‘The Originals’ Review: Season 2 Episode 15 ‘They Asked For You’

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The Originals Review Season 2 Episode 15 ‘They Asked For You’

Here is The Originals Review Season 2 Episode 15 ‘They Asked for You.’ Click HERE for more recaps of The Originals…

Rebekah is whining to Klaus about their present situation. Elijah feels the need to defend his decision to stick close to Marcel and Gia. Talk soon turns to Hope and how safe she is. Rebekah hangs up and sees someone watching her, but then, like magic, he disappears.

Some guy runs into her. Then some more people; it’s like bumper cars. Pretty soon she is in an alley, and she is told that she is going to die for what she did. One person rattles a voodoo trinket at her and she falls. Marcel appears and takes care of them then grabs Rebekah and zooms off. Marcel calls her Rebekah. She asks how in the world he knew.

Freya is with Finn. She wants to visit with her daddy. Finn ask of she wants sometime with mommy as well. Freya says she has no use for her mother.

Meanwhile, Klaus is trying to strong arm Jackson into using the pack to find Freya. Jackson refuses and suggest Klaus use humans. Haley takes Klaus side and just like that Jackson wants to know how high to jump. Jackson makes it clear he is doing for Haley and not because Klaus said so.

Marcel tells Rebekah that after a half hour of silence the least she could do is thank him. Marcel wonders what she was doing In the witch part of town. Rebekah tells him she is looking for a way to bring Kol back. Rebekah tells Marcel to not let the fact he was her hero go to his head. Elijah dressed to the nines as usual comes strolling in. Rebekah tells him the people who were after her knew the body she was in. Marcel thinks they need to talk to a Josephine LaRue. Marcel tells a incredulous Elijah that Josephine may not buy into his charm. Elijah says what are you blind just look at me.

Finn tries to warn Freya against father daughter binding time but she won’t listen. Finn takes Esther’s body and leaves. Freya pricks her finger says a little chant and puts the bloody finger Mikael’s lips and he is back in the land of the living.

Elijah and Gia are getting uber close. She says the one he wanted got married and Marcel isn’t going to work out for her. She says just because they aren’t in the same boat doesn’t mean they don’t share the same ocean.

Jackson tells Aiden to find Finn and end him. Aiden is uncertain. Jackson tells him that his job. Klaus comes in and plays up to Aiden’s insecurities. Klaus tells him that Finn is smart and ruthless. Klaus tells Aiden to bring Finn to him and he will handle it from there.

Marcel has hired someone by the name of Ruben Morris to help Rebekah. They chit chat for a bit before he arrives. Rebekah is upset because Marcel sees her in the body she is in. She says she doesn’t want to end up kissing him with someone else’s lips. Marcel looks sly and ask if she wants to kiss him. Rebekah tells him no. Ruben shows up and ask Marcel if he has the tea set he asked for. Marcel does.

Mikael is angry at first sight with Freya. He even goes as far to slam her against the wall. When she talks of Delia of taking her Mikael realizes who she is. Mikael calls her Freya and holds her as he cries.

Jackson finds Haley with Hope she motions for him to keep it zipped so he doesn’t wake her up. Haley ask Jackson what he seems somfar away. Jackson is apparently upset because they haven’t sealed the deal yet. Haley tells him they can get it on anytime. Hope starts crying. So anytime is clearly not now.

Ruben has Marcel and Rebekah taking part in his tea party. They take a sip. Ruben tells them a Eva Sinclair was taking children and taking their power and killing them. Rebekah and Marcel are feeling kind of funny. Ruben drugged them. Ruben tells Rebekah he isn’t what he seems. Ruben walks over to Marcel and snaps his neck. This is totally not going to end well.

Elijah who believes he is ever so clever has Gia playing the violin for Josephine. Josephine sees right through him and tells them to get out.

Ruben decided Rebekah needed to be poisoned. He lets her know she will hallucinate as the pain becomes worse. Didn’t somebody do this to her once already? Rebekah stands up and tells him who she is that she can cure whatever he did to her and then bitch slaps him into the Salem witch trials.

Meanwhile it is Gia’s smart ass rebellious attitude that wins Josephine over. She decodes to listen to what Elijah has to say.

Mikael appears in front of Aiden and would have taken him out had Freya not appeared.

Josephine will help Elijah if she will get her Vincent back once Finn is gone from his body. Elijah tells her it’s done. Meanwhile Klaus is out looking for Finn. Klaus calls him out and Finn appears. Finn throws fire but Klaus is already gone and stabbing a part of gate in him. Finn decides now is the time to piss Klaus off. Klaus is about to finish him off when Elijah shows up and tells Klaus Finn has to stay alive.

Marcel comes to and sees Rebekah. She tells him she managed to,counteract what Ruben did to her by listening to her moms yapping all those years. Right? Marcel looks at Ruben and Rebekah tells Marcel to leave him alone he was doing what any parent would. Rebekah says she understands that. Marcel tells her he is happy she got what she wanted even if it was just for a little while. Rebekah tells him she is glad he made peace with Klaus. Rebekah thanks him for still caring about her.

Klaus is still hellbent on ripping a dying Finn to pieces even if the witches do want the body back in one piece. Freya appears and suggest Klaus follow Elijah’s cue and make good on their promise. Freya chants and Finn is gone and Vincent is back. She tries to talk sense to Klaus and explain how serious the Delia thing really is. Freya tells him if she is awake so is Delia and she will come for Hope. Klaus goes ballistic when he finds out she has Mikael on her side. Klaus zooms off. Elijah is still their and she tells him she knows she has to earn his trust.

Hayley can’t get Hope to stop crying. Jackson comes in and takes her. He tells her that Mikael is back and managed to kill a wolf. Jackson tells her Aiden didn’t follow his orders and good thing or otherwise they all would be dead. Jackson got Hope to sleep. Haley leads Jackson to her bed.

Rebekah is upset she is in Eva’s body. Marcel tells her it’s a public service.

Klaus is with Hope when Haley comes in. She tells Klaus Jackson is the one that got her to sleep. He tells her Finn is gone but daddy dearest is back. Klaus wants the wolves to do his bidding and Haley refuses. Klaus threatens her pack and Haley tells him if he ever does it again she will leave with Hope.

Elijah is with Gia. They chat a bit and then they start to flirt. Gia ask him to unzip her dress. Elijah does and then they start kissing.

Haley and Jackson are snuggling with Hope in bed.

Marcel very sweetly covers up a sleeping Rebekah.

Klaus goes to se Aiden and suggest he would be a better leader than Jackson and he can help him achieve that goal. Aiden ask what Klaus gets out of it. Klaus says all he wants is protection for Hope. Klaus tells him to give it some thought and get back to him.

Rebekah wakes up and heads outside. She sees two children and warns them it isn’t safe. She says you never know who you will meet ghost, goblins are even Eva Sinclair. Then she slits the boys throat. She grabs the girl and snatches her power the little girl is in agony. She isn’t done yet though. Rebekah begins carving into her head while the girl screams.Told you it was going to be bad.

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