American Horror Story: Freak Show REVIEW Season 4 Episode 3 “Edward Mordrake- Part 1″

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American Horror Story: Freak Show REVIEW Season 4 Episode 3 “Edward Mordrake- Part 1″

Here is your review of Season 4 Episode 3 premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Episode 3 below! 

The show opens with images of curiosities. You hear a woman’s voice say that the medical community has always been fascinated by freaks of nature. They highlight the strange wonders of the human body and illuminate the horror of disease and disorder. Death to these poor souls must have come as a great relief. Halloween was the kne day she they could hide their disability and wear a costume. Here at the American Museum of Morbidity we celebrate it. The four guide holds a little plastic pumpkin and tells every one to have a piece of candy. A Dr. Mansfield (Dennis O’Hare) and his assistant Ms. Rothchild (Emma Roberts) walk in. He calls Ms. Rothchild his brightest pupil yet. She says it isn’t true. He fells the tour guide he isn’t trying to rush the museum but he has a bonafide offer that runs out in a hour.

He ask the tour guide if her appraiser has looked at the specimen. The tour guide tells him that he has. She says she will go get him. Ms. Rothchild looks down in one of the glass cases and says these poor people doomed to lay here and be gawked at all day. Dr. Mansfield tells her they were losers in life at least one they have some value. Gotta love con artist. The appraiser comes out and roughly handles Mansfield’s specimen. He tells the appraiser to be careful the Smithsonian offered him five hundred dollars for that. The appraiser tells him then they are a bunch of fools. Mansfield says I beg your pardon. Mansfield tells him he has a double degree from Harvard and that he can’t talk to him like that. The tour guide says they called Harvard and they have no record of a Sylvester Mansfield. Rothchild is looking around. Probably for a way out. The appraiser tells Mansfield that it’s a felony to sell a fraudulent medical specimen.

The appraiser says they have every right to call the police. Mansfield says he will call the New England journal of medicine and tell them how rudely he has been treated there. Mansfield says he brought them a authentic baby Sasquatch. The appraiser says it’s the fetus of a goat with the jaw of a cat sewn on it. Mansfield yells what and says that’s outrageous and that they are leaving. The appraiser tells him to take his Sasquatch with him. The tour guide tells them they are obviously inventive people and if they brought her something authentic something truly priceless she wouldn’t ask many questions. She tells him her business is in trouble and without new exhibits even her most loyal patrons would rather stay home and watch Ed Sullivan. Rothschild ask her where all the stuff comes from. The tour guide tells her all over some are private collectors. She tells them she used to get calls from freak shows when of theirs would pass but there mostly give now. Mansfield is listening with a great deal of interest. The tour guide says there are maybe one or two left the one in Coney Island and the one in South Florida. Mansfield ask what something is in one of the cases. The tour guide tells him it’s the conjoined liber of Siamese twins Jeg and Egg. Mansfield says just the liver and then ask how much it’s worth. The tour guide tells him five thousand dollars. Mansfield is in full plot mode and tells the tour guide they have to be going now. As they leave Mansfield ask Rothchild if she would like to take a trip to Florida.

It’s Halloween and trick or treaters are out collecting candy in West Palm Beach. A mother tells her little girl to go get some candy. Her daughter sees a boy go by in a clown costume and she is terrified. The little girl heads up to a house. Mother 2 ask what’s the deal with her little girl. Mother 1 tells her that her daughter is terrified of clowns and to guess what her brother dressed as. She says she had to drag her out trick or treating. Mother 2 says it seems like a good idea at the time. Mother 1 says is just me or does it seem more crowded this year. Mother 2 says it’s kids from Jupiter who there is no truck or treating allowed there because of the curfew. Mother 1 says she thought they caught the guy, some circus performer. Her little girl is checking out her haul when she senses someone is looking at her. She looks up and sure enough Toothy the killer the clown is watching her. The little girl takes off running and almost knocks the two mothers over. She tells her mom she saw a really scary clown. Her mother tells her there are clowns everywhere and to pull herself together. She sends her daughter to get more candy. Mother 1 then tells Mother 2 she finds clown delightful. Speaking of delightful clowns Toothy is now watching them from across the street holding his own little bag of tricks or treats.

