General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review December 1 – December 5, 2014 #GH

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General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review December 1 – December 5, 2014 #GH

General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for December 1st – December 5th, 2014 is below for your enjoyment!

Monday- Morgan is attempting to celebrate Thanksgiving with Kiki but all he can do is think about the baby Nina took.

Franco is trying to convince Nina to give the baby back. Nina becomes upset at the suggestion and threatens to leave, Franco convinces her to stay and he even helps her give the baby a bottle.

Silas is looking for his phone and ask Ava about it. Ava says he doesn’t know where it is but then finds it in her purse. Silas sees all the calls from Kiki. Kiki calls and Silas finds out Ava is wanted for Connie’s murder. Ava tries leave but Silas stops her.

Julian comes home to find Jordan. Jordan wants to know who the boss is. Julian tells her it’s a man who looks like Luke Spencer. Julian sends Jordan on her way. As Julian is trying to escape Faison shows up wearing a Luke mask and holds Julian at gun point.

Everyone is surprised to see Luke at the Quartermaine’s. Tracy asks him where he has been for months. Luke tells her he has been gone longer than that. Dante starts accusing him of thinks and Alexis explains that Luke couldn’t have done it because he has been locked up in Miscavige since January. Alexis tells them someone was pretending to be Luke. Lulu is confident Larry has the answers since he is working with Jerry Jax. Lulu also brings up they found a picture of Faison and blueprints for a mask in his safe deposit box. Larry feigns innocence but when no one buys it he takes off with Dante right behind him.

Faison is with Obrecht telling her he finally realizes how much she loves him. Faison says after he finishes his job they will leave Port Charles together. Britt walks in in the two kissing and threatens to tell Nikolas. Obrecht threatens Britt with what she knows. Britt tells her that Faison has to leave. He does. Britt then yells at her mom for threatening to destroy her relationship with Nikolas. Nikolas walks in and is curious to know how she could possibly do that.

Tuesday- Anna is telling a reporter at Kelly’s she is doing everything she can to fond the baby. When she comes out she sees Duke and Lucy. Lucy comments on what a great lawyer Alexis must be. Anna says Duke has Sonny to thank for his freedom even though it came with strings. Anna leaves. Lucy is worried about him working for Sonny. Duke tells Lucy he owes Sonny and besides he has already lost Anna.

Luke tells Dante they should arrest Julian. Alexis sticks up for him which only serves to anger Ned. Luke talks to Lulu for a bit and then when she walks out Tracy walks up and breaks down in Luke’s arms.

Julian is threatening Faison. Julian tells him he wants to know who he is. Before he can tells him Dante and Anna come in. They cuff Faison and then Anna takes off the mask.

Nikolas is demanding answers from Britt. Obrecht tries to help and Nikolas tells her to shut up. After Nikolas decides he will just ask Spencer about it Britt finally tells him she was behind Spencer running away and knew where he was the whole time.

Nina some how convinces Franco he can be a father to the baby just like she can be the mother. Twisted is as twisted does I suppose.

Silas is about to turn Ava in but she begs and pleads and he gives in and tells her he will help her get her daughter back form Nina.

Wednesday- Franco tells Nina they need to name the baby. Nina decides to name the bay Jaime after James.

Madeline is talking with Nathan and he brings up Victor being his father. Madeline seems surprised. She is even more surprised when she finds out Obrecht shot Victor and killed him. Madeline suggest it’s because Obrecht didn’t want him to tell Nathan something.

Obrecht comes to her daughters defense. Nikolas throws her out. Nikolas lets loose on Britt telling her how selfish she is and that she is just like her mother. Britt attempts to defend herself but Nikolas is not having it. Nikolas throws her out. Nikolas tells her to get a lawyer because he is taking her to court. He shuts the door in her face.

Alexis finds Molly at Kelly’s at tells her she was right that her father was innocent. Molly becomes upset and tells her mother if she had just believed her than maybe her father wouldn’t be dead. Alexis leaves Molly and Molly looks at a picture of her with her father.

Lulu has Luke meet Rocco. Luke ask how he has a grandson he never knew about. Lulu explains all about Britt. Lulu gets a call from Dante. When she gets off she tells everyone it was Faison in a Luke mask. When Luke is left alone he looks at the fireplace.

