Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 5, Episode 22, ‘To Plea or Not to Plea’

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Pretty Little Liars Review Season 5, Episode 22, ‘To Plea or Not to Plea’

To Plea or Not to Plea,” was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

Alison is with her lawyer Rebecca. She tells her that Mrs. Hastings has gone over her case and feels it is in her best interest to not get on the stand. Rebecca tells her about a plea deal she could take that would have her out of jail in ten years. Alison refuses to take it because she didn’t kill MonA and she thinks it’s insane. Rebecca tells her if she loses she could end up in prison for life. Rebecca also tells her the police are already building a case against who they think was her accomplice. Alison ask who. Rebecca tells her Hannah Marin.

Melissa walks into her flat in London to find Spencer changing her flight back so that she can go back hime to her friends and Toby. Melissa ask her what about her interview at St. Andrews. Melissa convinces Spencer to stay by telling her she could to have a drama free life if she lived in London.

Back in Rosewood Aria and Emily are having a private pow wow in one of the classrooms. Emily is worried about Alison while Aria is worried about Mike. Emily wants to talk to Cyrus. Aria tells her he is now in ICU. Emily thinks they should ask EzrA for help seeing as how he found out tons of stuff when he was writing his book. Before they can discuss it any further the bell rings and class starts.

In London Colin comes in and ask Spencer to go to a play with him. Spencer turns him down but then is completely on board when she finds out it’s Hamlet. Spencer offers to buy her ticket. Colin tells her she can by him a pint instead.

Veronica is talking to Ashley when Hannah sneaks down the stairs to listen. Veronica tells her the cops think Hannah helped Alison and are trying to build a case against her. Veronica also tells her Tanner is sure the goo they found in the barrel is what’s left of MonA. Veronica then tells Ashley that her daughter was seen leaving the storage unit and has seen Alison twice since she was locked up. Veronica offers Ashley the number of a good defense lawyer.

Hannah has a full on freak out. Emily is sure Alison won’t take the deal and if she does she won’t say Hannah helped her. Hannah is sure Alison would rather cover her own ass then help her. Emily says she will go see her. Hannah says she should be the one. Emily tells her if she goes it will just cause more trouble with Tanner. Aria comes over and tells them Jason said Alison is freaked out and is thinking about taking the plea deal. Hannah looks terrified.

Emily wants to call Spencer. Aria says they should wait until they no more. Aria opens her locker and a note from Andrew falls out. Emily reads it and finds out he wants to take Aria to dinner. Emily ask what’s going on and Aria admits she kissed him. Emily ask her about EzrA and Aria says she isn’t sure what’s going on with him. Emily still wants to ask for his help with discovering who Varjack is. Aria tells her to go and ask him that she has a history test and she will catch up with her afterwards.

Hannah is at Caleb’s on the verge of tears. She says she is sorry she got him involved in this. Caleb tells her he plans on calling Toby to find out what is going on. Hannah says Toby won’t help them. Caleb says this time he will. Someone knocks on his door. It’s Ashley and she tells Hannah she needs to come home with her now.

Emily tells EzrA about Varjack. EzrA tells her he never came across that name in his research. He wants to know if they are sure Alison doesn’t know who he is. Emily is desperate and tells him it’s the only clue they have to help Hannah. He ask for MonA’s lawyers name. Emily says his name was James Nealon. EzrA says he bets the lawyer is involved in all of it somehow.

Spencer is getting a dress from Melissa to wear to the play. Spencer and Melissa decide to give the sister thing another go. Spencer tells her it will only work of they don’t lie to each other anymore. Melissa agrees.

EzrA is talking to Nealon. He acts like he is interested in a real estate deal but then cuts to the chase and tells him he knows he was involved with Varjack somehow. EzrA tells him he wants to know who he was working for. EzrA correctly guesses he was hired to deliver the envelope to Hannah but not by MonA. Nealon tells him to leave. EzrA tells him he can either tell him what he knows or he can tell the police.

Aria shows up to wait outside with Emily. EzrA comes out and tells them Nealon didn’t tell him anything. Nealon hurriedly comes out of his office on his phone and hops in his car and takes off. The three of them jump in Aria’s car and follow him.

Alison gets to her cell to find it’s been messed up. She starts to clean it and when she pulls the bed down she sees a message scrawled on the cell wall that says “Take the Plea.”

Ashley is pissed at Hannah and she wants answers. Hannah tells her she didn’t murder MonA. Ashley ask her why she was at the storage place. Hannah tells her she was going to take everything out and get rid of the stuff inside of it. Ashley panics and Hannah tells her again she didn’t kill MonA but that someone out her name on the lease and it was rented the day before MonA was killed. Ashley ask if it’s Alison’s doing. Hannah says no that they both are being framed.

