Kim Kardashian Using Fertility Troubles For Show Ratings

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Kim Kardashian At A Studio In West Hollywood

Surprise, surprise, Kim Kardashian is reportedly using her fertility troubles for ratings. We already know that she’s not averse to using everything from sex tapes to babies to gaining more publicity, so of course she’s going to use her fertility issues to gain sympathy – and views!

According to a new report from Radar Online, Kim is also terrified of getting pregnant again. Radar’s source adds, “Kim is absolutely terrified of getting fat and she thinks that if she got fat again, she would not be able to handle the criticism. This whole ‘struggle to conceive’ thing also makes for good ratings because she thinks that people can relate.”

Well, if this is true, then Kim is very clearly exploiting the emotions of all the struggling women out there who are having fertility issues. But at the same time, every major event in Kim Kardashian’s life is broadcast on her television show, so it’s hardly as though she can HIDE what’s happening, right? If it’s big enough to get featured on her show, it’s big enough to draw ratings.

Now, I very much doubt that Kim wants to get pregnant again, which might account for all the delay – in addition to the rumored fertility issues. She faced a lot of backlash during her first pregnancy, largely because of her weight gain and ensuing fashion mishaps. This time around, she’s probably trying her best to avoid the weight gain altogether, and the only way to do that is to avoid getting pregnant – plain and simple.

What do you guys think about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy woes? Do you think she really is having fertility issues, or is she just lying to increase ratings? Or is she using those issues to increase ratings, regardless of whether they’re true or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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