Tori Spelling Says Her Dad Would Want Her To Continue Extravagant Lifestyle

Tori Spelling Says Her Dad Would Want Her To Continue Extravagant Lifestyle

This is the problem with reality stars  – they’re often too stuck up their own ass to realize that most of what comes out of their mouth sounds idiotic and asinine to everyone who’s listening. Tori Spelling joins the long line of reality stars to put their foot in their mouth, this time talking about her finances and her extravagant lifestyle.

Forget the rumors that Tori Spelling and cheating husband Dean McDermott are allegedly living paycheck to paycheck, and are on the verge of bankruptcy. Instead of reducing her ridiculous spending and minimizing their extravagant lifestyle, Tori has taken to pimping her reality show more than usual in the hopes that she won’t have to lose any money.

And when asked why she won’t reduce her spending or cut down on her lifestyle, her explanation? Her dad, Aaron Spelling, apparently wouldn’t have wanted it. Um, ok…

She explains, “My dad wouldn’t have wanted this. I’m just so mad. He worked so f—ing hard. These kids. I don’t want to have to struggle. I don’t want to change our lifestyle. That’s why I work so hard. I don’t want to change.”

Yeah, except if Aaron Spelling wanted Tori Spelling to live a ridiculously extravagant lifestyle, he would have given her the money to do it! See, even though she claims that she’s living paycheck to paycheck [probably multi-million dollar paycheck to paycheck], Tori is still entitled and bratty. And that’s why if she and Dean ever do run out of money, she will probably take to leaking sex tapes and doing other fame-whorey reality star shenanigans to raise income. All so she can stay spoiled, rich, and entitled.


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