The Originals Review Season 2 Episode 14 ‘I Love You, Goodbye’

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The Originals Review Season 2 Episode 14 ‘I Love You, Goodbye’

Here is The Originals Review Season 2 Episode 14 ‘I Love You, Goodbye.’ Click HERE for more recaps of The Originals…

Cami is driving and Hope is crying. Cami tells her she just needs to find a payphone. Her cell phone was blown up in the house right along with Finn and Elijah. She takes Hope out of the car and then trips and spills all her change. Cami yells damn it which only upsets Hope more. In the midst of her apology to her she hears a noise. Cami yells to his ever out there. Cami threatens to gouge out there eyes. It’s Elijah and he tells her that isn’t necessary. Cami ask him what in the hell happened back there. Elijah tells her that’s a discussion for the car and he hustles her and Hope into it.

Haley is throwing ever article of clothing she has into a bag. Klaus ask her what she is doing. Haley tells him she is going to get her daughter thank you very much and before you give me the it’s not safe crap neither is blowing up a house to stop your evil brother. Klaus tells her they will deal with Finn. Haley says really how’s that going to work with him jumping bodies all the time. Klaus reminds her that today is her wedding day. Klaus tells her she will be Queen to a army and a Queen doesn’t run.

Josh is with Davina and tells her he went after Aiden. I can tell by his expression it didn’t go well. Davina assures him Aiden was there until the spell broke. Kol comes prancing in and gives Josh a bag of blood actually he more like throws it at him and tells him to get lost. Davina ask Kol where he was the other day. He said he was busy saving the day and playing hero. Davina ask why she couldn’t heave helped him. Kol tells her she was with her mate. Davina ask why he couldn’t call her. Kol ask her if she wants to finish the of Klaus get out of line we can stab him dagger.

Jackson and Aiden are discussing all the dead wolves and how revenge is to be had. Jackson makes it clear to Aiden he is to make it clear that witches were behind it. Klaus shows up,with a bag of wolves heads who refused to,give up Finns moonlight rings. Jackson is disturbed. Klaus calls it a early wedding gift. Klaus threatens Jackson without threatening him. Klaus tells him and Aiden that the festivities begin at eight at his compound. Klaus tells them to spread the word and tells Jackson to show up early enough to clean himself up it’s his wedding day for God’s sake. Klaus smiles and leaves. Jackson carefully touches the bloody bag and looks at Aiden and ask if he is crazy or did Klaus just do his version of a nice thing.

Ina morgue somewhere Freya unzips Finns body bag. Half his faces is burned off. She touches her hand to his chest.

Kol ask Davina if she is ready. Davina says she has never done this before. Kol tells new he has never had a accomplice as powerful as her. Davina says a lets do it then.

Freya looks at Finn.

Kol and Davina are chanting.

Freya is doing a spell of her own and sprinkling salt on Finn as she chants.

The dagger gets hot and they drop it. They assume the spell worked. I assume it has something to do with Freya. Whatever the case may be Kol and Davina decide to celebrate and kiss.

Freya is still chanting and Kol gets a nosebleed because if Finn is back then Kol would be dying again. Finn jumps up and gasp.

Kol tells Davina he is fine and then tells her to hide the dagger. Kol,then ask her to come to the wedding with him. Davina agrees and leaves. Soon as she is gone Kol places a call to Rebekah and asks her for a favor.

Haley is going through a closet looking for a dress. Rebekah pops in and tells her bad news first and that she will be missing her nuptials because Kol has a life or death matter he needs help with. Rebekah tells her it’s witch business. Rebekah gives her a wedding dress and tells her she can’t get married in skinny jeans and combat boots. Haley tells her it’s beautiful. Haley ask if she has told Marcel who she is. Rebekah tells her she thought she would hold off on that for the moment. Rebekah tells her she may be marrying Jackson but she is one of them and always will be. Rebekah winks at her and leaves.

Josh meets with Aiden who races to him and hugs him. Aiden brings him up to speed on the Haley/ Jackson wedding. To make a long story short Aiden breaks things off with Josh. Aiden tells him it’s to keep him safe. Josh doesn’t remember the last time he was safe. Josh walks off.

Jackson is at the compound. He comment on being in Haley’s world. Haley say it isn’t her world and if she had thought about getting married her cake wouldn’t look like that. Jackson ask her if she is getting cold feet. Haley tells him no that his is right for her the pack and Hope. Klaus comes in and tells Haley someone is there that wishes to say hello. Haley and Jackson go to see who it is. It’s Cami Elijah, and Hope. Haley can’t believe Klaus brought them there. Klaus tells her they are safe and there is no more running for the Queen. Haley takes Hope from Cami and Klaus leaves. Haley introduces Jackson to Hope and the little girl takes his hand and squeals.

Klaus is having himself a pre celebration shot. Elijah says he thought Hopes return would please him. Klaus tells him he is over joyed and will be even more so as long as Elijah doesn’t talk Haley out marrying Jackson. Elijah ask if there is something Klaus would like to discuss. Klaus tells him everyone knows he is in love with Haley. But she has a duty to her family. Elijah ask if Klaus bullied her into it. Klaus tells her she is helping to assemble a army and Elijah will do nothing to prevent it. Klaus tells Elijah Haley is putting family first and he expects Elijah to do the same. Elijah tells Klaus family is always first. Klaus puts his hand on his shoulder and tells them in that case they won’t have a problem.

