Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 13 “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” REVIEW

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 13 “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” REVIEW

How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas,” was a drama-filled episode  PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. We have your weekly review for you below:

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Rosewood is all decked out in Christmas gear. Aria ask Spencer what she got Toby for Christmas. Spencer tells her I’m abstaining from Christmas this year remember? When your out on bail for murder it just seems like the right thing to do. Emily ask her if Toby is ok with that. Spencer tells her he agreed not to,get any presents if she agreed to surprise each other with a gesture. Hannah pops up,from out of left field and goes like the clowns. Spencer goes what clowns. Hannah says court jesters there clowns right? Lmao. Emily looks in a store window that’s all decorated. Emily says she has always loves those windows. Then she notices a tree where they have paper snowflakes and you can make wishes. Emily wants to do it. For Spencer. They all walk over and get a snowflake. Aria notices the look on Hannah’s face and ask her what’s wrong. Hannah tells then the last time she was there she was with MonA.

Flash back- Hannah and MonA are looking in the store window. Hannah ask MonA what she wished for. MonA tells her she is her best friend and she wished for them to always stay close. Hannah tells her they will. Besties forever. Hannah promises. MonA ask Hanna what she wished for. Hannah wished for shoes. MonA tells her she is getting those. Hannah says I am. MonA says if Santa doesn’t bring them they will steal them. They laugh and walk away from the window arm and arm.

Hannah snaps back out of it and tells Emily wishes don’t come true. If they did people wouldn’t die. Emily tells Hanna she is still holding out hope. Spencer says Hope is a dirty four letter word. Emily says we love in a A world and they still haven’t found MonA’s body. Spencer says that’s because A likes to bury the bodies herself. Aria pops up and says and throw ice balls. Aria says Alison is throwing the party to rub it in their faces that she ruined their lives and she is the bell of the ball. Spencer says technically she only ruined my life. Emily says ruin one of us ruin all of us. Aria says she would rather dance on dead monkeys then go to Alison’s ice ball. Spencer says dead monkeys? Hannah says Ali got everything she wanted. MonA’s gone, Bethany’s dead, and she’s making Spencer go down for it. Aria notices a guy and ask if it’s a reporter or a cop. Spencer tells her neither. He walks over to the girls and says Hannah Marin. Hannah says yes. He hands Hannah a card and tells her MonA Vanderwaal retained him to handle her affairs in the event of her demise. He was instructed to wait thirty days after her death and then deliver this to you personally. He hands her a thick envelope and says Merry Christmas. Spencer says Bah Humbug as he walks away. Hannah says she is afraid to open it. Emily does the honors. Emily pulls a map that Mona drew of all of Alison’s hiding places in her house. Plan ah finds a note. “Hey Han, if your reading this she’s still playing the game and I’m talking to you from the grave. But I went out fighting and that’s what you need to do. Promise me you won’t give up Hannah. You have to keep looking. Kisses, M. Hannah about to tear up tells the girls she promised MonA they would always be friends. She then says that A keeps souvenirs right? Emily says you mean Alison. Spencer says different names same bitch. Hannah says there has to be something in Alison’s house that proves she killed Bethany. Emily thinks MonA just give them a way to give Spencer a Christmas. A Santa comes by and Aria gives him money for his bucket. He reaches in his bag and takes a snow globe. Yup the very same snow globe A was making at the end of the last ep. She out a note in it that says “A takes a holiday you should too.”

Alison is sleeping when the lights go off in her room. Next is aloud banging and she jumps up. She looks at her door and it opens. Her mom walks in. Alison says mom. Her mom tells her that “she” has a lot to show you. Pay attention. Her mom smiles and leaves. Alison sits there in disbelief.

