Vampire Diaries Review Season 6 Episode 12 “The Day I Tried Love”

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Vampire Diaries Review Season 6 Episode 12 “The Day I Tried Love”

Here is your review and recap of Vampire Diaries Review Season 6 Episode 12 “The Day I Tried Love”. For more Vampire Diaries recaps and reviews, click HERE…

Bonnie is still back in the day. Only difference is this time she is cooking breakfast alone. Bonnie has some music playing. Bonnie tells herself Happy Birthday.

Elena comes storming in while Jeremy is working out. Elena informs him they are going to have a party for Bonnie’s birthday. Jeremy thinks that a bit of overkill and says it seems kind of ridiculous since Bonnie isn’t there. Elena thing brings up the application to art school she found laying in the trash. Jeremy tells her he can barely pass study hall and he does to want to leave until he knows for sure about Bonnie.

Caroline is busy baking a cake. She starts talking about a bear to Stefan. Caroline tells him that she took it and buried it out in the woods and now she plans on finding it. Stefan thinks she is trying to put misplace her grief. Caroline thinks not. Really hope she finds that bear or girl will probably have a breakdown of epic proportions.

Damon very quietly and sweetly wishes Bonnie a Happy Birthday which is of course interrupted by hurricane Elena. They start making out. Kai comes flying in giving Elena a taste of what it feels like to be rudely interrupted. Kai tells them he has managed to go through life without guilt or regret but killing Luke did something to him. He tells them he wrote everything down and water leaked from his eyes. He ripped it up but wrote it down again because he wants Jo to know what happened. I assume he means his guilt because she saw him kill or merge or whatever with Luke. Elena suggest he can help them with something in return for giving Jo the letter.

Enzo is stalking Sarah Salvatore and Matt is the voice of reason. Like you can reason with Enzo. Enzo tells Matt he is going to do his bidding and if he doesn’t he will kill him. Enzo then chokes Matt while threatening his mom. Enzo then explains to Matt that Damon thinks he killed her and Stefan has never bothered to tell him otherwise.

Damon and Elena drop the broken time flip thingy in front of Kai and tell him. A they want him to fox it and then B send a message to Bonnie telling her where she can find magic so she can get home.

Liv is having a tough time with the death if Luke. She tells Tyler she has never been without him and doesn’t know how to be. Liv also tells him she can’t run from Kai. Tyler ask her what is she wants to do. Liv wants to kill Kai.

Elena is trying to figure out where they may be able to find some stored magic. Damon suggest Qetsiyah’s blood. Jeremy comes in and is slightly pissed that Kai is in the house.

Meanwhile Caroline really is digging for buried teddy bear. Stefan is with her. Stefan ask her if the teddy bear is going to fix everything. Caroline points out his idea of fixing things is beating the crap out of perfect strangers. Stefan decides he will stay. He drinks his coffee.

Elena tells Jeremy Kai can help them get Bonnie back. Kai refers to himself as Elena in reverse which explains the barging in.

Liv tells Tyler about this spell she and Luke came up with when they were younger. Apparently they chant and can see what the other one is doing. Liv gives it a go and can see that Kai is at Damon’s. Tyler reminds her Kai is the leader of her coven and if he does they all die. Liv says he is going to kill them all no matter what at least this way if she goes down he goes with her. Tyler tries to stop her. Liv kisses him and then says a little chant that causes Tyler to knock out. Liv says she is sorry and leaves.

Matt attempts to flirt with Sarah and fails which Enzo has no problem pointing out. Enzo wants Matt to give him his jacket, cell phone and wallet.

Kai manages to semi fix the time flip thing. He chants and they are all transported to where Bonnie is, the only problem is they can’t be seen. Bonnie is watching videos she and Damon made together. Bonnie is drinking from a bottle that she and Damon decided would be the finish it off bottle which basically just means they finish the bottle and then finish themselves. They jump back to the present and Kai has a nose bleed. The people on this show really need to lay off the coke. Kai tells them he tried several times unsuccessfully to kill himself while trapped there. Kai thinks however since the prison isn’t for Bonnie she may be able to die. Jeremy wants Kai to send him back. Kai thinks it’s possible but tells him he may get trapped there. Jeremy doesn’t really care as long as he is with Bonnie.

