Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Selfie Addiction

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Kim Kardashian knows she has a selfie addiction, like all reality stars do. In an interview with Adweek, she even opens up about said selfie addiction.

She explains, “So many people think that taking selfies is just ridiculous. For me, what’s so funny is I love taking pictures and posting them on social media just for memories. I’m kind of letting them know, yes, it is ridiculous, but it’s all fun. I take it more as a fun, emotional scrapbook that I love to look back on.”

Well, at least she realizes that other people find her selfie craze utterly ridiculous. It’s mind-boggling to me that celebrities like Kim Kardashian are still famous, and even more so when you consider their penchant for selfies and other ridiculous, famewhore-y habits.

Then again, selfies are a big reason that Kim is so popular on social media, something she’s undoubtedly aware of. Reality stars – despite their D-list status – occupy a place in social media that is constant and ever-evolving. For example, someone like Kim would get a hundred times more likes on her selfie than an Oscar winner like Julianne Moore, only because Kim is more active on social media. Plus, selfies are the clearest way to admit that you’re looking for attention on the internet, and we know the Kardashians are excellent at that.

What do you guys think about Kim Kardashian’s self-admitted selfie addiction? Do you think it’s ridiculous, harmless fun, or just a tool to ensure her continued fame? Kim plays the game very well, even if she tries to pretend that she doesn’t. This interview is clearly yet another attempt to create a sense of humility, but she just comes across as slightly narcissistic and self-obsessed. Oh well, I guess that’s an improvement from vastly narcissistic and completely self-obsessed, right?

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