Alison is downstairs. She plays the opening to Silent Night. She picks a picture of her mom up that’s on the piano and lays down with it. Next she is asleep on the couch. She wakes up to her mini me playing Silent Night on the piano in her decked out living room. MonA is standing at the end of the piano. MonA tells Alison she knows she told her to never leave the house without her face on but as a corpse that’s the best she could do for her ice ball. Alison tells her this isn’t real. MonA looks back at little Ali playing the piano. MonA tells her she was quite the little pianist. Alison looks at the little girl and says is that me. MonA ask you don’t remember? Alison shakes her head no. MonA tells her it’s not pretty but she needs to see it. Alison says see what? MonA says wait for it. Little Ali can’t get a key to play so she opens the piano lid to see what’s wrong. She finds the mother load of presents. She takes two out. She opens them. They both have the same thing in them. Her mom comes in. Little Alison tells her she didn’t mean to open them. But she found the hiding place. She then ask her mother if her and daddy got her the same present. Her mother says she doesn’t know what she means. She tells her there are not two dresses. Little Alison tells her mom she thinks she needs glasses. Her mom tells her she only saw the one dress she found only one present. She opened it and there was one dress. Little Alison ask her why? Her mom tells her because daddy will leave them if she tells him about the dresses. Little Alison tells her she will say whatever her mom wants her to. Her mom says good girl. Then ask her to tell her what happened “the real story.” Little Alison tells her she was playing the piano she looked inside of it and found one present, one yellow dress. Her mom says good girl and then tells her one more time. Little Alison repeats the story. MonA says and the monster was born. Alison ask MonA who the other dress was for? Was it for Bethany? MonA looks at her and says it’s not going to be that easy bitch. Alison wakes up again. A ornament falls of the tree and breaks from the wind blowing in through the window.

Spencer is with Toby who is looming through a camera rear window style. Spencer tells him how Alison likes making things a game. Toby reminds her she is out on bail on a murder charge. He is peeping in Alison’s windows with it. Spencer tells him she saw the look on her parents faces the last time they met with the lawyer. Spencer says they have already lost. Toby ask her what happens if Alison leaves the dance early. Spencer who is dressing in some kind of holiday get up tells him she won’t and he will be there to let them know if anything happens. Spencer tells him it might be her last Christmas. She puts on a Santa hat and comes out. The get up was for Toby. She tells him Merry Ho Ho.
Hannah is at the church dressed up like one of Santa’s little helpers. She is handing out gifts to little kids. Caleb comes out in a elf costume. Hannah ask him what’s wrong. Caleb tells her he is pretty sure a kid peed on him. That mean littler girl that keeps calling him dum dum. Hannah ask what little girl. Caleb says Ali’s mini me. Caleb points her out. Hannah scolds her. She tries to,get the other little girls to leave with her. Hannah tells them they don’t need a leader. They sit back down the mini Alison leaves. Caleb tells Hannah she put the fear of Hannah in her. Hannah tells him MonA used to tell her when people show you who they are believe them. Hannah tells him she doesn’t think people change they get better at hiding it but that mean girls stay mean. Caleb holds her.

Emily, Paige, Lucas, Sydney, and Jenna are singing at a nursing home. Aria is handing out cookies. EzrA comes out with a Santa hat on. He tells Aria he knows she wanted to keep it low key but this is for tonight and he hands her a box. Aria ask if it’s a Ali decoder ring. He laughs. Aria opens it. It’s a pair of earrings. She thanks him. Them he whips out another box with a dress in it. Aria says if that low key she is afraid to ask what full on Christmas is like. EzrA tells her not I ask it’s like how many ponies can you get. Aria says seriously. EzrA says no. Aria says EzrA. EzrA tells her he got two ponies but he only asked for one. Aria laughs.

Emily is mingling with the people in the nursing home. Sydney walks up to her. Emily’s good mood vanishes she ask Sydney what she wants. Emily ask Sydney why Jenna just doesn’t come over and talk to her. That Sydney doesn’t have to be her eyes and her ears. Sydney tells Emily Jenna isn’t a bad person. Emily just doesn’t know that because Alison convinced her Jenna was the enemy. Well kinda…..then again. Emily says is that all. Sydney tells her she just wanted to say Merry Christmas. Emily turns and walks away. She hears Paige on a phone call. Paige says it’s not what I want it’s what you want. Paige hangs up the phone. Emily ask her what’s wrong. Paige says her parents want her to come to California after Christmas. Emily says that sounds like a fun winter break. Before Paige can elaborate Aria comes walking by and says look up. Mistletoe is hanging above them. They smile at each kosher and kiss.

