General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for February 9th, 2015 – February 13th, 2015

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General Hospital Recap - Hollywood Hiccups

The General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for February 9th, 2015 – February 13th, 2015 is below for your enjoyment! Check out more recaps of General Hospital by clicking here…

Monday-Sam is woken up by Patrick who not only made coffee but was playing daddy to Danny by making him breakfast and taking him to the park. Sam is still trying to figure out why Jake didn’t kill her per Helena’s instructions. She tells patrick how Jake said she gave him the Phoenix and had a flash if him in bed with Sam. Neither knows what to make of it. I’m trying really hard to suspend disbelief but with all the hints he keeps dropping someone should have figured this out by now. Thank God Spinelli is coming back. They decide to have sex. Patrick them takes a shower while Sam puts the Phoenix back with its Dragon mate.

The Governor lets Sonny off the hook. Mostly because he saved his daughter from being confetti. To Sonny’s credit he insist he needs to pay for killing A.J. The Governor doesn’t see it that way and Sonny is a free man. Michael is pissed and makes it clear Sonny will pay for killing his father one way or another. How I wish Carly would stop telling Michael Sonny is his father every time he says the word. It’s beyond redundant and annoying at his point. Sonny tells Carly there I somewhere he wants to go before he heads back home.

Nathan tries his best to help Tracy and Lulu wrap their heads around the fact Luke is the guy behind bars. Tracy thinks Helena has the answers they need. Lulu jumps on that bandwagon and tells Nathan all about the a lucky debacle. Nathan tells them to stay away from Luke. Tracy doesn’t listen and Lulu calls Dante.

Liz meanwhile goes to get answers from Jake but won’t shut up long enough for him to get a word in. When she finally decides to take a breath he tells her about Helena. Liz instantly believes him because yup you guessed it Helena did the same thing to Lucky.

Luke is having a great thinking about how shocked everyone is that he is him and not Bill. Helena still can’t figure out why he dug Bill up. Luke tells her that is none of her damn business. Helena ask if he has a brilliant idea to get them out. No dice and her idea of using her toy solider is a no go since he is also in a cell. Tracy shows up and tells Helena to fix Luke now. Helena is willing to,do,just that if Tracy procures her full immunity.

Morgan is with Kiki he tells her dad is headed back to Pentonville. Kiki is sure her mom is dead. Kiki is worried about what will become of Avery. Morgan tells her they will take care of her. Just then Sonny and Carly knick at the door. Sonny wants to see his daughter.

Nikolas is trying to explain to Spencer about Helena and her evil ways. Spencer says he is scared of her sometimes but sometimes he likes her. Nikolas says he likes her to sometimes. Nikolas tells Spencer no one is all good or bad. Not even his grandmother Helena.

Tuesday- Maxie and Nathan are putting a crib together for Georgie’s visit. They get into a talk about Johnny. Nathan just wants to lock him up and throw away the key. Maxie thinks there is more to it and tells Nathan that Johnny has a history of doing the wrong things for the right reasons.

Sabrina is giving Johnny some meds and checks for a fever. Nathan knocks on the door and she has Carlos help her hide everything and then sends him and Johnny to her room to hide. Nathan ask if she has seen either Carlos or Johnny. Sabrina lies to,him but he sees the blood on the pillow on the couch. Nathan makes it clear to Sabrina she is to stay quiet. Nathan pretends to leave and Carlos comes out. Aha grabs him and he informs him that Johnny went out the window. Carlos also tells Nathan he held Sabrina at gunpoint and made her help him. After Carlos is cuffed and led out the door Nathan tells Sabrina she will have to come in and make a statement.

Alexis tells Julian that Ava is presumed dead and the search was called off. She also tells him that imposter Luke is actually Luke and therefore Julian isn’t a accessory to him being held in Miscavige.

Olivia runs into Michael and tries to make him see he needs to forgive Sonny. Michael tells her he can’t and he takes off. Next she runs into Ned who admits he is spying on Alexis. Ned and Olivia admit they miss each other. Ned tells her Alexis is drawn to Julian no matter what. Olivia thinks he should trust Alexis. She tells him tossed a doctor for his flu. Ned tells her to do the same and leaves.

Michael finds Alexis in Julian’s room and ask her what can be done about Sonny. Much tommy surprise as well as his own Julian defends Sonny to Michael, it on,y makes Michael angrier and he leaves. He runs unit Olivia again and she finds out that Alexis is with Julian.

Sonny tells Kiki and Morgan he was pardoned by the Governor. Kiki ask him about her mother. Sonny swears he tries to save her. Sonny wants to hold Avery and Kiki hands her to him. Sonny tells Kiki he will be back tomorrow to get Avery. Kiki is shocked.

Nina visits with Franco. Franco starts talking about citing his arm off after getting stuck while rock climbing. Which of course is a nod to the original Franco and his movie 127 hours. Then he talks about them hosting the Oscars and calls her Anne. It’s clearly James Franco appreciation day over at GH.

Johnny shows up at Maxie’s asking her for help. Maxie at first refuses because of the conflict with Nathan and Georgie it would cause. But the she gives in and empties her purse for him and tells him to steal her keys and money while she takes a shower. Maxie leaves the room and Johnny does just that and leaves.

