The Walking Dead REVIEW Season 5, Episode 10 ‘Them’

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The Walking Dead REVIEW Season 5, Episode 10 'Them'

Here is your review of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 10 ‘Them’. Check out more recaps of ‘The Walking Dead’ by clicking here…

Maggie is in a really bad place crying by a tree. A walker slowly approaches, and Maggie takes her sweet time getting up. Poor girl looks so exhausted! She finally manages the strength to get it in the head. She sits down and cries some more.

Daryl is digging in the dirt and finds a worm and eats it. Gotta do what you gotta do. Sasha is looking for water and comes up with dead frogs galore. Sasha is in a bad place too, and almost loses it when kicking at a dead frog.

Daryl and Maggie show up and she shakes her head no. They head back to the rest of the group siting down by van in the road. Maggie says they didn’t find anything either. Sasha asks her how she knows, to which Maggie tells her she just does. In a poignant moment, Maggie asks her how much longer they have left. Sasha tells her about 60 miles, but Glen’s wife solemnly retorts, “That’s not what I meant.”

The van runs out of gas and Abraham says that’s it. Rick says they will walk. Everybody opens the doors and climbs out. They are walking down the road looking like hell. Rick has Judith and is talking to Daryl. He tells him they aren’t at their strongest – that’s a understatement. Rick tells Daryl he knows it has been three weeks since Atlanta and that he lost something back there. Daryl changes the subject to Judith and tells Rick she is hungry. Rick says she will be alright. Daryl tells him they need to find water and food. Rick looks up at the sky and tells Daryl it’s going to rain sooner or later. Daryl hands rick his gun back and tells him he is going to head out and see what he can find. Rick tells him not to be to long. Carol tells Daryl she will go with him. Daryl tells her he has got it. Carol insist she is coming and dares him to stop her.

Carl is walking next to Maggie. Carl opens his bag pack and pulls out a music box. Carl hands it to her and tells her he found it while they were out looking for water. Maggie ask what it is. Carl tells her he thinks it use to play music but now it’s broken. Maggie gives a little smile for Carl’s benefit and thanks him. Carl tells her he thought she might like it. Father Gabriel is attempting to talk to Maggie. It’s not going to well. He tells her if she ever wants to talk about her father or Beth. Maggie cuts him off right there and tells him to stop. Again he tries to tell her he is there when she is ready to talk. Maggie throws his inability to save his flock in his face and then dares him to pretend it didn’t happen. Maggie walks away.

Our band of misfits are walking along with a fair number of Walkers behind them. Sasha tells Michonne that they can take them. Michonne tells her Rick is right and that they don’t have much strength left. Sasha is sure she can take them. Michonne tells Sasha that her brother was pissed too after what he lost and made him stupid. Sasha looks her dead in the face and says they are not the same and they never were. Michonne tells her it’s still the same it just is. Sasha gets angry and walks away.

Daryl and Carol are in the woods looking for water. Carol ask of he sees anything. Daryl tells her it’s to dry. Carol suggest they head back. Daryl tells her she can go. Carol replies with I think she saved my life. Carol then ask Daryl if she saved his life. Carol hands Daryl Beth’s knife and tells him they aren’t dead. Carol tells him they are different that she can’t let herself but she knows Daryl and he has to let himself feel it. Carol kisses him on his head and walks away.

Rick is looking over a bridge. Rick goes and stands on his side. Three on the left three on the right. I think they are going to do some Walker bowling and get strikes by throwing them down the hill. Rick is leading them towards him and almost falls. He grabs the first one and it’s game on. All is going smoothly until some of Sasha’s pent up anger gets threat of her and she decides to go commando. She sets them off and they all have to do some sticking now. Or in the words of Abraham “someone just got dicked.” Michonne tries to stop her but Sasha isn’t having it. Rick almost gets it though. Daryl runs up though and grabs the Walker before it can bite him. Michonne has had enough she grabs Sasha and throws her down. Michonne tells her I told you to stop. Sasha gets up,sizes Michonne up and decides to walk away.

I honestly don’t think they could look any worse. They all are dragging along down the road when Carl spots some vehicles and brings it to everyone’s attention. Daryl says he will circle around. Carol offers to go but Daryl’s got it. Maggie goes up to one of the cars and wipes the window. She looks in and then opens the door. She looks under the seats and in the glove compartment and comes up with nothing. She takes the keys out of the ignition and goes to the back of the car. She opens and finds a tied up old lady Walker. Maggie slams the trunk shut. Then her pent up pain gets the best of her and she goes back. She jiggles the key and it won’t open. She becomes infuriated and is about to shoot it open when Glenn stops her. Maggie tells him about the Walker in the trunk. Glenn gives the keys a go and since he is a little calmer he manages to get it open after a few tries. Glenn kills it and then he leads Maggie away.

Daryl is walking in the woods. He comes across a half eaten baby deer and a dead guy with his throat slit lying up against a tree. Everyone is sitting by the side of the road in the shade. Daryl comes out and Rick shakes his head no. Abraham pulls out a bottle of whiskey. Tara notices and tells Rosita that’s not going to help. Rosita assures her that he knows that. Tara says it’s going to make it worse. Rosita says yes it is. Eugene adds his two by use of a statement and then a bit of reflection and it goes like this “He is a grown man. I truly do not believe things could get worse.” Rosita assure him they can. Then just like that they do when a bunch of wild dogs come out of the woods. Thankfully Sasha is still mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore. She drops everyone of them. Rick gets a odd expression on his face and then after debating a scenario in his head he gets up and gets a branch and starts breaking it to make a fire. A few minutes later they are eating dog on a stick.