Ethel walks through a gate and into a Doctors office. The doctor pushes on her side and Ethel hisses in pain and says it hurts. The doctor continues his exam. Ethel comments on his quiet he is. Ethel then says that must mean the biopsy came back positive. The doctor tells her yes and says she has cirrhosis of the liver. Ethel ask him if they can fix her up. The doctor tells her he doesn’t think so. Ethel says she hasn’t touched a drop since Jimmy’s eighteenth birthday. The doctor tells her she could have had it a long time. Ethel ask if she will be dying anytime soon. The doctor tells her he doesn’t like that question and he believes in hope. Ethel tells him they are all going to die. The doctor says pardon me miss but the older I get the harder it gets for me to deliver the bad news. Ethel tells him to give it to her straight his long has she got. The doctor says anywhere from six months to a year. Ethel says well shit times four. She ask the doctor if there is anything they can do. The doctor tells her to keep the meat to a minimum and not to take a single drop of alcohol. Ethel starts to cry. The doctor puts her hand on his shoulder and tells her he couldn’t be more sorry. Ethel tells him she isn’t crying because she is going to die she is crying because he is the first doctor to ever treat her with respect. She wonders if her life would have been different if she had met the doctor sooner. The doctor holds her hand while she cries.

Over at the freak show the performers are celebrating Halloween. They are bobbing for apples. Paul tells the girls to come over and try it out. Dot says no thank you. Bette says they just washed their hair. Jimmy walks in and Bette ask him where he has been. Jimmy tells them he was digging a grave. Poor little Meep :(. Jimmy says he can’t protect any of them. Dot tells him he can’t blame himself. Jimmy says why not they needed a leader and he failed them. Dot stands up and screams for them all to stop celebrating. Dot says Meep is dead and then ask them if they care. She brings up his much pain Jimmy is in and tells them this is all wrong. Dot says they should dedicate the show today to him. Paul says the show. Amazon Eve says it’s Halloween. Ethel comes in and says no freak performs on Halloween. Any idiot knows that. Jimmy says that’s not fair they are new and don’t know about that old superstition. Ethel says it’s not a superstition. It’s true. Bette says what is. Amazon Eve says why they don’t perform on Halloween. It’s all because of Edward Mordrake. Bette says who. Ethel says Edward Mordrake while she pours herself a drink. Ethel tells them he lived in the nineteen hundreds and was heir to all kinds of titles and could have been a Duke or a lord or some shit if things had been different. But things are never different. She takes a drink. We cut to what looks like a old black and white silent movie. Ethel continues her story and tells then that Edward was a scholar and a poet a musician with a rare ability. Bette ask what was wrong with him then. Ethel tells her he had another face on the back of his head hideous as a devil. Ethel says. No one else could hear what it said but it whispered to Edward about things only spoken of in hell. Edward tries to kill it many times in many ways but it wouldn’t die. Dot ask what happens to him. Ethel tells her he went mad and his family has him committed to a crazy house. Ethel pours her second drink. Ethel says the family was only to happy to have the family freak banished and out of sight. Ethel says while in there he wrote poetry and worked in a unfinished Opera. Let me guess….it was the rough draft of the Phantom of the Opera. Ethel says the head started telling Edward to do things. Ethel tells them one night Edward escaped by slitting a orderlies throat. She says he ends up where they all did performing in a freak show. We see Edward playing a piano in a get up that has Jekyll and Hyde written all over it. Dot jumps to conclusions and assumes he was happy because he had found a home with others just like him. Ethel says he wasn’t happy and one Halloween night he killed every freak in the troupe then he hung himself. Bette says so we don’t perform on Halloween night out of respect. Paul says it’s out of fear. If any freak performs on Halloween he summons the spirit of Edward Mordrake. Ethel says once he appears he never leaves alone the whispering face will choose a freak to take with them back to hell. Jimmy says it’s a bunch of bunk and ask his mom why she is trying to scare them. Ethel looks at him three kinds of pissed. Ethel tells him it’s not bunk that it’s true. Ethel says she will swear to it. In thirty two when she was with Barnum they made them perform on Halloween. Ethel says something visited them that night because Clyde the three foot human canon ball was found hanging in his caravan the next morning. Ethel takes another drink. Jimmy walks up to the table and slams the liquor bottle down and tells his mom enough. Ethel gets up and starts leaving. Jimmy follows and ask her what that was all about. Ethel says carnie lore. Jimmy tells her he means the drinking. Ethel tells him she had decided to drink again. Jimmy ask if it’s because of Dell. Ethel tells him Jimmy doesn’t know what he is talking about. That they need a man around there which means Jimmy is free to go. Which I guess is her way of pushing him away before he has to watch her die. Ethel leaves. Jimmy looks stupefied.

