General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review January 19th, 2015 – January 23th, 2015 #GH

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General Hospital

The General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for January 19, 2015 – January 23, 2015 is below for your enjoyment! Check out more recaps of General Hospital by clicking here…

Monday- Shawn is trying to break into the basement at Luke and Bobbies old house. Michael catches him and becomes angry at tells Shawn to leave.

Dante is trying to convince Lulu to sell her half of the Haunted Star to Johnny but she refuses because the boat was her fathers. Johnny pisses Dante off and he punches him. Johnny gets up at punches Dante back. Lulu breaks them up. Michael calls Dante and he leaves. Lulu starts cleaning up the mess they made fighting. Lulu ask if Dante is right about Johnny. Johnny tells Lulu he just wants the chance to see her.

Dante tells Michael he can’t press charges because Shawn isn’t there. Michael wants a restraining order.

Helena is with Fluke on the pier. Helena is excited that Sam will be dead soon. Fluke assumes she sent soldier boy. Helena becomes worries when Jake doesn’t call to tell her he killed Sam.

Sam and Patrick head to her room just as Jake breaks in. Jake has a flash of Sam coming to live with him. He see a picture of Sam and Danny with Jason. He takes off his mask and sits down in the couch and thinks. Robin pops up and she tells Jake she is in his head. Robin tells him not to kill Sam. His phone rings and it’s Helena. When he turns back around Robin is gone. Helena orders Jake to kill both Sam and whoever is with her.

Sam and Patrick are upstairs undressing when she notices a picture of Jason. Sam turns it over and then continues with Patrick. While they are laying in bed afterwards Jake starts to sneak in.

Carly is looking for Jake at the hospital when she runs into Elizabeth. They discuss Jake and how strange he has been acting lately.

Meanwhile Sonny and Julian are trying to come up with a plan to out smart Fluke. Someone walks in and threatens them. The guy calls in more men to beat them. Sonny and Julian wipe the floor with them. Sonny gets the phone away from the one they didn’t touch. Sonny calls Shawn who tells him the house belongs to Bill Eckert.

Tuesday- Maxie finds Johnny while looking for Lulu. They catch up and Maxie tells him she has a daughter named Georgie and shows him a picture. Eventually a than gets brought up and Maxie makes it clear she is in love with Nathan. Maxie tells him it’s ok if they are friends.

Dante and Nathan eat and play catch up at Kelly’s.

Lulu finds Olivia passed out on her couch. Lulu wakes her up and tells her all about Dante and Johnny getting into it. Olivia isn’t sure what Lulu should do since most of the men’s she has been involved with have needed up in prison. Try all of them. Julian, Sonny, Johnny, Steve….the list goes on. Dante comes home with flowers for Lulu. At first she blows him off but then accepts his apology.

Julian is wondering who Fluke could be. Sonny brings up Bill Eckert and his stunning resemblance to Luke then he tells Julian he is supposed to have been killed. Johnny calls the phone Sonny has and he mocks him and hangs up on him. Sonny tells Julian they need a way to prove Fluke is Bill.
Nikolas catches Helena and Fluke on the pier and wants to know what in the hell is going on. Fluke tells him it’s complicated. Nikolas threatens to tell Lulu. Fluke tells him to zip it.

Jake is about to shoot Sam and Patrick but he gets a flash of him on the bed with Sam. Jake backs out of the room. Sam and Patrick go to take a shower. Jake walks back in and sees the Phoenix on the dresser and he takes it and leaves. Sam comes out of the bathroom and is sure she hears someone.

Jake passes out on the pier and drops the Phoenix.

Wednesday- Sam is getting her phone for Patrick to borrow to call Emma. Sam notices the Phoenix is gone. Sam gets upset and tells patrick it is always on the dresser next to the Dragon and it never gets moved. Patrick has to go to work he tells Sam he is sure that it will turn up.

Jake is suffering from hypothermia and as he is getting loaded into a ambulance the Phoenix statue gets left on the pier.

