Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 5, Episode 19, ‘Out Damned Spot’

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review Season 5, Episode 19, ‘Out Damned Spot’

Out Damned Spot,” was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

The girls are sitting down about to give blood at a blood drive. Emily walks over and Aria ask her where her sticker is. Emily tells them she can’t give blood for another year because of her trip to Haiti. Spencer holds out her hand and says no blood no cookie. Emily tells her she can’t be serious. Spencer tells her she didn’t make up the rules. Emily tells Spencer she is just to lazy to get up and get one. Spencer flashes her sticker and Emily hands over the cookie. Aria is whining to Hannah about math test and needles when Ashley walks up and ask how they are doing. Ashley offers them a brownie and Emily smiles at Spencer and takes one. When Ashley walks away Aria puts her hand out to Emily. Emily hands over the brownie.

Ashley goes to talk to a lady from the church. Ashley assumes she is there to donate blood but really is just being nosey about what happened with Ashley and Ted. Ashley tells her she has just been busy. The woman tells her they all are busy these days with emphasis on the word busy. Ashley excuses herself to go check on some people who donated blood. The lady wants Ashley to give Ted some flyers about a beauty pageant. Ashley tells her she will and walks away.

Mike knocks over a plate and gets scolded by a nurse for being in area he isn’t supposed to be. Mike is sticking something in his pocket. Mike takes off. Aria yells after him but he keeps going. Hannah ask what’s going on. Spencer wonders if he was there to still cookies or something else. Aria notices the refrigerator where they keep the blood is open.

The all want Aria to ask Mike why he was at the blood drive. Aria says she already knows the answer is going to be for her to mind her own business. Spencer says it is there business since he was standing where they stored their blood. Aria is pissed that Spencer thinks he is guilty. She slams her locker. Spencer points out they don’t know why he was visiting Alison or why he was fighting with MonA. Aria tells them just because they can’t blame Holbrook doesn’t mean they can blame Mike. Aria takes off for her math test.

During her math test Aria decides to cheat off the genius that is Andrew.

Hannah wants to talk to Spencer about financial aide. Apparently none of the schools are offering it to Hannah. Turns out the problem isn’t want her mom makes it’s what her dad makes. They think he can afford to send her.

Aria is walking out of class when Andrew stops her and tells her he knows she was copying his answers. Aria automatically apologizes and then starts explaining why she did it. Andrew tells her he isn’t mad. Aria is surprised. Andrew offers to tutor her but then she turns him down. Andrew is fine with that if she wants to get caught cheating. Aria grabs his arm as he walks away and ask if the following day is ok.

Emily is riding her bike at Camp Koatohee with Talia. Talia shows her where she had her first kiss. Talia wants to know Emily’s biggest fear. Emily doesn’t offer up one. Talia says she understands there are things she isn’t ready to talk about to. Emily kisses her and tells her it’s a do over first kiss.

Ashley is at home downing a bottle of wine looking at her engagement ring when Hannah comes in. Ashley tells Hannah she told Ted she wanted to marry him and the. She told him about her hook up with Jason. Hannah ask her what he said. Ashley says Ted said he needed to think and he would call her in a couple of hours. Ashley tells Hannah Ted couldn’t even look at her. Hannah tells her mom she will make them dinner.

Spencer and Aria are arguing about Mike being A. Aria says she will keep a eye on Mike if Spencer stops jumping to conclusions. Aria tells her she is getting ready for a study session with Andrew. Spencer tells her to be careful. Aria ask her why. Spencer says the dimples mostly. Aria laughs and tells her they will talk later.

Spencer turns to Johnny in her kitchen. Johnny tells her he is painting murals at Hollis and could use the help of his lustrous assistant if she is available. Spencer says she has emails to write. Johnny correctly guesses she is back in the college fast track. Johnny promises her a will dinner if she comes with him.

Aria’s phone rings or so she thinks it’s actually Mikes. She looks and sees it’s a blocked number. She answers and finds out it’s a call for the correctional facility from Hank (Alison) Aria accepts the call. Aria says Alison’s name and she hangs up.