Dandy’s mom is lighting candles. She calls maid Patti who comes out and ask why she had to be a bird this year. Dandy’s mom says because Woody woodpecker is Dandy’s favorite cartoon. She ask Patti if she has practiced. Patti does the Woody woodpecker laugh. Dandy comes in and his mom ask him if he is ready for some Halloween fun. Her grown as son says yes he can’t wait to go trick or treating and terrorize the neighborhood. Wonder which he will enjoy more. His mom tells him due to a curfew there will be no trick or treats. She says they will have their own party including a costume contest. She tells Patti to bring him his Halloween costume. It’s Howdy Doody time….or not. Dandy throws a epic fit. His mother leaves to get him another costume. Patti tells him his mother may be afraid if him but she isn’t. Dandy tells her to clean up his mess. Dandy goes up to his room and proceeds to make his own costume. Did I mention it was a clown costume? Idol worship is never a good thing people….never.

Jimmy, Paul, Amazon Eve, Ma Petite, Pepper and a few of the others are burying Meep. Jimmy gives a sweet eulogy where he talks about how the kids would scream in fear but then sneak a chicken head in their bag of candy after the show. They all throw some chicken heads in and then Jimmy pours some alcohol on top. While they are covering the grave a taxi pulls up and Rothchild gets out. Jimmy tells her they isn’t a show today. She says she is there for a job. He tells her she doesn’t belong there. She tells him she came all the way from Philadelphia and that her name is Mystic Esmeralda. Jimmy smiles.

Dot and Bette are laying on a operating table. Bette says she never agreed to this. Dot tells her she is being selfish and that she is the one with the real talent and a man wants to marry her and have babies. The surgeon comes in and Bette starts crying and freaking out and saying please don’t. Dot meanwhile is pleased as punch. The nurse leans in to put the gas mask over Dot’s face. Dot smacks at Bette to wake up. Bette tells her sister she was having the most wonderful dream. Bette ask Dot why she woke her up. Dot tells her it’s because she was trapped in that dream and for her it was a nightmare. Bette tells her she can’t hold her responsible for her dreams. Dot says it wasn’t a dream the last time she tried to get rid of her. Dot ask Bette if she would miss her. Dot tells Bette she doesn’t know her anymore. Bette tells Dot that she is going to work hard, save her money and find a doctor who will do that surgery. Dot tells Bette that one of them will have a chance at happiness. Dot lays there and cries.

Elsa is getting high. Jimmy is watching her. Jimmy tells her he thinks the fortune teller is the real deal. Elsa laughs and tells him she will be the judge of that. Jimmy leaves. Soon as she walks in Esmeralda starts her act saying she didn’t choose the gift it chose her. She takes out a crystal ball and then takes a few deep breaths. She also sneaks a look around the room so she knows what to say. Esmeralda tells Elsa that in the past she suffered a great injustice. She tells her it was all because of greed and jealousy. Esmeralda tells her she sees a woman tat looks like her. She talks about music and her voice. Elsa is all about the fortune teller now. Esmeralda seals her place by telling Elsa she can see and hear her singing and that it’s never to late. Esmeralda tells her she sees a man sitting behind Elsa. Esmeralda tells her under his guidance she will become a star. Esmeralda falls. Elsa tells her she is hired.

Desiree walks into the trailer she shares with Dell. She wants to have sex. They start getting hit and heavy and she starts trying to get him hard. It doesn’t work. He apologizes for not being able to get it up. Desiree tells him she can’t take that shit anymore. She brings up all his excuses and then gets up to leave. He grabs her and throws her up against the wall and tells her he deserves some respect. Desiree tells him to let her go or he will never see her again. Desiree grabs her glass, her liquor and heads out the door.
Ethel is sitting alone drinking. Dell comes storming by. Ethel says something about Desiree and Dell stalks over. Dell tells Ethel not to say anything about Desiree. Ethel laughs and invites him over to partake. He takes a huge swig. Ethel tells him she has a favor to ask. Ethel ask what there problem was. Cell laughs and says she had a beard for starters. Ethel ask if he loved her at the time they made Jimmy. Dell says no. But his face says otherwise. Dell says he could have been a better dad. Ethel agrees. Ethel tells Dell Jimmy is to never ever ever know that Dell is his father. Dell tells her she is a broken record. Ethel tells Dell Jimmy is floundering. Dell tells her he seems to listen to her pretty well. Ethel tells Dell she is dying and with any luck it will be soon rather than later. Ethel ask Dell to look out for him, make him go out and explore the world she was afraid of. Dell tells her he was thinking about what it would have been like if he had got to see him grow up. Dell and Ethel share another drink and stare at the water in silence.