Anna slaps Faison. Faison claims all of this is Anna’s fault and then tells Dante what Anna did to him. Dante arrest Faison and Anna arrest Julian. Julian tries to talk his way out of it but Anna won’t allow it.

Obrecht sees Nathan talking to Madeline. Obrecht tells Nathan she anted to spend sometime with him before she left. Before Nathan can find out where she is going Dante strolls in with Faison. Faison puts two and two together and knows that Nathan is Obrecht’s son. Obrecht tells him she had Nathan with another man when they were apart. I will almost bet Faison is his father. Madeline can’t wrap her head around Obrecht running off with Faison again. Madeline threatens to spill who Nathan’s father really is it Obrecht doesn’t testify for her at her trial.

Anna shows up with Julian. Alexis is standing there. Alexis starts ranting about Julian being the reason Ric is dead. Anna tells Alexis she needs to tell her something. Anna takes her to the side and tells her Ric is still alive.

Faison wants his phone call. He makes it to yet another fake Luke in the Quartermaine mansion who assures him the idiots are none the wiser.

Thursday- Spencer wants to know where Britt is. Nikolas tells Spencer he kicked her out and Spencer becomes angry and shouts at Nikolas. Nikolas scolds him and tells him he isn’t to act that way. Spencer tells Nikolas he hates him for making Britt leave and stomps out.

Obrecht is alone wondering how Faison could let himself get caught. Helena appears and tells her that Faison won’t be locked up much longer. Obrecht is elated and ask Helena how she can repay her. Helena assures her she will think of something she always does.

Brad is with Britt at Kelly’s. Britt tells him all,about her kiss off from Nikolas and that he is taking her to court. After Brad leaves Obrecht walks in spots her and tells her everything is going to be alright.

Anna lets Patrick and Sam in to talk to Faison. She blast him for killing Jason and accuses him of enjoying it. Faison tells her he does enjoy his work. That’s terribly funny. Patrick then accuses him of killing his son. Faison says that was Victor’s doing. When Sam won’t shut up Faison admits Jason was alive after he shot him and then he finally tells her any questions she has about Jason she should address to Patrick because he also knew Jason was alive.

Outside Patrick admits to Sam that he knew Jason was alive.

Alice comes in to see bring Luke breakfast. She tells him about her heart transplant and then tells him she is glad to have him back. Tracy comes in with Anna. Anna tells him she has the situation under control and leaves.

Jake is with Elizabeth and is reading the paper. He talks about Faison which upsets Elizabeth because he is the one who shit Jason. Jake apologizes. He flips the newspaper and sees a picture of Helena. He tells Elizabeth’s that is the woman he saw. Jake leaves to look,for a job. Elizabeth calls and tells Anna it was Helena that Jake saw. Anna is surprised and tells Elizabeth she will put officers in the area. After they hang up Elizabeth answers the door to Nikolas.

Friday- fake Luke is with real Luke in a basement. He tells Luke that Larry, Jerry,Helena, him, and Faison are all involved in the scheme. He also shows him that his look alike face is no mask.

Carlos swings by and taunts Sonny before telling him he is getting out of prison that very day. Carlos also reminds Sonny that a lot of people in Pentonville hate him. No sooner is Carlos gone than Johnny comes by to see Sonny. Johnny smiles at Sonny.

Obrecht tells Britt she should leave with her and Faison.

Sabrina apologizes to Michael about it being Sonny that killed AJ. Sabrina tells him she got fired. Michael offers her a job. Carlos and Sabrina are reunited outside of Kelly’s.

Helena meets Jake at the pier. Helena clues him into the fact he is Jason Morgan. She tells him he works for her and he will do what she says. She gives him instructions and then tells him if something happens to go wrong he will forget all about her and this meeting as well as the fact he is Jason Morgan.

Obrecht shows up to leave with Faison. She has Britt with her and Helena seems shocked and displeased by it.

Faison is causing Anna to breakdown in tears once again. Faison tells her she isn’t worthy of his love.

Sam is letting patrick have it. He tries to explain and she shuts him down. Patrick leaves. Sam sees Faison being escorted out. When everyone has left Sam alone she is grabbed by someone who has Jason’s eyes.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth she was right about Britt. At first she doesn’t gloat but then she says I told you so. She then shows him Helena ‘s picture in the paper . Nikolas tells her it’s official his grandmother is immortal.

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