General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review November 17 – November 21, 2014

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General Hospital

The General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review November 17 – November 21, 2014 is below for your enjoyment!

Monday- Patrick has Sam and a bunch of kids with him. They go into Kelly’s and they sit the brat pack down while they order milkshakes for all of them. Sam and Patrick discuss Larry Ashton while they are waiting for the shakes. The kids get the milkshakes and while drinking them they talk about Sonny and the deep hole he is in. Spencer becomes upset and all the kids all say they are leaving and then run out of Kelly’s. Sam and Patrick are right behind them.

Michael pays a visit to Sonny asking him to give him the tape that will clear AJ’s name. Sonny tells Michael he can have it. Michael tells him thank you. Carly tells Michael she loves him. Michael tells her she doesn’t know what the word means. He leaves. Carly breaks down.

Larry is chit chatting with Jerry. Alice comes up on him and he pretends to be drunk and confused.

Monica knows about Sonny killing AJ and comes storming into the room. Tracy and Ned both offer their apologies. Alice comes in with Larry and drags Monica off to talk. Larry wants Tracy to be in charge of ELQ. No sooner are the words out of his mouth than Michael walks in. Monica runs over to him. Michael tells her and everyone else he wants to change his name from Corinthos to Quartermaine.

Jake is looking around Liz’s house when he spots a picture of her with Jason. Liz finds him and Jake correctly guesses that is Jason in the picture. They talk a bit about Jason and his much Jake was just like him. Patrick brings Cam in and is surprised to see Jake there. Patrick mentions that Jake has had brain surgery before. I find it funny that Patrick doesn’t realize he is the one that did it. Sam comes in screaming about anxious kids. She stops and stares when she sees Jake. Patrick lets her know he is going to,see about getting his job back. Liz wishes him luck. Cam comes down and tells,Jake his name reminded him of someone important 🙁 . Cam later strikes a deal with Jake he will help him with his mom if he helps Cam with his homework. Liz later sees Jake helping Cam.

Sloane pays a visit to Britt at Wyndemere. He wants her to press charges against Anna for murdering her father Faison. Britt declines to help. She thinks Anna did everyone a favor if she killed him. Sloane leaves his name and number in case she decides to reconsider.

Anna and Obrecht get into it at GH. They bicker about a little of this a little of that a little about Faison. Anna finally walks off leaving Obrecht very angry. Later Sloane approaches her and if she has time to talk about Anna. When Sloane is leaving he bumps into Anna at the elevators.

Tuesday- Sonny wants Shawn to give the recording to Michael. Shawn says the good news is it will take Ava down to. Diane comes in as Shawn leaves. Diane wants the recording. Sonny tells her he gave it to Michael. Diane is angry and takes off to see about Carly. Alexis comes in and tells Sonny that Duke is headed to Pentonville until his trial.

Jordan runs into TJ and tells him her and Shawn need to talk to him about something.

Michael also tells Monica he would like to live in her house. Monica is thrilled and tells him she will have the blue room he likes ready for him. Then he turns to Larry Ashton and tells him if he is up to something he will find out what it is and there is no way he is quitting as leader of ELQ, Larry jumps on Michael and Shawn shows up and gets him off of Michael. Shawn hands the recording to Michael. Michael and Monica listen to it and even though it is upsetting they find peace in knowing they will finally be able to clear AJ’s name.

Kiki tears into her mom about being the one who killed Connie. Ava attempts to get out of it but Kiki tells her not to bother there is a tape that proves otherwise. Ava convinces Kiki to leave the room and see if she can find out anything about the baby. Kiki agrees and leaves.

Patrick is informed by Obrecht that he is reinstated. Patrick and Sam hug.

Anna ask Sloane what he is doing there. He uses Sonny as a cover. Sloane walks away. Kiki comes up and ask Anna if there is any news in the baby. Anna tells her no. Michael walks up with the recording for Anna to hear. Anna listens and agrees it’s enough to arrest Ava with. They all three head to her room but when they get there she is already gone.

Britt is listening to a message her mother left her. Britt heads to work.

Spencer comes stomping in upset that he won’t be given any chocolate. Nikolas decides he can have a piece since he has been so good. Spencer then becomes guilty about the fact he and Britt lied. Spencer plays it off like its Sonny he is worried about.

When Britt walks into Obrecht’s office she slaps her. Obrecht tells her she had a chat with Sloane and knows Britt won’t help find Faison. She threatens to tell Nikolas everything if Britt doesn’t do it.

Sam and Patrick are talking about Luke and Larry and Sam says she has a idea.

Sam and Patrick hear Larry on the phone with Jerry.

Shawn and Jordan tell TJ they need to talk to him about his father.

Wednesday- Shawn tells TJ there are things he didn’t know about his father. Jordan says like how he died. Shawn tells TJ shooting his father was no accident. They tell TJ about how they had a affair behind TJ’s fathers back and when he found out he got upset And Shawn had no choice but to shoot him. TJ is very upset. TJ ask if Shawn is his father. Shawn tells him no they did a DNA test proving that Thomas was his father. TJ leaves. Shawn tells Jordan it could be worse Thomas could have never known TJ was his. Jordan makes the guilt face.

