The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review 2/9/15 – 2/13/15 #YR

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The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review for March 2th, 2015 – March 6th, 2015 is below for your enjoyment! – See more at: Hollywood Hiccups Recaps…

Monday- Adam comes into the living room and Chelsea acts kind of distant. Adam ask what it’s about. Chelsea tells Adam that Sage told her that Adam had a thing for her. Billy decides to pop up right then. Adam who probably would have admitted otherwise instead tells Chelsea it’s a good thing Sage thinks that it means she is jealous. Adam leaves. Billy whines about the fact Sage is probably right. Chelsea again defends Adam by saying what a great guy he is. Billy wishes he hadn’t asked them to stay there.

Avery is with Nick. He explains the the Underground literally falling on the ground is all his fault. He tells her about the notices Austin forgot to,give him and how as soon as he knew what was going in he tried to fix it. Avery thinks they can get the contractor for doing a crappy job. Safe shows up and she and Nick doing some flirty banter back and forth. Safe leaves so he can finish his conversation with Avery. Avery knows they are into each other and suggest Nick play it safe.

Kelly agrees to stay away from Jack if Ashley will deliver a message to him for her.

Phyllis sees Chris and Paul together. She rushes over and starts bickering about Kelly with Chris. Phyllis lays off after Paul tells her Chris is pregnant. Phyllis offers her congratulations and then smarts off about Chris being a crappy mom. Chris insinuates Phyllis is no better considering what is going on with her daughter and she isn’t there for her. Phyllis looks surprised.

Jack is unsure but decides to work with Victor for Phyllis’s sake. Victor leaves and Jack makes a call. Paul and Chris show up to question Jack who confirms it’s Kelly who is the crazy one. When Jack is getting ready to leave the hospital he runs into Ashley. Jack admits he did sleep with Kelly. Jack then drops the bomb he is working with Victor to help Phyllis. Ashley think he has lost his damn mind.

Summer wakes up from sleeping on Kyle. Summer again says she killed Austin. Phyllis shoes up and promises to help Summer get through this. Phyllis says she will get the memorial together. Phyllis calls Nick and then Avery she wants to tell Jack about it in person. Summer falls back to,sleep. Phyllis finds it odd that Kyle just happened to show up now. Kyle doesn’t like what Phyllis is implying. Summer has a nightmare. Kyle comforts her.

Paul wants all his ducks in a row when it comes to Phyllis. Chris could care less about rows and even less than that about ducks. She is going to get Phyllis and she will take on Paul if she has to.

Kelly is with Victor. He wants her help with Jack. Kelly agrees as long as Jack is hers in the end. She ask Victor how she knows she can trust him. Victor smiles and says she doesn’t.

Adam yells at Sage about the whole Chelsea thing. Sage tells him where to go. Jack walks in and is concerned that Billy will figure out who Adam is. Adam is confident it will be fine since Billy couldn’t figure out how to throw a toga party at a frat house. Phyllis shows up and tells Jack about Austin.

Billy is still obsessing over Adam. He tells Chelsea of he didn’t know better he would think he wanted to leave him to die in the burning building.

Tuesday- Paul sees Chris eating chocolate in his office. He kisses her just as Nikki runs in. Nikki tells them she thinks that Phyllis is innocent. Nikki wants them to drop the charges against her. Chris tells Nikki it isn’t up to her. Nikki leaves the her and Paul argue over what Nikki said. Chris claims it’s not about Phyllis it’s about his need to always defend Nikki.

Kevin lets Noah, Mariah, and Abby know the towel they found in Kyle’s car with the blood on it is being tested. Abby gets angry.

Summer is looking for pictures of Austin for his memorial. She finds a video of him telling her he loves her and them kissing. Kevin and company shows up. They all are now watching the video. Austin comes on and says she needs to tell Summer something. Abby gets nervous and lies and takes off. Kevin noticed how Mariah was looking at Abby and ask her what it was about. Mariah says Austin made the video because he was feeling guilty. Kevin ask about what. Abby shows up in the video and Mariah says that. Summer wonders what Abby is doing on the tape. Noah thinks it has to do with a documentary that was being shot by him. Meanwhile Kevin gets a call about the blood on the towel.

Abby has a flashback of Austin and her having sex. Then another one of them talking and Austin wants to be with Abby. Abby won’t agree to it. Kyle walks up to her and tells her he knows she is thinking about Austin. Kyle knows all about the two of them he even followed them around. Abby wants to know what Kyle is going to do with what he knows. Kyle tells Abby he confronted Austin. Kyle tells her it got physical. Abby automatically assumes Kyle killed Austin.

