Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 17 “Bin of Sin” REVIEW

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 17 “Bin of Sin” REVIEW

Bin of Sin,” was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liar by clicking here…

The girls plus Caleb are having a little pow wow. They discuss Mona’s body possibly being in the barrel in the storage unit and the fact that Hannah’s name is on the rental agreement. Aria tells Hannah it’s payback for going to see Alison in jail. Spencer has a stop rewind what did she just say moment. Spencer wants to know jail when this to place.

Emily is more concerned with the fact that Hannah kept Aria in the loop. Caleb saves the day and says that isn’t really important what is is the fact that it was rented four months ago. One day before MonA was murdered to be exact. Spencer thinks it was Alison’s plan all along to frame Hannah. Hannah agrees and says hat knife that was found and then turned into pottery at the school probably had her prints all over it. Hannah thinks they should burn everything in the storage unit.

Aria points out that MonA’s body could be in there. Aria ask her if she wants to burn that. Hannah says of course not but they could hide it somewhere. Emily points out touching anything in there is tampering with evidence. Evidence that could put away Alison. Hannah tells her it could take her down as well. Hannah points out she doesn’t have a alibi for the day it was bought. Caleb says at least they are ahead of Holbrook which I seriously doubt.

Aria almost slips about the flowers she delivered to Hannah’s mom but catches herself unlike earlier and makes something up. Caleb says they have time and he will make sure he gets Hannah’s name off of anything connected to that storage unit. Hannah doesn’t like the plan gets pissed and takes off slamming the door behind her.

Emily and Aria are having coffee. Aria tells Emily she needs to come clean with EzrA about the letter she sent Jackie. Aria ask of EzrA is at work. Emily tells her no he is at meetings. Aria says she will just call and see if she can catch him between meetings.

Talia comes out with a pie and a card. Emily ask her what’s that all about. Talia tells her she baked a EzrA a pie and it’s pecan his favorite. Emily tells her that he isn’t single and is in fact dating one of her friends. Emily tells Talia to back off. It’s during this little chit chat Talia finds out that Emily is a lesbian.

Hannah is downstairs on the laptop looking at chemical resistant rubber gloves. Ashley comes down and Hannah tells her she heard her on the phone with Ted. Hannah ask what her mom told him. Ashley tells her that she told him after having a marriage end in divorce she needs time to think about it. Hannah ask her if she told him about Jason. Ashley tells her no and that she doesn’t plan to either. Hannah gets upset. Ashley tells her she expects her to keep quiet and she knows that Jason will. She tells Hannah she has some errands to run and she will see her later. Her phone rings and it’s Jason. Ashley ignores it and heads out.

Toby is siting at his desk at work. Toby has out Alison’s file, her lie detector test and MonA’s file. He notice Holbrook’s signature at the bottom of one of the files. Spencer comes by and wants to talk to Toby in private. Spencer tells Toby it’s about Hannah. Toby ask if it’s about what her and Caleb were texting the other night. Spencer tells him yes. Spencer tells Toby she thinks Hannah is going to do something stupid and she needs his help. Tanner comes up and ask Spencer why she isn’t as school. Spencer says it’s her lunch break ask Toby to call her and then leaves. Tony tells Tanner he thinks someone manipulated Alison’s polygraph so she would look like she passed. Tanner tells him the person that changes it would need to be present during it in order to know what she missed. Toby tells her Holbrook could have done it. Tanner ask Toby why Holbrook would do that. She then gets pissed that Toby is blaming Holbrook and essentially tells him his ass is fired if he doesn’t back off of the Holbrook trail. Tanner takes the files and leaves.

Aria tells EzrA she got into Talmadge. EzrA couldn’t be happier for her. She tries to find a way to tell him how she got in but can’t get the words out. He tells her he will see her later that night at dinner and he has to go. EzrA goes to leave. Aria stops him and blurts it out. He ask her about the letter she wrote and she hands him a copy of it. EzrA reads it while Aria watches him.

Hannah is is filling a duffle bag with bleach and bags and gloves and anything you need to destroy evidence really. Caleb stops by and tells her he accomplished making her name disappear. Caleb ask if she wants him to tell the other girls. Hannah tells him not yet and opens the door so he can see her duffle bag full of goodies. Caleb ask what all of it is. Hannah just looks at him.

Caleb tells Hannah she can’t move everything by herself. Hannah is well aware and tells Caleb he is going to help her. Caleb tells her no he isn’t they agreed they weren’t going to touch anything. Hannah tells Caleb that he agreed she didn’t. Caleb tells her they will never pull it off and she found a thing a ma jig that will break the lock. She also rented a van and a dolly. Where is this girl getting all this money? Caleb ask her what she is going to do with the stuff. She tells Caleb they can get rid of the personal items and out the barrel in the woods and call the cops from a burner phone. Hannah will not be swayed. Caleb on the other hand….. reminds her there are cameras.

Aria is pacing and EzrA is still reading. That letter is way longer than I remember. EzrA tells Aria he isn’t mad and that it was a brilliant move. EzrA tells her he doesn’t care what Jackie thinks. They hug. EzrA looks at the letter laying on the table.

