Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 5, Episode 21, ‘Bloody Hell’

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Bloody Hell,” was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

The girls are at the prison to meet with Alison. They are pacing anxiously. Aria asks Emily if Hannah ever got back to her. Emily says, “How should I know they took our phones.” Aria says, “Oh yeah.” She then tells Spencer it feels weird. Spencer tells her of course it does, they are in place surrounded with barbed wire for walls. Emily is amazed and asks Aria if she thinks Alison doesn’t deserve apology. Spencer pops in with, “Need I remind you we are the main reason she is here?”

Aria states that karma put her there. Aria concedes a little bit and says yeah I guess it’s also because of us. Emily says she is on trial for a murder she didn’t commit all because MonA wanted to set her up and then got herself killed. The door buzzes, and in walks a very tired looking Alison.

The girls are siting with her and Emily has pretty much explained everything. Emily ends by saying he was scared to say anything he still thought MonA was alive and didn’t want to say anything. Alison is upset and says so her plan was to let me rot in here. Spencer says only until she found out who A was and then she would come back and you would be released. Aria tells Alison but now she’s not coming back. Emily says they will figure out a way to get her out of there.

Alison asks where Hannah is. Spencer tells her she really wanted to come. Which I guess is the easy way to say Hannah wasn’t counting on the last shred of decency making her give a damn. The guard comes in to tell them their visit is over. They get up to leave and Alison stops Aria. Alison ask Aria if she knows she has to tell her lawyers about Mike. Aria begs her not to. Alison tells her that his testimony maybe the only thing that saves him. Aria ask her to hold off. Aria tells her if she can find Cyrus maybe he can lead her to A. Alison says you’ve been looking for A. Aria says no we Auvergne been looking for A’s henchmen. We thought A was in a jail cell. Alison says ok, that she will wait. She tells Aria she isn’t trying to hurt Mike she just may not have another choice.

Spencer asks Hannah where she was. Hannah slams her locker and apologizes, and says she couldn’t go after calling Alison a liar and a murderer. Spencer says she is a liar. Emily points out and up until yesterday they all thought she was a murderer. Hannah ask if Alison was upset. Emily says she was pretty shocked after what they told her about MonA. Spencer ask Aria if she is ok. Aria says she is fine. Emily ask if it’s about Mike. Aria tells them of they don’t figure out who A is before Alison’s trial starts. Spencer interrupts with she is going to feed Mike to her defense team. Emily ask if they can do that. Spencer assures her they can. Aria says no that isn’t my point. Aria says once Mike becomes Alison’s get out of jail free card he also becomes A’s next target.

Veronica is on the phone with Peter and she sounds annoyed. She tells him she can handle Spencer. Spencer walks in the door and her mom gets off the phone. She bitches at her for going to see Alison and then tells her she talked to Wren and she has a appointment with a Professor at Oxford and that she will be staying with Wren and Melissa so she needs to pack for London because her plane leaves that night.

Emily is cleaning up outside the Brew when a lady from the pageant comes by and gives her a folder and tells her she needs her mothers signature. Emily tells her she is visiting her dad on his base. She ask if Emily can have it faxed. Emily tells her yes. They go over the itinerary for the pageant. Emily tells her when her boss gets back she will ask for a schedule switch. The lady leaves.

Aria and Hannah go to see Spencer. Veronica tells them it has to be a quick visit. Hannah heads up but Aria hangs back. Aria wants some legal advice. Veronica tells her because she didn’t hire her whatever she tells her she doesn’t have to keep between the two of them. Aria digs a dollar out of her purse and ask Veronica if she will be her lawyer for the next hour.

Emily goes into the kitchen and tells Talia she needs to talk to her. Emily tells her she knows Amanda was supposed to be helping her but she was hoping she could cover her shifts instead. Talia tells her she doesn’t think that will be possible. Emily thinks it’s Talia being petty. Turns out it isn’t Talia quit and today is her last day. Emily is surprised.

Veronica ask Aria if the person she is talking about was involved in the crime. Aria tells her no but he has information that could help the police. Veronica ask if he was aware of that. Aria says yes. Veronica ask and he withheld it. Aria says yes again. Veronica tells her if he impeded a police investigation in anyway he would face charges. Aria ask what kinds of charges. Veronica says it depends on the nature of the crime. Aria ask her what if someone needs up getting killed how much trouble would he be in. Veronica keeps her cool and says a lot.

