Sons of Anarchy Review Season 7 Episode 7 “Greensleves”

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Sons of Anarchy Review Season 7 Episode 7 “Greensleves”

Here is your Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 7 review for your enjoyment. 

Show starts with the clip we see in the promo with Juice and Jax up on the mountain. Jax gives his Sons jacket back to him. Juice tells Jax he is sorry. Chibs is a bit conflicted about whatever it is that’s about to go down and so he turns and looks anywhere but at them. Juice hops on his bike and takes off. The van follows. Bobby, Chibs, Zand Tig join Jax in putting their hands on the JT sprayed on the mountain. Bobby touches Jax’s shoulder. Jax does the same to Bobby. Ive noticed as this season is playing out how close Bobby and Jax seem to be. That can not be good for Bobby or his life span.

Wendy is trying to tell Gemma that Able isn’t quite right. Gemma is to busy stressing the off chance that Juice has blabbed to Jax about what really went down with Tara to give it any thought. Gemma gives Wendy the chance to get out well she still can. Wendy tells Gemma she has no intentions of leaving. Gemma tells Wendy she knows how hard she is trying. Gem a gives her a kiss on the head and then tells her she is heading to TM.

Meanwhile Juice stops in front of a bunch of motorcycle cops and opens fire because why not I mean at this point what has he possibly got left to lose. They all take off after him as does a cop car. Juice puts the pedal to the pavement.

Turns out there really is such a thing as perfect timing which Unser finds out when he happens to walk into Red Woody during a shoot. A shoot with girls in cute little school girl outfits. When Unser finally prys his eyes away from the girls he ask Jax to talk. Jax has a seat at the bar and Unser tells him Eglee is awake. Unser tells Jax she told him everything that happened the day she was shot. Unser reassures Jax she won’t say anything about him and the Sons being there. Jax ask if he is sure. Unser tells Jax as long as the AB is after her Jax and company are golden. Unser makes Jax promise nothing will happen to Eglee. Jax swears that it won’t. Jax tells Unser that he always liked Eglee. Unser turns the conversation to Juice and ask Jax if he has heard from him. Jax lies and says Juice is still on the run.

Which brings us to….well…Juice running. He gets to a roadblock and screeches to a halt. The van is there to take it all in. The cops grab Juice then cuff him and drag him off his bike.

Tig tells Weasel to go to Piedmont. Tig lets Jax now that CHP caught Juice and this is just the first step. Jax says they are taking a big risk on him. Chibs tells him Juice will do if because he wants back in the Sons. Bobby points out the kid has plenty of chances to run and didn’t. apparently they have this brilliant plan that involves Tully facilitating Juice in the way of offing Lin. If Juice fails then Tully will be doing some offing of his own. Sigh… I really did not want Manson to be turned into another pawn in Jax’s already out of control game of chess.

Quinn pops up with the perfect place to put the pastor’s body. How many times are they going to dig this poor guy up? geez. It’s under one of Pope’s (so technically I guess that means Marks) construction buildings. Jax is pleased. Chibs tells Jax they are having problems getting the Mayan’s to cooperate. Jax says he knew along this would create a problem. Yet here you are. Jax was hoping to finally be able to get out with the old (Lin) and stay in with the new (Marks). Then he just kind of pulls that “whatever you should have know better than to put a loose cannon such as myself in charge” bull shit that he does and says they were going to have to go toe to toe with Marks at some point. Wrong all you had to do were two make that three things. One don’t lie to him, two don’t set him up to take the fall for something you did, and three refrain from pissing him off. Marks made it clear along time ago he had survived this long because he used his head, which means he is already light years ahead of Jax.

Unser lets Jax know Althea told him that Juice was arrested by the CHP. Unser then tells a faking shock Jax that Juice was arrested for shooting at some cops. Jax ask why Juice would go and do a stupid thing like that. Unser tells Jax he has no clue because Juice refuses to talk. Chibs suggest this could be the best thing for him. Get his head all sorted. Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and all that. Unser seems to wear the expression of a man who believes they are up to something.

Gemma is working when Chucky brings her some cigarettes. Gemma thanks him and she instantly gets one and lights it. I’m beginning to see where Jax gets it from. Chucky lets Gemma know he is a good listener. That she can talk to him over a bowl of chili or you know whenever. Nero shows up. Gemma gives Chucky a little kiss on the head. Chucky looks over the moon.

Nero comes in and lets her know he was at Diosa. She ask him if he has heard anything on Juice. Nero hasn’t. He tells her he is on his way to Red Woody to talk to Jax but wanted to see her first. Nero tells her he is packing up and moving him and his sin to a farm. He is going to sell Jax his part of the business. Nero ask Gemma to come with him, he tells her she can even bring the boys. Gemma says she can’t. He ask her to really think about it before she says no. Nero and Gemma exchange I Love You’s and she promises to think about it. Nero kisses her and says he will see her later.

