Sons of Anarchy Recap: Season 7 Episode 11 “Suits of Woe”

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Here is the recap of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Episode 11 “Suits of Woe”…

Abel is sound asleep. Jax is sitting nearby looking lost.

Gemma is smoking a cigarette and talking to Tara. Gemma lets Tara know she never has and never will put her hands on Abel and then tells her how much she loves him.

Juice is psyching himself up. Repeating a mantra that goes something like once I do this it will all work out.

Chibs is getting dressed after another night of boinking the Sheriff. He is on his way out when he gets the urge to touch her. Chibs is about to kiss her but then remembers who he is and takes off. Althea wakes up.

Wendy is staring off into space.

Jax looks at Able one last time and then leaves the room. Jax notices Wendy. Wendy ask him where he slept the night before. Jax tells her he slept with Able in his room. Wendy gets him some coffee and then tells him she doesn’t want them to have any secrets from each other now that Able knows she is his mother. Jax has a worried look on his face. Wendy tells Jax the day she checked out of rehab she went back to her apartment and found Juice in it. Jax ask what the reason was Juice gave for being there. Wendy says he just told her he was hiding. Jax ask if it was Gemma’s idea foe him to hide there. Jax ask why Gemma would help Juice. Wendy tells Jax Gemma said it was because she didn’t want anybody else getting hurt or killed. Jax wants to know who else knew. Wendy says Unser but it was by accident. A accident she caused. Wendy apologizes to,Jax and says she has been wanting to tell him but everything has been so crazy. Jax reassures her and tells her she didn’t make a choice to help Juice. I guess my definition, his definition, and her definition of help must all be different. Jax wants Wendy to zip it lock it and put it in her pocket until he finishes playing twenty questions. Wendy tells him she will keep quiet. Jax tells Wendy to take care of their boys.

Next Jax bangs in Unser’s door. Jax cuts right to the point of his visit and tells Unser he knows Gemma and him were helping Juice. Jax ask him why. Unser pretty much answers every question Jax has with a question if his own. Jax finally gets fed up and tells Unser he wants him to get Althea to let him meet with Juice. Unser tells him he will do it but if Jax screws him over Unser is out, Jax tells him he won’t he just needs to talk to him. Jax tells Unser that he will finally know what happened to Tara.

Juice is told by a guard that his job with Tully happens after breakfast. Juice gets his weapon out.
Jax is working on his bike with Chuckie. Jax ask Chuckie when his mom comes in to work. Chuckie tells him it’s usually around lunch time. Chibs and Tig come along and Jax tells them to get Tully to make sure the cameras are off when he meets with Juice. Both look puzzled.

Able ask Wendy where his daddy is and ask her if he is okay. Wendy tells Able that Jax is working and that he is fine. Wendy ask Able how he is dealing with what he learned last night. Able just hugs Wendy. Wendy holds him close.

Juice is handcuffed and then led out of his cell. They take him through a series of doors and then some stairs and finally reach his destination. The guard takes of his cuffs and opens her another door. The guard lets him know there is a change of clothes in the room just in case things get a little messy. Juice sees Lin. Lin correctly guesses that he is there to finish what Jax started. Juice lies and tells Lin if he tells him who gave up the location of SAMCRO’s guns he won’t have to kill him. Lin tells him it was Barosky. Juice stabs him in the neck like a good little boy. Juice watches Lin bleed to death and then changes into the clean clothes because you know things got a little messy.

Gemma finally shows up at TM. Chuckie lets her know Jax was looking for her and Unser lets her know Wendy told Jax all about them helping Jax’s most wanted. Gemma wants to know why Wendy would do that. Unser tells her he has no idea. Unser tells her Jax was more upset than angry. Unser then drops the bombshell that Jax learned some things regarding Tara’s murder. Unser than ask Gemma question after question until she finally suggest that he go and talk to Juice about it. Unser tells her there is no need since Jax is on his way to do just that. Gemma looks like she might hit the floor at any minute. Unser ask her if she is alright. Gemma grabs her purse and tells him she left something at the house that she needs to go get. Chuckie and Unser both watch as she takes off. Chuckie ask if everything is alright. Unser isn’t sure and he tells Chuckie to,go and keep a eye in her.

Tig lets everybody know that Jax is headed to talk to Juice. Montez lets everyone know that Indian Hills is not happy about Jax killing Jury.

