General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for March 16th, 2015 – March 20th, 2015 #GH

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General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for March 16th, 2015 – March 20th, 2015 #GH

The General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for March 16, 2015 – March 20, 2015 is below for your enjoyment! Check out more recaps of General Hospital by clicking here…

Monday- Duke wants Jordan to kill Julian. Jordan thinks Duke is out of his damn mind. Duke repeats it about a million more times and finally Jordan agrees to do it.

Sabrina runs into Carlos who tells her he is working with Julian again. Sabrina is disappointed.

Nathan talks to Anna about the danger Jordan is constantly in. Nathan ask Anna if it’s worth Jordan’s life to nail Duke. Anna realizes what she is doing to Jordan is wrong.

Sam thanks Julian for giving Jake a job. After Sam leaves Carlos calls and Julian tells Carlos to take Duke out if he gets the chance.

Ric decides to drink, be a dick to Carly, mope over a picture of Elizabeth and plot revenge on Jake.

Patrick warns Elizabeth to be careful now that Jake is working for Julian.

Sonny shows up at Carly’s and Jake answers the door. Jake tells him he will be working for Julian. Sonny tells Jake he is on his hit list just as Carly shows up.

Tuesday- Jordan tells Anna what Duke wants her to do. Nathan thinks she should wear a wire and and get Duke to say it again. Anna at first doesn’t go along with it but then sucks it up and agrees to it.

Jake leaves and Carly calms Sonny down.

Julian tells Carlos he hired Jake. Carlos thinks it’s a bad idea. Jake shows up and tells Julian he just met Sonny and can’t stand him. Julian is pleased and welcomes Jake into his fold.

Duke and Michael get into it.

Lucy convinces Sabrina to take part in the nurses ball.

Lucy and Sabrina have to break up the fight between Duke and Michael.

Lucy and Duke decide to,give a relationship with each other a go.

Morgan wants to make michael look like a drunk so he will lose custody of Avery.

Wednesday- Nathan shows up at Maxie’s and Spinelli leaves. Nathan tells her he loves her again. Maxie says she loves him but she loves Spinelli as well. Nathan tells her she can’t have them both and she needs to choose one of them. Nathan leaves. Maxie calls someone ask them for their help.

Jake tells Carly he will leave of it is going to cause problems for her. Carly insist it won’t. She tells him Ric and Elizabeth are come and that he should go and get her. Jake ask her why she is helping if she hates Elizabeth. Carly says she hates Ric more.

Spinelli and Sonny discuss this and that. Including Spinelli thinking Jake was Jason and his undying love for Maxie. Nathan comes in and demands that Spinelli go back to Portland.

Molly decides her dad needs to move past Elizabeth before he does something stupid. Molly puts him in some dating websites. Ric starts getting flirts and winks and messages immediately.

Cameron tells his mom he thinks he is the one that started the fire at Nikolas’s.
Elizabeth tells him it was accident and that he won’t go to jail.

Sam and Patrick bring Emma to see Spencer. Nikolas gets a call,from Elizabeth telling him what Cameron said. When Nikolas is telling Sam Spencer overhears.

Thursday- Kiki isn’t sure about Morgans idea. Kiki sees Sabrina with Avery and that’s all it takes. When Sabrina leaves they start plotting again.

Rosalie is trying to be eight shades of sneaky and gets caught in the act twice. Once by
Michael and once by Sabrina. She has the intercom connected and hears everything Michael says while in his office.

Jake goes to see Elizabeth. She tells him about Cameron and he hugs her. Jake ask about her and Ric. She confirms they broke up and it’s because she cares for him. They kiss.

Maxie tells Lulu all about her mess with Nathan and Jake. Lulu tells her she has to decide. Tracy shows up to tell Lulu she found out where Patricia is.

Sonny tells Nathan to lay off of Spinelli. Nathan refuses. So Spinelli decides her wants to box him. Nathan gives him a hour to get ready. Spinelli ask Sonny to teach him how to box.

Anna and Olivia discuss Duke. In the end as much as it hurts Anna realizes she has to take Duke down.

Spencer wants Nikolas to have Cameron arrested. Nikolas tells him it was a accident and he won’t do it.

Friday- Silas tells her that her lab results were indecisive and he isn’t sure what to do next. Ava wants him to kill her.

Scott and Alexis go to Shadybrook. Nina tells Alexis she has been faking to stay with Franco. Franco tells Scott he has also been faking. After they leave Franco tells Nina of she can leave she should.

Jake and Elizabeth are making out and decide to give themselves a shot. They have a nice dinner. Elizabeth is about to take him upstairs she. Someone knocks on the door. Elizabeth answers it and it’s a woman claiming to be Jake’s wife. It’s totally a chick Ric found on the dating site and offered a wad of cash to I bet.

Sonny ends up knocking Spinelli down during training.

Nathan and Dante catch up at Kelly’s. Nathan tells him about his fight with Spinelli. Dante warns against it. After Nathan leaves Maxie shows up and he accidentally tells her. Maxie leaves Georgie with Dante and takes off to stop the fight.

Tracy and Lulu arrive to see Patricia. Her daughter Valerie claims she is dead. But we find out Luke is in the other side of the door threatening her with a gun. Tracy and Lulu beg her for her help.

Nathan and Spinelli start their fight. Spinelli manages to tire Nathan out. Nathan catches him however and Maxie walks in just as Nathan hits Spinelli.

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