The Originals Review Season 2 Episode 3 “Every Mother’s Son”

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The Originals Review Season 2 Episode 3 “Every Mother’s Son”

Here’s what happened on The Originals Season 2 Episode 3 “Every Mother’s Son.” 

Esther is busy lighting candles in the greenhouse. She walks over to a table and breaks a egg. She adds berries, herbs, and oil to it. She then dips a pen in ink and writes a note. She lays it on a serving dish and covers it with a lid.

Hayley is in the courtyard eating some fruit off the spread on the table. Hayley hears Klaus coming and ask where the compelled chef is at. Klaus tells her he had nothing to do with it. Hayley says Elijah is the one she should thank. Hayley strikes out again. Hayley wants to know where it all came from. The platter covered with the lid starts to move. Elijah looks at Klaus who removes the lid. A bird flies out. Hayley ask what in the that was. Klaus picks up the note. It says “Dinner. Your home. 8 PM.” Klaus looks at Elijah and says a invitation from our mother.

Flashback: Klaus and all his siblings are still kids. Their mother is serving them food. She ask where Niklaus is. Finn tells her he is in the woods hiding.Elijah throws him a dirty look. Esther finds Klaus sitting up against a tree. She ask him what he is doing. Klaus tells her he is to go hunting with his father later. Klaus tells her he is no good at it and that his father gets angry with him. Esther sYs she understands. She ask Klaus if he knows what she does she she is afraid. She says she listens to the Starlings. Finn is close by listening. Esther tells Klaus that when she was little her mother taught her that she one learns a song the others will mimic it until they are all singing. She tells him that when they made that their home she brought the birds with her. Esther tells Klaus to remember when ever he hears those birds she is with him always and forever. So I’m guessing the bird that was with the note was a Starling.

Klaus is standing on the balcony with the note fretting. Hayley tells him it’s times like this that make her glad she never knew her mother. Klaus tells Hayley he has enough enemies and now the ear that is to be fought is against his own family. Hayley flat out tells him it was his wretched mother and her disciples that tried to put a carving knife through their baby’s heart. She says she will happily add to the body count. Klaus gives her a little smile. Elijah comes in and says she will do no such thing. Elijah says Esther is a master in the art of possession. Elijah says they know who she inhabits know. It will need to decipher her intentions before she jumps to another body. Klaus says since her last invitation was a assassination attempt on all her children they can pretty much guess what her intentions are. Elijah says well then they have the afternoon to prepare for the worst. Elijah takes off. Klaus waits till Elijah is gone and says to Hayley the bloom is off the rose I see. Hayley tells Klaus to shut it.

Elijah shows up at Marcel’s. Marcel tells him his new pupil is waiting and then points out it’s not like Elijah to shrug off his duties. Elijah says as you know she isn’t my burden to bare. He tells Marcel you turned her you teach her. Gia looks surprised. Marcel ask him why he came. Elijah tells him he is looking for Davina. Marcel tells him he doesn’t know where she is. Elijah says perhaps another witch then on another leash. Marcel ask him what makes Elijah so sure he has one. Elijah says the daylight ring in his new librarian (Elijah points to Gia.) Marcel says that’s a good point. Marcel says his memory is a littler foggy but lucky for Elijah he knows someone who can help. Marcel calls Gia. Marcel tells Gia to take Elijah to meet their friend Lenore. Elijah tells Marcel if this is his idea of a joke he can assure him he isn’t amused. Marcel says there isn’t anything funny about what going on. Mikael is back and causing chaos. Marcel says it seems like Elijah could use all the friends he can get. Elijah turns and heads out.

Ollie is sitting in a bar drinking when Finn comes up to him. Finn ask him if his name is Oliver. Oliver ask Finn if he knows him. Finn tells him no but he is the person he is meeting with this afternoon. Oliver says he is there to meet Cassie. He tells him he he doesn’t know who he is but he definitely isn’t some teen girl with magic powers. Finn tells him that’s quite the keen observation. Finn tells him his name is Vincent and if Oliver speaks to him he is talking to Cassie. Finn pulls out a moonlight ring as proof. Oliver puts the ring on and then ask what happens if he doesn’t want to answer to number two in the chain of command. Finn blows on his fingers and rubs them together. Oliver jerks and is in severe pain. Finn tells him he will make a example out of him. Finn says he will show his pack what happens when Cassie’s request are denied. Finn says of they could start again. Oliver shakes his head yes as does Finn. Finn stops rubbing his fingers together. Finn tells him the ring comes at a price and he will start paying for it today. Finn leaves the bar and Oliver calls Hayley.

