Kris Jenner Calls Bruce Photoshopped Woman Picture ‘Mean’

Kris Jenner Calls Bruce Photoshopped Woman Picture 'Mean'

Bruce Jenner’s face was recently splattered across the front cover of “In Touch Weekly” in complete drag and now Kris Jenner has revealed that she found the move “mean”.

Kris is more likely feeling outraged by the magazine’s actions because she wasn’t the one to think of it and make money from it. If she can’t profit, she’s not for it — and that’s the bottom line.

The magazine Photoshopped Bruce in makeup with blush and peach colored lipstick, much to Kris’ dislike. She said, “It’s just mean to do whether or not it’s true.”

You notice that she is officially dodging a confirmation or denial because she will probably try to use that as a storyline on her show. Either that or she has plans for the information in a future book or interview.

Bruce isn’t giving the tabloids any attention, though. A source said, “He doesn’t even pay attention to this stuff.”

She revealed in a previous interview, “Ninety-nine percent of the stuff in the tabloids is made up. I think when he gets his nails buffed they put clear nail polish on him. The bottom line is, we sell magazines.”

Still, she gets pretty miffed when things don’t go her way, doesn’t she?

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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