The Originals Season 2 Episode 16 Review: ‘Save My Soul’

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 16 Review

Here is The Originals  Season 2 Episode 16 ‘Save My Soul‘ review. Click HERE for more recaps of The Originals…

Kingdom of Norway 977 A.D. – Dahlia is humming a song while getting some food for Freya. She fills a bowl and tells her to eat. Freya doesn’t want to. Dahlia tells her rom eat or she will waste away. Freya still won’t. Dahlia reads her the riot act. Freya tells Dahlia she wants her mama. Dahlia tells Freya her mother didn’t want her and she gave her away. Dahlia tells her she is her family now.

In the present Freya finds a card for Klaus inviting her to a family brunch at eleven.

Rebekah is dreaming about what she did to those poor kids from last week. She jumps up and heads toward the window. Marcel stops her and tells her to stay out and he will handle. Handle what Rebekah ask. There are people gathering outside and Marcel runs out to them. All his vampires are keeping them at bay. Marcel tells them if they don’t back off things will get worse. Josephine steps forward and ask him of he knows he is harboring renegade witch. Marcel denies it but then out comes Rebekah. Marcel tells her that he thought he told her to stay put. Rebekah points out that she hates being told what to do.

Rebekah tells Josephine she thinks it’s a misunderstanding. Josephine tells her that’s retaliation for the evil she unleashed the night before. Josephine tells her about the two kids. She tells her one is dead and the other one is missing. Rebekah has a memory of it. Marcel tries to explain she is Rebekah and not Eva. Josephine could care less and tells them to take her. Elijah shows up and says that it won’t be necessary. Elijah brings up his agreement with Josephine and says he is sorry for their loss. Elijah tells them Marcel is telling the truth that his sister now occupies Eva’s body. Elijah tells her that he will find whoever is responsible and that he encourages them to leave. Josephine tells him he has until tomorrow after that it won’t matter what she says because witches will stop at nothing to protect their children.

Elijah shows up and Klaus brags about sending Haley and Jackson off so that they can deal with Freya. Elijah tells him things have taken a turn. Elijah tells him they may need Freya’s assistance so whatever he is planning… don’t. Klaus claims he just wants to chit chat with her. In walks Freya. Klaus tells her to make herself comfortable.

Marcel is with Vincent/Finn. Marcel ask him how he feels. Vincent tells him he can’t focus or do any magic. Marcel tells him one can never be to careful. Vincent brings up all the witches Marcel had killed back in the day. Marcel is happy that Vincent knows who he is. Marcel he has questions and sure Vincent has the answers. Vincent says he can’t do anything to him. Marcel shows him a newspaper with the date on it. Vincent ask Marcel what he did to him. Marcel says he didn’t do anything. Marcel tells Vincent about Finn taking over his body. Vincent is tripping out. Marcel tells him he will tell him all about it of he will tell him about Eva. Vincent says he isn’t talking.

Rebekah wants Davina’s help. Davina is kind of pissy and can’t believe Rebekah expects her to drop everything to help her figure out her nightmares. Rebakah tells her they are more than dreams. She ask how Davina is and if she has has any sleep. Davina tells her she hasn’t she has been looking for away to bring Kol back. Davina tells her she was supposed to help her do it. Rebekah tells her she can’t help her if the witches take her because of the body she is in. Rebekah thinks Eva is trying to take her body back. Davina tells her she will help her.

Elijah bust up a moment between Klaus and Freya and says they have more important things to discuss. Klaus tells her to forgive Elijah for his rudeness but that he is right. Klaus wants Freya to tell him Dahlia’s secrets. Freya tells them she is the most powerful witch she has ever seen. Freya tells them she is like her free to live one hear in a century. Freya says Dahlia wants to be free of that restriction. Freya says she will come there to take Hope’s power and will kill anyone who defies her. Elijah tells Freya she is defying her. Freya tells him she has no choice she has to align with them and kill her. Klaus wants specifics. Freya says that after Dahlia took her she used her to form a new brand of connective magic. One that gave Freya power even while Dahlia was taking it. Freya says once they were bonded Dahlia was unstoppable. Freya says Dahlia once killed a Village full of children with the wave of her hand. Freya says that’s when she knew how much power she had. Freya says she has only gotten stronger and she will bring all her power when she comes to get Hope. Elijah’s phone rings and he excuses himself.

Rebekah is on the other end. Elijah ask her how she feels and Rebekah tells him like she has ran into a brick wall. She ask if he has had any luck with Freya. Elijah says luck isn’t the word he would use and tells her she should be there. Rebekah tells him she is on her way and hangs up. Rebekah falls down in pain and passes out.

Aiden and Jackson are practicing fighting techniques. Aiden gets aggressive and bites him. Jackson ask him what that’s all about. Aiden tells him he is leading a pack of super wolves and the only way Jackson will stay in control is by staying the strongest. Haley yells that macho stuff is cute but that she will come out there and kick both their asses if they don’t stop. Haley goes back in. Jackson tells Aiden if he has something to say then say it. Aiden pretty much repeats himself. Aiden tells Jackson he is looking out for him and leaves.

