American Horror Story: Freak Show REVIEW Season 4 Premiere “Monsters Among Us”

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Here is your review of Season 4 Episode 1 premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show below!

Apparently when you buy a ticket you can’t go back. So I guess I’ll pull the curtain apart and see what the Freak Show has to offer.

This season starts with Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson.) “Dear diary. It was a Saturday. The third of September. The world as I had known was forever doomed. It shows the two of them walking. The shadows that had sheltered me were banished by the blinding light of scrutiny. I knew I was about to open the gates of hell. But like the inescapable pull of gravity there was “nothing I could do about it.”

A milk truck pulls up in front of a house. The milkman sees that some past deliveries are still on the porch. We find out this is taking place in Jupiter, Florida in 1952. He goes into the house calling a Mrs.Tatler. We find out his name is Bill Palmer. Bill cautiously walks further and further into the house, he passes the kitchen and the sitting room and finally comes to a dining area. Dinner is still on the table. He finds her dead on the floor in a huge puddle of blood. He drops the milk and starts to back up. He heads a noise upstairs and looks up. We next see Bill heading up the stairs holding a rolling pin. He goes all the way down to the end of the hall and opens a closet. He drops the rolling and starts to scream.

Someone is wheeled into a hospital on a gurney. Doctor yells that they news to get in the operating suite. He with a bunch of other doctors and nurses go in. The doors close. In a few minutes the doors swing back open. A nurse runs out and throws up in the trash. A doctor frantically runs down the hall.

Someone is laying on a bed while a doctor looks at some X-rays. The person performing the X-Ray says one bladder and three kidneys. The nurse stops writing surprised. The guy snaps her out of it and she continues to write. He moves the crazy machine up. He says four lungs, two hearts. The nurse starts getting freaked out. He goes further up.

A woman enters the hospital. Two nurses are talking one is reading from the paper. “The victim 63 year old Eudora Tatler was thought by neighbors to live alone. Unfortunate creature discovered at the crime scene that witnesses are describing as monstrous and deformed may be a relation sources say.” The one nurse says she doesn’t blame her for keeping it hidden. If she ever gave birth to something like that she would drowned it in the bathtub first thing. The other nurse calls her Penny and tells her what she said is terrible. The one nurse leaves for bed rounds. The woman we have been seeing walk turns out to be Jessica Lange she tells Penny she has come to visit her ailing aunt. But she is having trouble navigating the halls. Penny tells her she isn’t supposed to smoke In that wing of the hospital. The woman tells her it’s fine it’s a Lucky Strike and it good for you. She offers it to Penny. Penny takes it. The woman them strikes up a conversation with her a out the cop sitting outside one if the rooms. Penny tells her it’s because of what is in the room. The woman ask her why it is and says the papers are saying it’s extraordinary. The woman sweet talks her and the hands her a card for Fräulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Penny ask her what if is and tells her only by entering will she learn it’s secrets. So we now know Lange’s character is named Elsa. Next we see Elsa in the candy striper outfit. She gains access into the room. Behind a curtain that wraps all the way around Elsa finds Bette and Dot. Elsa pulls the curtain loudly and they wake up. Dot tells her they don’t know her. Elsa tells them they are beautiful and hands each one a balloon and tells them his fortunate they are to have a sister.

Elsa has a dress for the girls. While she is talking away to them they are talking to each other by reading each others minds. Dot is sure she wants something. She wins Bette over when she hands need some magazines. Elsa reaches out to touch Dot and she smacks her hand. Elsa puts a cigarette in Bette’s mouth. She inhales and Dot exhales. Elsa ask if they have ever had a boyfriend. Elsa ask if anyone has ever tasted their cherry pie. Bette’s shy response indicates that they are still virgins. Dot becomes upset with all the sex talk and tells Elsa to leave. Before she does Elsa tells them she never gives up on making a friend.

Lake Okeechobee on the outskirts of Jupiter Florida are two teenagers laying on. A picnic blanket making out. The boy has wandering hands. The boy leaves the girl and goes to his car to get a condom. A clown comes out of the woods behind her and when she sees him she jumps up. Then instead of running to her boyfriend and jumping in the car and telling him to get the hell out of there she ask the clown who he is. The clown stops right in front of her. His teeth are big and all the better to eat you with my dear. He make a flowers appear for her. The boyfriend returns and the clown knocks them both out with some bowling pins. When the girl wakes up she sees her boyfriend being stabbed to death by Toothy the killer clown. The girl tries to make a break for it.

Elsa is in a diner full of people. She is clipping a review of Hitchcock’s Stage Fright. She starts talking to the waitress about Marlene Dietrich. The waitress just tells her she doesn’t go to the movies much. After the waitress walks away Elsa heads laughter. She looks up and sees a young man flirting with another waitress. Elsa gathers up her things and strides right over to him. Elsa tells him to get her lighter to work. He tells the waitress to leave. Elsa then calls him a son of a bitch. Elsa tells him she can’t believe he is willing to risk everything for some girl. He tells her she was told to leave and tells her she is leaving in her own dream world. Elsa flashes back to being told they have to leave. The guy tells her the freaks bother his wife and she is having nightmares. Elsa apparently has sex with the guy so they can stay. Back to the present she Jimmy Darling (Evan a Peters) if he thinks all his charm will make the girl overlook his deformities. He tells Elsa that her show is over. She tells that it isn’t and that she has a plan.