Caroline is up to her knees in dirt and still digging. Stefan tells her how silly she looks trying to find a bear she buries when she was nine. Caroline calls him a jackass. Stefan keeps taunting her. Caroline pushes him. Stefan tells her to do it again and get it all out. Caroline hits him with the shovel and takes his flask. Stefan knocks her down. Stefan ask her if it made her feel better and Caroline tells him just a little.

Kai is doing his best to send Jeremy back. Elena is giving Damon the third degree about his suicide pact with Bonnie. Damon tells her he didn’t think Bonnie would actually ever go through with it.

Sarah finds Matt on a bench. Matt tells her his friend took off and left him there with no jacket or phone. Sarah tells him she likes strays. She offers him directions, a bus ticket and some coffee.

Back at his house Damon breaks out the finish it off bottle in the present. Elena and him both take a shot. Then as usual she makes it all about her and ask if Kai is right about her. Damon suggest Elena not let Kai get to her. Damon tells her if she was still a human she would probably be with Stefan. Elena wants to check on Jeremy but can’t get to him.

Kai pulled it off and he and Jeremy are in 1994 with Bonnie. Jeremy is busy opening a atlas to a particular page. The atlas drops but goes right back to it like magic. All of a sudden Kai has a hole in his lower abdomen. Jeremy snaps back and sees that Liv stabbed Kai with a poker. Jeremy tells her to stop. Kai tries to kill her but can’t. He does manage however to get a fork in her neck. Liv then repays the favor and puts the fork in his chest. Jeremy seeing no other way to stop her stabs her in the shoulder. Then he drags Kai away. Jeremy ask Kai to send him back. Kai chants and they are back.

Bonnie is almost dome with her finish it off bottle and she is crying. Bonnie knows she has to end it. Bonnie throws the bottle down and heads out. Jeremy goes to follow her and tells Kai to stay there. Where is he going to go? He is he is half dead.

Caroline is about to call it quits when Stefan sees a ear in the dirt. Caroline rios it’s head off by mistake. She laughs but it quickly turns to tears. Stefan holds her.

Liv is still looking for Kai. She ends up causing a explosion.

Bonnie gets in the car. Jeremy is in it with her. She makes a video saying she is sorry but she can’t stand the loneliness anymore. Jeremy is begging her to stop the whole time. Bonnie then records a message for Jeremy telling him to fight and stay strong. Jeremy tries to open the garage door and it doesn’t work but he tries a second time and he gets it open. Bonnie sees him for a second in the sun.

Elena is waking Jeremy up while Damon is saving Kai’s life. Jeremy lets Elena know that Bonnie is going to be alright.

Elena is cleaning up Liv and Kai’s mess. Elena tells Jeremy he needs to go to art school and she will find a way to help him do it.

Liv comes to in her own bed and ask Tyler how she got there. Tyler tells her he got Elena to give her some blood. Tyler tells her he never wants to see her again. Tyler takes off.

Matt lets Enzo know what happened with Sarah. Matt ask what he is up to. Enzo tells him he plans on making Sarah beg him to turn her into a vampire. Enzo just wants to show Stefan he couldn’t keep her safe.

Elena and Damon finally end up in bed together.

Jeremy takes his application out of the trash and starts filling it out.

Stefan fixes some drinks. Caroline drinks them both.

Elena snuggles up next to Damon in bed.

Bonnie sees the open atlas on the floor. She notices some notes Damon made and says he is a genius. Bonnie gets a bag and gets in the car. Bonnie puts on her sunglasses and takes off out of the drive way headed to Nova Scotia.

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