Klaus meanwhile attempts to brag to Freya about all the evil witches he and Elijah have killed. Freya is unimpressed and tells Klaus he has never killed a witch like Dahlia. Elijah ask Freya what Dahlia’s weaknesses are. Freya tells him she is paranoid and obsessed with power. She hungers what she has been denied. Elijah says he thinks he is familiar with the type and cuts a glance at Klaus. Freya says when she refused to,have a child for Dahlia to use she took all her freedom away by making her sleep for all but one year. Klaus ask Freya why she has never killed Dahlia. Freya tells him because she is just like Dahlia immortal and impossible to harm. She tells them she is just like them a great creature cursed for all time.

Cammi is drinking. Marcel wants her to hang out with Vincent. Cammi is down but she needs a drink or two quite possibly the whole bottle first. Marcel has Vincent brought in and he tells him to be nice to Cammi or he won’t be. Marcel leaves. Cammi ask Vincent is he works like to sit down. Vincent tells Cammi he doesn’t break for vampires are pretty faced whatever she is. Cammi says good the last time she saw him he was obsessed with her. Vincent ask of she knows the guy who did this to him. Cammi says she will tell him all about it if he wants. He ask what’s in it for her. Cammi tells him exchanging information never hurt anyone. Cammi convinces him to listen to her.

Rebekah is still knocked out when her cell starts ringing. She wakes up,and answers it. Elijah tells her he was expecting her hours ago. Rebekah tells him she lost track of time. Elijah ask her where she is. Rebekah doesn’t know. It looks like a deserted town.

Haley and Jackson are trading practice blows. Haley ask if he is still thinking about what Aiden said. Jackson tells her Aiden was just trying to help. Haley tries to make Jackson feel better. Jackson tells Haley he doesn’t trust Klaus. Haley says she can handle Klaus. Jackson kisses her.

Rebekah is ranting to Elijah and Klaus about Eva. Elijah suggest suing Freya to help. Klaus thinks he has gone over the deep end. Rebekah sides with Elijah. Klaus still won’t allow it. Elijah gets Klaus to go along with it.

Vincent ask Cammi about Finn. Cammi goes down the list. Cammi says she is there to listen. Vincent isn’t sure what he is supposed to say. Vincent tells her he is sorry. He ask Cammi if he hurt her. Cammi tells him he didn’t do anything and all he can do is move on.

Freya comes in to see Rebekah. Freya says she can help by casting a spell. Rebekah ask when they start. Klaus spouts nonsense. Rebekah reminds him she is trying to help. Klaus wants to bring Davina in for a inter opinion. Freya doesn’t think Davina can help. Klaus thinks that convenient. Freya says Klaus is going to have to trust her like it or not. She plays up the brother and sister ties. Klaus snaps her neck and says now they can have a proper family meeting.

Rebekah and Elijah are pissed off at Klaus. Klaus thinks he was in the right. Klaus says whatever game she is playing he would play it too. Elijah and Rebekah leave.

Cammi is still chit chatting with Vincent. He is apparently from New Orleans. Vincent is ready to talk about Eva. He tells Cammi to get Marcel.

Freya wakes up. Her and Klaus get into it. Klaus straight up calls he a liar. Klaus ask Freya what she is up to. Klaus tells her it’s her last chance.

Freya tells Klaus that she hates Dahlia because of a man. Freya says she broke her vow and gave into love. Freya became pregnant and poisoned herself in hopes of dying. Freya didn’t but her baby did. Freya tells him Dahlia turned her into a monster. Klaus still isn’t buying. Freya tells him he still needs her to protect Hope. Klaus isn’t happy.

Rebekah comes to see Vincent. Apparently he was married to Eva. Rebekah thinks that’s fantastic.
Haley tells Klaus to stop ordering Jackson around. Haley tells him he can trust Jackson. Klaus says the only person he trust is himself. Klaus says he will do what he thinks is necessary to keep Hope safe. Klaus tells Haley to pass that on to Jackson.

Vincent goes to the bar to see Cammi. He tells her he told Marcel everything he knows. He also tells Cammi to make a clean break from that world. Cammi tells him that isn’t the first time she has heard that. Cammi tells him if there is one thing she has learned it’s that people do better when they aren’t alone. They share a drink together.

Rebekah thanks Marcel for letting her stay with him. Rebekah is worried that Josephine will get her anyway. Marcel tells her it won’t happen. Rebekah points out she is a witch not a Original and is therefore weak and vulnerable. Marcel tells her it’s ok to be scared. Marcel tells Rebekah that Klaus is the smartest person he knows, Elijah is,the stuffiest and she is the strongest. Marcel leaves to get her a drink and she flashes to the kids again. Rebekah ask Marcel to stay with her. Marcel hugs her and says he won’t go anywhere.

There are a bunch of people in a warehouse with marks on their heads. Davina is one of them.

Klaus comes to see Elijah. Klaus tells him he will can use her but doesn’t trust her. Elijah wants to give her a chance. Klaus agrees to it. Elijah reminds him Dahlia is coming.

Hope is asleep and Dahlia is outside somewhere humming. She makes a music box come on.

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