There are a bunch of women in a house. Two of them are talking. The one is expressing her less than exciting sex life with her husband. A woman looking disheveled and carrying her shoes comes out of the back. She smiles at Mrs. Dissatisfied as she walks by her. A woman comes up to her and tells her it’s her turn. She ask where she found him. The woman tells her at a roadside attraction. The girl heads back into the room. She see him lying in the bed. He tells her not to worry he doesn’t bite. She is on the bed and she pulls up her skirt. He sticks his fingers between her legs and starts getting her off.

Elsa wheel Bette and a Dot into a room. Bette ask what the Sheriff will ask them. Elsa tells her he will ask about happened to their mother. Elsa begins asking questions. Dot spins a yarn about a robbery gone bad. Bette attempts to elaborate and that’s when Elsa calls bullshit. She knows Bette got it from a movie. Elsa tells them to get the story straight before the cops show up. Elsa leaves.

Toothy the killer clown is on a stabbing binge. Here a stab there a stab everywhere a stab stab stab. There are several cuts to people listening about the murders on the radio including Dot and Bette. I think Bette is thinking she can blame mommy’s murder on Toothy.

In the forest we see a trailer with balloons all around. Inside are a girl and a boy locked up. Here comes Toothy. He goes eight kinds of crazy and bangs on the cages they are in.

The girls are packing a suitcase so they can leave. Elsa comes in. She tells them that the police are looking for them and wants to pin a murder spree on them. Elsa tells them they call the electric chair old sparky. Elsa tells them they couldn’t protect their mother. Elsa tells them exactly how it happened. Their mother slaps Bette and Dot feels it. Bette grabs a knife and starts repeatedly stabbing her while Dot yells at her. Elsa tells them she wants to save them.

The girls are walking and it’s a different diary entry this time. Dear diary. It was the glorious third of September when I was finally freed from the shadows. The future had never seemed brighter. It’s evening as they walk into the freak show.

Bette is writing some more. Dear diary I have seem my future it’s bright and pink and wrapped in silk. She never thought her escape from darkness could be so complete. She has found herself in a movie stars palace. Elsa’s tent is the epitome of glamour. There is only one law here the bigger the star the bigger the tent. Dot is up next. Dear diary. My soul plummets to new depths of despair. I long for the quiet of the farm. The warmth of my bed. The smell of flowers inside my window.

The girls are meeting the other freaks. Jimmy comes up and introduces himself and says it’s not everyday they come across two beauties in the same body. Dot refuses to smile until he winks at her. Dot refers to Ethel (Kathy Bates) as the Sasquatch champion of law and order. Bette tells Ethel that Dot won’t let her eat. Ethel tells Dot that if she tries to stop Bette from eating she swears she is going to slap her ass into next throws the bread at her and Ethel calks her a ungrateful bitch. Ethel tells them about how Elsa saved her. Ethel tells them they are going to be big stars and pack the tent night after night. Dot tells her they won’t because they are no ones trained monkey. Ethel explains to Dot that where they are is as good as it gets for folks like them. Ethel tells them they are the headlining act and she hopes they have talent. She picks up the bowl and tells Bette to eat. Dot doesn’t stop her.

Jimmy and two of the other freaks are harassed while hanging up banners for their show.

Peggy comes wandering in and yells that she needs to go home. She accuses Elsa of drugging her so the freaks could have their way with her. Elsa insist she enjoys it there. Cue a movie of all the freaky things Peggy did with all the freaks. Elsa goes off on her but quickly calms down when teeny tiny and oh so adorable little lady comes in.

Jimmy is with his mom Ethel discussing how much money he made getting those housewives off. Jimmy tells her they could leave the freak show. His mom tells him absolutely not. Jimmy tells his mom he wants out. He says he wants to be normal. She tells them there is no normal for them. She tells him to talk to the twins and get them to eat.

Jimmy heads over to see the girls. Through the light in the tent he can see a man in there with them. Bette is telling him to get away. It’s a cop and he tells jimmy when he comes running in that he wants to thank him. That the sign him and those freaks out up helped him find his two main suspects. He handcuffs the girls. Jimmy tries to reason with him and when that doesn’t work. He whips out a blade and slices his throat.

Frances Conroy is playing the mother of a spoiled best rich kid. They are the only two at the freak show that night. The son wants her seat and without hesitation she gives it to him. The son starts to become annoyed but the freaks come out and he is ecstatic. Ethel is doing her bit while showing off some of the freaks. The mother looks disturbed. She gets to the girls and her son is overjoyed. Elsa comes out and sings a little diddy. She guts a bit carried away and forgets where she is. When the song ends and she realizes it she becomes upset.

The son has snuck back stage to see the girls. The son and mother offer to buy them for 15 grand. The girls tell them they are staying out that this is there home. Elsa tells them that’s just what she wanted to hear. Jimmy winks at them. The mom ridicules Elsa’s sin gun and then her and her son leave.

The rides are completely empty except of course for Toothy the killer clown who is in the mood for a merry of round ride.

Jimmy and the other freaks take the dead detective out to the woods. He gives a speech meant to light a fire under their ass’s. It works. Jimmy tells them if anyone mess’s with any of them they are going to end up like this pig. Jimmy points at the detective. The all take out a bunch of blades and knives and pretty much anything that will hack up the dead detectives body. Toothy the killer clown is watching.

Ethel comes in to see Elsa. She tells her because of her bringing the girls they are back in the black. Elsa who looks pretty high says she only brought the so that pekoe would hear her sing. She tells Ethel she has always wanted to be a star. Elsa ask her if that’s wrong of her. Ethel tells her no. When Elsa isn’t looking a dark look comes over Ethel’s face. Elsa sends her in her way. Elsa turns on a record and begins to take her stockings off. You know what else she takes off ……her legs. Turns out Elsa is a freak in her own right.


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