The Originals REVIEW Season 2 Episode 2 “Alive and Kicking”

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The Originals REVIEW Season 2 Episode 2 “Alive and Kicking”

Here’s what happened on The Originals Season 2 Episode 2 “Alive and Kicking.”

Flashback: Cadiz, Spain 1702. Horses are running from a fire. Elijah and Klaus are in a building frantically calling for their brother Kol. Elijah is sure nonsense like this will lead their father straight to them. Kol thinks their is always time for fun and games. Elijah can not stress enough that the time has come to leave before their father finds them. Kol tells Elijah it isn’t true and if it were Klaus would already be dead. Kol tells Klaus he should leave so their father will follow him and leave the rest of them alone. Elijah tells him that Finn and Rebekah are already waiting in the ship. Kol tells Elijah that’s because Rebekah is so terrified of Klaus she always does whatever he tells her. Kol them says that Finn has a dagger in his chest. Kol tells Klaus a day will come when he no longer has to what Klaus tells him. Klaus tells him today is not that day dear brother. Klaus puts a dagger in his chest.

Kol is walking down the streets causing trouble all the way. He sees Davina go inside a store.

Elijah comes upon a body laying by the fountain. He notices some bloody footprints and he follows them all they way to Haley taking a relaxing bath. She has a other dead body keeping her company. Elijah offers to get rid of her leftovers. Haley stand up. Elijah adverts his gaze and gives her a towel. Haley tells him as a hybrid she know has the temper of a werewolf to go with her vampire appetite. Haley tells him that the bodies are of witches who kidnapped and threatened her baby. Haley defends herself by saying it’s no worse than anything Klaus has done. Elijah tells her that’s a pretty low bar to set for herself.

Elijah goes to Klaus who tells Elijah he told the witches to find the white oak stake with a locater spell and when they failed he gave them to Haley. Elijah fears she is to savage. Klaus tells Elijah he is being to harsh and that if is hurting Haley. Klaus reassures him that Haley is fine. Elijah isn’t biting and tells him he wants to take her to the Bayou so she can be among her people.

Marcel is giving another speech. He is telling the new recruits that a girl named Gia will be made a vampire first because she has proven herself. Marcel tells,the others that they also need to prove themselves. Marcel is going into all the pros of being a vamp when Elijah comes strolling by. Marcel says that some people Re f for being a vampire that it sometimes bring out the worst in them.

Flashback: Elijah is having piano practice with a Marcel. Klaus comes in hammered and says it’s so nice that they have become like two peas in a pod. Elijah sends Marcel to read Hamlet. Elijah ask him why he is drinking. Klaus whines about Rebekah fawning over the son of the Governor and the fact that Elijah is taking up all of Marcel’s time by teaching him. Klaus says he needs someone to take part in some debauchery with him. Cue Kol being dagger free and sucking the life out of anyone he can get his hands on and teeth in.

Marcel and Elijah are surprised at seeing each other. Marcel tells Elijah everything was going great until Klaus’s stupid moonlight ring idea, Marcel reminds Elijah he is the last original and pure vampire left. Which honestly never occurred to me. I guess Rebekah doesn’t count because she is long gone with the little one. Elijah makes a offer. Elijah tells Marcel he won’t tell Klaus what he is doing as long as he gets Davina to try and locate the stake. If not Elijah will go to her himself. Marcel tells Elijah to stay far away from Davina. Elijah tells Marcel he knew he could count on him.

Mikael is bitching about how long it’s taking Davina. Mikael offers her his assistance. Davina declines saying she can’t trust him not to trick her. Kol text her to have coffee with him and she leaves. Mikael is beyond pissed. Kol shows up at Davina’s later and does some snooping. Kol meets with his mother and brother and tells then she has a spell on the attic door. His mother wants to know what’s in there and whose side Davina is on. She tells Kol to take her out to dinner. Kol reminds her he just blew off their coffee date. Com and Kol start arguing and she tells them to zip it. She tells them that soon they will have enough moonlight rings for a army. She says soon they will teach Klaus and Elijah the errors in their vampire ways.

