The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 12 Review ‘Remember’

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The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 12 Review ‘Remember’

Here is your review of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 12 ‘Remember’. Check out more recaps of ‘The Walking Dead’ by clicking here…

Aaron is helping Eric limp through the gate. Every one follows them. Once inside the gate swings shut. Carl looks back and sees a girl in the window but she is gone as soon as Michonne walks past him. We see that she is still watching them just out of sight. Aaron hugs Eric who goes in a little station. Maggie looks distrustful already. Rick comes up holding Judith. It’s pretty quiet until a garbage can gets turned over. Daryl aims and shoots. It was just a poor possum. Daryl picks it up and another gate swings open. Daryl tells the guy looking at him oddly that they brought dinner.

Aaron says it’s ok and lets them in. One by one they file through Abraham is the last one. The gates close locking them inside. Nicholas tells then they have to surrender their weapons before they go any further. Rick tells him hell no, and that if they were going to use them they would have started already. Aaron suggest they talk to Deanna first. Abraham demands to know who Deanna is. Aaron says she knows everything they would ever want to know about the place. He tells Rick to go first. Rick looks back and sees a Walker through the gate. She takes aim and blows it’s head off faster than I can blink. Another gate closes. Rick says it’s a good thing they are there and strutters as he walks.

Rick is giving this nice house he is in the once over. A woman walks in and says hello and introduces herself as Deanna Monroe. Rick turns around long enough to tell her he is Rick Grimes. She wants to film their talk. Rick tells her to go ahead. Rick ask her why she is filming it and she tells him they are about transparency. She then motions for him to sit and says please. Rick takes a seat. Deanna ask how long he has been out there. Rick tells her since the beginning. She ask if they knew each other before. Rick tells her no. Deanna was a congresswoman from Ohio. So she clearly isn’t a threat. Rick looks like a caveman compared to her. She ask what he did before. Rick tells her it doesn’t matter she is sure it does. He ask her what the place is. She calls it sustainability. It was pretty much a private community. Rock asked her how she ended up there. Deanna tells him her and her family were headed back to Ohio when the army stopped her and sent her there. She did her husband and sons built the wall. Rick realizes she has been behind her big ass wall the entire Walker apocalypse. Deanna tells him they need people who have been out there. Deanna tells Rick they are the first people they have considered letting in in a long time. Rick tells her it’s all about survival at any coat and that people out there always have a angle looking to play on your weakness,measuring you by what they can take. Rick is essentially trying to tell her she is a idiot which duh congresswoman. Deanna says Aaron said she could trust him. Rick tells her he has killed people. He doesn’t remember how many bit he knows why. Deanna tells him she exiled three men hmmmmm….. Her husband and sons perhaps? Deanna wants Rick to help them survive. Deanna tells Rick it’s 3:37 and it’s decision time if he is the one doing the deciding. Rick winds his watch and sets it to 3:37 no doubt. Rick tells her he was a Sheriff. Deanna says she knew that.

Deanna has them all turning in there guns. She tells them they are still there’s and they can check them out anytime they go outside of the wall. They all have so many they poor girl has to get another cart.

Aaron gives them two houses. Aaron tells Rick to take his time and explore and if he needs anything to give him a call. Aaron says they don’t have phones but he is four houses down. Carl thanks him. Rick and Carl go inside. It’s really nice. Carl turns on he running water at the sink and Rick takes a long hot shower. Then he cuts and shaves that god awful beard off. A girl comes to the door with a box of stuff. Rick goes to answer and oh wow so good looking. Her name is Jesse and she offers to give him a haircut. While cutting his hair we find out she has two kids. Ron and Sam. She offers to introduce Ron to Carl. Rick tells her that would be great. She finishes and hands him the mirror.

Daryl is next with Deanna. He refuses to sit or let go of his possum. She ask if he wants to be there. Daryl tells her the boy and the baby deserve a roof. Next we see him gut the possum. Ewwwww…… Carl,and Carol go next door to check out the other house.

Carl tells Carol they are like mansions. Carol says and they awe jut giving them away. Carol ask Carl of he is coming and he tells her in a second. She picks up a pen and paper and walks off. Rick tells Carol they all will stay in the same house tonight. Carl is still looking around in the other one. Carl hears something upstairs and goes to check it out. It’s coming from a closet. He grabs his knife. He opens the door to what used to be a kids room that I think is probably still played in.

That night Carol is writing and Maggie is smelling the clean blankets. Sasha is looking out the window while Glenn gets things ready for bed. Abraham looks out a window. Rosita and Eugene are by a fireplace. Daryl is by another window. Carl is reading the comic book he found. Noah is doing something. Michonne walks in and ask him long she was up there. Rick tells her twenty minutes. Michonne says she couldn’t stop brushing her teeth. Then she notices Rick breaks out in a grin and tells him she has never seen him like that before. Michonne tells him they should play it safe but she has a good feeling. Rick tells her he hopes she is right. Michonne says me too. Someone knock on the door and it’s Deanna. Rick answers and when she sees him she says wow. Rick just looks up and sighs. Deanna tells him she didn’t mean to interrupt she stops when she sees they are all together. She tells Rick that’s smart. She reminds him that he told her they were a family. Some of them have jobs. Rick, Michonne, Sasha and Daryl don’t yet. Deanna tells Rick he looks good and leaves.