Jax meets with Tully first. Tully explains it was the only way he could get the room Jax requested. Tully lets him know that Juice got the confession and then killed Lin. Jax is shocked. Tully ask if this means Juice is in the clear. Jax isn’t sure. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a no after this little pow wow. Juice is brought in and Tully tells Jax to let him know what he decides. Jax thanks Tully. On his way out Tully calls Juice baby and says he plans in seeing him later. Juice sits and tells Jax that he killed Lin and it was Barosky that did it and it was all for more money. Juice points out he did everything Jax asked of him. Jax ask why Gemma helped him and then tells him that Dun isn’t the one who killed Tara. Jax tells him about Able and what he has been doing he lets a juice know Able is the one that told him Gemma killed Tara. Jax tells him how he is going to take Able to see a shrink. Juice says he is sorry about Able. Jax ask Juice if what Able said is true. Juice chooses his words carefully. Juice tells Jax that he did what Jax asked and went to the house to look for Gemma. Juice tells Jax that Eli was outside the house waiting for Tara. Juice tells Jax that he and Eli both heard a loud noise and ran inside. Juice tells Jax that they found Tara dead and the house was a mess. Jax is having trouble holding it together. Juice tells him Gemma was sitting on the floor in shock covered in blood. Jax loses it. Juice tells him when Eli went to call it in he killed him. Jax lets out a long held sigh. Jax asked why the Chinese. Juice says they had to out the blame on somebody. Jax continues to cry and then lets it all come out. Jax tells him everything their lie has caused including the torture and then subsequent death of Bobby. Juice attempts to get an apology out. Jax just wants him to shut up. Jax the thanks Juice for the truth and promises he will make sure it’s quick. Juice nods. After Jax leaves Juice breaks down.

Gemma is at home looking at a picture of the kids. Her cell rings. It’s Juice. Juice lets Gemma know he told Jax everything he had no choice. Juice tells her their one lie caused a thousand things to happen. Gemma just hangs up.

Chibs and Tig are looking over some paper work. Tig decides they need another Jew. Jax comes in and tells them that Juice killed Lin. Juice also found out it was Barosky that gave them up. Chibs lets him know this is going to cause complications with Indian Hill. Jax already knows. Jax wants Chibs to have Alvarez handle Barosky. Jax has a family thing to deal with. Chibs wants to know hats going on. All Jax will say is he needs to talk to Gemma. Jax wants the club to split up and look for her.

Gemma is busy packing a bag. Gemma is in her jewelry box. Wendy knocks at the door. Gemma hides the bag and then lets her in. Gemma sk where Thomas is. Wendy tells her in the kitchen with Chuckie. Wendy apologizes and tells Gemma she had to tell Jax the truth because he told Able Wendy is his mother. Gemma says she is glad Able knows the truth. Chuckie comes in to change Thomas’s diaper but Gemma says she will do it. Gemma tells Thomas she loves him. She kisses him and holds him.

Nero is signing his piece of Diosa over to Alvarez. Alvarez offers Lyla a job there. Lyla says thanks but no thanks she prefers shooting pussy as opposed to having hers shit at. Lyla tells them she will get them notarized and then send each of them a copy. Alvarez gives Nero a large stack of cash. Montez comes in asking after Gemma.

Chuckie is finishing the dishes when Gemma comes out with her suitcase. Gemma tells him she has some family business to take care of. Gemma hears a motorcycle and panics. She tells Chuckie she can’t let the club find her. Chuckie tells her to hit him as hard as she can and then take his keys. Gemma does. Chuckie tells her to go. Gemma hides while he answers the door. Chuckie tells Happy and Weasel that Gemma punches him inthe face then stole his keys and took off. When they leave she comes out. Chuckie tells Gemma that she is his best friend. Gemma gives him a kiss and leaves.

Althea shows up at TM. Unser tells her he has been trying to,get ahold of her but just got put on hold. She lets him know Lin was murdered. Unser ask if she saw the tape of Juice and Jax. Althea tells him it was blank. Unser tells her they need to talk with Juice. Unser tells her he will handle Jax.

Jax wants to know how far Chins has gotten with Althea. Chibs tells him everything is still the same. Unser walsk over. Jax wants to know what she is doing there. Unser says she was informing him that Lin was dead. Jax tells him that happened way before he got there and that isn’t the reason he went to see Juice. Tig comes up and says Gemma took off in Chuckie’s vehicle. Jax tells Unser to call her. Unser says to hell with that and you. Jax tells Unser it’s about Tara. Unser tells Jax if he really cared about Tara he would spend less time being a thug and more time being a father. Truer words…. Jax pushes Unser. Unser gets right back in his face and ask him is going to kill him now and add to his growing body count. Unser says he can just go wait in his kitchen and maybe someone will put a fork in his head. Jax punches him. Althea comes over. Tig gets Jax to walk away. Althea ask Unser if he is alright. Unser tells her he is peachy with a side of keen. Unser tells Althea until,they know exactly what is going on they need to get Jax off the streets. Unser wants her to out a APB out in Jax for assaulting him. Althea does it.

