The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review 1/19/15-01/23/15 #YR

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The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review for January 19th, 2015 – January 23th, 2015 is below for your enjoyment! – See more at: Hollywood Hiccups Recaps…

Monday – Jack accuses Phyllis of wearing the wig and ordering the flowers. Phyllis of course denies it. Phyllis ask Jack if he thinks she is crazy. Jack won’t go as far as to say that but he does think their may have been side effects to the drugs she was given. Phyllis maintains it’s all been Kelly. Jack takes off. Phyllis calls someone and tells them she needs to see them.

Billy lets Victoria know that he would love to spend the rest of his life with Chelsea and Connor. Victoria admits he would be a far better father than Adam ever was. Billy tells her Dylan thinks her dad is the one that put him in the hospital. Victoria goes out of her way to make her dad look less guilty.

Adam is with Chelsea. He tells her Connor was a little fussy. She notices the red car and he lies and says he found it in Connors stroller. Billy comes in and Connor calls him dada which ticks Adam off. Adam is on his way out. Chelsea tells Billy to be nicer to him. Adam leans down next to Connor and tells him that he knows who his father is and soon everyone else will to.

Victor snaps at Joe for having thugs attack Dylan. Victor tells him this is business. Joe says he admires how Victor can separate his personal life from his professional one.

Victoria tells Victor she knows he didn’t have Dylan beat up.

Avery is with Dylan when Paul shows up. Dylan wants to know if he can prove Victor had it done. Avery tells Dylan to back down. Not gonna happen. Joe shows up and as usual him and Dylan get into it.

Avery hauls Joe away and calls him on him kissing her. Joe thinks it had a affect on her otherwise she would shut up. Avery tells Joe to stuff it.

Phyllis walks in to see Avery. Phyllis wants a restraining order against Kelly. Avery tells her Kelly could get one against her as well as she her for defamation of character.

Dylan gets a phone call and someone issues a threat.

Phyllis is at home looking at herself in the mirror with the wig on.

Tuesday- Kelly and Phyllis order tea and sit to talk. Kelly suggest that maybe Phyllis has something wrong with her medically. Phyllis continues to accuse Kelly.

Cane wants Neil to come clean about his treatments. Neil doesn’t want anyone to know. Gwen shows up so Cane leaves. Neil wants Gwen to do him a favor.

Jack is meeting with the Dr. Phyllis comes home and is upset. Jack tells her to get checked out. The Dr. tells her he will examine her and he will be available until tomorrow. Phyllis snaps at Jack when he leaves.

Lily is with Hilary in Chicago. Lily compliments her on how well she treats Neil. Hilary goes to set up a spa day for them. Devon grabs her and kisses her. Hilary heads back to the room and then Lily leaves. Devon comes in and they undress and move to the bed.

Victor lets Jill know he isn’t going to sell Chancellor. Jill tells him she can help him. Jill says she will get the company back. Victor says she won’t have the capital to do it with. Victor writes down a number that stuns Jill.

Abby is with Ben when Ashley comes in. She thinks Victor is on to them. Ashley fires Tobiasbecause he is a mole for Victor. Abby drops her purse and the vial falls out. She explains to Ashley she was going to use it. Ashley is afraid Victor could have seen it.

Jill shows Cane and Collin Victor’s asking price. Colin looks like he may have a idea. Colin hears Gwen talking to Neil about Devon and then remarks he can get a investor.

Kelly is telling Ben something is wrong with Phyllis when she passes out.

Ashley and Victor argue.

The doctor runs some test on Kelly and finds out she was poisoned.

Ashley tells Abby they are in the clear.

Victor is outside the door listening.

Wednesday- Adam is working himself into a frenzy about a article in which Chelsea gushes about Billy. Sage tells him to calm down. Adam orders her to get info from Nick.

Jill thinks Colin’s pay off is shady.

Sharon and Chelsea have a talk. Adam shows up and Sharon jokes they have to stop meeting like this. Chelsea loves his marketing ideas. Chelsea wants to meet him at Jabot in the future.