Klaus is picking out wines and telling his help to skip the salad course. He doesn’t want to make the evening more dreadful than it already has to be. Hayley comes in and tells Klaus that letting Oliver live payed off he just informed her that his mother has a partner in crime. Another witch. Klaus says she is building alliances in her quest to destroy them. Hayley ask why his mother hates him so much after all she has six kids so the maternal gene is in there somewhere. Klaus tells Hayley she had seven actually and he believes at what time she loved them very much. Klaus tells a Haley one died before he was born. Years later his brother Henrique was killed by werewolves. The loss of another child pushed his mother over the edge. So she used her magic to turn them into immortals. Klaus says he thinks that’s when she loved them the most. It was her undoing. Klaus tells Hayley it triggered a sequence of events that brought the reveal of her long lost secret. Klaus’s father was the leader of the wolf pack that killed his little brother. Klaus tells Haley when Mikael found out he killed Klaus’s father. Which in turn cost his mother to lose her lover. Hayley says no wonder she is crazy. She tells Klaus she is out of her mind at just giving up Hope. She can’t imagine what she would do if her baby had actually died. Klaus tells her they all tried to convince each other their mother didn’t hate them. She hated herself for what they had become. Klaus says he thinks they all still believed that even after she tried to kill them. Haley ask Klaus what he believed. Klaus says he doesn’t know he just knew he wanted her dead. Hayley tells him every good story needs a wicked witch and if will be all the more satisfying when they melt her.

Elijah is walking with Gia who is talking nonstop. Elijah tells her she is supposed to be leading him somewhere so just do that. Elijah crosses the street. Gia tells him if he wants to work in silence that’s cool but he is going the wrong way. Elijah tells Gia Marcel believes he can instruct her. First lesson. Don’t waste Elijah’s time. Gia walks across to the other side of the street. Elijah follows.

They go into the shop Lenore is in. Lenore tells Elijah to go away that she is busy. Elijah says she is blatantly practicing magic. Lenore says it’s herbal remedies for a neighbor that lost her insurance. Way to go Obama, you are even screwing up the super natural world with your shitty healthcare. Lenore says her guess is that a Original isn’t there to discuss neighborhood gossip. Elijah tells her he has a favor to ask of her. Lenore says the quarter is strong with witches and to go ask one of them. Elijah says he doesn’t typically ask for favors from his enemies. Lenore tells so he came across the river to bother her. Elijah says it’s unfortunate. Bureaucracy has not been kind to her community. Elijah insinuates he can remove the red tape preventing her from getting to cash in on the tax incentives. Lenore tells him she is listening. Elijah says a certain someone lets say a witch had the troublesome tendency of jumping into other bodies. Elijah tells Lenore when she does it agin he would like to know who it is she jumps into. Lenore calls it soul branding. She tells him she will need a item the witch has spelled and a python. Elijah says he will get the magical item while Gia gets the python. Gia says what now. Elijah tells her second lesson. Item acquisition through mind compulsion. Elijah exits leaving Gia to wonder how in the hell she is supposed to do that. Finn comes to see Lenore next. She ask of she can help him. Finn tells her he is certain that she can.

Marcel is pouring a drink for him and Klaus. Klaus tells him he needs back a necklace he gave him a long time ago. Klaus tells him it was a leather strap with a bird on the end. Marcel tells him he remembers it and that Klaus gave it to him when he was eleven. Marcel gets a box off a shelf. He tells Klaus that Mikael is back, Elijah is babbling about family drama and Klaus is there looking for antique jewelry. Marcel opens the box and Klaus takes out the necklace.

Flashback: Klaus is with his mother who is dipping the bird in something. She tells Klaus that birds are sacred to the Vikings. Birds are how they found land. She dips the bird in some kind of powder and then back into the liquid. She tells Klaus birds are her and his father found their home. Esther puts the necklace on Klaus and tells him if he is ever lost or scared or needs her to clasp the bird and she will come. Klaus Sk if his other siblings get one. Esther tells him she loves all her children but he is the most special and that is why he gets it. She makes him promise he will where it always. Later they are dancing by the fire with Klaus she she notices the necklace is missing. Klaus panics and tells her if must have fallen off. Finn walks up with it. Klaus thanks him even though he doesn’t want to.

Marcel ask Klaus if he even wants to know why he is asking him for antique jewelry his mother face him. Klaus tells Marcel to believe him when he says he wants no part on their sprawling family saga. Klaus thanks him for holding on to the necklace and then leaves with it.

