Vampire Diaries Review Season 6 Episode 14 “Stay”

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Vampire Diaries Review Season 6 Episode 14 “Stay”

Here is your review and recap of Vampire Diaries Review Season 6 Episode 14 “Stay.”For more Vampire Diaries recaps and reviews, click HERE…

Flashback: Sheriff Forbes is getting ready to leave work. She gets a call and leaves for the hospital. It’s the night of the accident that killed Elena’s parents.

Present: Sheriff Forbes is packing her things in her office. She sees a box of files and opens one of them. It’s the file on the accident.

Damon and Elena pay a visit to Jeremy’s principal hoping they can convince him to let Jeremy graduate early. The principal isn’t having any of that. Damon decodes he will do it his way and compels him into letting Jeremy graduate early.

Over at the grill Alaric is with Jeremy and Matt and they are having good bye drinks with Jeremy. Jeremy makes a toast to Matt’s phone which he says is clearly more important than his last day there. Alaric threatens Jeremy and tells him he better not get in trouble. Jeremy ask if he will how’ve his girlfriend give him another STD test. Matt meanwhile has a phone that is non stop ringing. Jeremy ask why in the hell Enzo is alive and keeps calling him. Sarah comes into the grill thanks to Enzo and tells Matt she got a call from the owner who wanted her to take pics for the website. Matt shows her around the grill.

Elena and Damon come in with Jeremy’s diploma and cap. Damon smacks the diploma into his chest and pushes the cap down on his head. When Elena leaves to get a drink Damon tells him he left him a gift in the cap hint hint wink wink. It’s a joint. Damon makes it clear he isn’t to let Elena know about it.

Caroline and Stefan are moving her moms things to where she will be spending the rest of her days. Stefan’s phone rings and Caroline awkwardly gets it out of his pocket. When she sees that it’s her mom calling she answers it. Liz ask what she is doing with Stefan and what they are up to. Caroline tells her it’s a surprise. Liz ask if Stefan is there voluntarily….lol. Caroline tells her Stefan is helping her. Liz thinks there is more to him being there than that. Caroline tells her she will call her in three hours. No cheating and that she loves her.

Liz is just hanging up with Caroline when Damon walks in and tells her that dying gives her a get out of work free card. Liz tells him she isn’t leaving with unfinished business and she has cases she wants to solve. Damon opens up some files and tells her he did all of those. Liz hands him the folder on Elena’s parents and ask if he is responsible for that one as well. Damon promises her he had nothing to so with it. Liz lets him hear a call Elena’s mom made to her. Liz tells him two hours later she was dead. Damon says she has has a old fashioned Sheriiffy who done it on her hands.

Elena goes up to Jeremy and tells him to hand her the joint. Jeremy says Damon gave it to him so no worries. Jeremy hands to her anyway and then explains Alaric left since he is supposed to be dead. Elena admits they have unusual lives. Jeremy tells her that a understatement. Elena ask for his lighter and tells him that smoking together is going to be the most normal thing they have done in years.

Caroline wants to show Stefan her bike from when she was a kid but honestly how the hell can I focus on a bike when he is eight kinds of sexy with muscles popping out everywhere. Caroline almost starts drooling but stops herself and instead tells Stefan if he has some where he needs to be he can go. Stefan smiles and tells her he is exactly where he wants to be.

Liz wants Damon to get a bottle of booze out of one of the drawers in her desk. Damon explains to her that’s why she is a terrible Sheriff and takes a sip. Liz tells him that the actual reason she is a terrible Sheriff is because her best friend is the guilty party in half her cases. Liz wants to know why he and Stefan were both in town the night of the accident. Damon tells her it was the anniversary of his moms death. Damon ask her why Elena’s parents were taking the bridge instead of a main road and why there were no skid marks and what was with all the luggage in the car. Liz says something definitely happened that night.

Jeremy wants Elena’s car and she tells him no way in hell. Liz calls and she ignores the call. Elena admits she is the worlds worst sister. Jeremy says she isn’t. Damon calls and ask her to come to the Sheriff’s department. Elena declines seeing as how she is high as high can be thanks to his gift. Damon tells her it’s important so to our on some perfume. Use some eye drops and eat some freaking pizza and get over there.