They are all asleep except for Rick. He goes in the kitchen and gets the knife out of the drawer.

Michonne is next on the tape. She is holding a book. She tells Deanna that they are all ready for this and this is what they have all wanted.

Next day they all head out of the house. Daryl isn’t to much in the lets get out and meet people stage yet. Rick tells him he and Lori used to look at houses like this and say someday. Daryl says and here we are. Rick tells Daryl he will be back. He panics when he can’t find Carl and Judith. He comes up on Jesse who helps him look. They find them with a old couple. She tells Rick it’s been a long time since they have seen a baby around so she is going to get a lot of cheek pinches. Rick apologizes for knocking over what she was working on. She says it’s a owl she just can’t get the eyes right. Rick says right the eyes. Rick thanks her. She ask of Carl and come over and meet Ron.

Ron tells him about school and introduces him to Mikey and Enid. Enid is quite the little brat. Carl returns the comic book. Ron ask if he wants to play video games or pool at Mikey’s. Carl stays quiet and Enid looks up surprised. Carl decides he wants to play video games.

Carl is next on tape. He tells Deanna that it’s the type of place his mom wanted for them.

Rick comes into Carl’s room and ask him what he thought of Ron. Carl ask Rick what he thinks of the place. Rick says it seems nice. Carl says he likes it there and that h likes the people but there weak and he doesn’t want it rubbing off on him.

Another night and Rick is looking out the window. Michonne gets up and tells him Deanna hasn’t given her a job yet. Rick ask her if she wants one and she says yes. They ask each other if they are afraid they both say no. Rick then says then why are we awake. Rick decides to take a walk.

Rick meets Jesse’s husband while out on his walk. He welcomes him to Alexandria. He looks like a dick. Next we see Rick wake up from a dream.

Carol is next to be taped. She tells Deanna what she did. Pretty much a housewife. She says she is the den mother of the group.

Carol is heading to work. Daryl is working on his cross bow. She orders Daryl to take a bath or she will hose him down in his sleep.

Glenn is being taped next. Glenn tells her they need to make this work because they were almost out there to long.

Rick heads back outside the gate and looks around. Carl is playing with a timer when Enid goes by his window. She sneaks over the gate. Noah, Tara, and Glenn meet Aiden who is Deanna’s son. He ask them about making supply runs. He is taking them in a dry run to see how they do.

Enid is walking through the woods. Carl is following her and when she runs he runs. Carl loses her.

Rick finds a Walker in a shed. Rick goes to get his gun from the blender but it’s gone. Rick is not happy and now he has four Walkers for company. Carl shows up. They take out their knives and do some head stabbing. They take them out but out crawls another Walker ( you might know him as Scott Ian of Anthrax.) Carl would like the honors. Rick gives him the pole. Right through his head it goes. They exchange well done looks.

Back to Aiden and company. He tries to sound all bad ass and brag. Aiden tells them they lost four people last month. Aiden admits he is a douchebag. The dumbasses tied a Walker up and used it for target practice and now it’s loose. Aiden wants to find it. It comes back and Aiden almost gets munched. Tara goes to help and ends up ripping it’s skin off. Gross. Then she kills it which pisses Aiden off. Glenn gets in his face. Noah is pissed as well. When they get back he tells them they need new gigs they aren’t ready for runs yet. Glenn tells him he has it backwards. Aiden gets mad and pushes him. Glenn tells him he isn’t impressed. Deanna comes over and ask what the problem is. Aiden tells her that Glenn doesn’t want to follow the rules. Glenn gets smart. Aiden goes to hit him. Glenn ducks and knocks Aiden on his ass. Nicholas goes to get in the middle of it and Daryl grabs him. Rick runs up and pulls Daryl off. Michonne ask Aiden if he wants to end up on his ass again. Deanna makes it clear Rick and company belong there and are equals. Deanna wants Rick and Michonne to be the law. They agree to do it. Deanna thanks Glenn. Glenn ask for what. Deanna tells him for knocking her son on his ass.

Carl ask Enid if she likes him. Enid stays quiet and walks away.

Rick comes downstairs in his uniform. Rick walks out the front door. Carol follows. She ask Rick if they are staying. Rick tells her they can start sleeping in their own homes. Carol is afraid they will let their guard down and become weak. Rick tells Carol Carl said the same thing but it’s not going to happen. Rick say they will make it work. If Deanna and company can’t make it they will just take the place.

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