Finn is in the cemetery with his mother. Finn tells her Kol is still looking for Davina. Esther says it’s a shame he will miss dinner although it is better his new identity remains unknown. Esther tells him Lenore seems rather stubborn. Finn says he would be happy to open her up to new possibilities. Esther tells him to have Ollie handle Lenore she needs his persuasion techniques at dinner. Esther ask if they have received a response to their dinner invitation. Finn tells her he imagines it has quite the effect. Esther tells Finn to make sure he is ready for them. Finn tells her they have followed her instructions to the letter. Esther says she would expect nothing less from him and gently touches his face. Finn leaves his mother and goes into a crypt. Ollie is there with a tied up Lenore. Ollie ask him if he is going to torture her. Finn says he persuades. He opens a bag full of torture tools. Finn tells Ollie he would like him to do the persuading this time. Finn walks over to Lenore. Lenore’s nose is bleeding. Finn tells Ollie she had some visitors today and he wants to know what they wanted. Finn walks away. Finn stops and turns over a hourglass. He tells Ollie not to dally.

Hayley informs Elijah and Klaus that Lenore is being held in the Quarter. Klaus says how perfect mother is a step ahead of them as usual. Hayley says Ollie is with her. She tells them she will go and get her to do the spell but she will need the necklace. Elijah says he downstairs like this. Hayley says Elijah doesn’t get to ignore her for days then all do a sudden act like he is concerned. She tells him to just once trust her to do something. Klaus hands her the necklace. Elijah tells her to wait. Hayley starts to get all huffy and puffy. Elijah tells her that a disciple of Marcel’s was asked to get another ingredient. He tells her to ask for Gia. Hayley says ok. Klaus ask what’s going on with the two of them. Elijah says nothing and as long as Hayley is stronger that’s all that matters.

Gia is bitching to Marcel about how her big lesson of the day was snake fetching. Marcel is like stop , rewind you compelled yourself a snake. Gia tells him hell no she stole it. That captain condescending didn’t cover the mind control part in today’s lesson. Marcel ask her if she even gave it a try. Gia tells him no and says she wouldn’t know where to begin. Gia ask him why he picked Marcel. She then says she knows he wants something from him she just can’t figure out what it is or why he thinks she is the way to get it. Marcel tells her he actually wants something for Elijah. Which is the same thing he wants for her and for him. Their new community. Marcel says you can’t make it in this town unless you have a Original looking out for you and since Klaus is busy at the moment. Marcel tells her they need Elijah to see them as family. Gia ask Marcel his she is suppose to win Elijah over when her own family didn’t even give a damn about her. Marcel tells her Elijah can’t help trying to fix what’s broken. Marcel tells Gia she just needs to be herself someone who needs his help.

Elijah is with Klaus in the dining room. Klaus ask if these outfits (the suits) were necessary. Elijah tells him ones appearance is a way of showing respect. Elijah thinks it will make it easier fir their mother to show her true intentions. Klaus doesn’t think him being dressed like a bloody lawyer is going to make a difference. Klaus tells Elijah to just know if she tries anything he will tear her new body to pieces. Finn walks in laughing and says they haven’t changed a bit. Finn points out their flaws. Elijah says forgive me I haven’t had the pleasure. Finn says you don’t recognize me. Elijah looks at him strangely. So much for the unbreakable bonds of family. Always and forever indeed. Klaus says it’s been a long time……Finn. Finn says now that the introductions are out of the way lets eat. Finn holds his hands up with his fingers to the ceiling and flames light up the chandeliers.

Ollie is telling Hayley they did quite the number on Lenore. Hayley says they have to get her out of there. Ollie ask well then what. Ollie says it will blow his cover. Hayley asked him too filtrate Cassie’s coven and he isn’t going to blow it for some has been hippie witch. He looks over at Lenore and says no offense. Hayley says they could always make it look like he got jumped. Ollie’s says let me guess you want to make it look convincing and beat the hell out of me. Haley tells him she can’t say she wouldn’t enjoy it. Ollie sighs and says ok. He assumes the position and then tells Hayley not the face ok.