Michael accuses Kiki of helping her mother get away. Kiki says she didn’t and promises to call Ava if she hears for her mother. When Anna leaves Michael rios into Kiki again. Michael tells her either she helped her mom or she is stupid. Morgan comes in and Michael throws him against the wall. Morgan tells Michael that he is done with Ava and is the one who told Sonny where he could find her. Michael takes off. Kiki tells Morgan about finding Michael in bed with Rosalie.

Sam and Patrick hear Larry mention a savings deposit box and decide they need the key for it. Patrick distracts Larry while Sam makes a impression of the key with some silly putty she carries for Danny.

Anna is giving Julian the third degree about Ava. Julian is surprised when Anna tells him Ava killed Connie. Julian tells her he wasn’t aware of that. Anna doesn’t believe him and puts him in a holding cell.

Ava shows up at Silas’s and ask for his help. Ava tells him Sonny wants her dead. Silas agrees to let her stay. Ava hugs him and tells him he just saved her life.

Bobbie slaps Scott for what it’s worth. The judge refuses bail for Carly. Sonny comes out after his hearing and it seems he got Carly off the hook by pleading guilty. Diane ask Scott about lightening Sonny’s sentence. Scott tells her not to hold her breath. Sonny tells Carly that he loves her and Michael watches as he is taken back to a holding cell.

Thursday- Julian is doing push ups in his cell when Olivia shows up screaming. She ask where Ava is. Julian tells her he doesn’t know and he didn’t know she killed Connie either but he did know she was the one who shot Olivia. Lucas shows up and tells Julian he believes him. Lucas talks to,his dad about Alexis. Lucas tells him he should just call her and be honest with her about everything.

Ava is freaking out that she is in the front of the newspaper. When Silas comes in Ava hides it. She tells him she is worried about her baby. Ava wants then to look for Nina. Silas agrees.

Sam and Patrick show up outside of Kelly’s to talk to Lulu.They let her know Larry is working for Jerry. They want Lulu to keep Larry distracted while they go to the bank and look in the safe deposit box.

Britt tells Nikolas she has decided to help Sloane. That she wants to know what happened to her father.

Anna finds Obrecht at her desk. They go back and forth some more. Sloane shows up and tells her Britt is pressing charges against her for the murder of Faison. Anna tells them none of this is necessary because Faison is still alive.

Larry once again is chatting with Jerry. Tracy comes in and they start fighting. Larry is tricked into having breakfast with his family. Olivia comes crashing in and tells Ned everything Julian told her. Ned heads off to get Olivia some food. Before Larry can take off Lulu shows up and tells him he isn’t going anywhere.

Alexis shows up at Julian’s jail cell.

Friday- Obrecht accuses Anna of being a lying liar who lies. Anna tells the story about how she just couldn’t pull the trigger on Faison. Obrecht ask where she took him. Anna says he never left Spoon Island. Anna tells Sloane and Obrecht she can show them where he is hidden.

Spencer convinced Emma to skip school,and go with him to his hiding spot in the stables. Spencer wants a second chance with Emma. Nikolas finds them. Spencer is more worried about Emma and tells Nikolas not to punish her. Nikolas says that is up to Emma’s dad.

Sam and Patrick manage to get into the safety deposit box but find a locked case in there. Sam decides she will pick the lock open.

Lulu is still stalling Larry. She calls him a jackass when he mistakes her as some of the help. Lulu ask him about her father she even goes as far as to show him a picture of him. Larry takes off and lulu hurriedly text Sam and patrick to let them know Larry is on his way to the bank. Lulu then tells Tracy what’s going on and that Sam and Patrick heard Larry talking to Jerry. Lulu thinks her dad might be in in it. Tracy is still defending Luke.

Alexis tells Julian she is there because Lucas asked her to come. Julian tells her he loves her and can’t imagine his life without her. He tells her he will tell her everything she wants to know even name names. Julian tells Alexis she was half right true night of the engagement party he did sneak out to meet Luke. But Luke really isn’t Luke. It’s someone pretending to be Luke.

Luke wakes up in a room at Miscaviges’s. A guy brings him a pill. Luke pretends to take it and then spits it out behind the bed with the rest of them. Luke starts to remember the fake Luke coming to visit him. When he remembers what he said about Tracy Luke becomes so ticked that he manages to tear the straight jacket apart. He picks the lock on the door and comes face to face with his other self.

Sam has to stop messing with the case because Larry shows up. They run into Larry. Larry gets what he needs and leaves. Sam and Patrick,go,back in and she gets open this time. They find a junk drive and a picture of Faison.

Anna comes into the stables with Sloane and Obrecht. She shows them where she has been keeping Faison. They open the door and shine in a light. Obrecht calls out for him. Faison is gone. I swear if it turns out Faison is fake Luke…… It kind of looks that way doesn’t it.

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