General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review November 24 – November 28, 2014 #YR

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The General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for November 24 – November 28, 2014 is below for your enjoyment!

Monday- TJ shows up at Sam’s to see Molly. TJ tells her about Shawn and his moms affair. She ask if Shawn is his father. TJ tells her no and then tells her about the circumstances surrounding his fathers death. TJ becomes angry and throws one of Danny’s toys across the room. Moly tells,him he needs to focus in how his father loved and not how he died. Moly tells him that’s how he thinks of her dad.

Jordan and Shawn discuss Ava Jerome and then TJ on the docks. Shawn wants to go talk to TJ. She says that he can and to tell TJ that she loves him. Shawn leaves. Jordan’s boss shoes up and ask her why she is wasting time with Sonny’s number one when she should be finding out who Julian’s boss is. Jordan tells him she wants to,be done with this just as much as he does so that she can finally tell her son the truth.

Meanwhile Nikolas and company are still confided as to where Faison is. But then again this is Faison. Sloane ask his long it’s been since Anna has seen Faison. Anna says a year. Obrecht flips and grand her around the neck. Britt and Nikolas pull her off of Anna. Anna says Robert had someone looking after Faison that was working at Wyndmere. The man is brought in and when Anna tells,him to,cut the act and tell,the truth he says he has been lying to Robert the whole year. He never took care of Faison.

Sam and Patrick finally get back to Tracy and Lulu. Tracy isn’t in a good mood and she takes it out on Sam. She even goes as far as to tell her she is dumb. Sam tells,her she managed to access the second locked case and found a flash drive. Patrick calls it her super powers. Tracy corrects him and says it’s thieving skills. Sam walks over to the lap top and plugs in her phone. It loads what she took off of the junk drive. It’s a file on Faison that says he is on Spoon Island. The it’s the Duke mask followed by a mask blueprint that they are all to,dumb to figure out is Luke’s face. Larry is on his way in so Sam and Patrick take off. Tracy slams the lap top down. Larry ask her and Lulu what they are up to. Lulu just gawks at him.

Julian is telling Alexis the whole story. From fake Luke to Lucas getting shot to Rick being innocent. Alexis what’s to know where this fake Luke is. Julian tells Alexis if she gets him out he will take her to him.

Faison disguised as Luke is holding actual Luke at gun point. Faison tells him all about Larry leaving in the mansion with Tracy and how Jerry is involved. Luke thinks that who ever he is it has to do with Faison and his mask. Clever bi your Luke. Faison calls that nonsense and pulls his face to show it’s real. Hmmmmmmm still not buying it. Faison leaves telling Luke he will have them get a tighter straight jacket for him. Luke starts pacing trying to figure out a way out of there saying he see his grandson and he will kill his double.

Shawn shows up,to,see TJ. Molly lets him in and Shawn tells TJ he would like to go,somewhere and talk. TJ tells him he has plans with Molly. Molly says she has to study. Molly then tells TJ to hear Shawn out after everything he has done for him. TJ agrees and leaves with Shawn. Molly sits down and pulls a letter from Rick out of her book and starts reading it.

Tuesday- Michael is debating changing his name. Then Carly shows up and makes the choice much easier. Michael signs the papers in front of her and then yells for her to get out.

Duke meets with Sonny at the prison. Sonny tells Duke he is going to be released and he would like Duke to take over his business for him. Duke declines at first but eventually tells Sonny he will do it.

Alexis calls to cancel on Sam. Alexis gets Anna to release Julian so that they can go get Luke.

Sloane gives Anna a talking to and lets her know this isn’t easy for him to do. He suggest she get her affairs in order.

Patrick comes to see Sam and when he finds out she is spending turkey day alone he invites her and Danny to Elizabeth’s. Sam isn’t sure so Patrick calls and gets the ok from Elizabeth.

Luke wakes up and sees Helena. At first he thinks she isn’t real. Helena proves otherwise. After a bit of flirting on her part and trash talking on his he suggest she get to the point. Helena does and pulls out a knife she tells Luke as much as it upsets her there can’t be two Luke Spencer’s about.

When Julian and Alexis get there Helena has opens the door and is coming out. Helena as usual goes after Alexis by bringing up the fact she slot her mothers throat. She also refers to her as Natasha. After she leaves Julian ask Alexis who that was. Alexis tells her it was the wife of her father. Her mother was his mistress. Alexis is sure Luke is in the room. She opens the door and goes in she stops and says oh my god.

Jake is talking in his sleep and tossing and turning. Elizabeth wakes him up and he grabs her by the wrist. Jake apologizes. After his shower Elizabeth gives him some new clothes to wear. Jake offers to,set the table while Elizabeth check on things in the kitchen. The door bell rings. Jake answers the door. Helen is standing there.

Wednesday- Duke and Anna go back and forth over which one of them is the bigger lying liar who lies. Anna of course thinks her lies are nothing compared to Dukes and no longer wants to be in a relationship with him. Duke lets her know that unfortunately since he told Sonny he would be runnin his business for him they will have a relationship of sorts.

Obrecht is at Nikolas’s for Thanksgiving. Obrecht whines about poor Faison who is watching then through the window undetected.

Carly pays a visit to Sonny. She tells,him Michael has decided to take the Quartermaine name. Sonny is unhappy but tells her to go,home and have dinner with her family.

Sam goes to see Monica and Michael with Danny. Michael ask her to stay and eat with them but she tells him she already has plans with Patrick. Larry comes in as Sam is leaving and ask if she is Patricks wife. Michael tells him no. Olivia Dante and lulu show up to eat with them. Monica comes in and tells them it’s pizza again this year because the cook got food poisoning from one of the dishes but doesn’t know which one.

Helena tells Jake she is a old friend of the family. Jake goes to,get Elizabeth and Helena takes off. Jake forgot to ask her name. Jake decides to see if he can find her. When he opens the Sam and Patrick are there with Danny and Emma. Danny takes to Jake immediately.

Alexis and Julian get like free. Luke things Julian is in ninth while thing and becomes angry. Alexis tells Julian to leave. Alexis tries to get Luke to go to the hospital but he refuses. Sk she tells him she is taking him to see Anna instead.

Helena stops Faison from walking in and saying surprise. Helena tells him he better not cause their plans to go up in smoke. Spencer forgot his hat. Obrecht goes to go get it and she sees Faison.

Helena returns to Elizabeth’s and watches them through the window.

Alexis shows up at the Quartermaine’s with Luke. Luke ask if they saved him a slice of pizza and he winks at Tracy.

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