‘The Originals’ Review Season 2 Episode 8 “The Brothers That Care Forgot”

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The Originals Review Season 2 Episode 8 “The Brothers That Care Forgot”

Here’s what happened on ‘The Originals’ Season 2 Episode 8 “The Brothers That Care Forgot.” And, here’s what happened on ‘The Original’s Season 2 Episode 3 “Every Mother’s Son.” – See more at Hollywood Hiccups ‘The Originals’ reviews

Klaus still has his brothers chained up. Klaus tells Finn and Kol a story about coming into this world wide eyed and innocent to parents that were supposed to protect them. Klaus admits their parents were failures at even the simplest of task. Klaus tells them that they can have a new future and let go of the past. All,they have to,of,is align with him and Elijah and they will be welcomed with open arms. Klaus tells them if they choose not to a far worse fate is in store for them.

Elijah who is clearly still under Esther’s control in some way tells he would prefer to kill them then to welcoming them into the family. Klaus says they can all be brothers. Finn ask about Rebekah. Finn wonders how she managed to break free from Klaus. Finn says their mother just wants to make them mortal. Finn thinks Rebekah would be interested in that. Elijah tells Finn if he goes near Rebekah it will be to bad for him. Finn lets Elijah know that mommy dearest has been looking for Rebekah and the odds are she will find her any day now. Elijah jerks Finns head down. Klaus pulls him off and takes him to talk. Klaus is freaking out because he is the one having to keep Elijah in check. Exactly you idiot it’s a clue your mom is still screwing with him. Focus up Klaus. Elijah ask Klaus if he knows what in the world would happen if Esther were to find Rebekah and Hope.

Rebekah is in the park with Hope. She has her in the swing set. Rebekah is playing and talking to her when she feels as if someone is watching her. Rebekah looks up and sees a ton of black birds. Mommy’s favorite. Rebekah scoops Hope up and quickly calls Elijah. Rebekah tells him that their mother has found her and Hope. Rebekah says that she is leaving. Klaus tells her to go west and then tells her he will let Haley know. Rebekah tells Klaus to zip it. Rebekah thinks the best chance is if their mother continues to believe that Hope is dead. When they get off the phone with Rebekah Klaus tells Elijah they need Kol and Finn more than ever. Klaus instructs Elijah to help Rebekah keep Hope safe.

Aiden is having a Little mini freak out of his own. Aiden tells Jackson and Haley it’s only a matter of time before the witches find out he helped them. Haley tells him to pull himself together and set up a meeting for her with the wolves. Aiden argues with Haley. Jackson tells him just to do it. Haley assumes he is running off to drink and instructs Jackson not to get drunk. Jackson comes back with all of Ansel’s books. Jackson says if he realized that he was Klaus’s father he would have asked many many more questions.

Davina cries to Marcel about Caleb tricking her and running off with the stake. Marcel tells her she has it all wrong. Marcel admits he took both Caleb and the stake and then delivered both to Klaus. Davina points out that Klaus will kill him. Marcel corrects her and says his name is Kol and that if Klaus was going to kill him he already would have seeing as he has had a thousand years to do it. Marcel tells Davina he has known Kol a little longer and it’s all for the best. Marcel suggest she chill out and spend the day with Josh.

Kol points out to Finn that they need to get the hell out of Klaus’s house because he is clearly unstable. Finn tells him not to be hasty there may be a opportunity. Kol agrees it’s a opportunity for a ass beating. Klaus comes strolling in with Marcel. Marcel tells them how thrilled he is to see them again. Kol suggest Marcel is still Klaus’s errand boy. Marcel tells him he has it all wrong he was more than happy to volunteer for this little task. Marcel gets in his face and tells him he already had to drag Davina into his nonsense no way they are bringing Rebekah into it as well. Klaus looking unusually smug says he is fine with just one of them coming around he can just torture the other one. Klaus ask which one it will be. Marcel grabs Kol and tells him he can’t wait Kol is the one he has always hated the most. Kol brings up how much Davina likes him. Marcel threatens to cut him up. Kol offers to help Marcel. Marcel says no thanks he plans on sticking with the devil he knows Klaus. Marcel goes in for the attack and Kol screams.

Davina is told by Josh that he knew the plan all along but wasn’t allowed to tell her. Davina says she is sick of the big bad wolf named Klaus. Josh tries to,distract her by telling her about Aiden. Davina wants Josh to invite him over so she can meet him.

Klaus is discussing their mother with Finn. Klaus tells Finn he will let him choose his own path which is something their mother never did.

Haley heads over to Jackson with one of the books. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her that a unification ceremony would give them more power. Haley tells him as a hybrid she can control when she changes. If she can pass that power to the wolves they won’t need Esther’s rings anymore. Jackson tells her they would have to get married for real. He wants to know if she can handle that. Haley stays quiet. Jackson tells her he didn’t think she could.

Cami is woken up by her phone ringing. Cami is a little dazed and most definitely confused. Haley needs a favor from her. Cami goes to see Haley. Haley notices she is off and Cami tells her she thinks she is getting sick. Haley ask for her uncles papers on the wedding ceremony. Cami gives them to her. Cami ask about Jackson and what he knows about Haley and Elijah. Haley says there is no her and Elijah to tell Jackson about. Cami suggest Haley take some time and think about what is in her best interest. Haley notices what appears to be holes in Cami’s back and ask her about them. Cami has no idea where they came from.

