Mama June Calls Sugar Bear A Cheater

Mama June Calls Sugar Bear A Cheater

Mama June Shannon has a lot of nerve in calling out Sugar Bear for being a cheater, considering that she broke things off with him so that she could rekindle her romance with her child molester boyfriend Mark McDaniel. She’s pretty disgusting as it is, but this just takes the cake.

It was reported that when she called things off with Sugar Bear, she claimed it was because he was trying to use online dating to pick up someone new. Then it was revealed that her lies were just a cover up for her reconnecting with McDaniel. Now, she has claimed that he is a cheater and has been using Snapchat to pick up women.

From her posting on Facebook:

Well I thought I would post this up to the b4 I get many calls and text again well to all the ladies that have /or talking to Mike Thompson he is a cheater and a big player he claiming over a mth again he wants to make his family work lol well It was all a joke cause he is still talking females and talking to girls through snapchats as the girls even his own daughter found messages in his phone this afternoon he has already scammed many girls on here to fell in love with them I have talked to several over the last few mths and yrs so baby if u think u r his one in only u r wrong big time

I have text messages that I have took from his phone from different I am not mad just im tired of him downing me calling me names and telling them this all my fault lol not I dont normally put my business on fb but I think ppl should know the TRUTH bout him and I tried of seeing these girls hurt by his lies ….but if u r stupid to believe them go ahead as u will c the true colors before long promise u

Hello pot, meet kettle.

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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