Sons of Anarchy Finale REVIEW “Papa’s Goods”: Season 7 Series Finale

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Sons of Anarchy Finale REVIEW Papa's Goods Season 7 Series Finale

Here is the REVIEW of “Sons of Anarchy” Season 7 Series Finale “Papa’s Goods”

Jax gets up and does his best not to wake up Wendy who is still sound asleep. Jax watches her sleep for a minute and then gets up. Jax puts all his rings back on and then grabs a box with some journals in it. Jax puts some more with them. Jax peeks at a sleeping Able and the picks up Thomas and gives him a kiss. Jax then picks up his bloody sneakers and throws them away. Jax outs on boots. He loads a gun and puts all,the journals in man bag pack and takes off. When he gets to,his moms house he goes to the garage there he finds family pictures. Jax then gets the manuscript from where Gemma told him it would be. He burns everything the pictures, the journals he has been writing for his kids through this whole freaking show his dad’s manuscript. All of it up in smoke. If he was smart he would have burned those damn sneakers to. Next he heads to TM and gets some deeds out of a filing cabinet. Jax stops and looks at the bike Chucky has been working on. He goes to the cemetery and visits with Opie for a bit. Jax puts his Sons ring on the headstone. Then he heads over to Tara’s he kisses the headstone and puts his wedding ring on it.

Over at Red Woody Lyla is getting ready to film a scene in her porn movie. Jax comes in. Chibs is there and so is TO. Jax tells TO to chill there and they will let him know how there meeting goes. Tig tells TO to sit back and enjoy the greatness that will be Fat Ass in the Face. Im not even making that title up. Jax says it’s really all about the poetry and how looks in motion. Lyla lets him know she has already sold three more Fat Ass movies. Jax kisses her on the head and tells her how much he loves her. Lyla loves Jax as well. Jax tells the guys he wants to head out early so he can see how Tyler is doing on the Chinese end. Tig is curious to know why Hench and Monroe haven’t left town yet. Chubs what to know what happened.

Jax tells them they will know the situation soon. Jax wants to take a vote on TO. They all agree TO should get patched in. Weasel being a pain in the ass wants to know who is names Taddaruius. Quinn suggest he say that TO and see what happens. Weasel is sent to get TO. Wouldn’t you know the dummy tries his luck and calls him Taddarius. TO tells him he better watch calling him that. They all give him the serious tsk tsk face and TO looks like he is about to break out in a sweat then Jax ask if it’s ok if they call him SAMCRO. TO grins from ear to ear. Jax gives him a vest and calls him brother. Do they just have those vest and patches lying around? You know just in case? TO realizes he is going to be a point of contention. Jax says to hell with all that change is good. Chibs says it can’t get any hotter than it already is. Hugs all around.

Nero knocks on the door and Wendy lets him in. Wendy tells them they can leave after Able gets out of school since it’s only a half day. Nero wants to see Jax. Wendy tells Nero Jax isn’t there and that he left before she got up. Nero ask if she might no where Jax is. Wendy in turn ask Nero is everything is ok. Nero tells Wendy he just wanted to talk with Jax before they leave. Wendy ask Nero if he has spoken with Gemma. Nero hasn’t. Nero changes the subject and ask Wendy if she needs his help with anything before they leave. Wendy tells him he could pick up some snacks for the boys for the trip. Nero heads out on his snack run.

Tyler lets Jax and the boys know Connor said he would meet with them at ten. Tyler says Connor want the to double the order. Tyler wants to know if Connor will have anyone with him. Jax tells him no he will be alone. Tyler tells Jax he should have it all done by the end of the week. Jax says if he needs help don’t hesitate to call. Tyler’s main concern is Marks is about to be a free man. Jax tells Tyler he will handle Marks. Jax wants Tyler to call him as soon as Connor shows up. Speaking of ….Connor shows up and starts shooting at them. He takes off. They follow. Connor is speeding through this and that almost hits a semi, plows through a warehouse full of creepy talking dolls, misses a dump truck and then by the skin of his teeth he manages to get away. Chibs is not pleased. Jax orders Tig to call Declan and set up a meeting witH Hugh.