Klaus take a Haley to the bayou. They come to a old campsite and Klaus tells her that the wolves are near. Haley reminds Klaus that they hate hybrids. Klaus days it’s power they hate doing without and they need to get them as allies before Cassie does. Klaus tells Haley to use her hybridie senses but it doesn’t work. Klaus tells her that her people need their Queen. Haley tells Klaus all she can think about is their daughter. Klaus is right there with her. Haley finds a jacket and smells it. Klaus tells her to concentrate. Haley takes off.

Marcel tells Elijah he needs to disappear before Davina gets there or he can forget her helping. Marcel shoos Elijah away and tells him not to kill anyone. Elijah is watching to old men playing chess.

Flashback: Kol and Klaus are playing chess. Elijah gets on to them for killing forty six people. Kol says it was sixty so clearly someone didn’t look in the attic. Klaus then complains once again about Marcel spending all his time with Marcel. Elijah thinks he should send Marcel as far away from Kol as he can get him. Klaus tells Elijah he will dagger Kol again if he has to. Klaus makes it clear Marcel stays.

Marcel is asking Davina about school. Davina tells him this cute guy stood her up. Marcel tells her he needs her to do him a favor and perform a locater spell to find the white oak stake. Davina asked Marcel who out him up to asking her. Marcel tells her if someone uses it on Klaus he along with everyone else in that line will die. Davina says she won’t risk Marcel and Klaus getting their hands on it. Elijah appears and admits he and Klaus are hard to trust. He tells her he just sends to protect his family. Davina firmly says no. Marcel who is annoyed with Elijah ask him why he is there. Elijah explains he needed to see her face. Elijah says he couldn’t understand why she wasn’t concerned about Marcel when she heard that it was missing. Elijah says the answer is simple. Davina has had it all along.

Haley and Klaus find Ollie and some of the other wolves. Haley is. It here’s by Ollie’s Alpha behavior and the fact Jackson isn’t around. Klaus tells Haley to go and talk with them. As soon as Ollie sees her he ask her what in the hell she wants. Haley tells him that they are divided. Haley tells him they need someone who is strong enough to protect them. Ollie tells Haley he would rather die then stand behind her. Klaus gets angry and is about to kill Ollie when Haley stops him. Klaus tells her she is their Queen and they need to be more fearful of her. Klaus tells Haley he has to leave to remind a witch of what she can and cannot do in his city.

Marcel assures Elijah that Davina would never use the stake knowing it would kill him. Elijah is in agreement but then tells Marcel nothing is stopping her from using it on him. Marcel laughs. Elijah wonders what happens if one of their enemies gets it. Marcel tells him he will get it back but it’s going to take some time. Elijah tells Marcel he can always make Davina give it to them. Marcel ask Elijah how he ever survived them considering all the stupid things they do.

Flashback: Marcel and Kol are watching some actors perform Hamlet while stabbing each other with swords. Elijah comes in and demands to know what Kol has done. Kol informs Elijah he has already given Marcel his blood now all he had to do is kill him. Elijah grabs Kol and starts choking him. Klaus orders Elijah to stop. Kol rather smug tells Elijah that klaus knows the meaning of family. Klaus agrees and tells Kol that Marcel is family right before he daggers him.

Mikael is telling Davina how foolish she is for allowing Klaus to continue to breathe. Davina has no time to chat because Kol has sent her a text inviting her to dinner.