Amazon Eve is putting a little pumpkin next to a big one when Ma Petite pops out of it and scares her.

It’s Halloween night and Dandy is in his clown costume. He puts in the mask and gets a butter knife. You see it from the mask point of view just like in the opening sequence of the movie Halloween. It’s just like the movie Halloween. There’s even stairs. Patti tells him she told his mom all about the animals he buried out back. She says if it happens again she will call the police. She then ask him if he had anything to do with the murders in town. Dandy charges at her with the knife. Patti tells him to go ahead and and kill her.he hesitates. She tells him it’s just like she thought he didn’t kill anyone he doesn’t have the guts. He takes his mask off and tells her to shut her pie hole or he will kill her. Patti says then kill me. Dandy can’t do it. He yells I hate you at her numerous times and then leaves. Patti says she hates him.

Esmerelda calls her partner in crime at his hotel room and tells him she can’t do it. He ask het if she did what he told her. Esmeralda says yes. He ask her what’s wrong. Esmeralda tells him the freaks are everywhere. She starts naming them off. She tells him about running into Bette and Dot. She told the girls she would give them a free reading and Dot zinged her with I’m sure that’s not all you give away for free. Her partner is excited about the girls. He ask where they are attached and if there are four limbs or eight. Esmeralda ask what’s the difference. Esmeralda becomes upset and says he never said anything about murder and tells him she isn’t spending the rest of her life in jail. He tells Esmeralda he will be there but after he takes care if his business. He hangs up. A guy walks in naked with a Viking helmet on.

The cops harass Jimmy Jimmy brings up Meep and what the cops did to him. Esmeralda tells him to lets just go. They do.

Back to her partner. He tells the guy he is missing his sword. He calls the guy over and tells him to take off his pants. When the guy gets them off he says holy Christ. Her partner laughs at first but then looks kind if out off by whatever he has going on down there.
The two mothers from earlier are at home mixing drinks. The little girl is playing in her room by herself. Her brother comes in and tells her he will give her some of his candy if she will do his chores for a week. Toothy comes up behind him. The little girl screams. Her mom comes running and ask where her brother is. The little girl tells her the clown took him. That’s what he gets for being a dick to his sister.

Bette and Dot are waiting for Paul and Amazon Eve so they can rehearse. When they finally arrive Amazon Eve tells them it’s a bad idea even that could cause Edward to show up. Bette says it’s just a myth. Elsa walks in and says she is the only myth around there. Elsa tells them to run along that she needs to rehearse. Bette tells her she can rehearse when they are done after all they are the headliners. Bette tells her they need to discuss there salary now that they are the stars. Elsa gets angry and tells them she has been a star for decades. She tells them they are nothing but a two headed freak stumbling around the stage. She tells them to go to their tent and stay there. Elsa commands Amazon Eve and Paul come up and play the piano and the drums. Elsa sings “Gods and Demons” another song that wasn’t around in the fifties. Edward Mordrake is walking towards Elsa. He seems mesmerized by her. Elsa bows but when she looks up all she sees is a fog.

Ethel is getting ready for bed when she fells like something is in there with her. She sees a dead person. Then Edward is there to have a little talk. Ethel begs for her life and explains she has very little life left as if is. Edward wants to hear her story so that his demon head may pass judgement on her. She tells Edward all about her career as a freak show act. Edward tells her there is something else. Ethel tells them she allowed Dell to charge people to watch her have Jimmy. Ethel breaks down. Ethel tells Edward she is ready to die. He hands her a handkerchief. He apologizes for making her relieve all of that. Ethel tells him she relives it everyday. His demon head says she isn’t the one and Edward disappears.

Dandy is still in his clown costume. He goes to Toothy’s to see the kids. Toothy shows up with his new victim…trophy totally meant to say trophy. Dandy grins and says more fun.


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  1. Anne Berbling says

    Who is the actress playing the museum curator/tour guide? It’s driving me crazy and I can’t find her in any of the cast…

  2. Anne Berbling says

    Who is the actress playing the museum curator/tour guide? It’s driving me crazy and I can’t find her in any of the cast…

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