The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review 2/9/15 – 2/13/15 #YR

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The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review  #YR

The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review for February 9th, 2015 – February 13th, 2015 is below for your enjoyment! – See more at: Hollywood Hiccups Recaps…

Monday- Jack finds out Phyllis was released from Fairview.

Paul and Chris are playing what up doc and asking him if Phyllis is capable of standing trial. The doc hasn’t decided yet. Checks starts freakish out and telling about her getting off the hook. Paul tells her she needs to take a chill pill.

Neil does a 180 and lets himself out of his some room after seeing him getting it on with his step mom.

Meanwhile Devon is trying to convince Hilary to,just tell,Neil the truth. Hilary is to scared of what he might do. They finally agree that Valentines day of all days is the day to tell him.

Neil comes up on cane and Lily and fakes like he still can’t see. Neil ask Cane about his assumption Hilary was with Devon and then lies and says no one was there.

Jack ask Kelly of she has seen Phyllis. Jelly is surprised Phyllis already didn’t go home. Jack tells Kelly it’s just a minor setback and he plans to stay with Phyllis.

Cane tells Lily he needs to,be in Chicago on Valentines day and he ask Lily to come with him.

Devon lies to Neil point blank when he ask him if he knows what Hilary wanted to tell him earlier.

Devon sees Lily and Cane kissing. When Lily leaves Cane reminds Devon of how much damage he is about to do. Devon gets a call from Hilary and tells Cane there is no turning back.

Phyllis and Victor are talking when Nikki walks in and ask what in the hell Phyllis is doing there. Victor tells Nikki Phyllis is staying there and that she needs help. Nikki knows Victor is up to something. Jack shows up and wants Phyllis to come home. Phyllis tells Jack they can never go back to what they had together. Phyllis gives him back her engagement ring and tells him she needs space. Jack leaves.

Paul and Chris are enjoying hit chocolate and talking about fixing up a nursery. Paul falls in snow while telling her to be careful.

Kelly shows up at Fairview. The doctor ask for her opinion on Phyllis.

Neil is in a hole in the wall bar having a drink when Nikki comes in. Nikki sees him and panics. Neil tells her to go,ahead and have a drink. They rant about their problems. Nikki’s being Victor and Phyllis and his being Devon and Hilary. Nikki ask what he intends to do. Neil wants to make them pay.

Tuesday- Sage is mocking Adam for buying the couch Chelsea told him to. Meanwhile Billy is miffed at Chelsea for shopping with Gabriel. Billy knocks on the door and senses that safe and Gabriel are arguing. Billy excuses himself by saying he is going to see his little boy. Adam questions him about it.

Sharon tells Chelsea that Nick won full custody of Faith. Sharon tells her Mariah is the one that sunk her case for her. They discuss Nick, Gabriel and Sage. Sharon thinks her and Nick can become friends again. Chelsea is afraid Sharon will be hurt.

Austin tells Nick about the inspector that came to the Underground. Nick is pissed that Austin forgot to tell him. Austin days she was busy shooting a commercial. Nick leaves them with Faith to meet the the inspector. Summer and Austin start fighting. Summer tells him she doesn’t understand what’s going on with him.

Dylan is spending sweetie time with Avery when Joe shows up and interrupts. Dylan and Joe get into it and Avery leaves the room. Dylan punches Joe and leaves. Avery comes back in and helps Joe clean up his face. Joe kisses her on the hand. When Joe leaves Avery has a memory of the two of them slow dancing.

Chelsea sends Billy home with take out while she helps Gabriel arrange the furniture. Sage leaves pissed. Adam tells Chelsea Safe is his wife. She brings up Adam. Adam ask her if she would have stood by her husband. Chelsea says she doesn’t know. She becomes upset and leaves. Chelsea tells Billy something Gabriel said reminded her of Delia. Billy remembers it’s her birthday.

Nick lays a contractor to fix the Underground before Valentines Day.

Sharon finds Dylan and takes him to her place. He sees the mess she made and warns her what would happen if Nick saw it. They promise that they will keep each other in check so they don’t ruin their future happiness.

Nick tells Austin a mistake like that can’t happen again. Austin quits and storms out. Summer is stunned.

Austin pours himself a drink and text someone.

Wednesday- Phyllis has a nightmare about Jack and Kelly. Victor is there to calm her down. Victor tells her she is safe. The doctor calls him and informs him he talked to jelly and has decided that Phyllis is same. Phyllis hears and freaks out. Victor tells her Kelly has played everyone. Victor tells her Kelly thinks she is at a disadvantage and that Phyllis needs to continue to let her think that.

Jack tells Summer Phyllis is at Victor’s. Summer thinks it good that she is. Jack thinks Victor has ulterior motives.

Chris brings Phyllis file to Avery and tells her she will,see her in court. Jack swings by and tells him the doctors report could sink Phyllis. Jack thinks Victor is behind it.

Billy and Connor are looking at Valentine hearts. Chelsea goes next door and invites Sage and Gabriel to her place for dinner. Chelsea goes back and tells Billy who is upset but goes along with it. Adam tells Safe who gets flowers from Nick. At the dinner Adam fawns over Connor. Billy ask Safe about kids. Safe says she because you want a family it doesn’t mean you get one.

When they return hime Adam screams at Sage for interfering in his plans. Safe explains she was talking about herself she can’t have kids. Adam calms down and comforts Sage.