Michael tells Lauren he is ok. When she leaves he tells Kevin he wants him in charge of his will. Kevin agrees to do it.

Hilary is snuggling with Devon when Lily comes back. Devon hides in the closet. Hilary breaks down in tears and starts explaining to Lilly that her father needs someone who loves him completely. Lily gets a call from Cane and has to leave. Devon comes out and holds Hilary. Soon they are back in bed.

Faith is giving Nick the third degree when Sage shows up. Faith goes upstairs. Nick and Sage talk. Sharon shows up. After she leaves Nick accidentally spills some cocoa and Sage ends up in his robe which Faith sees.

Lily is back at work.

Jill and Lauren have a talk about Michael.

Faith calls Sharon and tells her to come back to Nick’s quick.

Thursday- Phyllis is still upset with Jack who is just looking out for her well being. When the Dr. arrives Jack ask him about other patients he has treated the same way. He tells Jack that some of them lack empathy afterwards. Jack becomes very concerned.

Ben tells Kelly she was poisoned. Kelly realizes it was Phyllis. Ben wants to report it. Kelly doesn’t it. She breaks down in tears. Later she tells the Doctor it was a accident and there is no need to tell the police about it.

Faith begs Sharon to come back to Nick’s.

Phyllis wants Victoria to help her with the Kelly problem.

Ben later tells Victoria that Phyllis poisoned Kelly. Victoria agrees that something is going on.

Sharon shows up to get Faith. Nick is about to scold her but she claims she is sick. Sharon takes her home. Nick ask Sage if he will be seeing her again.

Summer and Fen get into it about Austin.

Austin tells Mariah he understands why she kissed him and it’s ok but not to screw up what she could potentially have with Kevin. Mariah tries to apologize to Summer who acts like a itch. Mariah leaves in tears. Austin tells her she should be nice to Mariah and that he doesn’t kick people when they are down like she does.

Kevin is with Fen when Mariah comes in in tears. Kevin rushes to her and holds her.

Jack is arguing with Phyllis and he wants it to stop. Phyllis says that will only happen when Kelly is gone for good. Phyllis tells Jack she has made that clear to Kelly. Jack ask her how. Kelly walks in and says by poisoning me.

Faith tells Sharon that she wasn’t really sick she just wanted to come home because daddy told that woman to take her clothes off.

Friday- Phyllis tells Jack that Kelly is crazy. Kelly tells Jack she left Phyllis for a minute. Phyllis denies it. Kelly whips out what’s left of the tea and tells Phyllis to drink it. Kelly and Phyllis argue some more. Jack ask Kelly to please leave. Phyllis gets made that Jack suggest Kelly is telling the truth. Phyllis throws down a vase and cries. Jack is on her side no matter what.

Hilary is getting ready for a night out with Devon when he sees Colin’s text. Hilary sees it as well and they plan to call him together.

Joe and Cane go over other property.

Colin tells Jill he will get the money to buy Chancellor.

Neil is making plans to go see Hilary.

Devon calls Colin and Colin tells him he has a new deal for him now.

Cane and Lily end up in bed.

Kelly runs into Lily and tells her about Phyllis poisoning her.

Dylan tells Avery he has a gun to protect himself. Avery is unhappy about it. Joe comes in and claims he wants to call a truce. Dylan gets another phone call. Joe insist he is innocent. Joe leaves and Dylan tells Avery he is putting a end to this once and for all. Dylan grabs his gun.

Joe meets the caller in the park and tells him he knows what to do next.

Colin meets Devon. Colin wants his money. Devon tries to get him to change his mind. Colin won’t.

Hilary comes home to Neil who wants to take her to bed. Hilary claims she is tired and heads to get some tea.

Avery tells Joe all this has to end before someone ends up dead. Joe tells her he wants her for one night. Dylan comes in looking deranged.

Cane spots Devon. Lilly walks up and ask if he has money for them to buy Chancellor. Devon tells them he doesn’t.

Colin drops all the money he just got out of Devon in front of Jill.

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