobby gets a call saying that Lin will meet them. Tig lets them know Barosky is asking for a cool five grand for the extra help he is giving them. Chibs says it’s all set up.

Nero is with Lin. Nero tells Lin Jax’s plan. Nero tells Lin he is going to need a army.

Juice knocks on Gemma’s door and tells him it’s her and Unser. Juice opens the door and they see red. Juice explains that the dead guy saw him. Juice ask about Diosa and then whispers to Gemma this is all their fault. Unser points out the dead guy worked fir the hotel and not Lin. Unser cusses when he sees the body in the tub. Unser funds a minute to ask Gemma what Juice meant when he said it was they’re fault. Gemma lies to the one millionth person and tells Unser that the Chinese killed Tara. Gemma tells him she was there that night. Unser ask her what and who she saw. Gemma not wanting to get into details says it didn’t matter. Unser changes the subject and tells her he will take care of the body. Gemma ask if she can leave with Juice. Juice comes out and thanks Unser then he and Gemma leave.

Unser calls Althea and tells her the Chinese killed Tara. Althea ask his he knows. He plays the reliable source card. Unser says for her to put a tail on Lin. He also tells her about Stockton Port. She wants to know who he got the information from. Unser tells her it doesn’t matter and if she doesn’t listen she will have more body bags to zip up. He says all this while cleaning up a dead guy mind you.

Lin shows up. Jax and company are biding their time. The Chinese pull some guns and have them all get up against the wall. Lin wants his heroine and he wants it now. Jax tells him it’s in the warehouse. They blow the lock off and open the door, there is a big sitting inside. Lin orders someone to get it and open it. Sure enough the heroine is in it. Lin tells Jax some is missing. Jax tells him he gave it to Marks. Kin becomes enraged. Jax tells him to chill the fuck out and tells him if he lying Lin can kill him and Chibs. Tom wants to know who kin thinks is lying Nero or Jax. Lin has them put Chibs and Jax in a car. As they leave a white van pulls out and follows them.

Juice is sleeping while Gemma decides to go another direction.

Dirty cops pull Lin and company out of their cars. Jax wants them all cuffed to the fence except for Lin. Lin tells Jax he is making a. Is take. Jax tells him not as big as the one he made killing his wife. Lin tells him he is no such thing. Jax implicates Nero because he is a ass like that. Jax take of his jacket and indicates to Lin he wants a good old fight between them. Lin obliges and takes off his jacket. Game in and Jax actually has the upper hand. Chibs is in disbelief. Althea calls and gives him a heads up that the real cops are on the way. Chibs and Bobby literally have to drag Jax away. They take off. Lin is more confused than ever. He even goes as far as to ask what in the hell just happened. The real cops show up and the dirty cops play like they got there and were making the bust themselves.

Gemma is driving out in the middle of nowhere actually Oregon but same diff. Gemma gets her gun out and strategically hides it within grabbing distance.

Jax and company clearly not having screwed Lin enough decide to drive by one of his places and gun down anyone stupid enough to be in the way.

Juice wakes up and ask Gemma just exactly where they are. Gemma tells him to go back to sleep. Juice knows they are going the wrong way and questions her. She tells him Nero has a friend they are going to meet that will help. Juice then tells her his tale of woe and why Jax wants him dead. The best part is when he points out he knows she is lying because Nero knows what he did and therefore would never ever help him. Juice grabs the where and causes the SUV to crash. Gemma goes for her gun but Juice is stronger and comes out the victor. Gemma gets out and starts running for her life. Juice follows and shoots a warning shot and tells her to stop. Juice ask if she really intended to kill him. Then in what had to be a ballsy moment Gemma tells him she didn’t really know what she was planning on doing. Gemma starts crying and begging Juice not to kill her. Fade to black.


If you are like me and cannot wait for next week’s episode we have a sneak peek video and a spoiler/synopsis to wet your appetite below:

“Smoke ’em If You Got ’em” (Airs October 14, 10:00 pm e/p) – Jax takes advantage of shifting alliances to protect the MC and settle a score. Written by Mike Daniels and Kurt Sutter; directed by Guy Ferland.

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