Kick Kardashian Klothing to the Kurb? Yes Says Petition

Kick Kardashian Klothing to the Kurb? Yes Says Petition

A mother in Kansas, Amie Logan, has started a petition on urging Babies R Us to stop selling the Kardashian Kids clothing line in their stores. After a recent petition written by a mother ended in a win for her, resulting in Toys R Us pulling Breaking Bad dolls off their shelves because they were thought to promote drug use, the Kansas mother is hoping Babies R Us responds in a similar fashion.

The petition actually urges Babies R Us to remove the clothing line because it promotes bad behavior just as the Breaking Bad dolls did with Toys R Us, she pleads. She goes on to make another comparison between the clothing line and dolls, “The madness has to stop. If the toys are damaging so is the clothing.”

Really though, what infants (0-24 months) would not want to hit their playdates in a pleather mini-skirt and leopard print vest? Sounds comfy for someone learning to crawl or walk, right? And no infant would be caught dead on the red carpet without the Kanye-approved pleather pants!

Logan must collect 9,000 signatures, though she is currently at 2,941—getting a nice bump after doing a radio interview. Let’s face it, the Kardashians may be great at getting media attention, but they are horrible at designing clothes—both with their adult line at Sears and their children’s line. This is just another recent business blow to the family after the Kardashian credit card scandal, their tanking Dash retail chain, and a laughable clothing line sold only at Sears. No word from the Kardashian family yet on how they’d respond to Kardashian Kids being pulled from the shelves. I guess Kourtney would have to keep having babies to use up the leftover inventory. Or maybe Kylie can start dressing those gargantuan lips of hers!

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