Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 5, Episode 23, ‘Jury by Fury’

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Pretty Little Liars Review Season 5, Episode 22

‘Trial by Fury,’ was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

Alison and her dad are meeting with her attorney. She is showing them a diagram of the courtroom layout. Her dad says she doesn’t like the idea of twelve strangers decided his daughters fate. Guess he should have thought of that before he let her make the choice about the plea deal. Alison tells her she wants to her side of the story. Rebecca tells Alison that the prosecutor has the tougher job because he has to prove that Alison killed MonA. Rebecca tells her all it takes is one juror to believe them.

Ashley and Ted are with Hannah. Ashley tells her opening statements are about to start in Alison’s trial. Ashley tells Hannah she will be there when it starts at nine. Ted says he does t think it’s a good idea. Ashley pretty much says to hell with that she will be there. Hannah tells her mom somebody is doing this to her and then ask Ashley if she understands that.

Ashley assumes it’s Alison. Hannah tells her she already told her it wasn’t. Ashley is still on the Alison is to blame train. Ted not so much. Hannah looks at Ted who tells her this is about telling the truth. Hannah says she is her and Alison are innocent. Ashley says she doesn’t care about the truth she cares about getting her daughter out of jail.

At Spencer’s she has out the newspaper clippings. Spencer says if she hadn’t been so jet laggy she would have remembered the number on the pizza receipt is the same number in the classifieds. Emily wants to know how his helps Hannah. Spencer tells her is Alison is innocent then so is Hannah because you can’t help someone with a crime they didn’t commit. Aria points out that the passport was fake so why would the ads be real.

Emily says she calls it and no one picks up it just rings. Spencer says they’ve seen the number twice so it has to mean something they just need to figure it out. Veronica comes down and tells the girls they need to stay away from Alison’s trial. Emily ask what Alison will think. Veronica says who cares I’m more worried about what everyone else thinks in particular the jury. They all get up to leave. Veronica stops her and makes her promise she won’t go.

Caleb is meeting with the girls and tells them that the phone they are calling is in a black hole of nothingness by which he means he can’t trace it. Spencer ask Caleb if he has a burner phone. Caleb ask her what color lol. He pulls out a white one. Spencer types a message. “Did you miss me? Love, Holly.” Spencer sends it. Aria ask what of they aren’t in the same book club. Spencer says they will figure something out. Emily says Alison is running out of time. Caleb says so is Hannah. Aria ask Spencer if she is going to the trial. Spencer tells her she doesn’t know and the excises herself by saying she has things to do. Emily ask Caleb when he is visiting Hannah. He tells her tomorrow. Emily says Hannah has to ask Alison about the number. Caleb nods.

Spencer meets up with Jason. Jason is a real dick to her. Spencer says he needs to listen to her. Jason tells her actually doesn’t because he already did and now the prosecution has him as a witness. Alison’s dad walks out and Spencer tells Jason they need to discuss how Alison isn’t guilty. Alison’s dad comes out and orders Jason into the car. Spencer tells him she just wants to talk to Jason. Alison’s dad doesn’t care what Spencer wants. They get in the car and leave.

Aria finds Andrew. She brags about passing her test. Talk turns to MonA and Andrew says he wishes everyone would just get passed her. Andrew says that she was vicious she may have ended up being president one day. Aria is shocked and ask if he is saying MonA deserved to die. Andrew doesn’t go as far as to say that.

It’s raining and Emily closes the window. She gets a call from Alison and accepts it. Alison apologizes for everything. Alison ask Emily if she is going to the trial. Emily says she will try. When Alison acts upset at her answer Emily tells her she will be there. Alison thanks her. Alison ask her about the rain. Alison tells her goodnight. They hang up.

Alison is taking a shower. She looks at herself in the mirror and then we cut to the first day of her trial. The jury comes in. It shows her dad, Jason, Ashley, the twins and the Aria and Emily walking in. Opening statements start. The prosecutor says he can prove Alison lied about being kidnapped. He says that is why she killed MonA.

Aria calls Spencer in a panic and tells her they know Alison lied about being kidnapped. Aria is sure they know about New York as well. Spencer ask how and Aria says they have a witness. Spencer says Cyrus. Aria is a bit taken back. Spencer ask about Mike. Aria tells her he is in Harrisburg. Spencer says that’s good. Aria ask why. Before we can get to that Alison’s dad comes over and chews Aria and Emily for helping with Alison’s lie. Jason defends them. Alison’s dad walks off. Aria ask Spencer is she heard. Yup every word. They hang up.

Alison is doing the laundry again when a guard brings Hannah in. They are foldout laundry. Alison tells her the ads are real. Hannah says but the passport is fake. Alison explains that she also hid things in the house. Hannah ask if the number Spencer found was real. Alison tells her yes. Hannah ask who she was talking to. Alison says she was texting not talking. Alison tells her after her mother died she would get clues in the ads and she would text the number. Hannah ask why Alison never told them about it. Hannah is pissed she was talking to A and never said anything. Alison brings up her mother and Shana and says she didn’t want them to get hurt. Alison says it want A it was MonA. Hannah ask her what makes her so sure. Alison because the text stopped when Mona was killed. Alison leaves.

Spencer is sitting at home. Veronica comes in and Spencer ask her if she knew what was going to be said. Veronica says yes but it was to late to do anything about it. Spencer tells her mom she still wants to know why her and Melissa lies to her. Veronica makes it clear Spencer is to say she knew nothing about Alison’s fake kidnapping.