Summer tells Noah the videos are upsetting her and she is embarrassed by all things she didn’t know about Austin. She doesn’t want to go to the memorial. Noah tells her she will go. Noah notices Kyle in the window of the video.

Lily tries to stop Neil from drinking and self destructing not necessarily in that order. Neil of course pushes her away and continues to drink. Lily walks away. Devon is next to get the new and improved Neil treatment. Neil wants Devon to be a drunk like him. Nikki shows up and tells Neil she is headed to a meeting. Neil refuses to go but agrees to let Nikki drive him home.

Kevin comes into a interrogation room and says everything Kyle said made sense. Mariah says but. Kevin tells her Kyle lied.

Neil is going in and in about making Devon suffer. Neil then realizes Nikki is taking him to the meeting with her. Neil isn’t having that he wants out of her car and he wants out now. Neil grabs the wheel and the car heads toward Chris.

Wednesday- Paul remembers his fight with Christine and decides to go find her.

Kevin tells Mariah the blood on the towel from Kyle’s car is in fact Austin’s. Courtney comes in and lets them know they are acting shady as f. They tell her what they found out. They wonder if Kyle really was at the cabin and decides to do get rid of Austin. After Courtney leaves Kevin ask Mariah if she is ready to go to the memorial. Mariah sits and talks about how close she felt to Austin and that they were friends. She gets up and they leave together.

Nikki flies out of her car and realizes she hit somebody courtesy of Neil. Nikki really doesn’t have a melt down until she sees it’s Christine. Neil who has had a sobering experience calls 911. Paul shows up and Nikki tries her damnedest to explain. Paul who is to upset to listen as the cop arrest her for a DUI. Neil tries to get a word in. Paul advises him to shut up.

Victor is still In the confessional talking to his accomplice about getting rid of Jack once and for all. As Victor comes out Jack walks in and they decide they will let bygones be bygones for Summer’s sake. When Victor leaves Jack hears something. Jack goes to investigate but gets a call from Phyllis before he can check it out. Meanwhile Victor runs into Paul who chews him out for being a crappy husband who drives his wife to drink. Paul finally spits it out and informs Victor that Nikki hit his wife. Victor offers his condolences. Paul tells him to go to hell. After Victor leaves the doctor tells Paul his wife made it but the baby didn’t. Paul is then tasked with telling Chris. They both break down.

Noah convinces Summer to go to Austin’s memorial. Noah then text Kyle and tells him they need to have a little chat.

Abby is still on the who killed Austin didn’t you Kyle train. Kyle admits they fought but that was it. Kyle has a flash if giving Austin a towel which I’m sure is the one Kevin had tested. Kyle turns it in Abby and she tells him to just keep his mouth shut about her and Austin.

Kevin sees Nikki brought in and ask Neil about it. Neil tells him what happened. Kevin ask of Chris and the baby are ok. Neil is shocked to find out Chris is pregnant. Neil tells Nikki he wants to tell the truth. Nikki refuses to let him and is sure everything will be ok because she wasn’t drinking.

Austin’s memorial gets underway. Summer is giving a sweet eulogy when all of a sudden she remembers a conversation she saw between her husband and Abby. Summer walks within a foot of Abby and yells that Abby slept with her husband.

Thursday- Summer is unhinged more than usual. She demands that Abby have the guts to admit what she did. Summer berates and belittles Abby to the point that Abby gets up and gives a lame I’m sorry before taking off. Summer screams at her that’s right leave. Nick chase Abby down and demands to know how she could do that to Summer. Baby tries to explain and Nick won’t listen. He points out Austin was married. Abby points out so was he and that never stopped him. Nick ask her how she feels. Abby says like she is in hell and she leaves.

Meanwhile Summer is yelling at anybody with in yelling distance. She accuses Kyle of knowing and keeping it a secret. She then realizes that Mariah and Kevin knew as well since they share a brain. Summer calls her self stupid. Phyllis has everyone leave. Avery is about to leave but Summer rips into her to and yells at her for the cheating she has done. Avery tells Summer she is sorry for her loss and leaves. Phyllis tells Summer none of it is her fault.

Outside the doors everyone blames everyone else for Austin’s murder. Kyle finally tells,them in reality nobody knows who killed him and they don’t know who the are covering this up for.

Nick and Phyllis leave Summer alone for a few minutes. She goes up to the coffin and calls Austin a son if a bitch and then goes on to tell him off. She hits the coffin a few times and then stands and cries.