Wednesday – missed half of the episode due to Obama’s press conference.

Thursday- Lulu is under the impression that Luke is under Helena’s spell just like Jake. She thinks Nikolas can get Helena to admit and then fix it.

Nikolas is with Helena in a interrogation room. He demands that she tell him everything she has done to Jake and Luke. Helena tells him she will do as he ask if she is given immunity.

Alexis goes to see Kiki and starts discussing her mothers estate. Kiki tells her that isn’t her worry what happens to Avery is. Kiki ask Alexis if there is any way she can keep Sonny from taking Avery.

Sonny is with Carly excited that he will have his daughter soon. Carly tells him she loves Avery like he loves Michael like she is her own.

Jake pleads not guilty which infuriates Ric. Ric argues with him but Jake still pleads not guilty. No bail because he is deemed a threat by the judge. Liz is confident Ric will help him. Jake tells her he doesn’t think so because Ric wanted him to plead guilty. Liz is thrown and ask Ric why he would do that. Ric makes up excuses but it comes down to the fact he wanted Jake out of Liz’s life. Liz is upset and is made at Ric for lying to her. Liz tells Ric she knows Jake better than she does him. Liz leaves him standing there.

Nathan and Maxie argue over her helping Johnny. Nathan says he will arrest her but decides not to because it would cost her Georgie. Nathan says he will lie to cover for her. Nathan leaves.

Scott appears and says there is no way in hell he is letting Helena off the hook. After a few threats from Nikolas and the understanding that Lomax is in Nikolas’s pocket Scott gives in. Helena gives Nikolas what he wants with bits left out no doing and leaves.

Jake is brought to a cell across from Luke’s. He hears everything Luke says to Lulu including the bit about working with Julian for years meaning he would have always been the bad guy. Lulu leaves upset. Jake hopes for Lulu’s sake Luke isn’t who he appears to be.

Lulu runs into Helena on her way out and is pissed. Nikolas tells her in order to get what they wanted he had to get her released.

Alexis tells Kiki her best chance of getting Avery is to wait till Sonny takes her hime and then sue him for custody because Sonny’s lifestyle presents a danger. Sonny shows up and takes Avery but not before Kiki gives her a blanket she made from Ava’s pillow cases for her. Sonny tells Kiki she can see Avery whenever she wants. He leaves.

Back at his hikes they take Avery upstairs and leave the blanket downstairs.

Friday- Patrick and Brad talk about there Valentine plans. Patrick leaves to meet Sam and Brad strolls into the hottie Derrick. They talk for a minute then Derrick smacks Brad on his butt and walks away.

Sam and Lucas are with Julian in his room. Julian thinks they should leave and spend the night with their significant others. Lucas tells them Brad wants him to move in with him. Sam makes a big deal out of it which further bothers Lucas. Sam leaves and Lucas talks to Julian about Brad. Julian tells him love is complicated but he should do what makes him happy.

Sam flies into Patricks arms. Patrick tells her Obrecht has him on call. Hot Derrick walks up and offers to take Sam to the Metro Court. Sam accepts and leaves after kissing Patrick and telling him she will see him later.

Brad bitches to Felix( long time no see by the way) about Lucas. He tells him he asked him to move in with him and he hasn’t heard anything and it’s been two days. Felix is extremely uncomfortable with Brad unloading in him. Luckily for Felix Lucas and his dad’s pow wow made Lucas realize how much he loves Brad and he jumps up on the nurses desk and declares it to anyone who is around to listen. Lucas jumps down and kisses him and everyone claps.

Olivia is having a crappy day until a old friend of hers shows up. Olivia gets them a drink and they talk shop. By shop I mean Olivia complains about being into Ned who is into Alexis who is into Julian. That’s a mouthful. Her friend thinks she should tell bed how she feels and that Alexis needs to get a clue. She leaves to go,see her son.

Olivia sits Sam and Derrick. Sam tells her it’s a long story when Olivia questions her. Sam suggest Derrick surprise his girlfriend at work. Derrick takes her advice and heads out. Patrick shows up shortly after.

Ned is at home getting ready to have a fancy dinner for him and Alexis made by a celebrity chef. Ned is still worried about Alexis and Julian. The fact that she tells him she is handling Julian’s case after she shows up doesn’t help,matters either. In fact they have a huge fight and Alexis storms out. Then Olivia’s friend shows up. It turns out that her son is the celebrity chef. She soon realizes who Ned is and sets him straight about Olivia. Ned apparently takes her advice and leaves to goofing Olivia.

The new A.D.A meets with Nathan and takes Maxie’s statement dorm him. She ask why nine of the locks were broke. Nathan lies and says Johnny knew where she kept the spare key. She takes pity in Maxie and suggest Nathan go hime to see her since no kne wants their Valentine spending the night with someone else.

Spinelli shows up at Maxie’s with Georgie. She tells him all about her woes. Maxie ask Spinelli where Ellie is and Spinelli tells her that they broke up because Ellie thinks that Spinelli is still in love with Maxie.

Alexis ends up at the hospital with Julian. Alexis tells him Ned said she would rather be with him and he was right.

Ned shows up at the Metro Court to spend the night with Olivia just as she finds out she is pregnant.

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