Spencer is helping Johnny with a ladder. Spencer ask him who he would have had help him if she had said no. Johnny tells her he would have called his ex girlfriend Sophia. Johnny then tells her he is horrible at relationships and falls for girls that are taken. Spencer tells him how she used to come with her family to Summer concerts at Hollis when she thought she was going to be a famous violinist. Johnny ask her what happened. Spencer says she is more of a appreciator of the arts. Johnny ask what that means. Spencer tells him it just means if you are a Hastings and you don’t excel at something you just move to the next thing. Johnny ask her if that means she never did anything just because she loved it. Spencer ask how you can love something if your bad at it. Johnny says he manages.

Mike is working out shirtless in his room. Aria bangs on the door until he answers it. Aria ask him why Alison is calling his phone and sending him secret messages. Aria ask who Hank is. Mike looks a bit confused tells her he doesn’t know, snatches his phone, and tells her not to answer it again. Aria ask him why he is letting Alison manipulate him. She tells him she knows he got in a fight with MonA the night before she does. Aria tells him she knows something is going on and he needs to tell her what it is. Mike tells her he doesn’t have to tell her anything and he slams his door in her face.

Hannah is on the phone pointing out that if Alison could take down Holbrook a grown ass man with a police badge who knows what she could do to Mike. Ashley comes in and Hannah gets off the phone. Ashley tells her that her father cancelled there lunch date and she will have to see him another time. Ashley ask what it’s about. Hannah tells her she needs her dad to pay for college. Ashley tells her it’s a bad idea and her dad isn’t the answer. Ashley tells Hannah she will figure it out.

EzrA is busy doing whatever it is EzrA does now a days. Emily comes in and he points out that she and Talia are getting along now. Emily brings up that Aria got into a school in Savannah. EzrA of course knows nothing about it. Emily is surprised she didn’t say anything seeing as how she was so excited and what not. Emily finds out that Talia has a husband and he is her emergency contact none the less.

Spencer climbs the ladder to see what Johnny painted. Spencer likes it and he throws her the spray paint. Spencer tells him she isn’t a artist. Johnny tells her they aren’t leaving until she paints something, anything. She says she could ruin it. Johnny tells her that’s a risk he is willing to take. Spencer gets to work. She falls off the ladder and he catches her. He climbs up and looks.

Mike is sending emails to Hank Mahoney. He tells him he has what she told him to bring and that he will have it tomorrow. Mike ask what time. Hank writes back he will be in touch. He gets up opens the fridge in his room. Mike takes out a can unscrews the top and takes out a vile of blood.

Spencer comes out the next morning screaming at Johnny for lying and making her a accomplice to his vandalizing of Hollis. Johnny tells her he thought she would enjoy coloring outside the lines. Spencer tells him she was arrested for murder and she can’t screw up again. Johnny tells her he didn’t know. Spencer tells him he does now and goes back inside leaving Johnny to stand there feeling like a ass.

Andrew is helping Aria. Andrew quickly figures out what should have been obvious to everyone else Aria could have asked EzrA for help. Aria suggest they just stick to the books. Her phone goes off and she gets distracted. She puts it down. It goes off again and Andrew takes it. He tricks her into go in him the answers he wants by using her phone as a example. He sees the text from Hannah about Mike and gives the phone back. Aria puts it down and does her best to pay attention.

Emily walks into the kitchen and sees Talia. Emily lets her have it for lying to her about being married. EzrA comes in just as Emily storms out. EzrA ask if everything is ok. Talia says yes even though she is about to cry.

Hannah goes to see her dad.

Emily gets on her bike and is about to storm off. She notices Mika at a ATM and stops and watches him. Mike withdraws some money and takes off. Emily gets the receipt. It shows he took four hundred dollars out of a account that had over eighteen grand in it.

Aria is hitting it off with Andrew when Emily comes over. Aria takes her outside and she shows her the receipt. Aria wonders how he had access to that much money. Emily points out that A always has a ton of cash and it might be one of Alison’s secret accounts. Aria tells Emily about the call the might before and Hank Mahoney being a code. Mike takes off in the car. Emily says they need to follow him. Aria ask his she isn’t riding in the handle bars. They go in and ask Andrew if they can borrow his car. He ask if either of them can drive stick. Emily makes a face and Aria just smiles.

