Uma Thurman Gets Criticized For Going Overboard On Botox, Fillers, And Plastic Surgery – Report

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Uma Thurman has been staying away from the Hollywood scene for the past few years, so it was a surprise to see her resurface looking nothing like her old self.

To be fair, this happens with a fair few Hollywood stars, especially older ones who suddenly succumb to the pressure to get plastic surgery. Uma Thurman turned up at the NYC premiere of The Slap last night, and she looked nothing like she used to. Literally, nothing.

In fact, most articles focusing on her appearance has pointed out how different she looks, especially in regards to her facial features. It’s fairly obvious that she got Botox and fillers, especially because all the lines around her eyes and forehead have miraculously disappeared.

Of course, this is still not as bad as Renee Zellweger, who turned up a few months ago with a different face. She may look completely different, but you can still recognize that it’s Uma Thurman – albeit an Uma with a frozen face.

More and more, plastic surgery is becoming commonplace among actors and actresses in Hollywood – even younger ones. Celebrities don’t even think twice about getting plastic surgery, especially botox and fillers – largely because these are not considered ‘traditional’ plastic surgery, i.e. they’re usually temporary and can be stopped/altered/added at any time.

Regardless, Uma Thurman isn’t the first – and she definitely won’t be the last – celebrity to completely alter her facial features with plastic surgery.

What do you guys think about Uma’s new face? Do you agree that she got Botox and fillers, or whether you just think it was an atrocious makeup job? Or perhaps it’s some new procedure that we’ve never heard of before.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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