Rebekah and Kol are chanting away. It’s not working. Kol tells Rebekah he can’t bee at it it’s latched on like a vice. Rebekah asked what happened to the brother she knew that isles to laugh death in its face. Kol tells her it’s a lot easier to do when you haven’t already died once. Kol tells her he preferred being a witch because there is no heightened emotions.

Haley has on her wedding dress and Hope is playing in the floor. Haley tells her that mommy has to go do a big thing but not to worry that Cami will watch her. Haley then tells her after that she isn’t letting her out of her sight. Elijah comes in to tell Haley he loves her. Haley ask him not to say it. Haley tells him she is happy with Jackson. Elijah understands and nods and leaves.

Jackson is getting ready and Aiden comes in to help him with his tie. Jackson tells Aiden he is done with grudges. Aiden tells him about Josh. Jackson tells Aiden if Josh is good enough for him than end of discussion.. Jackson tells him the fight is better when they have something to fight for. Haley comes to see Jackson and Aiden leaves. Jackson gifts her with a necklace.

Davina walks in and Josh calls her over to sit by him. Aiden comes in next. Aiden wants to sit next to Josh so Davina moves down. Haley comes in and they all stand up. Jackson comes in and they walk to the stairs hand and hand then they each go up one side of the stairs and meet at the top. Mary is officiating. Klaus is watching from a balcony and Elijah joins him. Mary does the ceremony and they kiss. Elijah can’t watch. Jackson’s eyes glow and then so do Haley’s. Pretty soon all the wolves eyes glow. Klaus smiles that smug smile of his. Elijah knows klaus is playing at something and ask what it is. Klaus tells him Jackson won’t be around long and he knows Elijah wants him gone just as much as he does. Klaus leaves Elijah to stand and think about it.

Elijah catches up with Klaus and tells him he isn’t to do anything to Jackson as long as he makes Haley happy. Elijah suggest that Klaus is afraid Jackson will be a better father to Hope that he is. Klaus becomes angry and brings up Elijah’s murderous tendencies. Elijah tells Klaus he will not stand by him while he plots to kill Jackson.

Josh is with Davina walking down the street. Josh comments how awesome it is his boyfriend has super strength. Davina points out that at least his boyfriend showed up. Josh takes her hand and spins her around. She notices Kol up agains a alley wall and runs over to him. Kol tells her all about Finns curse and that he isn’t going to be alive much longer.

Cami is cuddling Hope when Klaus walks in. He tells her he heard her crying. Cami says she thinks Hope is teething. Klaus thanks Cami for helping. Cami tells him Hope has been looking around a lot and smiling. Cami ask if Klaus wants to hold her and when he hesitates instead of jumping at the chance Cami tells him she learned that a happy mom and a happy dad equal a happy baby. Klaus smiles at Hope.

Haley is being spun around by Jackson. Aiden flies in and kisses Josh. Klaus comes in with Hope in his arms and ask Haley to join him. Haley takes her. Klaus explains to everyone that the baby that everyone thought had died was in fact Hope. Klaus says they will protect her and goes as far as to say Jackson and Haley can live in the compound. Elijah looks on in shock. Klaus looks up and smiles at him.

Davina is trying to help Rebekah find a way to save Kol. Davina starts panicking and he ask Rebekah to give him a moment alone with her. Kol tells her he owes her a dance and offers his hand.

Haley finds Elijah and thanks him. Elijah tells her he is moving out. Haley is upset by this but Elijah assures her it’s ok. Rebekah shows up and gets Elijah. They go to Hope’s room to get Klaus who at first thinks Elijah is there for more bickering. Rebekah sets him straight and tells him Kol isn’t going to make it through the night.

Marcel notices Rebekah when they are on the way out. Gia ask him if he knows her. Marcel thinks he might.

Davina is in tears as she dances with Kol. Kol ask her to let him die alone. No such luck. Klaus tells him he doesn’t get out of forever that easily.

Jackson is alone when Haley comes in and tells him everyone left. Jackson talks about how awkward the wedding night might be but then tells her if she wants to watch Hope sleep that’s fine with him. Haley tells Jackson she didn’t just marry him for the pack she married him for her to. Haley tells him he is the first person to ever tell her he loved her. They kiss.

Meanwhile Kol is dying. Klaus and Elijah are doing their best to comfort him. Kol says all he ever wanted was for Klaus to,care about him. Rebekah knows he is going to die and holds his head in her lap. She tells him they will be able to bring him back because he is a witch. She promises to,stay in that body until she finds away. Davina does a chant that she thinks will work but it doesn’t. Kol smiles at Davina one last time and dies. Davina cries. Rebekah continues to hold him. Elijah and Klaus are standing silently.

Find on the other hand is as good as new. Freya tells him Dahlia is on her way and that Esther has nothing on her. They discuss Klaus’s baby. Freya tells him that Hope’s power is like a beacon and Dahlia will come to take what is hers.

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