Enzo pops in right after Elena leaves. Enzo tells Jeremy he tried to kill him and failed and surprise surprise.

Matt is looking at Sarah’s pics. Matt comes across one of her. Matt ask her who took it. Enzo calls and Matt tells him this is going to be a bit of a shock but now isn’t a good time. Enzo says it will be a shock for Matt because he doesn’t care. Once they are done shocking each other Enzo orders Matt to take Sarah to a tunnel near the river. Matt ask what he plans on doing to her. Enzo says introduce himself. Matt warms him not to threaten his mom ever again. Enzo says that won’t be a problem he went local. Jeremy is underneath Enzo’s boot being smashed. Matt ask him what he did to him. Enzo tells him nothing yet and then ask if he cares to reconsider his request.

Caroline is putting books in her mom room when Stefan pops in asking where to out the crate of alcohol he has. Caroline tells,him there is a cellar under the stairs. Caroline is afraid she will pick the wrong books for her mom. Stefan says he has dead them and can pick then for her. Caroline goes off to open a bottle of the alcohol Stefan brought in. Stefan tells,her I thing was for your mom. Caroline says oh it was and keeps going.

Elena is looking at the picture sand tells Liz she doesn’t know why her parents picked that route and she had no idea there was luggage in the back. Liz ask about the skid marks. Elena tells,her she was texting with Bonnie and wasn’t really paying attention. Elena ask her if she really thinks something was behind the crash. Liz tells her she isn’t sure but the way this town works she wouldn’t be surprised. Liz apologizes and Elena brings up how much she helped them. Elena tells her she will see if Jeremy knows anything. Liz thanks her. Elena kisses Damon and leaves. Liz gets dizzy and Damon hustles around the desk to help her. Liz insist she is ok.

Matt is with Sarah at the tunnel under the guise he brought her there to snap her dark subject matter. Sarah starts snapping away while Matt looks around anxious. Sarah tells him her friend took the pics he saw of her earlier for her art final and that she doesn’t have a boyfriend if that’s what he was wondering. Matt smiles and answers his phone. It’s Enzo. Matt ask Enzo where he is. Enzo ask him if he can see him. Matt says no. Enzo tells,him to,take a few steps to,his left. Matt stupidly does. Enzo says here I am and runs into him with his car. Matt goes flying over it and lands on the ground. Blood is coming out of his nose and mouth. Sarah is panicking.

Stefan is drinking on the porch when Caroline comes out to join him. Caroline tells him her mom is running late. Stefan tells her he realized it doesn’t matter what book her mom is reading in her final moments or rather or not it’s good or terrible. Stefan says life is about the moments that lead up to the final ones. Caroline says she just wanted it to be perfect. Stefan takes her hand and tells her if anyone can control death it’s her. Caroline tells Stefan she is glad he is there and that her mom asked him to look after her because she couldn’t do this alone. Stefan tells her he isn’t there because Liz asked him to be. Caroline ask,him why then. Stefan says because she is his friend and because he lost his mom too. Stefan says Caroline saying she hated him was the worst thing he ever heard. Caroline says they both know she never hated him. Finally Stefan kisses her. Caroline says one of them should probably say something. Stefan tells her to go for it.

Matt wants Sarah to leave him there. Too late Enzo is there and claims he was just out walking. Enzo,leans down and says he thinks Matt has a punctured lung. Matt tells him to fix it. Sarah ask if he is a EMT. Enzo tells her not exactly. Enzo tells Sarah she has to promise to remain calm. Sarah says she will and begs him to help. Enzo bites his wrist and Sarah jumps back. Enzo tells her to,remain calm while Matt sucks on his wrist. Before Sarah can ask any questions Enzo takes off.

Elena comes in and sees Jeremy’s messed up face. Elena ask what happened and Jeremy tells her Enzo is a dick that’s what happened. Elena gets pissed and says she is going to kick Enzo’s ass but Jeremy tells her he can fight his own battles. Elena ask about the night their parents died. Jeremy says their knee caught him smoking pot in his room and called Liz as a way to scare him.