Lucas and Elizabeth are talking about Michael and Carly when Jake is brought in. Lucas wants to run some test when he finds out that Jake suffers from amnesia.

Anna runs into Jordan and tells her she is headed to D.C to discuss her actions within the WSB. Jordan wants to quit working for Duke but Anna tells her she can’t. Anna also tells Jordan she has a lot of respect for her.

Sonny calls Michael and tries to warn him but Michael is to pissed to listen. He storms in to where Fluke and Tracy are and starts to rant. Fluke suggest Michael build the clinic somewhere else.

Carly is arguing with Shawn about Sonny when Alexis comes in with a restraining order. Carly gets a call from Elizabeth about Jake and she takes off.

Sonny again talks to Shawn about Eckert. Sonny wants him to dig up the grave and see if he is in it. Fluke calls afterwards and threatens Lucas and Michael if Sonny doesn’t give him what he wants.

Carly is with Jake who can’t remember much except the little trinket. Carly starts going through his bag looking for it when she finds a gun.

Meanwhile Patrick shows up to discuss Jake with Elizabeth.

Thursday- Nathan and Maxie are in bed again. They end up talking about Johnny. Maxie tells Nathan Johnny has been known to do the wrong thing for all the right reasons.

Jordan is with Duke on the pier when Shawn shows up and tells him what Sonny wants him to do. Jordan hears it all fakes like she is going with the shipment waits for Shawn and Duke to leave and then follows Shawn.

Fluke is talking to Sonny. Sonny calls him Bill and Fluke acts appalled at the idea. Fluke warns Sonny to stay out of his way and his business or Lucas and Michael will lay the price. Sonny offers Fluke his territory but he isn’t interested in deals he will just take it. He hangs up on Sonny. Sonny tells Julian they have to break out of jail.

Michael goes to see Lucas at the hospital and ask if he wants to take a walk down to the pier with him and tell him what he needs at the new clinic. Lucas says he is and they head out.

Elizabeth tells Patrick about what happened with Jake and he begins to wonder if he is the one that took Sam.

Carly also finds a mask in Jakes bag and she says it is starting to look like he is guilty. Jake ask Carly not to say anything just as Elizabeth and Patrick walk in.

Michael and Carly get into it at the hospital before he leaves with Lucas.

Sam tells her mom she had a great night with Patrick bit that her Phoenix is missing. Patrick calls Sam later to invite her to dinner.

Shawn is about to dig up the grave when he catches Jordan watching him.

On the pier Michael takes a call from Fluke and Lucas finds the Phoenix.

Friday- Sonny and Julian are planning to breakout when Franco shows up and threatens to tattle if Sonny doesn’t let him use his phone. Sonny gives it to him and Franco walks off. Sonny tells Julian they are still getting out.

Ava has a bad dream where Kiki decides she is her baby’s mother. She wakes up to Madeline sitting next to her. Ava tells her she destroyed her life. Madeline claims it was all Nina. Ava isn’t buying it. Madeline is sure a jury will. When Madeline leaves a guard pulls a knife on Ava. Before he can stab her he gets called away. He tells Ava he will be back.

Nina and Heather become fast friends they even share a hug. When Franco calls Nina tells him she made a new friend.

Kiki and Morgan are talking when Lulu and Dante show up. Morgan tells them he is looking for a job and Lulu offers him one at the Haunted Star. Morgan leaves with Lulu and Kiki tells Dante that Morgan kissed her.

Fluke tells Lucas and Michael they can have the house and that he wants to throw a party on the Haunted Star to celebrate the new clinic. Michael isn’t sure if it’s a good idea. Morgan and Michael get into it and when Morgan takes off Lulu goes after him. Fluke promises it will be a party no one will forget.

Morgan tells Kiki he got into it with Michael at the Haunted Star.

Jordan helps Shawn dig up the grave and they get to the coffin in no time.

Fluke goes to visit Luke. Luke ask if he is Eckert. Fluke just laughs and tells Luke he would be more worried about the party he is throwing with a guest list that includes everyone Luke cares about.

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