Spencer is all excited about buying a beer legally. Colin smiles and they talk about the play. Spencer hated it. Colin says his brother was the director. Spencer looks mortified and insist he is making it up. Colin smiles and admits that he is. Colin then tells her it’s their turn to play darts.

Ashley and Hannah are siting at the table. Hannah tells her everything. Hannah says she just didn’t want to get her involved. Ashley says it’s her job to protect her. Ashley ask who is behind it. Hannah tells her she thought she knew but turns out she didn’t.

Colin and Spencer are playing darts and Colin tells her her sister said they would have a lot in common. Just when it looks like they are going to kiss Spencer whips out a dart and tells Colin he is up.

Aria follows Nealon to a house protected by a huge gate. Nealon heads inside and Emily follows. EzrA and Aria get distracted by a text from Andrew and just miss sneaking in the gate with Emily. Emily tells them she will see what she can find out while they look for a way in. None of them notice the security camera video taping them.

Alison is ironing clothes so she doesn’t notice the other two inmates who lock her in. Everything stops and Alison sees a shadow. She freaks out and runs for the door but can’t get out. She looks back and screams.

Nealon is racing into the house to get something and tells the person he is on the phone with that he needs a combination.

Meanwhile while walking through the woods around the house Aria is trying to explain away the text from Andrew. EzrA tells her he is glad Andrew is helping her. Aria tells him they need to split up so they can cover more ground.

Alison calls Rebecca on the payphone in the jail. She wants to know if she takes the deal if she can be moved somewhere safer.

Spencer and Colin get back to the flat and they apparently got soaked in the rain. Colin offers to make her a drink but Spencer says she needs to get some sleep. Colin tells her London won’t be the same without her and they kiss.

Veronica comes to see Alison. Alison was expecting Rebecca. Veronica ask her what happened to telling the truth. Alison tells her things change. Veronica notices the burn on Alison’s arm. Veronica reminds her if she takes the deal and names Hannah she has to live with that choice the rest of her life.

Emily goes through some trash and finds a receipt for pizza with the name Varjack and a phone number on it.

Caleb goes to see Hannah and tells her Toby told him they issued a arrest warrant for her. Hannah panics. Caleb tells her now is the time to give A up. Hannah is afraid that A will retaliate. Caleb says that what A has always been doing.

Emily watches as Nealon pulls money and a gun and a package out of a safe. She accidentally makes noise and he comes to the window to look. Emily is hiding underneath it so he won’t see her.

Caleb and Hannah get to the police station and go in. Hanna ask to see Tanner and tells the cop who she is. He goes to get Tanner. Hannah gets her phone out to show Tanner but all of the messages are suddenly wipes from her phone. The cop comes out and tells him Tanner will see her now.

Aria and EzrA meet back up. Aria decides to call Emily who is hiding from Nealon. He hears the phone and looks around. When he goes out the gate Emily follows. Emily tells them that it’s Varjack’s house and Nealon is working for him. Before they can talk more Aria gets a text telling them Hannah has been arrested.

Hannah is getting finger printed. They call and tell Spencer she was arrested. Hannah is getting her mug shot taken.

Caleb tells Aria and Emily they have to show Tanner all the messages on their phones. A message comes in on their phones. It says “Let’s all start with a clean slate.” -A. Their phones were also cleaned out. Emily remembers the receipt and says it has a number on it. EzrA says it could clear Hannah’s name and help them find A.

Veronica is with Ashley and tells her Hannah’s lawyer will do his best to get her out on bail. Ashley assumes Alison put her there. Veronica tells her no Hannah was arrested because they found monA’s clothes and Hannah’s blood was on them.

Spencer is on her way out the door when Melissa comes out and ask her what she is doing. They get into a fight and the truth comes out that she didn’t have a interview at St. Andrews they told her that to keep her in London. Spencer gets angry because it’s just one more lie Melissa told her. Spencer leaves.

Emily calls the number on the receipt she found.

EzrA and Aria meet in the park. Aria tells,him that he was right and she wants to be single when she heads off to college. EzrA tells her it’s the right choice. Aria tells him she can’t imagine her life without him in it. EzrA tells her they will find a way they always do. They sit on the bench and hold hands.

Alison is bandaging a cut on her arm when she hears cat calls and whistles. She gets up to see what’s going on. She sees Hannah in her orange jumpsuit being led to a cell. Alison looks shocked.

Alison meets with Rebecca who tells her she will get moved as skin as she signs the plea deal and meets with a judge. Alison tells her she changed her mind and isn’t taking it and pushes the pen and paper away.

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