Vampire Diaries Review Season 6 Episode 15 “Let Her Go”

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Vampire Diaries Review Season 6 Episode 15 “Let Her Go”

Here is your review and recap of Vampire Diaries Review Season 6 Episode 15 “Let Her Go.”For more Vampire Diaries recaps and reviews, click HERE…

Liz is comforting Caroline when she was a little girl and fell off her bike. Caroline ask her if she will die. Liz tells her that she won’t. Caroline then ask her what happens if shakes and she isn’t there for her. Liz tells her she isn’t going to doe for a very long time and when she does Caroline won’t need her. Caroline tells Liz she is always going to need her and she hugs Liz. Caroline wakes up and sees everyone else is still asleep including Stefan. Caroline walks into the kitchen where she finds Damon doing his best to write Liz’s eulogy. Caroline tells him that this is going to be the worst day of her life and she doesn’t want to start it off with him. Damon tells her that actually the next few days will be the easiest it’s in the weeks following that she will find to be the hardest. Caroline thanks him and walks out.

Caroline has made lost of the things that they need to get done. She gives everyone a copy. She then lets them no Elena is going with her to pick the casket. They leave.

Bonnie is in day 278 of her exile. She remarks that she has her magic back and is going back hime as soon as possible.

Meanwhile Jo is throwing up and is telling Alaric she can’t be with baby so it must be the Thai food she ate. Kai shows up and before Damon can get rid of him he flies in and tells Jo he is sick to. Kai tells her the merge was done wrong and if he dies the whole coven does. Kai wants her to help him get better.

Damon is getting ready for Liz’s funeral when Stefan comes in. Stefan ask him what he should do about something that happened between him and Caroline before Liz died. Damon tells Stefan that Caroline will want this to be real and if it isn’t for Stefan he needs to let her go. Damon advises him for today not to be that day.

Caroline in the meantime has told Elena about her kiss with Stefan. Elena suggest she save it for another day like tomorrow. Caroline insist she needs a answer today.

Jo checks out Kai and finds nothing wrong. Kai tells her that’s because it’s the magic making him sick. Kai reaches out for Jo and says touching her makes him feel better. He wants her to give him her magic. Alaric is against it until Kai brings up that if he dies so will Jo not to mention all the other prison worlds collapse. Alaric is taken aback. Kai says no one told you that.

Bonnie is about to do her magic jump home thing when the eclipse disappears and she jumps into another world that has snow coming down.

Damon is telling Elena he thinks this whole eulogy writing thing was a last joke for Liz to pull on him. Elena reminds him today is about Caroline. Damon has a memory of his mother and begins writing.

Jo and Alaric are talking. Jo tells him she has to give Kai her magic. Alaric offers,to,fight with her to keep it. Alaric also tells her he loved her before she was a witch and will still love her when she isn’t a witch.

The funeral is about to start. Stefan walks in and ask Caroline how she is doing. She says she doesn’t know and she doesn’t know where he fits in her life now either. Stefan tells her they will talk about it just not today. Stefan hugs her. Stefan leaves. Caroline reaches down and touches her moms badge and starts to cry. Elena comes in to tell her it’s time for the funeral to start.

Bonnie is a bit upset given her current circumstances. She wonders where she is. She heads toward some light is the sky and goes into the house she finds there. Bonnie gets a oil lamp and the reads some notes that were written in 1903.

Tyler shows up drunk and Matt refuses to let him go in. Matt tells Tyler Caroline doesn’t need his issues. Matt goes in and leaves Tyler standing alone.

The preacher begins. The some officers drape a flag on Liz’s coffin. They do one last call on the police scanner. Damon comes up to do his eulogy. He tells Caroline that her mom wanted him to tell her how beautiful she was and she was proud of the woman she has become. Damon says that Liz said Caroline was extrodinary and so was Liz. He calls Liz a hero and tells her goodbye and says she will be missed. Caroline goes next and sings a beautiful song for her mother.

Caroline is at the grill thanking everyone who came. Tyler walks in and tells Matt he is sober and tells him no to make him leave. Matt tells him they both have been through a lot. Matt tells Tyler he wants to be a cop and that he got him and Tyler applications.

Caroline is putting on her coat when Elena walks up and ask her if she is leaving. Caroline tells Elena she just needs to be alone. Caroline hugs her and thanks her for everything. Elena looks worried as Caroline heads out.

Bonnie is going through the house and she finds a picture of Stefan and Damon that goes back to the Civil War. Bonnie gasp OMG.

Jo gives Kai her magic. While this is going on Bonnie is moving through worlds. Bonnie finds a woman before they can find out who each other are she is thrown out and into another world.

When Kai and Jo are done he whispers in her and tells her to have a good life. Alaric ask what that was about. Jo tells him Kai told her she is pregnant. Jo isn’t sure how to handle the information. Alaric ask her to marry him. Jo thinks he is doing it out of pity. Alaric explains that he went out and bought a ring the day after her brother died and planned in asking her that morning but she woke up sick. Alaric says he never thought a being a father was in the cards for him. Alaric tells her he loves and gets down on one knee shows her the ring and ask Jo to marry him. Jo ask him if he is sure. Alaric tells her 92% sure. Jo says yes and they hug.

Damon is at the bar drinking when Stefan comes in. Stefan tells him he is wrong about Caroline. Stefan thinks this could be better than anything he has ever had. Damon tells him he needs to be telling Caroline this not him. Stefan leaves to find Caroline.

Caroline is at home. She picks up her moms sweater and tries her best no to cry. Elena is there. Caroline tells her she is fine. Elena says she realized that Caroline plans on turning off her humanity. Caroline tells her it will be better that way she doesn’t want to feel the pain. Elena disagrees and begs her no to do it. Elena ask if Caroline heard what she wants from Stefan if that would make a difference. Caroline tells her doesn’t make a difference because he didn’t say anything. Caroline cries and Elena holds her. Caroline snaps Elena’s neck. Caroline tells a unconscious Elena it isn’t her choice to make.

Damon comes in and sees pancakes on the table and Bonnie. Damon opens her arms and she runs into them. Damon says you made it.

Stefan comes to see Caroline. All he finds is a unconscious Elena on the floor. He checks on her and the calls out for Caroline. Stefan is greeted with silence.

Bonnie is telling Damon about the house she found in 1903. Bonnie pulls out a video she just happened to make of the woman that was there. Damon is shocked and tells Bonnie the woman is his mother. Of course she is.

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