Bruce Jenner Photoshopped As A Woman On ‘In Touch Weekly’

Bruce Jenner Photoshopped As A Woman On 'In Touch Weekly'

Bruce Jenner is in drag on the cover of the new issue of “In Touch Weekly” and it’s a terrible Photoshop job. Did they really think that anyone would buy this nonsense?!?

“In Touch Weekly” targeted Bruce because of all of the rumors surrounding Bruce’s supposed transformation into a woman. They slapped on the makeup and blushed Bruce’s cheeks and put him in a woman’s outfit. It’s all just ridiculous looking, if we’re being honest.

Bruce’s face looks silly with that overly red lipstick and those pink cheeks. Whoever did this monstrosity of a Photoshop job needs to seriously be fired because it’s insanely stupid looking.

Did you see this and think it was a real photo of former Olympian Bruce Jenner? If so, then you are in need of some desperate help. Seriously, seek counseling.

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