Dylan shows up at Sharon’s and gets the wrong idea when she offers him wine. Sharon tells him she was is it trying to thank him for helping her. Misunderstanding behind them Dylan stays and they order Chinese food. After Dylan leaves Sharon opens her fortune cookie which wisely tells he who has friends is never alone.

Chris can’t believe her little girl didn’t make it. She ask Paul who was driving. Paul doesn’t tell her who it is but assures her it wasn’t Phyllis. Just wow Phyllis is to blame for everything that goes wrong in her life. Paul leaves. Neil comes by to see her and slips that it was Nikki who hit her. Chris is sure Paul is trying to save Nikki’s ass. Neil holds her while she cries. After Chris is settled back in Neil has second thoughts about coming clean.

Neil signs the lie he and Nikki concocted. Nikki tells Victor everything and then assures him she wasn’t drinking at the time. Victor doesn’t believe her. Nikki insist it was just a accident. Nikki tells Victor to check her breathalyzer results.

Neil is free to go. Victor wants to take Nikki but is stopped by Paul who wants Nikki to tell him everything. Nikki tells Paul she didn’t see Chris in time to stop. Victor wants to take Nikki home but Paul has other ideas and has her arrested while he reads her her rights.

Avery tells Dylan what happened at Austin’s memorial. They decide they are going to stick together no matter what.

Abby is siting at the cabin full of self pity and self loathing. Kyle and company show up and accuse Abby of killing Austin. Abby throws a fit and rips open the armoire door. A message has been scrawled on the inside with lipstick that read ” I know what happened here.” They all look scared to death.

Friday- Jack tells Ashley about Austin and Abby. Ashley is shocked. Ashley then brings up his new found friendship with Victor. Jack tells her about seeing Victor coming out of the confessional.

Phyllis and Nick are doing their best to calm down Summer. I’d doesn’t work and she screams it’s all her fault. She takes off and Noah follows her. Nick says he will never forgive Austin for this.

Dylan is visiting with Chris who tells him that somebody ran her down and took her little girl. Dylan ask her who would want to do that. Chris tells Dylan his mother.

Paul claims a witness saw Nikki hit Chris on purpose. Nikki gets out in bail and she leaves.

Dylan shows up and ask Paul about it. Paul confirms what Chris said was true. Paul shoulders the blame. Paul tells Dylan before Chris left they had a fight about Nikki. Paul wishes he made Chris feel more secure about their marriage. Dylan tells him he should go and do it now.

Billy ask Chelsea to marry him. Chelsea thinks h is doing it because of Gabriel. Billy says that isn’t true and Chelsea accepts. Sage and Adam walk in. Billy tells them about their engagement. Adam points out the ring doesn’t fit. Once they leave Adam blames Sage as usual. Sage tells him to get a grip or he will blow everything. Jack comes in and tells Adam he is on his own. Adam is adamant he will get his family back.

Stitch is with Victoria when Billy announces his engagement to Chelsea. Stitch ask Victoria if she is ok. Victoria says she is when it’s obvious she isn’t.

Nikki and Victor arrive back at home just as Phyllis does. Nikki goes upstairs. Victor tells Phyllis about Nikki hitting Chris. Phyllis tells him about Abby sleeping with Austin. Victor is sad for Summer. He says he hates to see people suffer needlessly.

The kids are at the cabin freaking out about the message on the mirror. They are trying to figure it out. Abby runs to the bathroom. Hmmm…… Summer shows up,with Noah and they fill,her in and say it looks like someone else killed Austin. Kyle explains why Austin’s blood was on the towel. When Abby comes back in Summer goes off on her again. Abby leaves. Summer and Kyle are the only ones there. Kyle tells her she deserves better. Summer goes to lay down and Kyle cleans the mirror.

Sage is talking with Nick. She decides a divorce might be best. She tells Nick Gabriel won’t be happy about it.

Nikki goes to see Chris. Nikki tries to apologize but Chris isn’t having it. She yells for Nikki to leave. As she is leaving Paul and Dylan walk in. Chris starts raging at them about how much she hates Nikki.

Jack tells Billy he thinks he is rushing things with Chelsea. Billy disagrees and tells him he is going to marry her unless Jack can give him a good reason not to. Jack keeps it zipped.

Abby tells Victoria about her fling with Austin and tells her Austin didn’t feel the same way about her.

Adam offers Chelsea a ride home.

Mariah, Kevin, Noah and Courtney decide the person who left the message on the mirror knew they would keep their mouths shut.

Stitch tells Ashley about Billy’s engagement. He thinks it bothered Victoria more than she was willing to admit.

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