Nero shows up at the shop and bangs on Unser’s door. He of course is greeted with no answer. Chucky comes along and tells Nero that neither Gemma nor Unser have come back. Chucky ask Nero if Gemma is ok. Nero tells him he has no idea where she is or what happened. Chucky lets Nero know the cops have already been there to search. Nero goes in Unser’s and tells Chucky he is going to have a look around and see if he can come up with anything. Nero sees Tara’s crime scene photos laying out. Not pleasant stuff.

Jax is grabbing a smoke on the top of Red Woody. Chibs comes up and Jax tells himto take a sit. Jax tells Chibs he needs him to listen to what he has to say even though he doesn’t want to hear it. Jax tells Chibs he told Packer that he just out and out killed Jury and that Packer wants a Mayhem vote. Jax tells Chibs there is no way in hell that is going to happen. Chibs is not about the sitting and quietly listening anymore.

Weasel comes in with Declan. Tig has him and Hugh take a seat. Lyla wants to finish her movie but Tig tells her she can do that tomorrow. Lyla sk after Jax and Tig tells her they are all ok. Tig kisses her on the cheek and sends her on her way.

Tig goes up top and tells Jax that Declan and Hugh are there plus a party of one. Jax tells Tig he wants him to bring them up there. Tig heads back and Jax walks over to Chibs. Jax tells them this is how you learn to lead. By making choices that hurt like hell and would much rather make someone else do. Jax ask Chibs to give him his word he will do exactly what Jax asked him to do. Chibs does and almost breaks down. Tig comes back up and Jax ask Chibs if he is ready. Chibs tells him always. Jax tells Hugh he needs him to get Connor. Jax orders Hugh to call Connor and tell him that he got away. Hugh thinks it’s a trap. Jax tells him he is sure Connor will show up. Jax then turns and shoots and kills Declan and his party of one. Jax then tell Hugh to send the picture of their dead bodies to Connor. Jax wants Chibs to tell to Roarke what he just did.

Jarry is in her office looking through some files when Patterson comes in. Patterson ask Jarry about Tara’s murder. Jarry tells her Juice is dead. She also lets her know that Gemma is missing. Patterson tells her Jax Teller set up a appointment with her this afternoon and wonders of Jarry knows anything about it. Jarry thinks it might have something to do with Gemma. Paterson wants her to out out a APB on Gemma. Patterson brings up Unser and Jarry tells her he has been helpful. Patterson tells Jarry she knows this job isn’t easy but she knows she is the right one for the job. Jarry gets a troubled smile on her face.

Hugh is on smoke break when Connor pulls up. Hugh tells Connor he is alone and to get inside. Connor buys it. Jax and company come in and Hugh puts a guy to his head. Hugh tells Connor to listen to Jax. Jax ask Connor who is selling the guns to behind Jax’s back. Connor tells him some Salvadorians in Nevada and some Russians and Chinese up North. Jax wats to know if Connor would be able to get some Ak’s and some glocks. Connor tells him he can. Roarke comes barging in demanding to know where Declan is. Jax says funny story he is dead and the. They blow Roarke and his guys away. Alvarez will be the one to distribute Connors guns and in return for the guns Alvarez will keep him safe for the IRA. Chibs says Connor should be saying the words thank you. Connor says he gets it. Just in case he doesn’t Jax points it out and tells him he is just like them now. Connor says he will make it work. Connor tells Jax he just killed a top dog of the IRA and there is no way he can overcome that. Jax tells him it’s not a problem his dead tries to get out of this deal twenty years ago. Jax thinks it’s better late than never. Jax and company take off.