Hannah tells Caleb Alison thinks MonA was the one she was talking with. Hannah tells Caleb Alison is scared. Caleb promises they will get her out of there. Hannah tells to be careful with the promises. Hannah doesn’t think things are going to go the way they want them to. Hannah says she wouldn’t even believe this story and it’s happening to her. Hannah just wants Caleb to be safe.

Aria. Spencer and Emily are together. Aria ask if the number is a dead end. Spencer tells her if it’s MonA’s it is. Caleb is off in another world. Arias phone goes off. It’s the number calling her phone. She panics. Caleb snatches the phone and answers it. They ask who it is. Caleb puts it on speaker. It’s the song MonA was playing in her room. So that’s either a little clue or a huge giveaway.

Caleb is playing it for Hannah. They ask her if she knows what it is. Hannah tells them MonA used to play it in her room. The three musketeers and Caleb figure out that there must be more clues hidden in MonA’s room. They ask Hannah to of places MonA could have hid things. She agrees to and then tells them if there is something in that room that can get her out to find it. Aria offers to go see MonA’s mom since she is The least intimidating. Emily says she will drive her. Caleb wants Spencer to hang back. Caleb tells Spencer that Hannah told him to get out before it’s to late. Spencer says that was really hard for Hannah to say. Spencer ask Caleb of he is thinking about it. Caleb says no. Spencer tells him when this is all over she needs to talk about out him in a bottle. Spencer calls it essence of best boyfriend. Spencer says they will make a fortune. Caleb ask if she has talked to Toby. Spencer says no. Caleb tells her to finish her cookie.

Aria is at MonA’s. Aria comes back to Emily’s car and tells her there was no answer. Emily ask if she really thinks something is up there. I would be questioning why A would give it up if there was and if there is more to this MonA thing than meets the eye. Aria says MonA wasn’t stupid so it’s possible she left them a clue. Emily starts spiraling and Aria ask if she just wants to give up and go,shopping. Emily tells her not just yet and starts her car.

Spencer is siting outside when Jason walks over and apologizes for his dad’s behavior. Jason yells at her some more. Spencer tries to explain his she can’t handle not being certain about things. Spencer tells him she doesn’t think Alison killed anyone. Jason tells her he has to testify the next day.

Spencer is about to sneak out when her mom catches her. Veronica ask her where she is going. Spencer tells her Alison’s trial. Veronica forbids her. Spencer tells her she is sorry but she can’t do what she is asking her to do.

Jason’s on the stand. The play the video from MonA’s house. The prosecutor ask if that’s the tape the cops showed him. Jason says yes. He ask what he told the police about Alison’s whereabouts that day. Jason says she told them she wasn’t with them. He ask why he chose to tell the truth. Jason says he doesn’t know. Jason tries to take back what he said about him humming that it was Alison in the tape. The prosecutor decides that he will let Jason help him drag Ashley through the mud by asking questions that are really none of his damn business. Jason looks guilty as f and so does Ashley.

During a break Spencer ask Jason if he is ok. Jason tells her to ask after he finds somewhere to stay for the night. Spencer ask about him and Ashley. Jason tells her it’s none is her business. She offers him a place to stay. Jason tells her no thanks he also tells her to hope she never has to sit up there in that chair. Jason leaves. Spencer tells the girls they are headed to MonA’s house.

Ashley and Ted are together. He is getting calls. Ashley tells him he is free to go. Ted insist he is sticking by her. Ted tells her it’s all about a clean slate. Ashley says there is no such thing. Ashley ends it with Ted. He tells her he will leave after he fins knew his coffee.

Spencer is banging on MonA’s door. Nobody answers. They go to leave but then hear music coming from MonA’s bedroom. They run for the door. It opens and they run upstairs. MonA’s room has been trashed. The record quits playing. A left them a note. Aria says they think A found something because they said so. Emily tells them to think like MonA. They look,at her like she is crazy. Emily says just for a minute. Spencer gets her MonA on and finds a clue hidden in a mirror. “Chandelier’s rituals. Sister launched lair. A ruler’s list chained.” Andrew is watching from across the street. They come down the stairs. They leave and we see a window is broke and a screwdriver is jammed in wooden floor of the house.

Aria is talking to Emily at the Brew. Emily tells her to let her change she thinks better out of heels. Andrew walks up and tells her he didn’t want her to get the wrong impression about what he said about MonA. Aria tells him everything about MonA was complicated. Andrew gives her a kiss on the cheek and Aria says she will call him.

Hannah tells her mom she is sorry. Ashley says it is all her fault and she should be the one saying sorry. Hannah says for being human. Ashley says she has made so many mistakes. Hannah tells her no matter what happens they will be ok. Hannah says maybe she will write a book lots of people do. Ashley ask if Hannah knows how much she loves her. Hannah tells her she does.

Jason is visiting with Alison. He tells her they are quite the pair. Alison tells him lying is a one way street. She tells him it’s kind of like those signs in parking lots that say backing up causes severe tire damage. That is the best way to describe it. Jason ask her what her lawyer says. Alison says she is confident. Jason ask if there is anything he can do. Alison says she had the right idea a long time ago. Get out. Jason tells her he believes her and has since that night at the house.

Spencer is reading when her mom comes home. They don’t say a word to each other. She looks at the clue.

Emily is cleaning up at work. She sits down at the thing that Johnny built and listens. She hears a few then the song comes on.

A forensic guy has the screwdriver that was in MonA’s house it says Boo Boo’s ice cream in the side.

A tag- a is shredding some papers. More like proof that Paul Varjack,ever existed. A puts the paper in Tippy the birds cage. Wait A has the bird. I wonder……nah can’t be.

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