Under pulls up as Nero is leaving. Gemma ask if he has heard anything about juice. Unser tells her yeah he was arrested for shooting at cops. Unser tells a very shocked Gemma that Juice is in county lock up. Gemma ask if Juice has talked to
Jax. Unser doesn’t know but he is sure that Jax is using Juice. Unser tells her he just came by to tell her he needs a few days to find another place for his trailer. Gemma apologizes for what she said to him at the police station and tells him to stay. Gemma gives him a hug.

Jax and company go to the church. Grant comes out and lets them know his mom is to high to talk. Jax tells Grant that Marks is planing to destroy the church and then build condos in its place. Jax tells him they can help them. Chibs ask about putting his mother in detox. Grant gives them a firm no. Jax tells Grant they can help her with that as well. Jax goes in to his mother and Jax tells her they saw some of Marks men bury a body at one of Pope’s construction site. Jax tells her he wants to stop Marks before both of their families are destroyed. Jax the tells her about Tara being murdered. Jax wants her to tell the truth about Marks threatening her husband to sign the deal. Jax says that is motive for murder and with the body Marks will have no choice but to back off. Grant tells them someone has been blackmailing them with pictures of his step dad with young boys. Grants mom thinks one that comes out nothing will hold Marks back. Jax tells grant and his mom he can handle the blackmailer all they need to worry about his Marks. Grant tells him that it’s a man that goes by the name Greensleeves and he uses a PO Box in Oakland. Jax tells Grant’s mom that he can take her back to the cabin and his mom can help her kick her habit. Jax says his mom has done it with some of the guys. She apologizes to her son. She agrees to do it what they asked. Jax leaves her with some paper to write on. Jax tells Grant to have his mom sign it and then he will sign it as the witness. They give him some drugs to help even his mom out for the day. Jax tells him he will have his mother meet them up at the cabin, Grant wants to know if Jax believes in God. Jax sidesteps giving a answer by telling Grant all that matters is that he does. Jax tells Chibs to call Nero and ask him if he knows the pimp. Then he tells Montez to take Grant and his mom to the cabin. Jax puts Weasel in charge of getting Gemma to the cabin. Weasel ask what to do if she gets difficult. Jax ask him if he is afraid of his mother. Happy informs Jax that everyone is afraid of Gemma…. LMAO. Jax just tells Weasel to tell her it’s some mother and son stuff.

Nero ask Jax what he needs with Greensleeves. Jax says he just needs to talk to him about someone he is blackmailing. Nero tells him his real name is Adam Greenblat and his corner is on Michigan. Nero tells Jax he will ID him for him but after they are done with that he needs to talk with him about Diosa.

Juice is out in a cell. Juice ask why he is in isolation instead of in the GP. The guard just walks away.

Nero parks near a hummer and points and tells Jax that’s who he is looking for. Nero ask if Jax needs some help. Jax says they can take it from there. Nero pulls around the corner.

A girl that goes by the name Winsome is complaining about getting roughed up. Adam decides to rough her up some more for complaining. Adam tells her being roughed up makes her stronger and that’s what the Irani guy is doing making her stronger. Adam tells her how special she is because she is the only girl who can handle him. Adam tells her she is Winsome lose none. Adam tells her she isn’t to refuse customers. Winsome tells Adam she is sorry.

Jax goes up to him and ask if he knows where he can find a Adam Greenblat. Adam says he doesn’t know who he is talking about. Chibs ask him about a Pastor named Haddem. Adam suggest they get on their scooters and leave. Jax who always is looking for a fight these days punches Adam. Adam gets in his hummer and takes off hitting a motorcycle and almost hitting Nero in the process. They decide they will talk to Winsome. Jax promises they aren’t going to hurt her. Jax tells her they just needs one information. Winsome tells them If she says anything Adam will cut her lips off. Winsome however is not against being bribes and ask Jax what he can offer her. Jax tells her he can make it so she doesn’t have to work on the streets and make it so earns more money. Nero shows her his Diosa card. Winsome tells them she doesn’t do the Opera and then do you. Winsome ask if that would make him her pomp. Jax corrects her and says boss and that no one would be allowed to hurt her. Chibs ask her where to find the Jew pimp. Nero tells her he will take her away from the streets right now and she never has to come back. Winsome tells him the Jew act is just that… a act. She knows because his foreskin reaches his knees. They all have a good chuckle. Jax ask her where they can find him.

Adam is on the phone. Jax and company kick in his door. He grabs one of his girls and holds a knife to her throat. Like Jax somehow is going to give a shit about a hooker. Jax tells him he wants the phone with the incriminating pics. He also points out to Adam he could careless about his girl. Adam goes to grab something and they shoot him. Jax demands that he give him the phone. Adam tells him. Chibs goes and gets and funds the pictures in it. Adam knows Winsome ratted him out. Adam tells Jax he is going to kill her. Jax changes the subject by asking if his religion has something against tattoos and suicide. Adam isn’t really giving a damn about any of that. Jax snatches him up and rams him through the window which leaves a nice chunk of glass inside Adam. Chibs tsk tsk’s and tells Jax that was a sloppy suicide. Jax is like whatever who cares it worked.