Jax gets to the shop and Nero is there he tells,Jax that he is leaving with Wendy and the boys in a little while. Jax ask Chucky to give them some privacy. Chucky lets him know he out the license plate on his dads motorcycle. Chucky leaves. Jax wants Nero to take care of some business for him. Nero ask what the business is. Jax tells Nero he is giving Wendy the houses and the shop. Jax wants Wendy to sell it all and go anywhere but here with his sons. Nero wants to know just what it is Jax is doing. Jax tells him what he should have done when Tara was alive. Jax tells Nero that Red Woody and Disoa go to the club. He wants Nero to buy the ice cream parlor. Jax puts a file on a cabinet for Nero to pick up. Nero ask Jax where he plans on being. Jax says not there. Nero finally brings himself to ask about Gemma. Jax just says yeah. Nero lets out a sigh and sits down. Nero ask him why he did it. Jax tells Nero he did what had to be done and Gemma was ok with it she understood he had to do it. Jax says all the lies finally caught up to all of them. Jax says he wanted to make his business legit and run away from it . Jax says in the end he is who he is and can’t change. Jax makes Nero promise he will make sure his sons leave Charming and never become what he has.

Chucky walks in and says that Wendy is there with the boys. Nero pulls himself together. Nero wants to know what to tell Wendy. Jax says everything and when she feels the time is right to tells his sons what he really is a criminal and a killer. Jax wants his sons to hate the mere thought of him. Able calls for Jax and Jax picks him up and holds him. Wendy is holding Thomas. Jax holds Thomas next. Jax tells Able to be good for his mommy. Able ask if he is referring to Wendy. Jax tells Able it’s ok to call her mommy and says he would like it and probably give him more candy. Jax tells him to listen to Nero. Jax tells him what Nero says goes. Jax tells him to have fun and enjoy playing with all the animals. Jax gets teary eyed and tells Thomas he loves him and then hands him back to Wendy. Jax hugs Able and Able tells Jax he loves him. Jax tells Able he loves him to. Nero straps Able in the car. Jax tells Wendy he loves her and that she is a great mom. Jax kisses her. Nero,says they need to be on their way. Wendy puts Thomas in the car. Wendy ask if Nero plans on telling her what that was all about. Nero says he will but not now. Jax watches them as they leave.

Jax gets on his dad’s motorcycle and starts it. Jax shakes Chuckyy hand and tells him to take care of himself. Chucky tells Jax bye. Jax leaves.

Jarry comes to see Chibs at Red Woody. Jarry tells,him about the APB on Gemma. Chibs says she is up north and that he isn’t her keeper. Jarry tells chubs that they are done no more late night nookie or money in envelopes. Jarry says she is a cop. Chibs tells her that’s a mistake and cops that rub them the wrong way tend to disappear. Jarry ask if he is threatening her. Chibs says nope it’s just the simple facts of the matter. Chibs tells her to stay safe and then goes back inside Red Woody.

Tig lets Chibs know Tyler knows the situation. Tig also sent TO with Alvarez so he won’t be able to vote. Chibs tells Tig to get everyone so they can tell them what they need to know and so they can vote. Tig ask Chibs if they are really going to do this. Chibs says they don’t have any other choice. Chibs tells Tig he needs him so pull it together. Tig tells Chibs he is there for him.

Jax shows up at Patterson’s office. Jax thanks her for her time. Patterson says he has been awfully busy judging from all the violence as of late. Jax thanks her for what she has been doing for Tara. Patterson wants to know what he knows about the murder. Jax tells her she may want to record it because he didn’t get a chance to write it down. Patterson starts recording. Jax tells her it wasn’t the Chinese that killed Tara it was his mother. Patterson looks like she just entered the Twilight Zone. Jax tells her Gemma killed Tara in a fit of rage and then Juice killed Roosevelt to protect Gemma. Patterson gets it together and ask Jax how he knows. Jax tells her both his mother and Juice admitted it to him. Patterson ask where Gemma is. Jax says at his grandfather’s house in Oregon. Jax says Unser is with her. Technically it isn’t a lie I mean she didn’t ask I’d she was dead. Jax gives Patterson the address. Patterson then ask about Lin and everyone else that has been disposed of. Jax ask her to quit recording and she does. Jax tells her the Chinese story was all Juice and Gemma’s doing. Patterson wants to know what happens when they find out on the street. Jax tells her everyone that was involved is either dead or gone. Jax tells her the war will be over by the end of the day. Patterson ask what the end of the day has to do with anything but Jax won’t say. Patterson has one more question for Mr. Teller she ask him again what happens t the end of the day. Jax tells her the bad guys lose. Jax walks out.