Klaus shows up in the cemetery and is surrounded by wolves. Klaus says it’s a shame they have all had their balls chopped off by a sixteen year old girl. Klaus yells for the witch who is making the moonlight rings. Cassie comes out she calls him Niklaus which is clearly a dumb and very telling move. She tells him she has been expecting him. Klaus ask why she is making the rings. Cassie tells him that the wolves and witches having a alliance brings balance. Cassie tells him vampires are a plague. She tells him the rings will level it all out. Cassie tells him once they unite nothing can come between them. Klaus tells her that’s big talk for such a little witch. Klaus tells her New Orleans is a vicious place. Klaus tells her she may never see who seeks to destroy her. Cassie tells him she always takes precautions just like she is right now.

Kol and Davina are having dinner. Davina tells him she is a only child. Kol tells her his mom is a control freak (true) and she is the reason he quit magic. Davina ask if he is a witch. Kol tells her they are kindred souls. Davina’s phone rings and she promises to be quick. Finn tells Kol the best way to get he weapon is to provoke her into using it.

Marcel tells Davina anyone who wants to kill a Original will be gunning for her. Davina tells Marcel where she is and he and Elijah take off. The restaurant is packed with wolves. Davina manages to knock one down with her magic. Davina then touched her bracelet says a spell and Mikael is there. Mikael takes them all out but in the process Davina loses her bracelet. Mikael tells her that’s a interesting turn. Kol meanwhile is hiding in fear. Elijah and Marcel get there just as Mikael is about to kill Davina. Elijah grabs him and throws him. Mikael tells Elijah they have some unfinished business. Marcel tries to get Davina to leave but she tells him he needs her bracelet. Marcel funds it and gives it to her. Davina tells Mikael to stop. He does. Davina orders him to go. He leaves with the stake.

Klaus is drinking tea with Cassie. He tells her it’s the same tea his mother use to drink. Klaus then tells Cassie about his mother being insane. How she believed they were all all abominations. Klaus tells Cassie his mother was the real monster turning them into vampires and then condemning them for it. Cassie wants to know of there is going to be a question. Cassie tells him to go to his room in a mocking tone. Klaus goes to grab her and the wolves come to her defense. Cassie tells Klaus they can continue this conversation another day. Cassie says good night Niklaus.

When Klaus returns home he informs Elijah that Cassie isn’t guided by their mother she is their mother. Klaus assures Elijah he will boil her bones this time as a way to make sure she never comes back again. Elijah tells Klaus that daddy dearest is alive and well and is in possession of the stake and being controlled by Davina. Klaus seems to think it’s just a question of which parent they kill first. Haley comes in with some wolves and explains to Klaus if they aren’t with them they are with the witches.

Flashback: Elijah is talking to Kol. He tells tells him Marcel is good for Klaus where as Kol is not. Elijah says he may news to make sacrifices in order to protect the bond Klaus and Marcel share. Elijah then uses a stern time with Marcel. Klaus defends Marcel.

Klaus ask Haley where Ollie is. Haley tells Klaus she has him spying on Cassie. Elijah is going out. Elijah tells Haley even though the wolves are a bit much for him to handle she should be around her people. Haley watches Elijah as he goes.

Kol slams Finn into the wall. He is pissed that wolves almost killed him. Cassie tells Kol she is the one that have the order. She explains that now Davina is indebted to him. Kol tells her he is done. Mother reminds him she is the reason he is breathing. She tells Kol Finn was part of the attack. She ask him what the weapon is Davina used. Kol lies to her and say he got knocked out and didn’t see anything.

Marcel is watching Gia play her violin. Marcel knows he didn’t find Davina. Marcel tells him he knows everyone is out to get for the wolves to the witches. Marcel ask Elijah which side he is joining. Elijah tells him he isn’t much for joining teams. Marcel tells him Elijah he should join their team. Elijah ask why he would do that. Marcel snaps Gia’s neck and tells Elijah when she wakes up she is going to need someone to teach her the ropes. Marcel tells Elijah he hopes he does a better job with Gia then he did with him.

It’s a shame Marcel doesn’t remember everything Elijah did for him. Who knows maybe by the end of this season it will all come flooding back.


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