The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review December 1 – December 5, 2014 #YR

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The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review December 1 – December 5, 2014 #YR

The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review for November 24 – November 28, 2014 is below for your enjoyment! – See more at: Hollywood Hiccups Recaps…

Monday- Sharon gets into it with Summer at the cabin over Nick. Summer tells her she isn’t going to let her hurt Nick again and they tells her to get out. Sharon’s lawyer calls and says he wants to use Nick’s missing against him in court.

Sage takes the dog for a walk so it will stop barking at Adam. Safe finds Nick and ask Adam to come and help her get him out of the trap. When Adam sees Nick he lets out a “son of a bitch.”

Avery is having quite the busy day. First Michael spills coffee on her then Joe sees her changing shirts and then Summer Capone’s asking her where Nick is.

Michael gets a call. His doctor wants him to come in to discuss treatment options.

Ben tells Dylan that the DNA results on the baby will be in today. Dylan is short with him. Ben tells,him he isn’t the one who killed his father and Dylan apologizes. Ben reassures him he is still a good friend.

Billy ask Chelsea to go with to the hospital to hear the results of the DNA test. In the end Chelsea stays while Billy goes.

The results are in and Billy is the baby’s father ….for now anyway. Ben leaves. Victoria and Billy give her the middle name of Rose for Delia. Billy and Victoria take their little girl home.

Jill and Colin are discussing Joe’s deal with Lauren. She becomes upset when she finds out Michael is Joe’s lawyer.

Ben is at the bar drinking alone.

Lauren and Michael get in a argument over Joe. Michael then grabs Lauren and holds her.

Tuesday- Adam doesn’t want to help Nick. Sage finds out Nick is his brother. Safe gets him to help her gets Nick’s leg out of the trap. Safe goes back to the house to see Adam. Then she leaves to see if the ambulance got Nick. Nick ask who she is but she takes off without answering him.

Chelsea is distracted and can’t work.

Ben and Chelsea have drinks over making sure that Billy and Victoria don’t end up back together.

Billy and Victor get into it about Ben and how Victor would much rather him be the baby’s father.

Nikki gets a call from Maureen and takes off.

Dylan thinks Joe put the rock through his business.

Paul’s questions Joe. Joe is sorry to hear that such a thing happened.

Victor finds Ben and tells him to hustle over to Victoria’s.

Nikki pays Maureen to leave.

Chelsea goes to Victorias to show her a picture she drew of a christening gown for Katie. Victoria thanks her.

Wednesday- Michael finds Phyllis in the park reading the plaque for Katherine. Phyllis tells him Jack told her she died. Michael tells her she misses her everyday. They discuss Jack and him keeping secrets from her. Michael tells her to see past her jealousy and look at Jack’s pain. Michael tell her he would want Lauren to move on if something were to ever happen to him. Phyllis tells him nothing ever will.

Jack and Kelly have it out. She tells him he had no right to make her fall in love with him. Jack tells her it’s not that he loves Phyllis more it’s just that he has loved her longer. Kelly says she hates him and runs out and smack into Phyllis. Phyllis tells Jack she wants her job back and he can give Billy another one. Jack tells Phyllis she can’t expect to go back on everything he did while she was gone.

Mariah is with Kevin talking about Thanksgiving. They end up touching hands and then pulling away from each other. Summer shows up and her and Mariah get into it about Sharon and Faith. When Summer leaves Mariah tells Kevin Faith belongs with her mom.

Mariah over hears Summer and Abby talking about Kyle and what could have been. Kevin sees the look in Mariah’s face as Summer leaves and tells her not to,do anything stupid.

Hilary is informing Devon all about his date she picked out for him. Gwen shows up and Hilary is surprised at how different she looks. Pretty soon everyone else has arrived as well except Cane. They play twenty questions with Gwen and Devon. After it’s over Devon walks her out and Gwen tells him she knows he is gay. Devon tells her he isn’t. She suggest they go out for real sometime.

Kelly comes in and tells Lily Jack and Phyllis want her to plan their wedding. Lily calls Jack a fool.

The doctor tells Michael he has stage three prostate cancer. It has spread to his surrounding tissue but not the lymph nodes. Michael wants to wait till after the holidays to start treatment. The doctor thinks it’s a bad idea to out it off.

Thursday- Chelsea and Billy promise not to,get dragged into other peoples drama. Chelsea says she is happy for him that Katie is his.

Billy walks in and gets into with Phyllis about her getting her old job back. Billy agrees that she can have it and leaves. Jack tells her she is better for a fashion position than Billy. Phyllis finally agrees to take the fashion position instead.

Nick is with Noah telling him about Sage. Noah opens a letter and it’s Sharon counter suing for Faith. Noah doesn’t want Nick to have a big court battle with Sharon. Nick changes the subject and tells Noah he wants to find the woman who helped him and thank her.

Sage wants to find out about Nick but Adam won’t let her. Adam tells her to tell him everything about Gabriel. Later he packs ambit to leave. Adam thinks Nick will be coming around. Speaking of nick rings the doorbell.

Mariah is complaining to Kevin about the holiday season sucking. Mariah says she never spent it with her mother. Kevin tells her he got to spend it with Delia and it was magic. Mariah tells him he is lucky. Kevin has a idea.

Mariah is watching Faith for Sharon while she goes to work. Noah comes in and tells them about Nick and the bear trap. Sharon leaves. Mariah and Noah make a pact to help Faith get through it.

Kevin finds out from Chelsea that Billy is Victorias baby’s father.

Sharon shows up for work and Phyllis promptly fires her.

Kevin brings Mariah a Christmas tree.

Billy shows up with a tree but Chelsea has already bought one.

Friday- Adam wants to leave but Sage is concerned it will hurt Constance. Constance isn’t to keen in the idea. Adam tells her it will just be for one night and he will take Sage with him. Constance agrees to it.

Avery apologizes to Joe. Joe tells her he just wants what’s best for her. Nick shows up and has a few words with Joe. Joe leaves. Next they discuss Sharon hiring a lawyer of her own.

Ben calls Victoria and leaves a message saying he wants to see her and the baby. When Ashley and Abby arrive he tells them he has managed to get rid of bad scent. Ashley wants to drink champagne. Ben leaves to see Victoria.

Chelsea and Billy giggle about having two Christmas trees.

Victoria is holding Katie and Billy shows up and offers to help her do the tree.They hang up Delia’s special ornament and hug. Ben sees it through the window. Ben leaves. Victoria hears his message and wonders why he never came over.

Chelsea pays Jeff off to drop the charges against Ben. Adam walks in and they look at each other.

Ben decides to drink some more. Dylan warns Joe against any unwanted text calls or visits to Avery. Ben is still drinking. Jeff shows up and Ben gets hostile. Jeff decides that maybe he doesn’t want to drop the lawsuit.

Dylan and Avery have sex. Avery goes to get some wine while Dylan looks at a engagement ring.

Ben goes back to the lab. Ashley calls out to him.

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