The Walking Dead REVIEW Season 5, Episode 9 ‘What Happened and What’s Going On’

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The Walking Dead REVIEW Season 5, Episode 9 'What Happened and What’s Going On'

Here is your review of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 9 ‘What Happened and What’s Going On’. Check out more recaps of ‘The Walking Dead’ by clicking here…

It’s a funeral that opens this episode. Maggie is a wreck crying uncontrollably. Noah is in just as bad of shape with tears flowing. Father Gabriel reads a passage from the Bible over the grave.

There is a quick flashback of the events that followed Beth’s death at the hospital in Atlanta.

Noah is telling Rick about his place in Richmond and how Beth wanted to go with him there.

We see a little scene of each of the places they have called home over the last five seasons.

Rick tells everyone about Noah’s place in Richmond and the fact Beth wanted to go there. Rick really tries to sell it by telling them it’s a safe place with protective walls. Rick admits that it will be a long trip but it might be the last trip they have to take. Glenn wonders what happens if it’s not there anymore. Rick looks at Glenn and states the obvious they would keep going. Michonne says if not that place then they will find another one. They get into a station wagon and head off to what they hope is a better life.

Little flashback of Mika and Lizzie. Lizzie talks about how everything is better now. Then blood is flowing down a sketch of the cabin that Carol, Lizzie, Mika, and Tyreese were at. Hmm…foreshadowing, possibly.

Noah lets Rick know they are close and he radios to Carol to make sure everything is ok; telling her he will call back in twenty minutes.

Noah is trying to finally find solace in what happened with Beth, and says that trying to make a trade at the hospital was the right thing to do something just went wrong. Tyreese is convinced it happened exactly as it was supposed to. Tyreese admits what we have known for awhile that he has never wanted to kill anyone. Tyreese says that he and Sasha were brought up to be good people but to be aware of the bad things that happened in the world. Tyreese said his dad made them listen to the news. Noah tells Tyreese he hopes his mom and brothers are still alive. Tyreese is hoping the same thing.

When they get a little closer Rick says to pull over and they will walk the rest of the way. Noah seems to think that’s ridiculous and they should continue in the van. Rick tells Noah it’s just a precaution. Once they pull off to the side of the road Michonne,Glenn, Noah, Tyreese and Rick get out. They see a Walker trapped in a car but pretty much ignore it. I mean it’s not like it’s a threat or anything. They see a bunch of bones and the keep going. Michonne sees some wires set up to keep things out. Once they work there way through and around it they head closer. Rick ask about snipers. Noah says they just had one. They inch closer and closer passing someone’s insides and a grandfather clock on the road. Hmmmmm….clock seems a bit out of place. Maybe it’s telling us someone’s time is up. Noah leans up against the wall and sees if he can hear anything. Glenn who is in a hurry apparently jumps up on the wall. Glenn looks around and then somberly shakes his head. Noah jumps up next to him. One by one the others jump up and over. Noah sees all the houses have been torched and destroyed. Noah takes off and Rick tries to get him to calm down. Good Lick with that. There are bodies littering the street. One lone Walker is shambling along towards them. Noah drops to the ground and cries. Tyresse tries to comfort Noah but telling him he is one of them now. Rick lets Noah know how sorry he is about this and then tells the others to look for things they might be able to use and then they will head back. Tyresse stays with Noah and Rick and Glenn take off. Rick lets Carol know that it’s a bust. Rick is confident they will figure everything out.

Rick tells Glenn that after Dawn shot Beth he just wanted to kill her. Rick says it didn’t have anything to do with her killing Beth either. Rick tells him he made this trip for Beth because she wanted to come here with Noah.

Tyreese tells Noah he understands how he feels that at his lowest point he stepped out Ina group of Walkers to let them take him out. Tyreese tells him he fought back though and that meant he was there for Judith when she needed him. Tyreese tells a distraught and crying Noah that this not the end. Noah jumps up and takes off. Tyreese follows him.

Glenn is telling Rick how hard it’s been to lose Washington and then Beth. Glenn tells Rick he would have shot Dawn rather it was right or wrong. Michonne thinks they all have been out in this for too long.

