The Vampire Diaries REVIEW Season 6 Episode 8 “Fade Into You”

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8

Here is the review of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8 Review “Fade Into You”…

It’s May of 1994 and Jo is lying on the floor bleeding to death with a knife in her stomach. Jo pulls it out. A man call for her. Jo stumbles into a bedroom and sees to children one boy and one girl hiding. Jo goes over to them and tells them they are going to play a little game of hide and seek. The man who I believe is Kai calls out for her again and tells her he won’t kill her if she will come out. Kai goes in the direction of the blood on the floor. Joe is under there with the twins. Kai goes to walk out but then comes back. Kai grabs the bed and is about to pull it up.

Mystic Falls 1994. Kai,gets out of Damon’s car and opens the trunk and yanks Bonnie out of it. Kai lets her know that he drove them all the way to Portland, Oregon. Kai tells her he has been in 1994 for exactly six thousand days. Kai then says today is his favorite day if the year. Bonnie says what day is that. Kai responds that it’s Thanksgiving. Kai wants to cook for her.

Elena is trying to come up the words to tell lain she is a vampire but she can’t seem to decide. Caroline offers to just compel him for her. Caroline also advises her not to rush into telling him the truth just because Damon is back. Jo walks in and tells them that Alaric isn’t coming.

Elena calls Alaric and complains that he will miss friends giving. Alaric happens to be with Damon and Stefan. Stefan ask Damon if he was invited. Damon in fact was so pretty much just Stefan wasn’t. Stefan is upset and really has no idea why he wasn’t invited. Damon enlightens him by telling him rise because he was a ass to Caroline and she didn’t want him there. Alaric is still on the phone with Elena and tells her that Bonnie may still be alive and trapped in 1994. Elena is upset Damon didn’t tell her. Alaric ask why he would since she made the decision she wanted nothing to do with him. He tells Elena that Damon thought Bonnie may have died when she sent him back but now it seems that wasn’t the case. Alaric tells her they are in Portland, Oregon looking for the Gemini Coven. Stefan tells Alaric to not get Elena all excited since he has already looked for the Gemini Coven and came up empty handed. Alaric hangs up. Caroline heard everything and is ready to do the happy dance.

Damon is ragging on Stefan and tells him he just needs to get together with Caroline already. Damon reminds Stefan that she is smart, and organized but most importantly she is willing to put up with Stefan. Alaric points out she has slept with Damon. Nothing wrong with that. I mean these guys share girls like nobody’s business.

Stefan shows them a huge empty field. Stefan says no coven.

1994. Kai and Bonnie walk into his family home.

Damon whips out the bear and makes funny voices at Stefan. Stefan gets annoyed and kicks it. The bear bounces off of a unseen barrier. Next there is a shimmer and a house appears. The house Kai and Bonnie are in to be exact. Damon thinks that it’s freaky.

Liv shows up for the feast of friends. Jo says him and then ask Liv if they have met before. Liv being her usual charming self acts hotty with her. Tyler ask her where her brother is. Liv tells Tyler like is outside video taping.

Liam walks in next and apologizes to Elena about all the things he said to her concerning Lady Whitmore. Elena ask Jo if she changed the records when Liam is out of earshot. Jo tells her she did and Elena says well played.

Meanwhile Damon walks up to the house and decides to ring the doorbell. Damon wonders if Bonnie’s magic caused the house to appear. If she did he is sure she did it to keep Kai where he is. Damon tries to enter the house but he can’t because he is a vampire and wasn’t invited in. Alaric on the other hand has no problem going through the door. Alaric goes upstairs.

Bonnie is with Kai in the house in 1994. Kai tells her she better not touch his pager. Bonnie lets Kai know they are stuck there forever since she locked her magic away. Bonnie suggest they split up the world. She tells Kai she will never like or trust him. Kai agrees but still wants them to have Thanksgiving dinner together. Kai tells Bonnie she can even have Damon’s car to take.

Liv is still being nasty. Tyler ask her if everything is alright. Liv assures Tyler he isn’t her problem …….for once. Luke whips out a video of when he and Liv were little. Jo hears her voice and realizes she is the one who made the video which means the twins are her and Kai’s younger siblings.

Alaric comes out with a picture that confirms it. He shows it to Damon and Stefan. A man walks up and wants to know about Kai from Damon. The man introduces himself as Joshua and tells them Kai is his son. Joshua then quickly outs his hand in Damon’s head. Damon falls in pain and the house disappears leaving Stefan and Alaric to wonder what in the world is going on.

Caroline wonders what the odds were that Jo would end up at the same college as Liv and Luke. When she tells them that a Sheila Bennett aka Bonnie’s grams helped it all becomes more clear. Bonnie’s grand,a apparently helped make Kai twilight zone it. Kai and Jo are twins which also isn’t all that shocking when you think about it. They talk about the coven until Liam walks in and ask if he heard right. Nope they tell him it was oven not coven. Caroline compels to go on a chore to get him out of their way. Jo tells them that in her family twins are who are in line to be the leaders. Kai felt that they were a threat to him.

1994. Jo uses her magic to hide the twins so when Kai lifts the bad they can’t be seen. Apparently Kai was born without magic. Kai ask Jo where the twins are. When she doesn’t respond he whips out a bat to try and find them.

