American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4, Episode 10 Review “Orphans”

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American Horror Story Freak Show Season 4, Episode 10 Review “Orphans”

Here is your review of American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4, Episode 10 Review “Orphans”:
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Elsa is narrating as the show begins. She is talking about how the freaks are all her family. She says the death of a fellow freak is always cause for sorrow but is never unexpected. Cut to poor Pepper who is beside herself over the death of Salty. Who died in his sleep from natural causes. Yeah. Right. Poor thing won’t leave his side. I no like seeing the sweet innocent Pepper like this.

Slimey Stanley wants Elsa to let him handle the arrangements for Salty. Elsa is hesitant at first but as soon as the jerk mentions a telegram from Hollywood Elsa does a 180 and gives him permission tondo whatever he likes. Do whatever he likes he shall starting by cutting off poor Salty’s head. Wth is with this show? Do they have a clause in the contract where blood or dismemberment must be present in every freaking episode?

Poor Salty’s head is now put in case that is filled with formaldehyde and then put on display next to Ma Petite in the Museum of Morbidity.

Desiree is trying to help poor Pepper by reading her a story. Dell back from his trip to Charming and out of his suicidal haze strides in. He tries to gloss things over with Desiree by telling her she will make a hell of a mother someday. Dell then tells her he wants another chance with her. Desiree tells him sorry it’s not in the cards. She says they both deserve to be happy and together they never will be because she will never make him happy.

Desiree ask Elsa what will ultimately become of the show once she heads off to Hollywood. Elsa decides to tell a story of her own and tells Desiree how she came to run a Freak Show. Pepper was one of the first ones and she was in a orphanage. The woman who was in charge not knowing what to do with Pepper was more than happy to hand her over to Elsa. Ma Petite was next and all Elsa had to do to get her was give her traveling companions some Dr. Pepper. Wow. Elsa tells Desiree Ma Petite helped to fill Peppers need to be a mother but she still needed her soul mate. Elsa says she contacted all the places she could looking for one and in six months she received a call about a boy who also was a pin head. With that Pepper and Salty became inseparable and they were married. Elsa then tells Desiree with both Ma Petite and Salty gone she is afraid that Pepper will die from loneliness. Desiree thinks they need to look for Pepper’s real family.

Maggie is getting hammered and waxing nostalgic about Jimmy and the mess he is in when Desiree and Angus come in and ask her to do a reading for them. Maggie starts with her usual routine and tells them what they want to hear but then has a change of heart and tells them that they just like everyone else will end up hating each other. Desiree and Angus looking shocked at her outburst take off.

Now Maggie is getting even more hammered in the merry go round. Speaking of goimg around I bet her head is spinning. Desiree sees her and heads over to call her on her bs from earlier. Maggie finally admits that she isn’t a fortune teller and Stanley is no Hollywood hot shot that they are in fact in cahoots together. Maggie tells her how Stanley found her picking pockets one day and offered to make Maggie his partner by giving her ten cents on every dollar they made. Maggie also was a orphan. Small world. Desiree then ask the million dollar question what exactly are the two of them doing at a Freak Show in Jupiter Florida. Maggie claims they are just there stealing from the patrons as they leave. Desiree who can clearly see through her drunk lie tells her if she finds out that they have anything to do with the freaks that have been dying she will personally kill them both herself.

Maggie heads back to her tent to pack and get the hell out if she is smart. She is sidelined by Bette and Dot who are there to talk Jimmy. The girls want Maggie to find Jimmy the best lawyer money can offer and they will even give her the money. Maggie isn’t really into the whole Kumbaya moment and is straight up rude to them. Bette tries to be nice but Dot is not into that and throws the money at Maggie and yells that she had better do right by Jimmy. They storm out.

Jimmy is looking just tragic. A guard comes and tells him he has a visitor. It’s Stanley. Stanley plays jimmy like a fiddle and gives him a son story about having lost his own mother and blah blah blah. Stanley ask if he killed the women at the party. Jimmy sadly admits he can’t recall what happened because he was to drunk at the time to remember. Stanley tells him that fortunately he can get Clarence Darrow’s kid to represent him who I guess is the Johnnie Cochrane of his day. Unfortunately however the kid is going to want a down payment on his services. Jimmy tells Stanly that he doesn’t have any money let alone the money he will want. Stanley leaves but then reappears and tells Jimmy rather slyly that he has a way Jimmy can get the money. Close up of Jimmy’s hands. I so know where this is going.

Maggie goes to see Desiree and after some incoherent blubbering she tells Desiree she needs her help and then tells her she has something to show her.

Elsa takes Pepper to see her sister who is played by Mare Winningham who for the record is a drunk this season as well. Rita isn’t to keen with the idea of taking on her sister but does it anyway.

Maggie takes Desiree to the museum so that someone else will be aware of what has been going in in case Stanley does something to her when he finds out she sold him out. Desiree happens to notice Ma Petite’s little body and Salty’s head while Maggie is going on and on. The owner comes by with a group of people and Maggie and Desiree can’t help but hear her brag about her new arrival which turns out to be Jimmy’s hands. Wonder if Stanley gave him ten cents on every dollar.

We skip ahead a bit. Rita is talking to Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe). She tells her a lie about how Pepper killed her baby when it was really her that did it because she didn’t want a child with deformities. Which is odd considering she had Franken Kyle for a kid last season and was more than ok with it. Poor Pepper gets hauled off to Briar Cliff where she is treated rather cruelly until Mary Eunice sees what she believes to be remorse in Pepper’s tears and decides to let her work in the library putting the books and magazines away. It happens to be while she is putting the magazines away that she happens to see a Life magazine with Elsa on the cover that claims she is televisions biggest star.

Three episodes left this season. I wonder who besides Pepper and Elsa makes it out alive.

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