Ashley is discussing work with Jason. Apparently she quit her job because she slept with her boss. Ashley tells Jason she is seeing someone and that it’s serious. Jason ask how serious. Ashley tells him that he proposed to her. Jason agrees that is serious. Ashley then tries to make excuses for sleeping with him. Jason tells her she can come by the office and get her stuff. Ashley thanks him. Jason leaves.

Hannah and Caleb are at the storage unit. Hannah is stressing about the cameras. Caleb cuts the wire to them. They head towards the bin. Hannah gives him the lock opener and Caleb gets to work.

Aria is walking with Emily who can’t believe EzrA didn’t go ballistic. Emily ask if she has talked to Hannah. Aria says no. Spencer comes flying up in her car. Spencer tells them that MonA’s laptop was moved and she bets it was Hannah. None of them are sure Hannah wouldn’t do it so they decide to find out.

Jason shows up while Ashley is getting her stuff. Jason offers to leave but she tells him she is almost done. Jason notices she isn’t wearing a engagement ring. Ashley tells him it’s because she hasn’t given him a answer yet. Ashley admits to mason she has made some bad choices and she doesn’t want them to hurt her boyfriend. Jason tries to,give her a pep talk. Jason thinks her sleeping with him is the problem. Ashley assures him that it wasn’t. Jason smiles and starts working.

EzrA is sitting in his office reding the letter again.

Spencer and the girls are on the hunt for MonA’s laptop.

Funny thing is Caleb and Hannah are still at the storage bin. They open it and all that is in it is the barrel. Caleb can’t believe it. Hannah wonders why he left the barrel. I would be questioning if it was the same barrel. Caleb wants to open it. Hannah won’t let him. They decide to move the barrel.

Spencer. Emily, and Aria are on a little adventure of their own in a old ice cream factory. They are looking for the laptop. They hear a noise and assume it’s because the place is old. They split up to look for it.

Hannah and Caleb run into Toby and Tanner on the way to get the dolly to move the barrel. Caleb lies and says he wants to rent a storage unit. Toby is looking at Hannah with concern. Tanner lets them go even though she knows they were up to something. They see the wires to the camera were cut.

The girls are still on the MonA lap top hunt. Spencer hears voices and follows them. Emily gets scared by a cat and a dead mouse.

Tanner and Toby get to the bin and see that is is already open. They just look at the barrel.

Spencer hears Hannah and Caleb talking. It’s a recording of what they were going to so on MonA’s lap top. Aria walks in. They grab the lap top to go and A traps them in the freezer. Emily sees them and breaks them out.

Toby opens the barrel. Tanner takes off the lid. A smell comes out of it and Tanner sends Toby to call the hazmat team. Tanner opens the lid when he is gone and her face says a whole lot. She goes to pick up something from the floor and sees drops of blood.

Jason helps Ashley pack her car. Ashley gives him a list of people to call to find a replacement. Jason thanks her. Ashley and Jason share a hug, wish each other the best . Jason kisses her. He apologizes right away. Ashley leaves.

Emily shows up at the brew and calls Hannah looking for her. Talia is in the back. Emily is there to close up. Talia has her watch the apples while she cleans up. Talia takes a leaf out of her hair. Emily gets distracted by a text from Emily telling her that Toby and Tanner were also at the bin. The apples catch in fire. Talia tells her it can happen sometimes. Talia sends Emily into the front to wait on her.

EzrA has a gift for Aria. EzrA thinks the letter is how Aria really feels. EzrA is pretty much breaking up with Aria because he doesn’t want her to resent him for the things she can and might miss out on being with him. Aria cries but says she understands.

Hannah thinks Spencer told Toby. Spencer says she didn’t. Hannah ask her why he and Tanner showed up at the storage place then. Spencer tells her about the recording they saw on the lap top and tells her Holbrook probably tipped them off. Hannah wants to blame Toby. Spencer isn’t having it she puts the blame squarely where it belongs on Hannah. Hannah storms out. Spencer calls Toby who doesn’t answer.

Tanner sits down and tells Toby they need to talk about what happened. Tanner tells him that she doesn’t know if the remains they found are MonA’s but she does know if the blood they found matches she is bringing his friends in for questioning. Tanner then ask Toby is their is anything she should know.

Emily is on the phone with Hanna when Talia come in. She hangs up with her. Emily tries to apologize to Talia. Talia ask her if she wants to talk about it. Talia offers her some food. Emily thanks her. Emily tries to explain herself to Talia. Talia tells Emily she is in to her not EzrA.

Hannah is freaking out and Caleb is trying to calm her down. Hannah tells Caleb she will tell Tanner she lied so Caleb won’t get in trouble. Hannah wants Caleb to stay away from her for awhile. But he refuses.

Aria is looking at her high school yearbook.

Ashley is home alone with her engagement ring.

Spencer is laying in her bed. Toby calls her and tells her he didn’t knew about the storage unit until they were on the way. Spencer ask what was in the barrel. Toby gets off the phone and gets into his truck.

A tag- MonA’s clothes are set up in the ice cream factory. Someone opens the door and walks in. They have a black light and see the handprints on the windows. I think it’s Holbrook. A was there earlier with the girls.

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