‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Episode 13 Review ‘Forget Me Not’

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The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 13 Review ‘Forget Me Not’

Here is your review of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Episode 13 Review ‘Forget Me Not’. Check out more recaps of ‘The Walking Dead’ by clicking here…

Sasha is looking at the family pictures hanging on the wall and sitting on the tables around the house. Next she heads off to get a gun from Olivia. Olivia gives it to her and ask for a bear leg if she happens to shoot one. Sasha is shooting alright but it isn’t at bears it’s at the pictures she was looking at earlier. She shoots one then stops and listens and repeats. She keeps repeating and she thinks she hears Walkers. Nothing is there so she goes to look at the shattered glass and destroyed pictures. Sasha leans against a tree and says come and get me.

Rick has engineered a little field trip to the blender house for him Daryl and Carol. They pretty much come up with a plan to make some guns and ammo disappear just you know in case. Rick wants to keep it between them he wants the rest of his group to fit in. Carol takes out a Walker that comes shambling along. One has a W in it’s head which goes back to Deanna’s stupid son no doubt.

Michonne is getting ready for work. Rick comes in and thinks that Deanna is playing them by putting them in charge. Michonne suggest Deanna is merely giving them the chance to fit in.

Daryl runs into Aaron who is amazed that he can tell the difference between the sound of a human and the sound of a Walker. Technically I’m pretty sure anybody could tell the difference. Walkers make that hissing kind of moaning sound. Anyway Daryl wants to know why Aaron decided to follow him. Aaron claims he knew he was hunting rabbits and wanted to tag a long. Daryl tells him if he can zip it and keep up he can.

Deanna pretty much gives Rick his tatorship back. Michonne is you know just a bonus.

Meanwhile Deanna is spinning a tale of a government and a community to Rick, Michonne, and Maggie. Speaking of Maggie Deanna wants to take her under her wing. Rick breaks up the feel good dreams of tomorrow moment by pointing they are crazy for not having somebody in the watchtower all the time. Sasha volunteers she will take day night the hours in between she will do it it when it’s hot cold snowing raining bright and sunny she pretty much wants every damn shift. Deanna is curious as to why. Maggie McBraggie informs her Sasha is the best shooter. Deanna tells them she is putting her other son Spencer up there today but she will take Sasha into consideration if they all will come to a party at her house. Always a catch.

Carol is all over telling Rick party time is the right time to hijack the guns and what not. Carol tells Rick since she has pretty much turned into Susie fucking homemaker and thus is now one with the Invisible Man she is clearly the one for the job.

Aaron and Daryl are hunting for wabbits. Daryl hears something and is about to aim and shoot when he sees it’s just a horse. Aaron tells Daryl he has been trying to get that horse for months he tells Daryl it’s name is Buttons. They most get the horse I mean have a rope around it’s neck and everything and then some stupid Walkers show up and ruin everything. After they take them down they head off to catch the horse.

Meanwhile Carol works Olivia and a guy named Tobin to her advantage and gets the window unlocked to the guns she is coming for later and all she had to do was ask for some chocolate, bat her eyes and pour on the what little old me southern charm.

Aaron ask Daryl if he rides horses. Daryl says nope I ride bikes and they have horse power so same diff. Aaron tells Daryl he knows he feels like a outsider as do he and Eric. Albeit for entirely different reasons. Aaron tells Daryl he should go to the party so everyone can get to know him. Daryl tells him to hell with that he doesn’t owe anyone anything.

Rick, Carl, Carol, and Judith walk into a party. Deanna runs over and greets them full of excitement. Carol fakes her way through it. Deanna like everyone else is taken by Judith.

Rosita and Abraham walk in and Abraham begins to have second thoughts. I would to about that wardrobe haha. Anyway All Rosita has to say is look beer and all of Abrahams thoughts go right out the window and he tells her he is going to try it.

Deanna brings her husband over to kiss Rick’s ass. I guess her lips were getting chapped. Reg calls him a remarkable guy. Rick points out that Reg built the wall. Reg says that doesn’t compare with him keeping 14 people alive. Deanna says they can just call it a tie. I agree Rick really is the better man in this scenario. Reg offers Rick some whiskey. Jessie shows up family in tow. Rick’s face says what we all know he is totally into her.

Daryl and Aaron are still chasing that beautiful black horse. walkers appear and one grabs Aaron. Daryl saves him. It’s to late for the horse they rip it to shreds. The proceed to kill the Walkers. The sounds that poor horse makes. Poor horse is still alive so Aaron kills it. Aaron sadly says it always ran.