Avery shows up at Paul’s office. Paul wants to work out some sort of plea bargain with Phyllis.

Summer goes to see Phyllis. Phyllis tells,her she didn’t hurt Kelly and to be careful around her.

Jack ask the doctor what convinced him to say Phyllis was sane. The doctor tells him it’s a who not a what and it was Kelly.

Jack goes and chews Kelly out and tells her to,stay away from him. Victor shows up later and tells Kelly that they want the same thing.

Mariah and Kevin are discussing there let peeves. They happen upon a invitation for a party at the Abbot cabin. Austin storms in and is yelling that he won’t be anyone’s charity case. When Summer arrives Mariah ask about the invitation. Summer doesn’t know anything about it. Austin tells her they got one the night before. Mariah is shocked Summer didn’t go home. Summer lets Austin know she will be home tonight. Someone is watching them all through the window.

Jack goes to,see Phyllis. Phyllis tells him she will be fine because she has Victor on her side.

Thursday- Nikki lets Phyllis know she doesn’t want her in her house. Avery comes in next and tries to convince Phyllis to take the plea bargain. Phyllis won’t tAke it because she says she didn’t do anything. Phyllis is also pissed that Chris is on the case.

Ashley and Jack are discussing Jabot when she sees a ad for victors new fragrance. Ashley is sure he stole her idea. When jack tells her about Phyllis Ashley loses it and takes off to confront Victor.

Neil comes to see Hilary who shrinks away at the sight if him. Neil tells her he wants to treat her to a special Valentines Day.

Victor offers to help Kelly get Jack back. Kelly wants to know what Victor gets out of it. Phyllis will be free of Jack says Victor.

Lily and Cane tell Devon they are going to Chicago. She tells him all about the private jet and Jill and Colin going with them. Devon isn’t happy about that. Hilary comes in and he takes off to see her. Hilary bitches about Neil wanting to do something for her for Valentines day. Devon suggest they tag along to Chicago with them. Hilary agrees to it.

Kelly shows up and tries to win Lily over. Lily however is choosing to support Phyllis. Kelly snaps and tells Lily that’s fine because someone else believes her and Jack belong together. Jelly storms off leaving Lily stand my there confused.

Phyllis fires Avery. Avery is upset but she leaves. Nikki comes in and rants some more then leaves claiming she is going to get a massage. Phyllis tells,Victor she knows he is up,to something.

Ashley shows up and accused Victor of stealing her fragrance. Then tells Phyllis what a fool she is for turning her back on Jack and suggest she is punishing him for having a life the year Phyllis was away.

Neil and Nikki are getting blotto again and talking about how upset they are. Nikki claims she is over it. Neil on the other hand wants revenge.

Avery lets Jack know Phyllis fired her. Avery wants to prove Phyllis is unstable and she wants Jack’s help. Jack won’t have anything to do with it. Avery leaves and Nikki arrives. She yells at Jack and tells him either he gets Phyllis out of her house or she will.

Neil is told about the trip and says it sounds like the perfect idea.

Kelly gets into it with Avery and goes as far as to pick up a knife and point it at her. Kelly walks away.

Lily and Cane can’t wait till their trip,

Jack meets with Avery and agrees to help her.

Friday- Faith is with Nick eating candy hearts when Noah comes in. Noah tells Faith he will treat her to a cookie. Nick ask him about leaving him short handed. Next the babysitter cancels on him. Noah tells Nick he knows exactly who can watch Faith.

Nick shows up at Sharon’s with Faith. Shark is happy towards her for Nick.

Everyone starts arriving at the Abbot cabin. Mariah says it’s like a horror movie and all they need is for someone to knock at the door. Cue the knock at the door. Kyle comes in followed by Noah. After a bit of needling Abby admits it was her. Later they play a game of never have I ever. It’s fun at first but then Austin takes it personal when Kyke says he has never killed anyone. Austin takes off.

Victoria arrives to drop,her kids off with Billy. Chelsea tells her he went to the memorial to spend time with Delia.

Billy is talking to Delia and Adam hears everything. He tries to sneak away and makes some noise. Billy gets up see what it was. Billy doesn’t find anyone and he sits back down. Delia appears and tells Billy he has to,forgive Adam or he will never be able to be happy. Billy says he will try harder to be who Delia wants him to be.

Everyone gets ready to board the private jet to Chicago.

Adam sees Sage leaving and tells her to enjoy her night. Adam knocks on Chelsea’s door and she invites him in. Chelsea shows him the gift she got for Billy a pink rose tree for Delia. Adam talks about the pain of losing a child and Chelsea hugs him. Billy walks in and sees it.

Nick gives Victoria and Ben drinks on the house. Safe shows up and offers to help,him behind the bar. He gives her a shirt to change into and then walks in in her in her bra.
He plays it off. Faith calls and wishes him a happy valentines day. Victoria and Ben dance and then leave. Snow falls unto the table they were siting at.

The lights flicker at Sharon’s. She gets Faith ready for bed.

The lights also flicker at the club.

On the plane it’s quite the scene. People drinking and having a good time. Others sneaking around. Colin getting on to Devon. Neil taking it all in without anyone knowing.

Neil gets up and heads over to the bar and pours a drink. Lily notices and says that it’s alcohol. Neil tells her he knows and reads off the bottle before he downs the drink. Cane says you can see. Neil says yes he can see everything.

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