Meanwhile Finn, Elijah, and Klaus are catching up the way dysfunctional families do… by talking shit to each other. Finn compliments the wine. Klaus says it was hard to pick one. Then he ask Finn which one he thinks goes well with treachery. Finn says if supposed to be a happy occasion. Elijah wants to know what they are celebrating. Finn says his return of course. Finn reminds them he spent 900 heads laying daggered in a box. Klaus grins. Finn says he is rather enjoying his new body as well as strolling around their beautiful city. Finn tells them to regal him with their contributions to society. Medicine, philosophy, art. Finn says De have they just merely cut a path of destruction through time. Klaus says the last time they met Finn was trying to help their mother annihilate the lot of them. So lets not throw stones at glass houses. Finn says mother will sit at the head of the table. Finn then tells them the seat across from him is for Kol. Finn talks about it being inevitable that Elijah and Klaus come around to their way of thinking. Klaus tells him the only thing inevitable is his death. Klaus hurls a knife Finns direction but it hits the chair. Elijah jumps up. Finn grabs the knife and say carving should go to the oldest. He then tells them they have much to discuss.

Haley is reassuring Lenore that everything will be alright. Lenore ask Hayley what her dog is in the fight. She tells Hayley she isn’t a Mikaelson. Hayley says she is in spirit. Lenore realizes she is the wolf mother. Hayley ask her if they can do the spell or not. Lenore tells her after what that bitch and her lackey did to her she will do whatever spell Hayley wants.

Finn tells Klaus he is enjoying his evening. Klaus says he would enjoy Finn getting to the point. Finn says he had 900 years to learn to be patient. Finn then says he is curious to know why Klaus kept him that way so long. Klaus says it was because he was a sycophant. Klaus then ask if mother brought him back from the dead so he could wash her knickers. Finn says their mother brought him back because he was treated unfairly. Finn tells Elijah he always thought of him as being the compassionate one. Finn ask him what he did that made Elijah turn his back on him. Finn tells Elijah it was because he was jealous and he wanted the older brother position. Elijah smiles at a Klaus and tells Finn he is just as tedious as he ever was. Elijah tells Finn that like their father he has always loathed their supernatural existence. Elijah tells Finn he has come pretentious and dull much like their meal. Elijah tells Finn he will not ask him again where is mother. In walks Esther saying oh my darling sons. Ive missed you.

Hayley ask Lenore if the spell will take long. Lenore tells her she is soul branding a thousands year old witch it’s best she take her time and do if right. Lenore tells Hayley for what’s it worth she is sorry no one should ever have to lose a child. Hayley says no no one should. Lenore ask Hayley if she has the talisman. Hayley says yes and takes it out of her pocket. Hayley ask her how it works. Lenore tells Hayley the next time she jumps into a body she will be branded with a distinctive mark on the back of her hand so that way they will always know who she is. Hayley ask Lenore if she has any idea why Esther is doing all this. Lenore tells her love. Hayley ask her how hard they hit her on the head. Lenore says besides love what else do you know that causes so much pain and cruelty. Lenore tells her Esther’s love is very very strong.

Klaus ask his mother to get to the point so that this wretched night can end. Esther tells him it pains her that they look at her with such disdain. Esther tells Klaus she wishes that he could see that her every action has been to protect them. Klaus says you actually believe that don’t you. He tells her he always knew she was a liar but now he sees that she is delusional as well. Esther tells him to let go of his hate for just a minute and think a out all the times she has mended and healed him. She. Rings up a duel klaus had one day with his father. Esther ask Elijah want she said when he came to her and asked for help. Elijah tells her she said she would rather die then see any of her children suffer.

Flashback: Klaus is pinned to a tree courtesy of a sword through his chest. Esther comes running up to him and ask him what he was thinking. Esther pulls the sword out and Klaus falls to the ground screaming in pain. Esther picks up some moss and holds on his open wound. She tells him to calm down and everything will be fine. Klaus tells his mother how Mikael knocked him down and then cut his necklace off. Klaus tells her he got so angry that he hit him again and again then cut him. Esther ask him what happened next. Klaus tells her he was so proud of himself but then…. Esther connects the dots. Esther tells him he did the right thing.

Klaus says the necklace. He realizes the necklace wasn’t to protect him but to make him weak. Esther insist it was to protect him from himself. Klaus tells her she ruined him. She made him suffer at the hands of a father that only valued strength. Esther tells Klaus she kept him from becoming a beast for as long as she could. Klaus tells her she lied to him because of her own fear. Klaus tells her she turned him into the weakling that Mikael hated. Klaus tells her she calls him a monster but she is the author of everything he is. Esther gives Finn a look and then passes out. Elijah catches her.

Lenore is in the middle of doing the spell.

Elijah tells Klaus that Esther is gone. Elijah goes to grab Finn and he hurls him across the room. Klaus grabs him and ask where she is. Finn does the trick he did earlier on Ollie and Klaus drops to the floor screaming in pain. Finn looks around.

