General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for March 2nd, 2015 – March 6th, 2015

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The General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for March 2nd, 2015 – March 6th, 2015 is below for your enjoyment! Check out more recaps of General Hospital by clicking here…

Monday- Ric is giving Michael the third degree. Ric calls him a liar and says he just wants to punish Sonny by taking his daughter. Michael calls Sonny a murderer. Ric then makes him tell all about how he killed Claudia. Alexis wants to begin her questioning but the judge dismisses court for the day.

Nina is back with Franco who tells her he had a full on fake out. Nina slaps him. He calls it performance art and says he thought she would think it was super boss. Nina is upset that he lied. Franco tells her only did it so he could stay with her. They kiss and she tells him they still have to get out of here.

Julian is on the phone when Carlos walks by. Julian grabs him and threatens to kill him. Carlos suggest they work together and take over Port Charles instead. Julian agrees.

Ava is watching the trial on her tablet. Will they have a live feed to it? Only in Port Charles. Ava says there is no way in hell Avery will ever think Carly is her mother she will die first. Silas points out she kind of already is. Ava is having a freak out over Avery being raised by Sonny and Carly. Silas assures Ava he will always be there for her.

Elizabeth is with Jake. Jake tells her he knows she loves Ric. Elizabeth says actually she kind of has a thing for him to. Elizabeth apologizes. Jake ask her why and then says she is surprised. Jake ask if she wants to give him a shot. Before she can answer Sloane bangs on the door and lets himself in. Elizabeth tells him to make himself scarce but Sloane insist he talk to Jake. Elizabeth insist otherwise. Sloane call her a attack dog and then threatens her. Elizabeth tells him she is nothing compared to Obrecht. Elizabeth leaves the room and Nikolas calls her.

Elizabeth ask about Spencer. Nikolas tells her the doctors are examining him. Elizabeth tells him to call after he talks to the doctors if there is something he doesn’t understand. Nikolas tells her he has never been more scared in his entire life. Elizabeth offers to come to Boston. Nikolas tells her thanks but he knows she is busy.

Jake tells Sloane he better not threaten Elizabeth again. Sloane tells Jake he is dropping the charges against him. Well done Nikolas well done. Jake ask why. Sloane just says he went to bat for him with Baldwin. Jake ask what the catch is. Sloane tells him he has a job for him. Sloane wants Jake to work for him by working for Julian. Sloane tells him to think about it. Elizabeth walks back in and says Obrecht is on her way and she isn’t happy. Sloane ask what else is new. Sloane tells Jake to be in touch and leaves.

Tuesday- Morgan ask Sonny to let him take Avery to Ava’s memorial. Sonny isn’t sure but after some more begging from Morgan he agrees to it.

Carly walks in on a convo Jake is having with a cop about Sloane’s offer. When the cop leaves Carly immediately decides to play twenty questions. Jake tries to get her to,drop,but you know Carly. Eventually Jake tells her. Carly wants him to let Diane get him off free and clear. Jake would rather clean up his own mess. When Carly leaves he tells the guard to get Sloane for him.

Julian runs into Michael and ask why he should get his niece. Michael tells him it’s simple really he can keep,her safe unlike him and Sonny. Julian goes in the courtroom to tell Alexis he will be at his sisters memorial. Julian leaves as Ric enters. Ric tells Michael he needs to,drop,it and salvage his relationship with his father. Michael tells Ric he has room to talk.

Julian runs into Sonny and tells him he is back in business. Sonny sees it a a threat and promise he will break Julian.

Alexis gives Michael a chance to it off. Michael won’t and soon it’s evident why Judge Walter’s is now over the case.

Sam shows up,to,support Nikolas. She starts,asking questions about Jake. Nikolas tells her she needs to know something. Before he can tell her a nurse runs up and says his son needs him.

Kiki is impressed with what her grandma did for Ava. Kiki lets her know both Morgan and Julian are on their way.

Silas is with Ava when Kiki calls and tells,him the service is in New York. Silas tells Kiki he will be there. He leaves the room and his phone goes off. Ava sees a message from Kiki saying that Morgan is bringing Avery.

Silas arrives at the service and is surprised to see Avery. Kiki,says she sent him a message. Light goes off in Silas’s head. Ava is in disguise watching from outside.

Wednesday- Tracy is watching Danny because Monica was called into emergency surgery. Tracy is upset she couldn’t go to Luke’s arraignment. Ned thinks Monica did Tracy a favor. Tracy says she enjoys being with Danny and brings up how soon another little one will,be in the house. Ned thinks she means Olivia and Tracy is shocked when Ned blurts it out. Tracy tells him she was talking about Avery and then says she can’t understand what it is with him and women from Bensonhurst. Ned tells Monica Michael probably won’t win. Tracy gleefully says that isn’t true now that Walter’s is in the bench. Ned says it’s poetic that Monica is in the one to make sure it happened. Tracy wishes her brother was there. Ned says it would be nice to have AJ and Jason back as well.

Olivia finally tells Dante she is pregnant. He ask who the father is and she stalls. After Dante gets upset she tells him that Ned is the father. She promises Dante Ned is fully on board with being a father.

Nikolas comes back and tells Sam it was just a problem with Spencer’s blood pressure and that he is fine. Sam gets up to leave and tells Nikolas whatever he wanted to tell her can wait until later.