Chibs is letting the rest of the sons know that they have to out the mayhem vote forward and they can’t let their hearts outweigh reason. Chubs says all those in favor. Everyone stays quiet. Chibs calls for the vote again. Quinn votes yes first. Montez seconds it. Weasel is having a problem getting the word out. Tig puts his hand in his shoulder reassuringly and Weasel gets out a yes. Tig is next followed by Happy. Chibs is in tears and can’t speak but he gets the yes out. Chibs bangs the gavel and says Jax will be meeting mayhem. Chibs puts the gavel back in front of Jax’s chair.

Jax goes inside Barosky’s and blows him away.

Gemma and Unser’s bodies have been discovered and the house and there are cops and forensics going over the place with a fine tooth comb.

Jax goes to the courthouse and blows away Marks men and a very surprised Marks.

Jax comes back. Everyone is waiting for him. Jax takes of his sons vest and lays it and his gun down. Jax rips the president patch off his vest he takes the Vice President one off of Chibs and hands him the president one. Chibs gives Tig the Vice President one. Jax tells Chibs he made the right choice. Chibs and Jax hug. Jax outs his vest back on. Jax tells them all he is ready.

Tig gets Jax by the arm and they walk him a little ways over. Chibs gets the gun and points it at Jax. Chibs straight up shoots poor Happy in his arm. Chubs tells Jax he will tell Packer Jax fired some shots and managed to get away. Jax tells them that he loves them. They all hug him including poor bullet in his arm Happy. He hugs Tig who has no words. He should probably ask Happy I’m sure he has got plenty ,then Chibs who tells Jax he will make him proud. They open the door and Jax takes off on his dad’s motorcycle. They watch him until he is out of sight.

Jarry gets a call to out out a APB on Jax for multiple homicides. Jarry does it no questions asked.

Jax goes to where his dad died and just talks to him. About all the things he wanted what things became and what he couldn’t change. A cop car goes by and then stops. He tells his dad that it’s to late for him. The cop comes back. Jax tells,his dad that it isn’t to late for his sons and they will,never have to live a life of chaos. Jax tells his dad he loves him. Jax is about to leave when the cop orders him to stop. Jax fires at the cop but intentionally misses. Jax takes off and the cop gets in his car and follows him.

Nero notices how sad Wendy looks so he reaches over with his free hand and takes hers. Wendy squeezes Nero’s hand. OMG finally Jimmy Smits makes it out of a show alive.

Jax is just smiling away while the cop chases him.

He rest of the guys are getting drunk at Red Woody.

Tig goes to see Venus who strokes his head while he lays in her lap.

More cops are coming after Jax. He keeps going.
Patterson finds Jarry at Barosky’s palace and sees that he was murdered. Patterson takes a minute outside. Deep breaths girl deep breaths.

Jax gets on West 580. All cops follow him.

Chibs is siting in Jax’s old chair holding his new patch.

Gemma is bagged and tagged.

Thomas is getting sleepy and Able is coloring. Able has the ring Gemma gave him in his hand. After all he is his fathers son.

A semi is coming. Jax is still going full steam ahead. A crow is flying straight in a perfect line above and now we see things from its view point. There are so many cops not even going to try and count them. Still Jax just won’t quit. Jax sees the semi but doesn’t stop. The driver happens to be Michael Chicklis. Jax lets go of the bike handles and smiles as he collides with the semi. Two crows are sitting I the side of the road. They quickly take off in flight as Jax’s blood comes closer and closer to them.

That’s it. TheEnd #finalride #jimmysmitslived #dreademateolived #inthearmreallydude #notully #alwaysburnthebloodysneakers .

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