Alison is having a meeting with her new underlings. It’s the twins and she has transformed them. Alison says wow it’s a Christmas miracle. The girls smile at each other and then at Alison.

Ice ball time. The girls are standing together just looking around. Hannah says she doesn’t see Ali anywhere. Aria says she is waiting to make her grand entrance. Hannah points out they can’t leave until she gets there. Spencer says she is going to get her picture taken with Santa. Lucas is Santa. Spencer says I think you know what I want for Christmas. Santa Lucas says he will do,whatever it takes to make sure she gets it. Spencer tells him her and Hannah are headed to Alison’s as soon as she shows up there. Santa Lucas tells Spencer he will make sure she stays there. Before she leaves Spencer warms him that Paige told them Alison was building a army. Spencer tells him to be careful and that that they can’t trust anyone.

Hannah is dancing with Caleb. Emily with Paige and EzrA and Aria. Alison makes her grand entrance. Hannah wants to know who the other girls are. Spencer and Hannah go to leave. Caleb kisses Hannah. Someone is a white cape is watching them. But we of course don’t see the face.

Aria is watching Alison and she heads around a corner Aria follows her. Aria sees Alison kiss someone in a Santa costume. Aria finds Emily and tells her she saw Alison kissing Santa. They take off back that direction.

Spencer and Hannah are in Alison’s house. Spencer tells Hannah to take the upstairs and she will take the downstairs.

Aria can’t find Alison and Santa. Emily takes off to see Santa Lucas. Aria spots a Santa and goes to talk to him but gets stopped by Sant Holbrook. He tells Aria she is on his naughty list. Aria says she is surprised to see him there. Holbrook says the same for her but it is a charity ball. They go back and forth and Aria pretty much insinuates she knows he was the one kiss smug in Alison. Holbrook tells her to tell EzrA he thinks he has great taste which lets Aria know that he knows who bought her dress. Holbrook takes off.

Paige is with Caleb and EzrA. She tells them that Aria and Emily lost track of Alison. EzrA says he just found her. Alison walks into a little gazebo and looks around. The white cape is following her. It’s probably CeCe. Alison looks at her reflection in the
mirror. Told ya it was CeCe.

Emily is standing in the stairs watching some of Alison’s underlings. When they walk away she follows them. It’s Sydney and Jenna. Emily ask Sydney if Jenna knows she is with Alison. Jenna’s mask pops off. Jenna says when she first moved to Rosewood Alison offered to be her friend. Jenna says she made the mistake of saying no. Jenna tells Emily when she asked her this time she gave her the right answer. Sydney promise Emily they aren’t the enemy. Emily tells her they are sleeping with the enemy. Sydney says she isn’t gay. Emily says that isn’t what she meant. Jenna tells Emily until someone puts Ali away they are doing what they have to in order to survive. Jenna says she is sure Emily and her friends understand that. Emily tells them they think she killed MonA. Sydney says they do to.

CeCe gives Alison a bottle of perfume named after her. Alison thanks her for the perfume and for coming to see her. Alison says she thinks her mom was warning her about MonA. CeCe says she knows MonA can’t hurt anymore. CeCe tells her that she can’t let her guard down her ex friends are there and they didn’t come to say Merry Christmas.

Hannah is standing in Alison’s room. Toby sees her. Hannah takes down a birdcage and finds the latch and opens the bottom. It’s a passport. Hannah brings it to Spencer. Spencer says that Alison is writing her happy ending. Spencer is going through a bunch of papers she has found. It’s personal ads and Spencer tells Hannah that Alison was talking with someone through them.

Aria and Emily are bringing everyone else up to speed on the whole Alison kissing Holbrook thing. EzrA says he wonders when Holbrook started helping Alison. Emily tells them that CeCe showed up in New York and that Alison helped get her out of the country. Emily thinks Holbrook helped CeCe escape and that he did it for Alison. They see Alison and the white cape and Holbrook all head for the entrance. They split up. Paige goes to get Santa Lucas. EzrA and Caleb head off Holbrook while Emily and Aria go after Alison and white cape. Paige and Santa Lucas head them off. When they have no way out they take off their mask and it’s the twins.