Davina is ordering food for Josh and Aiden. Josh and Aiden start making out. Josh only realizes a little to late that Davina is gone.

Davina is in the crypt Kol showed her doing that voo doo that she does so well. She chants over some stuff she has in a bowl when she is finished is a black gooey substance. Davina drinks it.

Marcel meanwhile is having fun making Kol suffer. Marcel tells Kol he could just end him. Kol says there is no point since mommy we just give him a new body to jump into. Marcel ask what he is up to with Davina. Before Kol can answer Klaus comes in. Kol starts whining about how Klaus has always like Marcel more than him. Klaus tells Kol it’s true but he is sure he can make it up to him. Kol’s curiosity is peaked.

Haley calls Elijah. Elijah ignores her call because he is to busy staring at some guy staring at him. Elijah compels a waitress and then ask if anyone strange has come in today. She says just you. She accidentally gets coffee on him and Elijah makes the tsk tsk noise as he cleans himself off. Elijah thinks about blood.

Klaus is back with Finn and ask him if he is ready to be free. Finn tells him about their mother sacrificing her first born for them and it explains that is what she needs Hope for so that Dahlia won’t come and take them all out. Klaus ponders that bit of information.

Rebekah is with Elijah at the diner. Elijah holds Hope and hugs Rebekah. Elijah tells Rebekah he can’t imagine how much joy she has getting to spend everyday with her. Rebekah tells him it’s lovely she even has the white picket fence. Rebekah says it makes her feel human. Rebekah knows she is Haley’s and she will have to give her back to her. Rebekah tells him she wishes she could have a child of her own. Elijah tells her that isn’t for them. Elijah tells her how their mother offered to make them all mortal. Elijah says in a way that thought appealed to him. Rebekah happens to notice some blood on his cuff. Tsk tsk Elijah. Rebekah tells him he needs to change Hope’s diaper and will be back. Rebekah notices blood on the counter and then sees the dead bodies of everyone in the diner except the waitress. Rebekah freaks out and turns away.

Klaus calls Elijah and his call also goes straight to voicemail. Davina walks in and Klaus tells her he isn’t finished with Kol just yet. Marcel tells her to go back home. Davina says thanks but no thanks and then sends Marcel to nighty night by snapping his neck. Davina is all over taking Klaus down.

Jackson is talking to the wolves. Haley and Aiden are there for moral,support and no doubt back up. One of them comes at Haley. She shows her new little trick by changing her eyes. She points out that she is still a wolf and doesn’t need a ring to control her turning. Haley tells them if they want the same they will zip it lock it and out it in there pockets and listen to Jackson.

Klaus reminds Davina she isn’t the all powerful witch anymore. Davina isn’t to worried she can still kick his ass. She throws himback with magic. Klaus returns the favor. Davina calls him weak and Klaus bites her neck. He gets a mouth full of black goo and them falls. Davina has a triumphant smile on her face. Davina is looking at Klaus when Kol comes down and ask how she managed that. She says she used some dark objects to put poison in her blood. Davina is curious to know how Kol got loose. Kol tells her it’s a very long story. Kol wants to know what she is planning to do with Klaus. Davina pretty much just wants to torture him and throw him in the river. Marcel wakes up and tells her Kol is on their side. Davina doesn’t really care.

Cami is freaking out over her marks. They go all the way up and down her spine.

Haley is telling the wolves that if they come to her and Jackson’s wedding they will have the same power that she does. Haley tells them they can keep the rings or be part of a pack. Aiden throws down his ring.

Kol tells Cami her wounds are all his mothers doing. Kol tells her they are part of a spell that will make her a vessel. Kol says probably for his mother. Cami ask where in the hell Finn is. Cami slaps Finn in his face. She wants to know why she was picked. Finn tells her it’s because she is perfect, beautiful and alone. Find tells her her mother was going to use her for Rebekah. It’s like Marcel’s dream come true Cami’s beauty and Rebekah’s attitude all in one.

Rebekah comes back with Hope and tells Elijah she is ready to go on the next adventure. Elijah says they can’t let anyone hurt Hope. Rebekah agrees and snaps his neck.

Cami wants to know how long she has. Kol says the only way to stop it is to take out Esther. Kol says they need Klaus. Cami pretty pleases Davina. Davina wakes him up. Klaus ask what she did. Davina says she beat him again. Klaus suspects Davina must need his help. Then he ask if he really lost.

Haley is with Jackson. He proposes and she accepts. Then with rings laying all around them she ask where hers is.

Kol tells Davina it was nice of her to come to his rescue. Davina make sit clear if it had been him who took the stake she would have tortured him herself. Klaus wants to talk to Kol alone. Kol makes sure Klaus knows he had no idea about Cami. Klaus knows it was all Finn’s doing. Kol warns Klaus that Esther is going to start wondering about Finn. Klaus tells Kol he missed him and that they are brothers.

Rebekah calls and tells Klaus what Elijah did at the diner. Klaus thinks it is part of what Esther did to him. Klaus ask her if she remembers where they went to escape Mikael at Christmas. Rebekah says yes. Klaus tells her to head there now.

Klaus tells Finn he is in for a treat. Marcel brings in a coffin. Klaus assures Finn it has air holes. Finn screams as they close him in it.

Haley comes in and says she has something she needs to tell him and Elijah. Klaus tells Haley she can tell him on the way. Haley ask where they are going. Klaus tells her to see their daughter.

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