Damon comes to and Joshua tells him he just needs to know a few things about Kai. He wants to know how Damon got out. Damon tells him that Bonnie got him out and she is still trapped there with Kai. Damon tells Joshua he will tell him everything in exchange for the ascendant. Joshua ask Damon why he would give him the key to Kai’s prison. Joshua tells him he found one of his children impaled and four dead while two others were running for their lives.

Liv is brought up to speed and comments on how lucky Jo is. Caroline tries to get her to eat. Liv walks away. Jo explains it’s because on their twenty second second birthday they have to merge and the weakest twin will die. My guess is Kai will be back by then and it will be him and Jo and Jo will survive. So no need to worry about Luke and Liv.

Liv is drinking shits of vodka. Tyler approaches her and ask why she didn’t tell him about the ritual. Liv just tells him it’s all screwed up. Liv says when she looks at Tyler she sees and feels what she can never have. Liv tells him in March she will either die or be forced to live with the fact she killed her brother. Liv ask Tyler how he plans to help her with that.

Meanwhile Joshua is explaining the merge to Damon. Joshua tells Damon if Kai were to get out he would go straight for Jo and he can’t risk that happening.

Alaric and Stefan are both on calls. Alaric with Jo telling her he met her father and Stefan explaining what has happened to Elena. Stefan then whines to Elena about not being invites to friends giving. Elena tells him to kiss and make up with Caroline. Elena then ask Stefan how he knew he could trust her with knowing he was a vampire when they were together. Stefan tells her it’s because he was in love with her. Stefan hangs up.

Jo is telling Alaric her dad will stop at nothing to keep Kai locked away. Jo tells Alaric she is the one with the ascendant. It’s about that time Jo hits the floor and tells Alaric something is wrong. Joshua is looking at a picture of Jo while he chants. Jo tells everyone her dad is trying to kill her. Elena snatches her phone and tells Alaric what is happening. Jo gives Stefan permission to enter the house but tells him it will take magic to get in. Jo tells him to head to a tree stump in the yard. They do.

Bonnie tells Kai she wants the keys to the car.

Joshua tells Damon if Kai is with a Bennett he will be able to get out. Damon ask him if he is going to kill Jo. Joshua tells him the coven comes first. Alaric funds the knife Jo hid in the tree stump. Stefan throws it at the house. When it hits it the hose reappears. Joshua is going to,stake Damon but Stefan zooms in and throws him away form him. Joshua makes himself disappear. Damon ask about Jo.

Jo is down for the count. Liam is trying to help her and when he opens her eyes they are completely red. Liam tells Elena to call 911. Elena say there is no time and bites her wrist and puts it to Jo’s mouth. Elena explains to Liam that her blood will help Jo. Jo wakes up and tells them she is ok. Elena gets up to get her a glass of water. Liam follows and ask Elena how she did that. Elena tells him she is a vampire. Liam thinks she is prankish him. Elena says it really doesn’t matter one way or another. Elena compels him to forget all about her and then tells him to leave. Liam takes off.

1994. We see Jo put her magic in the knife Kai stabbed her with and then hide it. She then tells Kai she will merge with him if he stops and doesn’t hurt anyone else. Jo holds hands with him and they chant. Kai doesn’t feel her magic. He ask why. Joshua comes forward and starts chanting and then Kai drips to the ground screaming.

Kai shows Bonnie the knife and says his sister hid her magic in it. Kai holds it and then the knife levitates. Kai tells Bonnie he got all,the magic out of it. Kai tells Bonnie all he needs now is some Bennett blood. Kai takes the knife and stabs Bonnie in the stomach.

Damon is unhappy with the outcome of their little road trip and says they need to go home. Alaric decides they can’t risk getting Bonnie out if that means Kai can get free. Damon compels Alaric to get the ascendant from Jo. Alaric tells Damon he understands. Stefan ask Damon just what he thinks he is doing. Damon tells Stefan whatever he has to.

Tyler is with Liv the following day. Tyler tells her when she passed out he brought her home. Liv opts to do another shot. Tyler tells her he isn’t going to let her sacrifice herself. Tyler tells her there is no more magic in Mystic Falls and that they will have to find her the old fashioned way. By going through him first. Liv tells him she ruined Thanksgiving. Tyler holds her.

Caroline sees Stefan at the dorm. She is glad because it saves her a trip. She gets him the leftovers she saved. Stefan then tries to make his epic screw up better by telling Caroline the reason he pushes her away more than anyone else is because he knew she would be there for him if he needed to cry. Stefan says he had to stop crying. Caroline thanks him. Caroline tells him to enjoy the leftovers and then leaves.

Elena finds Damon drinking. Elena tells him he should have let her come to Oregon with him. Damon tells her he spent four months with Bonnie. Elena ask Damon what they did. Damon tells her the usual. They would cook, hang out, play a little Tetris and talk a lot. Damon tells Elena Bonnie sacrificed herself so that he could come back. Elena ask him what they talked about. Damon says gee Elena I wonder. Elena tells Damon she broke up Liam. Elena tells him she is at a crossroads. Damon calls her Robert Frost (he wrote a poem called The Road Not Taken)!and ask her which way she will go. Elena tells him she needs him to bring Bonnie back so she can ask her.

Kai’s pager wakes Bonnie up. Bonnie looks at it has 03171 on it. Which when turned upside down says I lied. She stands up and looks around. Kai left her stranded in the middle of Oregon.

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