Sloane goes over Jake’s deal with him one more time. Elizabeth walks in and ask Sloane what he is doing there. Sloane claims it is to tell Jake he is free to go thanks to Helena. Elizabeth is happy for him and says finally no one will be pulling the strings. Sam shows up and Elizabeth tells her Jake is a free man. Sam tells Elizabeth she thought Nikolas could help but he is overwhelmed at the moment. Sam says they may never know who Jake really is.

Ava listens as everyone comes up and says something about her. Everyone goes and Kiki and Michael take a walk. Delia sings Danny Boy to Avery. Silas gets back and finds Ava missing he lets out a son of a bitch. Ava meanwhile has showed herself to her very shocked mother.
Walter’s plays a long and pretends to be interested in what Sonny has to say. In the meantime Carly realizes who he is Monica’s boyfriend.

Thursday- Ric finds out who Walter’s is and confronts Michael. Walter’s comes back in and Ric calls it a conflict of interest. Walter’s points out the whole proceeding is a conflict of interest given the parties ties to each other. Walter’s then rules in favor of Michael. Walter’s ask Sonny where his daughter is. He lies and says his house. Ric wants to file a appeal. Alexis warns Michael he is headed down a slippery slope. Sonny tells Carly Avery is staying in New York until he finds a way to keep Michael from getting her.

Franco and Nina are acting like looney tunes and end up scaring another patient. It’s the laughter afterwards that has me concerned. Nathan and Dante show up with Luke dressed up like Hannibal Lector. Nathan walks over to Nina and kind of tells her what happened. Franco is upset his father was harmed. Franco goes to see Luke and threatens to kill him.

Lulu tells Tracy all,about what her dad did to Scott. Lulu is extremely worried that Scott will sir this against her dad even though it’s obvious he is sick. Tracy points out that all things considering it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. That’s Tracy always with the quips.

Bobbie is sitting with Scott and it’s revealed that Luke bit his ear off. Well the tip anyway. Bobbie says this is bound to prove to Scott that her brother has gone evil bonkers. Scott looks like he might be somewhat convinced.

Ava is visiting with Avery when Silas comes in. Delia is mad and thinks that Kiki and Morgan know as well. Ava assures her they don’t. Delia agrees to,sty quiet so,Ava won’t end up back in jail. Ava gets up,and tries to go with Avery. Silas ask her what she thinks she is doing.

Maxie finds Spinelli at Lulu’s and isn’t happy. Spinelli tells her what happened with Luke and Maxie frets. Spinelli tells her he was hired to find Patricia and he may have a lead that he found by illegal means. Maxie gets upset and accuses Spinelli of Zacharraing her. Spinelli ask her to admit she still has feelings for him. Spinelli tells her he thinks this is their time. He wants to be a family with her. Spinelli and Maxie are kissing when Nathan opens the door and walks in.

Friday- Tracy is on the phone with Dante. Tracy tells him to keep in touch and to let Lulu know she will call her if she here’s anything about Patricia. Tracy hangups and Michael walks in looking for Monica. Tracy tells him she got called in to work and then ask how court went. Michael tells her he won and his little sister is coming to live with him. Tracy calls it poetic justice and thinks Sonny got what he deserved. Alice comes in later and tells Tracy the nursery is ready for Avery. Tracy tells met they are going to need another nursery for Ned and Olivia’s little one. Alice is ecstatic. Tracy wishes she could celebrate but her worry for Luke is greater. Tracy tells her the only way of finding out what happened is left in the hands of a grade A boob.

Franco tells Luke he is going to turn him into a work of art. So Franco is still a wee bit crazy. Luke tells him Franco will do his father a injustice if he kills him. That he leaves to try to better than him and if Franco kills him his father will have no reason to live. Franco decides to smother Luke with a pillow. Nina downer walks in and stops him. Franco ask her if she can come back in like twenty seconds. Nina points it’s going to be hard for them to leave with a dead body. Luke offers to take Nina and Franco with him when he gets free. Franco is interested. Nina thinks he is a nut job. Luke says he will help them to disappear and Franco thinks it’s a great idea. Nina doesn’t.
Carly is trying to talk Sonny down and get him to do the right thing. Sonny pretty much says screw that Michael isn’t getting his daughter and he has a plan. Carly ask what that means.

Silas and Delia are trying there best to make Ava come to her senses and realize she can’t take Avery. Michael and Kiki are about to walk in when he gets a call from Sonny. Morgan tells him they are on the way back. Sonny tells him instead to go to the airport and get on a place with Avery to go to the private island. When Kiki and Morgan go inside the only person there is Delia. When Delia walks away Morgan tells Kiki his dad wants them to take Avery to the private island so Michael won’t get her. Kiki refuses to do it and says that isn’t what’s best for Avery.

Nathan makes his presence know and Maxie jumps away from kissing Spinelli. Maxie tries to explain but all Nathan wants to know is if she has made her choice. Maxie puts the blame on Spinelli who then says Maxie wanted I to happen. Nathan is about o knock him out when they hear a sound from his lap top which means he may have found Patricia. Spinelli won’t tell Nathan however because Tracy hired him to get the information for her. Spinelli takes off to see Tracy. Maxie wants to go to dinner. Nathan wants to end their relationship.

Tracy is talking to Alice about Luke when Spinelli comes in and tells her has news about Patricia.

Michael goes to get Avery. Carly tries to stop him so Michael tells her he has no problem taking her down right along with Sonny. The baby isn’t there and Michael demands that Sonny is arrested.

Silas yells at Ava for being so stupid. Ava says she will always find a way back to her kids. She breaks down and Silas holds her. Silas tells her none of it matters because she is dying.

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