Nero tells Jax he wants him to buy him out. Jax ask why. Nero says really Jax. Nero tells him his gut is telling him to walk away. That my friends makes Nero the smartest guy in this show in a long great while. Nero ask Jax if he needs him to give him a ride. Jax says he will wait for the flatbed. Nero lets Jax know he is taking Winsome to Diosa, Jax tells her he will see her later. Chibs gives Jax’s bike the once over and tells him Tyler will be there in ten.

Meanwhile Tig and Bobby are breaking into Pope’s construction site. The shocking part is they have shovels. They don’t ever do the “dirty” work.

Happy and Weasel tell Gemma her presence is wanted at the cabin. Gemma says hell no. Happy tells her Jax says she has to go and it’s not a request as it is so much a order. Gemma ask know long she needs to be there. Happy doesn’t know. Gemma says she needs to go by her house and grab a few things. Gemma gets her purse and they head out. Unser watches all this with wonder.

Jax gives Tyler the statement from a Grants mom to give Marks. Jax tells Tyler to tell Marks he is to meet with him with no problems or he will take it all to the DA. Tyler says he hopes Marks doesn’t kill the messenger.

Gemma grabs a gun out if her hat box. Damn how many can possibly fit in there? Thomas is playing without a care in the world. Gemma starts freaking out.

Quinn almost blows chunks when they open the bag the Pastor is in. Tig mockingly calls him a amateur. They throw a Pope Construction sign in with the body and tell the Pastor to smile and take a few pictures. They send them to Tyler so he can show them to Marks.

Wendy comes home with Abel and ask what’s going on. Brooke tells her they are there to take Gemma to the cabin.

Gemma picks up Thomas and blabs to the baby how she killed his mommy but it was a mistake. Able hears it all. Later when Able is laying in bed he gets this murderous look on his face. How much do you wanna bet it’s a bit more foreshadowing as to what this little boy is eventually going to do.

Wendy comes in and ask Gemma what’s going on. Gemma says Jax wants her at the cabin. Wendy tells her Jax won’t hurt her. Gemma says that all depends in a Juice and what he had to say. Wendy is ci fused and ask her what she is talking about. Happy comes in and tells Gemma it’s time to go. Gemma picks up Thomas gives him a kiss and sneakily tells Wendy to have Nero come to the cabin. Wendy nods.

Nero is with Alvarez. Alvarez wants to know if Jax is ok with Nero’s proposition. Nero calls it a chance for him and Jax to bond. Lol. Nero ask for 300 grand with half for down payment. Alvarez agrees to it and leaves. Nero’s phone rings. It’s Wendy telling him Gemma wants him at the cabin. Nero tells Wendy he knows where it’s at. Nero heads out.

Unser comes to get the bike and ask Jax about Gemma. Jax tells him she will be ok. Unser heads off with the bike. Tig attempts to pat him on the head. Unser smacks his hand away. Tig lets Jax know Tyler called and let him know Marks agreed to the meeting. Bobby takes off.

Montez puts Gemma in a room at the cabin. Gemma ask him for a glass of water. When he leaves she takes out her gun and hides it. He starts walking around looking kind of jumpy. She opens a door and finds Grant and his mom. Gemma ask who they are. When Gemma finds out they are the reason she is there she lets out a huge sigh.

Alvarez meets up with Jax and they ride together.

Bobby is singing as he drives. A black van that has been following forces him off the road. He goes down a hill. Bobby is alive….for now. He sees Marks and grabs his phone. Hate to say I told you so…..but.

Jax is chilling in the dark waiting for Marks to show up. Before I go any further does anyone else think it’s strange that Marks knew Bobby was going to be alone and not with Jax for the meeting? Chibs tells Jax he will give Tyler a call.

Juice is sitting in his cell. Another guy is brought in. Nice starts getting ready to do that juice panic thing when the guy tells him to calm down. He tells him his name is Harlan and he is a friend of Tully’s.

Nero pounds on the cabin door. He ask for Gemma. They want to know what he is doing there. Gemma says she called him. They ask if Jax knows. Gemma tells them she needed Nero to help her get Grant’s mom clean. Gemma holds Nero tight.

Jax and Alvarez are debating what to do when car comes up and parks. A guy gets out and introduces himself as Moses and tells Jax he is the head of Marks security. Moses lays down a box and tell Jax his reply is in it. Moses tells him he can see how important brotherhood is to Jax. This is bad. Moses tells them to have a good night and he leaves.

Jax gingerly goes to the box. The other guys follow. Jax opens it and laying inside are Bobby’s jacket patches. Jax pulls something else out to. It’s a tablet and it’s got some pretty gruesome stuff on it. It’s cued up to a video of Bobby with a bloody face. He starts screaming but we don’t see why. That’s not to say we don’t find out. Jax pulls out a small jar. Bobby’s eye is in it. All the better for Marks to see you with my pretty. Jax is beside himself. So are the rest of them. Chibs, Tig, you name them,they are stunned. Jax decides to take a walk…alone….in the dark.

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