The hourglass in the crypt runs out of sand. Lenore falls over and Haley ask her if she is ok. Lenore says yes. Lenore puts her hand to her face and Hayley jumps back when she sees the mark on her. Hayley says it’s you isn’t it and then she calls her Esther. Esther smiles at her.

Cassie is awake. Klaus is asking her where his mother is. Cassie ask where she is. Klaus grabs her neck. Elijah tells him to leave her she is just a puppet. Elijah tells him Cassie has no idea what’s going on. Cassie starts babbling and Klaus orders her to shut up. Klaus tells Elijah that their mother orchestrated that whole evening to simply to torture them and then vanish. Klaus ask why. Elijah says what if they aren’t the only midst she was looking to poison.

Haley’s phone starts ringing. Esther tells her she can answer it. Hayley tells Elijah she is at Lenore’s shop before Esther makes the hound hang up. Hayley tells her they will come for her. Esther tells her that’s been the idea all along.

Elijah and Klaus are on their way to get her. Elijah ask Klaus why Esther would want Hayley. Klaus says to kill her, to punish us, to find out about the baby. Klaus says any number of reasons which will be rendered mute when he sends her screaming back to hell.

Esther tells Hayley it’s so lovely to finally meet her. Esther ask if her sons ever acknowledge the good Hayley brings into their lives. Esther tells Hayley she has the ability to give back to her everything she has lost by becoming a hybrid. The opportunity to have a family of her own. Children of her own. Klaus comes in and says he assumes he has the misfortune of speaking to his mother. She throws some sand that stops him on his tracks. He calls her a coward for hiding behind her spells. She tells Klaus she did not come there to safe war. She throws some of the sand at Elijah. Elaine tells her everything she does is a act of war. Elijah tells Esther if she touches her that so help him. Esther tells Elijah that Hayley is free to go. Esther tells Elijah has come to heal their family. Klaus says that’s a grand sentiment coming for her. Klaus turns and tells Hayley to leave ….now. Hayley takes off. Esther tells Klaus and Elijah her intent was never to harm only to heal as she has already healed their brothers Finn and Kol. She wants to give them a new life,one without the vampire curse she inflicted upon them. The shop starts shaking. Klaus tells her she is a fool if he thinks they will accept anything she offers. She tells Klaus he is wrong there will come a time when they beg for her help. The windows shatter and Starlings come flying in.

Klaus is creaking out over the birds. Elijah wants Hayley to tell him exactly what their mother said to her. Hayley tells him she rambled a lot. She blamed them for what happened to Hope and to her. Klaus says he can trust Hayley wasn’t thinking of taking her offer. When she doesn’t respond a Klaus becomes upset. Hayley tells him she lost her daughter so yeah when his mom offered to wipe the slate clean she was tempted. Haley then turns to Elijah and says by the way thanks fir your help tonight. I’m sorry it takes me being in danger for you to even talk to me. Hayley walks off and Elijah goes to follow. Klaus stops him by telling him he needs him. Klaus says that their mother lied to him and made him weak. Elijah tells Klaus he was never weak. Elijah says he has always been the most fierce of them all. Elijah tells him even in the face of their mother he will protect their hime because that is what Klaus does.

Elijah walks up to Gia in a bar and orders a bourbon. Gia ask if he needs another python. Elijah through a smile tells her one can never have to many. Elijah ask Gia if she is playing. Gia says she doesn’t think so. Elijah tells her that’s a Shane that she is rather good. Gia tells him ever since she was turned she hadn’t been able to play. Elijah tells her it’s different for them. Elijah tells her his they experience the senses is altered.elijah says they move faster ,hear things clearer, they are profound. Elijah tells her their emotions are heightened. Elijah tells her the joy she felt when playing she can learn again. Elijah says he will help her. Gia ask why. Elijah says because if someone had helped him and his siblings history would have unfolded differently.

Gia goes to see Marcel at his club. She tells him he was right. Elijah saw something he wanted to fix and he is going to help her. Marcel says he is going to help them all.

Finn is with his mother saying she must have known they aren’t going to give in without a fight. Esther says it wasn’t a ultimatum it was a invitation. She just wanted to get them thinking. Finn ask his she attends to make them come around. Esther laughs and says she will systematically destroy everything they hold dear. Esther says it’s time to focus on Marcel. She says when they are at there lowest point and in their deepest despair they will have no choice but to beg her to release then from their pain and because she loves them she will.

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