Spencer is packing like crazy while Hannah tries to get her to stay. Spencer ask her what she should do. Hannah says miss her flight. Spencer says she would love to but her mom would just put her on the next one. Hannah says maybe they should tell Spencer’s mom everything. Spencer disagrees. Emily thinks it’s a good idea until Aria brings up Mike and the fact that Spencer’s mom can’t help,them find A. Aria doesn’t want to rattle A’s cage.

Alison is sitting at a table in the laundry room. She writes MonA’s name on it. A guard comes in and gets her. Veronica is there to see her. She wants to know why her daughter and the girls came to see her. Alison tells her it’s because they now know she is innocent. Veronica tells her she has lied so much it’s hard to believe anything she says. Alison tells her she wants to tell her side of the story. Veronica tells her she will need a good coach. Alison ask her if she will do it.

Aria comes home to find Andrew waiting for her. Aria ask if he has been waiting a long time. He says no and makes a joke then ask of she wants to get started. Aria ask if they can put their study sessions on hold for a little while. He invites her to a movie. Aria says she would love to go but then ask if it’s a date. Andrew says I don’t know is it. Aria says it can’t be she is still sort of seeing EzrA. Still with that riff. Andrew says ok then as friends. Andrew tells her the movie is about getting messages from a shadowy figure that knows everyone’s secrets. Boom just like that Andrew moves to my A list. Then again they have said A is someone that was on the very first episode and I don’t remember Andrew being on it. Plus this is pretty little liars they love to make the innocent people look guilty.

Over in London Spencer knocks on a door. A guy answers and she says she must have the wrong apartment. He corrects her apartments are flats, trucks are lories and sweaters are jumpers. He then introduces himself as Colin. Colin tells her he will be her hits for the next 24 hours Wren and Melissa aren’t there. Hmmmmm…….. Colin offers her something to eat but all she wants is for him to fix her phone so she can email her friends.

Alison comes back to the laundry room to find someone added on to her writing. The table now says “MonA told everything.”

Emily runs into Talia on her way out of the Brew the next day. Talia tells her she is there to pick up her last paycheck. Emily notices all the stuff in her car and Talia tells her that he and her husband called it quits. Talia tells her she be staying at a hotel close to her new job. Emily ask her if she would like to stay with her instead.

Hannah’s mom ask her of there is a way to see if somebody read her emails. Hannah says yes but you have to attach the thingy to attach to the thingy. Ashley ask her how she knows she didn’t. Hannah says well did you. Ashley shrugs. Ashley gets a phone call and leaves the room. Aria shows up and wants Hannah to go with her to find Cyrus who Aria tracked down at a hospital where he was admitted. Hannah thinks it’s a bad idea but Aria won’t let it go and Hannah gives in.

Spencer is meeting with the Professor at Oxford. He ask why she wants to go school there instead of in America. Spencer gives him some line about international studies being the best kind.

Hannah and Aria are at the hospital and find out Cyrus is in the burn unit. The nurse is really strict and won’t allow them in until they put on some scrubs and hairnets.

Alison is laying in bed when she hears something rolling around under her. She sits up and then leans down to pull it out. It’s a little gray barrel. She twist it open and inside is a Alison doll orange jumper and all. It has a note with it. ” You’re already over a barrel, wanna be in one too? -A.” Alison looks freaked out.

Spencer and the Professor are hitting it off. Then he notices her bag is bleeding. Spencer jumps up and grabs it. She sticks her hands in and pulls out a broken vile of blood which I’m assuming is MonA’s no doubt. Spencer pulls her hand away and her fingers are covered. Spencer excuses herself and takes off in a hurry to wash her hands leaving the Professor to look after her in wonder. There is a huge puddle gathered on the floor in his office.

Emily is working on her dance routine when she sees Talia watching her from outside. Talia comes in and gives her the key to her house. Emily explains she is in a pageant to help a friend win money. Talia questions her and Emily tells her she can’t half ass it. Emily then makes Talia dance with her.