Gemma is hiding and call Nero. Nero lets her know Montez was looming for her. Nero ask her what’s going on. Gemma wants to talk and ask Nero to meet her. Nero tells her he will.

Althea and Unser are with Juice. Althea says she knows he is getting close with the AB. Althea wants to know what he and Jax talked about. Juice suggest she watch the tape. Althea gets mad and starts smack talking. Juice tells her he just told Jax the truth the same truth that Gemma knows. Juice who apparently loves to talk in riddles calls Gemma the gatekeeper and then says she knows the truth behind every lie. Unser wants to know about Tara. Unser tells him he still has a chance. Juice tells him no he doesn’t and neither does Unser. Juice tells Althea none of this matters because it’s already to late for all of them.

Jax goes in at Barosky’s. The secretary says he isn’t there that he is at the Oort and should be back soon.

Jax is still looking for Gemma. Chibs ask him what is going on. Jax says he will let them all know after he talks with Gemma and gets some more information. Jax then tells Chibs not to ask him again.

Nero shows up. Nero ask her what she is doing there. She points across the street and tells him she was born in that house. Gemma tells him a mid wife helped her mother because she didn’t believe in hospitals. Nero ask her again what’s going on. Gemma continues with her life story. Gemma tells him that everything in her life has been torched. Gemma tells Nero she loves him and he has always made her happy. Nero says it sounds like goodbye. Gemma tells him she has some family stuff to deal with. Nerom ask her where she is going. Before she can answer his phone rings. It’s Jax. Gemma ask him to wait until she is gone to talk to Jax. Nero answers the call instead. Jax says he needs to talk to Gemma. That he just need to know where she is. Nero tells Jax he won’t tell him anything until he tells him what is going on. Jax tells him the whole story. Half way thru Nero throws Gemma a look and tells Jax he understands. Nero is in tears and tells Jax if he hears anything he will let him know. Nero ask Gemma if it’s true. When Gemma attempts to excuse it away Nero ask her again if it’s true. Gemma tells him yes. Nero backs away from her and tells her she needs to leave.,Gemma drives away. Nero sits down in the curb and breaks down.

Althea and several other police try to catch Jax but he gets away.

Abel is at school swinging when Gemma shows up. Gemma calls him. Able goes to her. Gemma tells Able she wants to give him something. Harrison is watching. Gemma gives Able his grandpas ring. Gemma tells Able she loves him and tells him to be good for his mom and dad. Harrison comes over and reminds Gemma she isn’t allowed near Able. Harrison tells Gemma she is reporting it. Gemma tells her she knows. Able watches as Gemma walks away. Able says goodbye grandma.

Jax hands over the car he stole to Alvarez. Jax says he doesn’t want anyone else knowing about Baroaky until he gets a chance to handle it. Jax lets Alvarez know he knows Nero signed over his half of Diosa. Alvarez is concerned about Marks getting out of jail. Alvarez says he is heading out to tell Oso what’s going on. Tig and Chibs show up. Jax wants everyone at the table.

A guard comes in and gets Juice to take him to the hospital infirmary. He tells Juice it’s because he needs medical assistance. Then he beats the hell out of him.

Jax is sitting with everyone and tells them that Able told him something he heard Gemma say to Thomas and then Juice told him it was true. Plus Gemma is now MIA. Jax gets to the point he tells them that Gemma killed Tara. Then he tells them how Juice killed Roosevelt to,cover it up and and then they lied. All the guys are speechless. Jax says he was sure that Tara’s murder was gang related and that his fault and only his fault. Jax says everything that happened because of that mistake including the deaths are on him. Jax tells Chibs he plans on coming clean about what he did to Jury. Jax says he can’t change what he did but he is going to try and make it right.

Unser goes to Chuckie looking for Gemma. Chuckie hasn’t seen her and doesn’t know where she went. Chuckie ask Unser if she is coming back. Unser just looks off into space.

Wendy is putting Thomas to sleep when Able comes to see her. Wendy tells Able she will see him in a minute.

Jax , Tig and Chibs hug it out. Nero comes up and he lets them know it’s ok if they leave. Jax ask Nero where Gemma is. Nero tells him he doesn’t know he couldn’t talk tomget after Jax told him what she did. Nero says he understands where Jax is coming from and what she has done is unforgivable. Nero tells him that even then a son should never have to kill his own mother. Jax agrees and says that’s what is hurting him the most. Jax says after everything he still loves her. Jax starts crying. Nero holds him while he cries.

Gemma is driving and humming along to a song in the radio. Who knows where she is going.

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