Noah looks at one of the dog collars laying on the ground. Sasha walks up with some more wood. Noah tells her he doesn’t know if he is going to make it. Sasha tells him then he won’t. She then tells him don’t think just eat. Father Gabriel who is sharing a fire pit with Maggie of all people takes off his collar and burns it in the fire.

Maggie is walking next to Glenn holding her music box. Glenn tells her to take a drink. Glenn tells her just to talk to him. Maggie tells Glenn she never thought she was alive she just didn’t. She says after daddy she just didn’t know. She then says Daryl said she was alive and after that and she knew she was and then she wasn’t one day. Maggie tells him seeing her like that made it feel like none of it was ever really there. Maggie tells him she doesn’t know if she wants to fight it anymore. Glenn tells her she does. That’s who she is. That they fought to be there and they have to keep fighting. She finally takes a drink of water.

Abraham is walking next to Sasha. She shakes her head at him and tells him his drinking is going to make it worse. Abraham tells her the way she is going she is what’s going to make things worse. Abraham tells her she is with friends. Sasha tells him angrily that they aren’t friends. He kind of shrugs and then takes another swig.

Glenn offers Daryl a drink. Daryl turns it down. Glenn tells Daryl they can make it together that they only can make it together. Daryl tells Sasha and Abraham he is going to look for water.

Daryl is out in the woods when he comes up on a little barn. He sits down under a tree and reaches in his pocket. He puts a cigarette in his mouth and lights it. He smokes it for a few minutes and then puts it out on his hand. Then he finally lets out all his pent up sadness and sits there and cries.

Daryl comes back and Rick shows him a note. It reads “From A Friend.” Daryl takes his bow off. They all start discussing the water. Eugene says he would indeed like to think that it is from a friend. Michonne wonders if something is in it. Eugene decides to put it to the test and goes to take a drink. Abraham strides up and reaches out and knocks it right out of his hands. Force of habit I guess. Once a hero always a hero. Abraham quietly goes back to his spot. Rick tells Eugene we can’t. Luckily they don’t have to because the rain starts coming down in buckets. They all open there mouths and drink the drops down. Rosita and Tara lay down in it. Maggie, Daryl, and Sasha are the only three who aren’t enjoying it. Father Gabriel cries and says I’m sorry my Lord. Rick has everyone grab empty bottles and fill them up with water. Carl covers up a crying Judith with his hat. Rick realizes a storm is coming and tells everyone to keep moving. Daryl tells him about the barn. Maggie, Glenn, Carol, Daryl, Abraham and Rick go in to make sure it’s safe. Maggie sees a Bible laying on a stack of books. She opens the door near it. Maggie has found herself another Walker. Maggie kills her. Carol walks up and Maggie points out that the Walker had a gun. Maggie says she had could have shot herself. Carol says some people can’t give up. Like them.

It’s night and Maggie is trying to sleep. Sasha is watching Abraham drink. That bottle has lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Michonne, Rick. Daryl, Carol, and Glenn are sitting by a little fire. Rick looks over at Carl and Judith sound asleep. Carol tells Rick Carl is going to be fine that he bounces back quicker than they all do. Rick says he feels sorry for kids that have to grow up in this. Michonne tells Rick this isn’t the world. Rick says this is what we have to live with. Rick tells a story about his grandpa and his war days. Rick says his grandpa told him he was dead the minute he stepped into enemy territory. Everyday he woke up he told himself rest in peace now get up and go to war. Rick says the after his grandpa pretended he was dead he made it out alive. Rick says that’s the trick of it. They do what they need to do and then they get to live. Rick says no matter what happens in D.C they will be ok because they tell themselves they are the Walking Dead. (See what he did there?) Daryl says we ain’t them. Rick agrees. Daryl says it again for emphasis and then walks away.

Daryl sees the barn door swinging open and goes to fix it. The lightening allows him to see the group of Walkers headed his direction. Daryl holds the door closed with all the strength he has. Maggie sees him and goes to help followed by Sasha and then everyone else. Carl puts Judith down where he can see her and helps. I think the point is they all have each other to protect one another and as long as they work together they will be ok.

Maggie wakes up the next morning. She sees Judith wide awake in a sleeping Rick’s arms. Maggie gets up and sees that Daryl was awake all night keeping watch. Maggie sits down next to him and tells him he should get some sleep. Maggie comments on Sasha being tough. Daryl tells her Beth was tough she didn’t know it but she was. Maggie smiles. Daryl reaches down and picks up the music box. Daryl fixed it for her. Maggie the ask him. Maggie then goes over to Sasha and wakes her up. Maggie says come on. They go outside and pass by a bunch of Walkers who have been impaled by trees and are still alive to reach out and try and grab them. They find a safe place to sit and watch the sunrise. Sasha tells Maggie that Noah told her he doesn’t know if he can make it and that’s how she feels. Maggie tells her she will make it. That both of them will. Maggie opens the music box and tells her Daryl fixed it. It doesn’t play and they both start laughing. A guy named Aaron pops up and says he is a friend. Sasha and Maggie hold their guns on him. He says he would like to,talk the person in charge. Then he says Rick right. Maggie says how do you know. Sasha says why. Aaron tells them he has good news. If that wasn’t crazy enough the music box starts to play at that very moment.

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