Over at the hospital the nurse takes Hannah and Aria into see a very burnt Cyrus. Aria tells him she is sorry that she didn’t know this is how she would find him. Aria calls it a accident. Cyrus tells her it was no accident. Aria ask what he means. Cyrus is having trouble talking he grabs something to write on and Aria gets him a pen. He writes one word carjack. Cyrus passes out before they can find out anything else. Plus the nurse throws them out. Hannah argues with her while Aria takes a call from Spencer who tells her all about the blood in her bag. Aria tells her about Cyrus. Spencer tells Aria she wants to come home. Hannah starts getting loud so Aria hangs up with Spencer.

Spencer is standing in a London street somewhere when she gets a text. ” Keep calm, but watch your carry- on. There’s more blood where that came from. -A .” Spencer looks around in terror.

Emily and Talia are dancing when Talia falls and she laughs but then she starts crying. Emily holds her.

Aria and Hannah are leaving the hospital. The lady takes one last shot at Hannah and tells her next time to wear pants. The girls get in the elevator. Hannah goes to her keys out of her purse when the note Cyrus wrote falls out. Hannah notices it’s a V and not a C thus making the word Varjack instead of carjack. Hannah think it’s a tie to Breakfast at Tiffany’s to taunt Alison. Aria tells her he spelled it wrong. Hannah says that’s awesome because that means he didn’t get the name by way of text or email which means he talked to A. Which really isn’t going to matter judging from the person covered in bandages in all black underneath that just got off the bed and headed over to Cyrus.

Spencer has literally dismantled anything and everything in her suitcase. Colin comes in and she claims she is repacking. Spencer tells him she is going home. Colin can tell she is upset and freaking out and he gets her to try a breathing exercise with him. Once she calms down he ask her if she wants to talk about it. Spencer says no and goes back to packing. Colin offers to make her something to eat.

The lady from the pageant shows up. She scolds Emily and tells her she should have told her about her situation. Emily assumes she means her being gay. Nope the lady doesn’t even bat a eye. She is talking about Emily being a good friend of Alison’s.

Hannah comes home to a very happy Ashley. Ted called and the wedding is on. Hannah ask her mom is she regrets telling him the truth. Ashley says no in order to forgive herself and move on she had to tell him and apologize for her mistake.

Talia and Emily see the pageant lady outside the school and Talia tells her that Emily understands she needs to drop out. Talia makes some veiled threats an d then suggest the lady’s sponsors might want to help Emily with college. The lady gets in her car and takes off.

Arias is on the phone with Hannah. Hannah ask if she has talked to Mike. Aria says she can’t find him. Not good. She tells Hannah he maybe at a game and she is looking for ten schedule. She hangs up with Hannah. Aria sees it and starts climbing on his weights to get to it. Andrew calls to her from downstairs and she yells back. She almost has the schedule when the weights break and she falls and hits her head. Andrew rushes in and helps her sit up. He notices the weights nuts and bolts don’t match and tells her if her brother had been using that it would have crushed his skull. Really not good. Aria is beyond scared for Mike.

Veronica is working on her laptop when she sees Alison’s file and picks it up and starts going through it.

Andrew is checking out Aria’s ankle. Andrew thinks she sprained it. Andrew starts wrapping it for her. He ask her what she was doing on that thing anyway. Aria tells him she was trying to get something off the board. Andrew tells her for such a petite girl she brings a lot of chaos. All Aria can do is look at the jacked weights and cry. Andrew is talking and she is crying. He tells her she might need to get it looked at. He looks up sees ten tears and sits down next to her. He offers to let her wipe her tears on his shirt. She declines but they do share a sweet little kiss.

Back over at Spencer’s Veronica finds something that bothers her to such a extent she calls Spencer and tells her to cancel her flight home.

Hannah visits with Alison. Hannah goes to apologize but Alison stops her. She tells Hannah she thought she was helping them by telling them what to wear, how to act, who to like. Alison said she never realized what it was like for them until she got in there and she was told what to do. She tells Hannah she is sorry and ask if they can start over. Hannah says she doesn’t know but they can try. Hannah tells her she has to be honest about everything. Alison agrees. Hannah ask her who Varjack is.

A tag- we see a Bible passage “Vengeance is mine, and retribution; In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near; And the impending things are hastening upon them.” A 20 gets put in and the Bible is closed by A. Then A does the same thing with a whole stack of Bibles headed to where Alison is.

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