Noah is leaning on a wall looking less than thrilled. Glenn and Maggie show up. Glenn ask what’s up and Noah tells him a party isn’t his thing. Glenn tells him he can’t bail they are in it together. Maggie says he is there with them now he is with family and they pull him from the wall.

Daryl is watching the party. Aaron comes out and says he couldn’t go because is Eric’s hurt ankle. Aaron invites Daryl to have dinner with them.

Olivia shows up and Carol tells Rick she is outta there. Rick offers to go and help her but Carol wants to go it alone.

Jessie calls Rick over to meet her husband Pete. So that whole walking down the street meeting the drunk guy on the porch thing really was just a dream. Pete thanks him for being the new sheriff in town. He tells Rick to come by his office and he will look at him. Rick has the fuck did you just say look on his face. Pete backtracks and says I’m a doctor and then notes he probably should have said that first. Pete leaves to get drinks for him and Jessie and a refill for Rick. Jessie and Pete have A’s stamped on their hands. Why? Didn’t Gareth and company have a A train? Or maybe they are just fans of Pretty Little Liars. Jessie ask Rick if he is having fun. Jessie tells him that place has a amazing view of a ordinary life before. Then she says not exactly like before it has it’s losses but also it’s gains it’s pros and it’s cons. She says if not for this none of them would ever have met. Rick sees Carl talking to some other teenagers. Rick admits it’s a good place. Jessie’s son Sam comes running complains about them not having cookies. Rick says he knows the cookie maker and can get him a whole batch. Sam whips out his stamper and puts A on Rick. Jessie tells him he is officially one of them and leaves to catch up with a running Sam. Rick smiles as he watches her go.

Sasha comes in and completely blows off Spencer who promises to protect her from some lady who wants a pasta maker.,

Coincidentally Eric tells Daryl about the same woman and her want for a pasta maker. Daryl is like ok. Eric apologizes since he was under the impression Aaron had already brought it up. Daryl ask brought what up. Aaron takes him out to he garage and it’s full of bike parts. He tells Darryl he will need a bike. Daryl ask him for what. Aaron tells him he asked Deanna not to give him a job because he wants him to help him recruit so that Eric can stay home. Aaron understands that Daryl needs to be outside sometimes and that he knows the difference between someone good and someone bad. Daryl tells Aaron since he has nothing else to do he is in. Daryl thanks Aaron and promises to get him some rabbits. Just like that Daryl has a new friend.

Michonne is mesmerized by a sword toothpick. Abraham walks over and gets his flirt on. Michonne ask if he is drunk. Abraham laughs. He tells her he is just fine. He ask her what she has done lately. Michonne says she put in a dress. Abraham tells her she needs to try again.

Carol makes her way to the guns but is interrupted by Sam. He wants some more cookies. When he threatens to tell his mom Carol threatens him and by threaten I mean makes the poor kid piss himself. She tells him if he says anything she will take him from his bed at night and tie him time tree so that the monsters can get him and when they start killing him he will feel it all or he can have lots of cookies the choice is his. Carol ends by saying she knows what his choice should be.

Jessie has Judith and tells Rick it’s been a long time since she held one of those. Rick tells her that her and Carl are the reason he is still there. Judith gets fussy so Jessie hands her to daddy. Rick gives her a kiss on the cheek. Jessie doesn’t react at first but then she smiles. Jessie leaves. Rick is left standing there to think but about what is anybody’s guess.

Deanna heads over to Sasha and tells her to just listen. Sash starts imagining Tyreese and Beth and a bunch of other stuff. A woman interrupts her thoughts and ask her what she should cook for her. Sasha can’t believe that’s all they worry about and says just as much. Sasha then storms out.
The next day Sasha is standing by the gate when Deanna walks up,with a gun and ammo for her. She tells Sasha she is trying to figure out what is exactly. Sasha who is still upset tells her that this isn’t real. Deanna tells her she knows she has been through a lot but what she just said is bullshit and then opens the gate and lets her out.

Rick and Daryl,are with Carol. Carol and Rick take a gun but Daryl refuses one. He tells them they wanted him to try and he is.

Michonne hangs her katana on some nails above the fireplace. Which speaks volumes. Guess this is her in your face to Abraham move.

When Carol, Daryl,and Rick get back from their “walk” they head different directions. Jessie sees Rick and he shows her he still has the A on his hand. Rick reaches down and touches the gun he has hidden while he watches Jessie and her husband walk away. He has a odd look on his face which makes me think no good will come of it.

Rick goes to check the wall. He hears a Walker and presses his hands in the wall. He looks at the A on his hand if mesmerized by it. Rick puts his ear to the wall and listens. Please don’t let this turn into crazy Rick again.

Where in the hell is Gabriel?

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