Hannah’s dad being his usual dick self tells her he can’t help her because he is going to help Kate instead. Hannah gets pissed and screams at him. Hannah gets the parting shot by telling him she understands that he doesn’t want to disappoint the wrong daughter and she leaves.

Spencer is working on her lap top. She sends her sister a email about a contact at Oxford. Then she flips to the story about the vandalism at Hollis and smiles. Spencer gets a text.

Emily is in the backseat and tells Aria Spencer is going to meet them there. Andrew ask if she often follows her brother. Aria says not usually. Andrew ask what is exactly going on. Emily says drugs. Andrew says really. Aria says yup. They see Mike stop and Aria and Emily jump out of the car. They tell Andrew Spencer will give then a ride home. Andrew watches them with worry.

Inside the diner they followed Mike into they see Hank (Cyrus) walk over to him. Mike hands him a mantilla envelope full of cash and a vile of blood no doubt.

Hannah runs into EzrA while looking for Emily. He ask her if she wants to talk about it. Hannah tells him about the father a a how he would rather help Kate because he does t thinks she has it in her. EzrA tells her how he got through college and then tells her he always knew she had it in her.

Spencer shows up at the diner. Aria and Emily catch her up to speed. Arias phone rings and she sees EzrA’s name so she declines it.

Hannah comes back and tells EzrA it went straight to her voice mail. He offers to let her call Emily. Hannah him and says she will just head home. She also thanks him for the image of him in a hot dog costume. Hannah sees the pageant flyer on her way out.

Emily tells Aria she slipped and told EzrA about Savannah because she thought he already knew. Aria says she should have told him. Emily ask if they are fighting. Aria says she doesn’t know what they are. All three of their phones go off and they get a text. The pic is of a vile of each of their names on it. The message reads “Thanks for donating to my get-into-jail fund. A-“. They look up and see that Mike and Cyrus are gone. They see Mike leave in his car. Then Cyrus comes at them on his bike. Cyrus pins them in and ask if they were following him or the kid. Spencer says he has something of theirs. Cyrus says does he. Aria says they just want it back. Cyrus says maybe they can work out a trade. Andrew shows up with a baseball bat and tells Cyrus to back away from them. Cyrus leaves. Andrew ask if they are ok and smiles. Aria is the only one that smiles back.
Ashley brings Hannah her phone. Her dad dropped it off. Hannah apologizes for lying to her mom. Ashley sees she is filling out a application for a beauty pageant. Hannah tells her the winner gets a 20 grand scholarship. Hannah ask if Ted called. Ashley tells her no and says she doesn’t think he will. Hannah convinces her mom to call Ted. Hannah’s phone goes off she sees all the text and calls she missed.

Emily is getting home when she gets a text from Talia asking if they can talk. She sends a message back saying it’s not a good time. But Talia is right there and says

Spencer and Aria come in to her house and see Johnny putting food in the freezer. Spencer tells him she found out from her mom she wasn’t the one buying the frozen dimmers and apologizes for eating all his food. Spencer also tells him she did have fun the night before. Spencer tells Johnny she has boundaries. He says he does as well or at least is trying to. Johnny looks at her for a minute and then tells her good night and leaves.

Talia is sitting on the porch with Emily telling her about her husband. Talia tells Emily she shouldn’t have lied to her but she didn’t want to scare her away. Emily tells her there are things about her that would scare Talia. Talia says that is hard to believe. Emily reaches over and takes her hand.

Aria tells Hannah that Mike packed a overnight bag and took off. Spencer comes in and says she is glad she is spending the night. They are all creaking out about the blood. Hannah says one drop here one drop there and boom they are sharing a jail cell with Ali. Spencer tells her she is the queen of not helping. Spencer goes to get another blanket. Mike is watching her through the kitchen window.

A tag- A is watching the clip of Hannah and Caleb on a lap top. A has a storage contract with Hannah’s name on it on the desk. A opens the vile of Hannah’s blood. A puts a dropper in it and one drop here one drop there and boom the blood’s on MonA’s top.

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