Spencer is moving a picture on the wall when she sees a reflection in it. She puts the picture down and looks. Hannah is in the basement and is looking at a chest. She goes to a music box and finds a key in a jar. She uses it to open the chest. Hannah finds a tape recorder with a message that says get out of my stuff or I’ll kill you. Things to note. Alison was apparently good in archery.

Caleb calls Toby and tells him Alison left the party and that they are on their way. Toby is still watching and says they need to get out of there. Toby looks down in the window and sees A with a knife. Spencer is doing her best to hide.

Hannah knocks out a paper wall and goes in. She finds a Jack in he box. Toby is panicking because he can’t see them anywhere. Hannah is turning the handle on the Jack in the Box. The clown pops out and scares Hannah. But she gets the clue. Mad Hatter.

A is still lurking about. Spencer sends Hannah a message when A disappears from view. Unfortunately Hannah’s phone is laying in the couch. Spencer sneaks over to get it. She goes to the window and shows Toby she has both phones. Toby takes the flash and tries to get Hannah’s attention.

Hannah meanwhile has a hat box she is going through. Hannah hits pay dirt and finds a letter Bethany wrote to Alison. Spencer meanwhile is breaking a picture frame to get a piece of glass to use as a weapon. Toby is still looking. Hannah heads a noise and hides the letter in her dress and then calls out for Spencer. Toby is still using the flash. Hannah screams and Spencer finds her knocked out on the floor. Spencer gets her to wake up. Spencer tells Hannah its ok she is gone. Hannah looks at the open window. Turns out A really isn’t gone as we see when she puts on a creepy doll mask and kind of blends in with the other ones hanging about.

Everyone is at Spencer’s house. Hannah has given them the letter. Merry Christmas all around.

Alison wakes up to MonA singing Hark the Herald Angel Sings. MonA ask her how the party was. Alison stays quiet. MonA tells her ignoring her won’t make her to away it will just make her mad. MonA disappears. Then pops back with a boo and a laugh. Alison tells MonA she is scared and ask her if that’s what she wanted to hear. MonA tells her it’s not as gratifying as she thought it would be. Alison ask MonA what she wants her to do or say to make her go away. MonA tells her to wait for it. MonA looks at the tv. Alison ask her if they have to watch what’s on that it’s depressing. MonA tells her if she thinks she is depressed now look over there. Alison sees a coffin. Alison walks up to it and opens she is in it. MonA appears and Alison ask her when. MonA ask if it matters and Alison says it does to her. MonA tells she is the inky one it matters to then she tells her she looks pretty good considering they never found her legs. MonA disappears and her mom is standing there all in black. Her mom tells her it’s all her fault and that they will be coming for her soon and that she is sorry. Alison ask if she is going to hell. Her mom doesn’t respond and she runs for the church doors screaming. They are locked and she can’t get out. Alison is screaming MonA. MonA yells wake up bitch it’s Christmas and you don’t want to miss it.

Emily is stuck with the girls for Christmas because the roads aren’t cleared from the storm yet. Aria is in the same boat. Then out of nowhere EzrA, Toby, Caleb and Paige come downstairs in boxers. They tell the girls Merry Christmas.

Soon they are cooing together.

Paige is looking out the window and Emily ask her if everything is ok. Paige tells her that her parents are having her move to California before graduation. Emily tells her she just thought they had more time. Paige hugs Emily.

Hannah is looking at a picture of MonA. Hannah tells Caleb MonA should be there tonight. The only reason they are celebrating is because of her.

They all sit down to eat dinner together. Alison watches through the window for a minute and then walks away. Emily makes a toast to them as family and says may they always stay together. They go outside to look when snow falls in the fireplace. There is a tree decorated in Spencer’s yard. A sign on the barn door lights up it says “Merry Christmas Bitches. -A”

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