The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review 01/05/15-01/09/15 #YR

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The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review for January 5th, 2015 – January 9th, 2015 is below for your enjoyment! – See more at: Hollywood Hiccups Recaps…

Monday-Adam is a little ticked at Sage for telling him her and Gabriel were married because it was the only way he could get his inheritance. Adam calls her a liar and she produces the proof. Sage then has Adam read where it says in order to get the money they have to be married for three years. Adam comes unglued and tells he already has a wife. Safe corrects him he has a widow and she will be more than happy to let Adam call her and tell him he is headed back home.

Ben Abby and Ashley pick out the perfect fragrance for their love potion. Ashley tells Abby to put the scents back in the lab. Abby steals a dropper full before she does.

Victor ask Victoria to find out what’s going on at Jabot from Ben. Victoria tells him nope. Victor admits Ben is a better choice than Billy ever was. Victoria ask him to play nice with Billy at the christening and Victor agrees to it.

Avery ask Joe for the name of the man who is behind the sale. Joe says he will get it for her. Later she gets a call and leaves to meet him.

Chelsea tells Billy she won’t be going to the christening. She will be uncomfortable around Victor. Billy convinces her otherwise.

Avery goes to meet the seller. Turns out it’s Joe and it’s just him and her meeting.

Tuesday- Joe wants a second chance with Avery. Avery tells him to bad she is in love with Dylan. Avery tells him to stop the deal and walks out.

Gwen has on lingerie for Devon. Devon says thanks but no thanks.

Chelsea and Billy argue about her taking off her wedding ring.

Neil’s tells Devon he and Hilary are trying to have a baby. Devon wonders about the timing.

Victor wants Nick to fight dirty with Sharon.

Joe tells Victor Avery and Dylan are trying to find out who the buyer is. Victor is sure they will never know it’s him.

Safe tells Adam they have two years and two weeks left in the marriage. Adam warms her she had better not get in his way.

Sharon and Nick get in a fight over her going after his family and making them look bad. Nick steps away and talks to Sage for a minute. Sharon becomes livid. Nick tells her not to get it twisted.

Kevin argues with Michael about not getting treatment for his cancer yet. Dylan shows up and Kevin says he will help him look into the buyer.

Adam meets Chelsea and tells her he was supposed to get to see a apartment but it was cancelled. Chelsea shows him hers. Billy comes in and Adam leaves. Billy shows Chelsea he had the tattoo on his finger and the Victoria from his back. Chelsea takes off her wedding ring. They share a kiss.

Hilary sees Devon kiss grown and then head upstairs with her. Neil tells Hilary he told Devon they are trying to have a baby.

Avery tells Dylan about Joe’s little trick. She makes Dylan promise not to go after him.

Wednesday- Dylan and Avery decide to get married. Probably so she can eventually cheat on him like she did her other husband.

Meanwhile said ex husband is looking for some new digs to move into in Genoa City.

Everyone who is anybody is arguing while the rally is getting ready to start. Particularly Jill and Victor.

Kevin gets a warning from Paul he better keep his internet snooping within legal means. Nikki swings by and thanks Paul for always being there when she slips.

Jack can’t find Phyllis.

Summer ask him for career advice. Jack suggest she go to college.

Phyllis got Kelly to Jabot under false pretenses and they go at it. It ends in a slap we don’t see. Jack shows up and listens to both women. Kelly leaves and Jack tells Phyllis the only person who can destroy them is her.

Kevin tells Dylan and Avery that Victor is the buyer.

Austin and Mariah are chit chatting when Summer shows up and tells Austin she is going back to school. Kevin shows up and upsets Mariah who then takes off.

Mariah is at Cassie’s grave. She tells her Happy Birthday.

Dylan calls Victor out. Nikki ask if it’s true. Victor says no one will stand in his way.

Thursday- Nikki tells Victor her son will lose his business. Victor says it isn’t personal. Cane, Lily and Colin are in awe of the news. Nikki becomes upset and takes off. Avery heads over to Joe. Joe is not in a reasonable mood and tells her no worries Dylan still has her. Jill thinks Victor is desperate and they should make a move. Jill ! cane , Lily, and Colin start plotting a way to get Chancellor back.

Nick comes up to Mariah at Cassie’s grave and wishes Mariah a happy birthday. Mariah wonders what Cassie would say about what going on with him and Sharon. Nick tells her Cassie would try to fix it. Mariah tells him that just one more way she and Cassie are different.

Nick brings Mariah back hime and Faith ask him to,stay while they celebrate her birthday. Nick agrees. Mariah becomes less interested as they all begin to talk about Cassie.

Kevin tries to,figure out why Mariah is so upset. Summer tells him it’s Cassie’s birthday. Kevin heads out to look for Mariah. Meanwhile Summer closes the club and has sex with Austin.

The doctor tells Michael he has stage three cancer. Michael leaves. Lauren goes after him.

Nikki and Victor fight over what he is doing to Dylan. Victor tells her he will help Dylan open a new business. Afterwards Nikki takes a drink from the tequila bottle.

Michael finally calls and makes arrangements for radiation treatment.

Paul calls Nikki to check on her.

Kevin gives Mariah a birthday gift. She loves it. When Sharon gives her one she becomes upset and leaves. Kevin goes after her.

Faith starts plotting with her doll to do something big.

Victor assures Joe the deal is still good to go.

Mariah grabs Austin and kisses him.

Friday- Kevin ask Mariah if she has lost her mind. Summer walks in and Kevin covers for Mariah. Summer wants Mariah to leave. Kevin goes with her. Austin tells Summer what really happened. Summer gets pissed. Abby shows up and Summer blabs to her. Abby leaves. Austin tells Summer to lay off of Mariah and she agrees.

Sharon needs to go to her job interview.

Chelsea has to go into work because her assistant is sick. Billy tells her he will watch Connor. Jeff shows up for his second pay day and tells Billy Chelsea willingly paid him to keep him and Victoria apart. Billy doesn’t believe it. Jeff warns him not to hurt Chelsea.

Sage answers the door to Nick who is there to pay his respects and donate money to Constance’s charity.

Mariah tells Kevin to go,away. He won’t. He knows she is scared and she admits she is. He tells her maybe someday she will meet someone worth not being scared for.

Chelsea hires Sharon.

Chelsea goes home and tells Billy. He tells her what Jeff said. Chelsea goes to see Connor. Connor calls Billy daddy. Chelsea is worries about what Billy thinks of that.

Sharon tells Noah she got the job.

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