Noah stops at his house. Tyreese tells him he really shouldn’t go in. Noah isn’t having any of that. Tyreese finally agrees but says Noah has to let him go in and make sure it’s safe first. Tyreese goes up to the door and knocks on it. They go inside and quickly come across a dead woman. Noah sees that it’s his mother and gets a blanket to cover her with and tells her he tried to get back. Tyreese hears a zombie off in the distance. Tyreese finds a little boy dead in a bedroom. Tyreese looks at the picture of the twin boys on the wall and doesn’t notice the other twin that sneaks up on him and bites him. Noah comes up and stabs the Walker in the head and then takes off to get help for Tyreese. Tyreese grabs his bleeding arm. It’s not looking good for him at all either he will dies and come back a Walker or need to have his arm taken off.

There is news in the background. The report is about the military not being able to get it under control and the Walkers are taking over. Tyreese starts slipping into delusions and sees a guy from Terminus who tells him it’s a domino effect. Bob pops up and parrots Tyreese’s earlier statement that everything happened the way it was supposed to. Then the Governor shows up and talks about bills and debts needing to be paid. Lizzie and Mika appear and tell him things are better. The Governor says they are lying. The Governor lunges at him. Well Tyreese sees the Governor we see it’s a Walker. Tyreese gets away from it but it comes back and he finally gives it his already bitten arm. Tyreese grabs a rock and bashes it’s head in. The blood just keeps on coming.

Rick and Michonne are talking. She wants to stay he wants to go. Glenn says it doesn’t matter. Rick questions what doesn’t matter. Glenn says what happened with Dawn doesn’t matter. Michonne suggest that maybe they should head back to Washington regardless of the fact that Eugene lies. Rick agrees they should go to Washington. All of a sudden they hear Noah screaming and they head his direction. They come up on a group of Walkers and they drop them all. Rick snatches one that tries to take a piece out of Michonne. Noah tells them about Tyreese. They take off in one hell of a hurry.

Tyreese still hears the news in his head. Hearing some music, he sees Beth playing the guitar and singing. He remembers Judith crying, Woodbury and the prison. At this point is now remembering the walk on the tracks to Terminus; Beth singing along the way. Lizzie and Mika are listening to her, and Beth tells Tyreese, “It’s ok.” Bob says it’s alright that Tyreese doesn’t want to be part of this anymore.

The Governor, who is apparently also a dick in the afterlife, yells at Tyreese for not learning to change and adapt. They all tell him this is all there is. Tyreese stumbles to his feet, cries and repeats, “It’s not over.” He says he isn’t giving up. Tyreese says no one dies today.

Starting to fade, the Governor shoves Tyreese and he falls. He imagines Lizzie and Mika are there holding his hand. Rick is actually holding his hand. Without hesitation Michonne takes his arm off with her sword. They pick him and carry him out. There are a ton of walkers and they take them out while Noah stays with Tyreese. A walker gets by and heads for Noah and Tyreese. They shoot her down.

They pick up Tyreese and head out. Tyreese is thinking about Sasha. Tripping on the wire, a walker is almost on him. They grab him and get him away from it at the last minute. Beth is singing to him while he is being put back into the station wagon. Rick calls Carol and tells her about Tyreese and they needs to burn his arm. Rick tells her to get Sasha and Carl as far away as she can. They get stuck in some mud and Rick floors it. He runs into the back of a truck and walkers, and their very real and moving body parts, come out of it. Rick frees them and they take off.

Tyreese can still hear the news and looks up at the sun through the window. Tyreese tells them to turn it off. Bob is siting there and asks Tyreese if he is sure. Beth is driving now and tells him it will be ok. Lizzie and Mika tell him it’s more than ok it’s better. Bob just smiles. Tyreese’s eyes go glassy and blank and he falls over. They stop and take Tyresse out of the car. Rick sadly walks away.

We skip back to the beginning of the episode. It’s Tyreese’s funeral the show opened with damn it. Father Gabriel is giving the eulogy. Gabriel closes his Bible and we see Sasha sprinkle some dirt on his grave. Rick starts shoveling dirt over it.

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