The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review 12/15/14-12/19/14 #YR

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The Young and the Restless #YR

The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review for December 15 – December 19, 2014 is below for your enjoyment! – See more at: Hollywood Hiccups Recaps…

Monday- Nick runs into Sage. Nick knows she is the one who helped get him out of the bear trap. Nick asks who the guy was with her.

Avery brags about being engaged. Paul brags about his wife being pregnant.

Ben tries to,come clean to,Victoria but they are interrupted by Jill who wants to see the baby. When they leave she ask what he wanted. He makes something up and they take a picture with a sleeping Katie.,

Adam takes a elevator ride with Victor who of course doesn’t know who he is.

Joe tries to win Cane over to his side. Lily isn’t having it.

Avery shows Joe her engagement ring. He wishes her well.

Billy tells Jill he isn’t getting back with Victoria then tells her he is late to meet Chelsea.

Adam listens to Chelsea talk to Connor about Christmas. Chelsea sees him and they talk for a minute before Billy shows up.

Victor tells Cane he should consider coming to his party. Jill overhears it and warns Victor history may not be in his side.

Lily isn’t pleased Joe is using Cane to do his dirty work.

Tuesday- Avery is still bragging about getting engaged this time to Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis just wants to testify against Sharon for Nick.

Lily is upset about where Joe wants to hold his party. He apologizes and offers to move it. Lily tells him he can have it there.

Dylan tells Sharon to fight for what she wants. Dylan tells her to go to Jabot and get her job back.

After a few minutes with Neil Hilary and Devon decide to hit the sheets.

Michael and Lauren get into it after his doc appointment. Lauren says she is going to be there for him. Michael brings up the fact she wasn’t the last time he needed her.

Joe lets Avery know she has no business marrying Dylan.

Lily gives Neil some Braille books to read and falls asleep on his shoulder.

Kelly lets Jack know she isn’t taking any crap from Phyllis. Period.

Sharon and Phyllis get into it at Jabot.

Wednesday- Michael tells Lauren he won’t blame her if she decides to jump in the sack with someone else. Lauren is standing by him no matter what but he has to fight with her. Fen comes in and Michael and Lauren make something up. When he leaves Michael tells her they will tell him after the holiday.

Anita stops by and tells Chelsea his stupid she is for letting bully spend time with Victoria and the baby. Chelsea tells her if Billy decides to go back she can’t stop him.

Sage and Adam get into it again. Sage wants him to be Gabriel. Adam refuses.

Devon wants to get it on with Hilary.

Lily tells Neil she is always there for him.

Lily sees Devon and Hilary. Lily tells them about Neil wanting to drink. Hilary goes to see Neil and Devon lies about them thinking about a gift for Gwen.

Christine conforms to Paul she is in fact pregnant. Nikki appears and Paul tells her. Nikki is happy for him.

Hilary goes to AA meeting with Neil that Nikki is also at. Hilary goes outside and calls Devon and tells him to tells Gwen to come at Christmas.

Thursday- Chelsea tells Billy that Adams assets,are no longer in probate. Chelsea says it feels like it’s final.

Sage finds Adam at his suite and tells him he needs to remain Gabriel. Adam tells her he will make Chelsea fall in love with Gabriel then. Safe thinks he is crazy.

Jack tells Sharon he will give her a job recommendation but he isn’t going to second guess Phyllis or her firing of Sharon.

Nick Noah and Mariah all,get into it over the custody hearing. Nick sees Sage so he tries to look less jerk like. Sharon says he won’t be taking Faith from her.

Fen is with Summer and tells her that her and Austin she come in the ski trip. They hug Fen leaves.

Ben comes to Victoria’s to pamper her. Chelsea and Billy show up with Katie’s christening gown. They all agree to get along.

Adam goes to see Jack. Jack ask who he is and Adam tells him.

Chelsea and Billy are at home and Billy comments that Katie will never meet her sister Delia.

Friday- Jack doesn’t believe Adam until tells him things only Adam would know. Jack hits him. Adam tells him where he has been and what happened to him. They discuss Delia. Jack tells him he is calling Billy.

Sage is calling Adam by Delia’s memorial when Billy and Chelsea show up. She hears Billy tell her a wish for a sister came true. They see Sage and she fakes like she is looking for the store. Billy tells Delia Merry Christmas.

Kevin shows up,with mistletoe. He almost gets a kiss from Mariah but then Sharon walks in. Kevin leaves. Sharon and Mariah discuss love and Mariah says she doubts it’s worth the trouble.

Lauren and Michael find Fen waiting for them at home. He ask them some questions and they lie so he leaves for his now rebooked flight.

Paul is dressed as Santa and Christine is his elf.

Faith wants her parents to get back together but a Santa Paul says he can’t give her that.

Fen runs into Kevin who lets it slip that Michael has cancer.

Nick tells Faith he and her mom aren’t getting back together. Nick realizes later that Faith has taken off.

Fen goes home and hugs Michael. Kevin is right behind him. Michael wants them all to have a Merry Christmas.

Nick tells Sharon Faith ran away.

Sage leaves another message for Adam.

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