Elena calls Damon and he agrees that makes sense. He lets Liz know the call was to scare Jeremy and that the luggage was for a surprise trip. Damon also tells her the main road had a tree across it. Liz says the roads must have been slippery and that’s why there were no tire marks. Liz says mystery solved and then ask Damon to call,Caroline and tell her the surprise will have to wait until tomorrow because she isn’t feeling well. Damon say he will call her and he leaves to get the car. Liz takes her badge off and lays it on the file. She turns off the lamp on her desk. Liz looks around her office one more time and then goes out the door.

Elena is on the phone with Damon and Jeremy hears the tail end of it. Jeremy ask about Lis and Elena tells him Damon says she is getting worse. Jeremy says now isn’t the time for him to leave. Elena says no kidding that time was a few years ago. Elena lost the many reasons why. Alaric says she is right and it’s time for Jeremy to get the hell out of there. Elena says he deserves a normal life who’s only baggage is that he lost his parents. Alaric tells Elena he will take Jeremy to the airport so she can be with Liz. Jeremy promises he will call her from the airport and when he lands. Elena tells him he can expect a SUV sized package from her. Jeremy can’t believe she is giving him her car. Elena tells him not to crash it and they hug.

Damon tucks Liz into bed and tells her nice pj situation and that she looks hot. Liz tells him she doesn’t have the energy to tell him how deeply that disturbs her. Damon brings up the accident and Liz tells him there was no reason. She starts to cry and says it was just a stupid accident. Damon says she wanted someone to blame. Damon take she hand. Liz tells him she did everything right. That she lived a good life she took care of her family. Damon says he knows sometimes really terrible things happen to amazing people. Liz says she is exceptionally ordinary and she is ok with that. Liz cries as she tells Damon Caroline is anything but she was meant to be extraordinary. Liz wants Caroline to know how proud of her she is. Damon tells her she will. Damon tells her to lay down. Liz does and then thanks him. Damon says for what. Liz tells him for today and for being there. Da main takes her hand again. Damon tells her he offered to write his moms eulogy and when she died he didn’t even go to the funeral. Liz ask him if he wants a second chance and tells him to write hers. Liz then says do me a favor nothing dirty. Damon says he promises. Liz ask him to get her a drink. Damon tells her he will be right back. Damon ask her how she wants the drink. When she doesn’t answer he looks back and she is out.

Caroline comes flying through the doors of the hospital looking for her mother.

Caroline rushes to the hospital. Damon comes out and Caroline runs to him. Damon is talking but it’s all a blur. Damon tells her the doctors said they could make her comfortable. Caroline yells she isn’t comfortable she is dying. Caroline enters her moms room. Caroline starts crying and says she didn’t get to say good bye to her mom.

Stefan calls Tyler and leaves him a message telling him he might want to head back to Mystic Falls. Damon walks up and tells Stefan the doctors said she is stable and that it won’t be much longer. Damon lets Arran know Liz has a DNR in place. Damon needs some fresh air. Stefan goes in with Caroline. Caroline tells him she should have been with her mom. Stefan says she didn’t know. Stefan tries to comfort her to no avail. Caroline wanted to thank her for being a amazing mom. Caroline say she was supposed to be with her in her final moment. Stefan tells her she still can be.

Alaric is with Jeremy at a bus stop. It’s all been a ruse he isn’t going to college he is going to be a vampire hunter. Alaric tells him he will send him cases when he gets them. Alaric also tells him he is proud of him. Jeremy ask him to do him a favor and if Bonnie ever comes back. Alaric tells him he will be the first person he calls. Jeremy gets in the bus and Alaric watches him leave.

Stefan has Caroline clear her mind and think of her favorite memory of her mom. Stefan tells her to take her moms hand. Her memory is of her learning to ride her bike. Caroline ask for the training wheels but her mom insist she can do it without them. Liz tells Caroline she won’t let go. Caroline says she doesn’t want her to let to but Caroline is riding the bike on her own. Liz watches Caroline ride away.

Damon, Matt and Elena come in to be with her in her last moments. Liz flatlines and Caroline cries out to her mom and then breaks down. Caroline says she’s gone. Stefan turns her machines off and it goes dark.

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